Graveyard, the Undead

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Carla stolled down the street wearing her usual attaire. Black leather pants, black steel toed boots, a latex shirt with straps buckling at the front up and down the vestment and the sleeves ripped off. She had short but thin hair dyed black, heavy eye shadow, and black lipstick, her eyes were blue. Thin, the woman was 5’5 and just turned 19. She had shaply thighs, she ran alot. 
She was a goth.
She did what she would do often times on various night of the week, buy a bottle of whiskey, go to the cemetary and drink around the graves of the part of the cemetary that the grounds keeper would call, “that best forgotten” section. Where all the worst murderers, pedophiles, mutilators and rapists, even wiches and devil worshipers were buried. Some of them hung, others shot dead, and even some burnt alive. 
It was easy to see what attracted her to this part of the cemetary. Many of them were misunderstood and lashed out because they were outcasted and exiled from society, like her. 
But unlike her almost everysingle one of them were men, even most of the witches were men. She always sat against the tombstones, in her sick little mind she liked to think that she was giving these psycho’s one last appatite of flesh, mainly by sitting her sexy ass either over their faces or sitting at the midsection of the grave to sit on their dicks. Many of them were buried without coffins she was told.
She took a long drink of the whiskey shutting her eyes letting the burn in her throat pass. Her fingernals were painted purple and her hand covered in a thick black fishnet like glove that went up her forearm. 
She moved one of her blonde bangs from her face and with a smile strutted along the graves looking at each one and at what they did to deserve death.
She saw one unkempt with a waring granite headstone covered in moss. She could barly make out the name, saying thr name as she scraped away the moss.
“Jerrod Harrows, ?-1946 ‘Burn in hell'”
She had never seen someone so bad that their was a messege scrolled on the tombstone. She bit her lip smiling. She immeditly pulled out her iPhone looking up the name ‘Jerrod Harrows’. In her town. “Charged with serial murderer, attempted murder, robbery, torture, mutilation, kidnaping, assualt, battery, arson, conspirisy, cannibalism, and a fuckload of rape charges. He was buried with all of his murder weapons apperently.” she smiled as she slid her phone in her pocket and sat down on the grave as her ass flatened on the grass. 
“Raped all those women, I wonder how big he was.” she said with a smile, her eyes peered down, “You would tell me how big you were right sexy?” she teased the corpse laying under 6 feet of dirt. 

Eyes that had not moved in over 50 years shot open. It made a fist with it’s decaying hand causing many cracks. The unliving fiend breathed in filling it’s lungs with air, it’s once finely tailored suit shredded and filled with dust. It’s black hair down to it’s eyes, it felt it’s eye sockets. With rough withers fingers. Nothing there, but it could somehow see. It had no nose, şişli bayan escort but it could see, and smelled the sweet sweat of a female women, and perfume and whiskey under 6 feet of dirt. Why did he wake up? And why now? He remembered back, into is dreams of the abyss, he even remembered being buried. His body was still under the effects of the gas chamber when he was buried, he closed his eyes and fell alseep and just woke up. He remembered a voice while dreaming, “Raped all those women, I wonder how big he was. You would tell me right sexy.” He felt hornier then he had ever been, eager to taste her warm, soft, flesh. His fingers raised scratching at the wood. He scratched harder and started punching the wood. A crack formed and then got bigger from another hit. His purple tongue licked his nonexistent lips scratching them almost like sandpaper, only a little softer. 

“I wonder if I was this guys slut, would he let me live? I would fuck his brains out.” she giggled ass her hands rubbed her middle B-cup sized breasts and slowly started rubbing her pussy through her leather pants. She closed her eyes as she gave a small enticing moan. Her skin tight leather pants made curves for her pussy lips. She didn’t notice a hand emerge from the dirt, it’s fingers wriggled slowly in the cool night air. 
She moaned a little louder ever so slowly gyrating her hips. She stopped suddenly when she felt a cold, stiff hand grab hers slowly, it moved her hand away as another came and started rubbing her pussy.
Jerrod felt her warm lips through these pants of leather. His eyes were wide in hope for this young girls pussy. He brought his head between her legs taking in a deep wiff of her ever so wet cunt, his head traveled up and grabbed one of breasts, then brought it’s head to her neck, breathing on the nape of her neck. 
She felt a cold shroud of air on her neck, she smelled decaying flesh. She felt a stiff, rough, dry, force on her cheek going up, it was licking her. 
“I will tell you, I am huge.” he said, his voice a scratchy croak. She slowly opened her eyes to see the creature before her. A decomposed man, it’s skin was dry and stretched like beef jerky, the color of it’s skin was white with bruises of black all over it’s body. It had. An eerie, red glow in it’s eye sockets. She wanted to scream but didn’t make a sound, her nipples hardened and her pussy got wetter, she had never been so turned on or scared. It’s hand traveled up to the rim of her pants and ventured into her pants. She gasped when she felt it’s cold finger rubbing her clit.
She started to moan again.
It took out it’s hand and tasted it’s wet finger, his tongue soaked it up like a sponge, it closed it’s eyes in pleasure, having tasted the sweetest thing it had ever had the pleasure of having in it’s mouth. It growled ferally. 
She breathed in once in fear of the growl. It roared in her face grabbing her pants and with it’s black fingernails it tore off her pants. It went down on her tearing of her pure white panties with it’s teeth. The tearing sound echoed in the empty şişli escort graveyard. She backed into the tombstone in fear a it dove in it’s head ramming it’s tongue into her soaking wet cunt. She screamed in a moan of surprising pleasure. She grabbed the top of the tombstone realizing this is what she always wanted coming to this cemetary all these nights. She pumped her hips once into it’s face. She closed her eyes opening her mouth letting out a girlish cry of pleasure as she climaxe into it’s mouth.
She gushed into his mouth, he greedily swallowed every last drop motorboating his face into her still virgin pussy. She still needed to be “broken in” as he once called it.  He slowly closed his teeth around the shaved pussy, grazing her skin forcefully, it turned Carla on again. 
Carla couldn’t believe the pleasure she was getting from it. It rose to eye level again, she threw her face to his wrapping her arms around it’s neck kissing it, she drove her pierced tongue into it’s mouth fluttering it around. It threw her back down to the ground staring at her body with greed. She arched her back a bit biting her index finger with a smile, she rose to her knees and unbuttoned the suits pants. It eyed at her curiously. She slowly slid her tongue over her top lip, her black lipstick not smearing at all. She pulled it’s enormous monster out and stared in amazement. Her mouth opened in astonishment, it had to be a full 9 or 11 inches. She raised it above her head letting her tongue glide up it’s withered shaft. It grabbed her hair and looked up to the stars in amazed by the feeling. She got to the top and licked around it’s decayed head. She slowly put it in her mouth while jerking it off. She went farther and farther letting the cock slide down her throat. She may have been a virgin, but that was only for dicks, she was really a sexual diviant. She loved to suck dick and take it the ass.  
Carla slide it all the way down her throat again as she felt the cold hard dick pulse once, she took it out of her mouth as black semen exploded on her face. She smiled in joy of making her undead lover cum. 
“How was that Jerrod?” she asked suductivly with a tenuous smile. 
She laid back down on the ground seeing it get hard again. 
It got down, and had it’s body over hers. It put it’s mouth to her ear. 
“That was the best I’ve ever had.” it whispered, starting to gnaw on her ear a tad. It then dug it’s fingernails into her shirt and tore it wide open exposing her tits. It went lower and sqeezed them harshly, she moaned in a little bit of pain but mostly pleasure. It bit harshly on one hard nipple. Drawing a small bit of blood. It tasted sweet. He came up and shoved it into her exposed pussy. She gasped in shear pain, swallowing air, it was the first time she had ever been penetrated. She never expect to be penetrated by something so big for her first time either. She was at least opened a bit from being licked and fingered so many times. After 20 seconds of thrusting the pain went away and was replaced by pure pleasure. She moaned insanely, forgetting to mecidiyeköy escort breath even she would gasp to catch air. She suddenly rolled it over and was on top, she sat up on it running her hands through her hair gyrating her hips on it’s cold hard dick madly. She screamed out in an orgasm. She grasped it’s shoulders and started luging her body going up and down on the undead thing. It gave out a breath as it shot another load into her. She moaned loudly feeling the cold semen enter her pussy. 
Jerrod grabbe her by the hips and took her off, he raised he to her knees and bent her over the tombstone. She knew what was coming next and she couldn’t wait, she was already horney again. It spread her large jiggly cheeks wide. It came forward licking her asshole. She gave a low moan. It then put the head of it’s rod on her hole. 
She turned her head to get a glimpse at her new lover, “What are you waiting for sexy, fuck my ass! Ravish the fuck out of me.” she said slowly rounding her ass, causing it’s dick to rub around her asshole. It then gave no delay, it rammed her asshole, shoving it all the way in. It grabbed a hand full of her ass. She moaned extremely loud as she felt it’s fingertips dig into her soft warm flesh and felt it’s cold pelvis slam into the back of her thighs. It pulled back out and slammed in again drawing a similar moan. Her wide hips quivering if excitment and anticipation for more. It started to go a little faster feeling her warm soft ass surrounding it’s cold, dead, but very active, dick. It raise it’s hand and slapped her ass with all of it’s might. She screamed in delight as he watched her ass jiggle. He raked his finger nails up her thighs taking another high moan from the girl. He had never fucked, raped, or willing, so attacted to him. A shame that he had to kill and eat her, he was extremly hungry. He relased in side her cute little asshole. He took it out. 
“I think every woman should have a sex before they die.” it said evily,
“Die?!” she echoed paniced, “I thought I was could be your little slut.” she said trying to keep a smile.
“As much as I would like to keep you, your flesh being so enticing and your style exotic and arousing, I am terribly hungry and need to sate it.” that when a voice came from afar. The zombie looked over. An old drunkard with a flashlight was walking over with a bat in hand. 
“Whose in my fuckin’ graveyard!” he yelled, “I’ll bust your fuckin’ skull in.” he yelled. It looked back to her and she stood in front of him with a genuine smile, 
“How about, you eat this man, and I live to be your personal fuck slut. You can take me anyway, anywhere, the limits are your imagination sexy. ” she said.
He had to admit, he had never met someone as sexy as this. He realy did want to keep her to. And she was just as turned on by him as he was of her. He made his final desicion when she whispered in his ear. 
“Kill for me baby.” 
He was already turned on again. 
The old gravekeeper turned around and gasped as something ran at him. 
The next morning police found the remains of the old gravedigger burnt, it smelled like whiskey, they said it was murder and did a thorough invesitagation but never found a trace of anything. Nothing except a dug up grave.

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