Going Too Far Ch. 02

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I had originally intended for this to be in three parts. Sorry this took so long after the first part, I didn’t realise people actually wanted a sequel!

A warm yet painfully disruptive beam of sunlight crept into the messy dorms of Field House, unraveling the crime scene nature from the night before. For the few inhabitants who had decided to stay this long into the holidays, harsh hangovers, beer soaked carpets and faint memories were all that was left of the vibrant night prior. Despite the pain of thumping hangovers, there wasn’t a soul in Field House that would tell you that the night of frivolities and celebration wasn’t worth it, and there was no greater example of the case for the inhabitants of the only occupied dorm on the first floor of the house.

As the light of the day slowly entered the occupied room the happenings of the night prior would have been obvious to the most dim-witted of people. Among the floor a scattering of clothes, cast aside in hurried lust, layers of tussled blankets ignored on top of a bed that had been rocked out of it’s usual place, and on top of that a dozy couple embracing after the seductive events from the night before. The sunlight slowly roused the sleeping pair, inch after inch of sunlight exposing their naked bodies to anybody who would happen to have looked in at that moment, and lucky any straight man would be to look in at that moment, for they would see the absolutely stunning body of Jessica Adam’s.

Jessica was resting up against her partner, her slender, silky legs bent slightly in a way that allowed her to press the rest of her firm body against the guy she was sleeping next to. Her dirty-blonde hair swept over her cute face, her lips slightly parted as they pressed against her partners chest. Her fine hourglass figure was something to drive any man insane, with a perfectly firm ass and perky tits to complete this blonde stunner. The light of day continued to creep up, encasing the pair in a blanket of warmth until it passed over Jessica’s eyes, disrupting her from pleasant dreams.

Her eyes parted slowly, the world taking a moment to come into contrast. She stretched her legs and back slightly, stirring the boy sleeping next to her, giving her the chance to admire him as he too roused from his sleep. To any other he seemed like just another guy, decent looking, charming and a confident stature about him, but to Jessica he was far more than that. She had been dating Harry for close to 2 years now, and it was practically beyond her how she had gone so long in her life without being with him. She had never felt this way about another guy before, and the fact that their relationship still felt this renewed after so long together was testament to that. She nuzzled closer against his chest at the thought of this, her tits pressed against his chest as she did so.

Looking down on the scene any person would have easily guessed what may have happened between the pair the night before, and for the most part they would have been right. With the drinks of the night prior flowing freely and the lust and build-up of not being together for a few days, the couple definitely had a bit of energy to burn off on each other. It had been some of, if not the greatest sex the couple had ever experienced together, but this was all for another reason. For the risk and adventure of trying to fuck in a room that had another lodger took a seductive turn, and the couple explored a far more erotic side of their sex life that lay dormant until awoken by the other occupier of Harry’s dorm.

These thoughts quickly raced into the 22-year-old girlfriends mind, as vivid as any memory could have ever been. Her heart skipped as her mind started to retrace the happenings of the night before, and there was no doubt in her mind that her boyfriend was doing the same at this point. She had been taken… fucked… used in ways she could not even begin to believe actually happened. For the night before was a venture into the erotic unknown, a tantalising taste of a kink the pair had never even thought of exploring. She had been shared, fucked vigorously by both her boyfriend and his roommate. The whole situation turned from an erotic viewing until both her mouth and pussy had been filled by their cocks, the thought of being shared like that immediately excited Jessica. But this was barely scratching the surface of how deep the couple explored the fantasy, as Harry’s rather convincing roommate ended up doing a lot more to the gorgeous girlfriend that night. The dirty words of passion echoed in Jessica’s ears, the energy the couple felt the night before still charged from them as they laid in their bed.

“Morning starshine.” Harry broke the silence, his voice a little constricted as Jessica squeezed up against him.

“Hey babe.” Jessica cooed playfully as her body began to wake up. The pair had barely spoken about the events of last night, and the last thing Jessica wanted was the incredible experience they shared fixbet to become stale or awkward. Despite how insane it sounded, she could tell from the glances her boyfriend threw her last night that she wasn’t the only person enjoying the dirty fantasy. She risked the taboo subject and spoke, sounding playful all the while. “Enjoy last night?”

“Well I wasn’t the only one who did.” Harry replied after giving a short laugh.

Jessica relaxed a little. Even though they had talked about how it was just a fantasy, a one time thing between the couple, the fact of the matter was that she had just been fucked by his roommate, and as incredible it was being fucked by him, she feared her boyfriend would start showing a more jealous side. She had never imagined ever being with another guy after starting to date Harry, but last night was just so incredible, a rollercoaster of uncontrolled events that led to one of the dirtiest fucks the couple had shared. What stunned her more was just how turned on Harry was whilst it all happened, and not just while he was the one fucking her, it almost seemed too good to be true.

“It was fun.” Jessica smiled, her lips still brushing against Harry’s chest as she rested against him. She was unsure how to continue the conversation, but it was something she wanted to talk about. This could become something horrible between the pair if it went unnoticed. Jessica continued to quiz her loving boyfriend to try and gauge his feelings. “I still can’t believe it happened.”

“Fuck, me neither.” Harry laughed back.

Harry would have been lying if he said he was absolutely fine with what happened the night before, but at the same time he would be lying if he said he wasn’t okay with it. As strange as it was to have treated his girlfriend like that, to use her with his roommate like a common slut, it sparked an unbelievable excitement in the 23-year-old boyfriend. His mind raced back to the unbelievable mask of ecstasy that warped her face, a mix of excitement and shock as Tom first slid his cock between Jessica’s lips, all the while as he fucked her. Then to the sheer agony of anticipation Jessica must have felt as Tom fucked her in front of him… the words she moaned to excite them all further. At times it was cruel, emasculating, but the further they ventured into it the hotter the sheer fantasy of it had become. Harry had never seen his girlfriend as sexually charged as he did the night prior, and despite the words she spoke or the incredible orgasm she felt, Harry was near adamant it wasn’t solely due to the way Tom fucked her, which was true to a small extent.

Had Harry known just how much his loving girlfriend had enjoyed her time with Tom last night, he may not have been in such a cheery mood. If he had any idea just how honest and true the words she moaned in her throes of pleasure were then he may have been a little more hesitant of ever letting her near his roommate again. But a string of convincing white lies and subtle reassuring from Jessica had taken his mind away from that.

“You don’t regret it, do you?” Jessica hoisted herself onto her elbow for support as she said this, looking down at her boyfriend with a little more seriousness this time.

“No.” Harry responded very quickly, reassuring his girlfriend. The quickness of his reply even shocked him, but he had meant it. “Last night was… different… but incredible.”

“Really?” Jessica smiled, she was a bit shocked by how forward her boyfriend was being about it, but all the while she tempted him into continue talking.

“You were so hot last night.” Harry smiled, still laying down as he stared up at his stunning girl. He couldn’t help but move his hand and press it to her hip, running it up and down the outside of her thigh.

“I was worried I upset you.” Jessica continued, seeking a little further reassurance. “The things I said…”

“That was just part of the fantasy, though.” Harry smiled back, his hand still caressing Jessica’s naked body. “I’m not upset… I’m just, well, surprised at how hot it was for us.”

“Right?” Jessica gave a dirty smile as she agreed. She ignored the remark about how her words were solely part of the fantasy. “I’ve never had you fuck me like that before…”

“I’ve never seen you take a cock so well before, either.” Harry smirked a response.

“Naughty…” Jessica smiled, the feel of her boyfriends hand against her hip was now growing a lot more apparent, and despite the fact that she was completely naked she was starting to feel a bit hotter from it, along with the erotic sharing of the night before. Her eyes glanced down to see her boyfriends cock now standing firm, hard and ever attentive as he continued to feel her up. She wasn’t sure if it was the elation of how well her boyfriend had taken the happenings of the night before, but she was in an incredible mood, and no doubt Harry would benefit from it.

Jessica’s fingers trickled down her boyfriends chest, fixbet giriş tickling his stomach as they danced lower and lower toward his cock. She ran the tips of her fingers up and down the shaft for a moment, watching as Harry inhaled in anticipation. She loved to tease him, and with the room buzzing with sexual energy, this was a perfect time to do so. She gave him a cruel smile as her fingers continued to dance, softly tickling his cock as they stroked up and down the 6 inches of his hard cock.

The pair of them knew full well that they’d have the dormitory to themselves for a couple of weeks at least whilst Tom was away for his break. Jessica, wanted to take every advantage of that.

“So… You’ve never seen me take a cock so well before?” Jessica asked seductively, her fingers still teasing Harry’s cock as it twitched against her hand, her words obviously effective. She looked at his face, masked with excitement and lust, practically begging for her by this point. But she refused to give in, and continued to play with her boyfriends cock to rouse a response from him.

Harry could only nod his head in response. The thoughts and eroticism of last night was still on the pairs mind, and it was obvious to him that Jessica was getting off on it. He saw the cruel smile escape her lips as she teased him, the same cruel smile that she bore the night before as she continued to tease his cock. He wanted her to continue, he wanted to see his loving girlfriend absorbed in pleasure the same way she was the night before. The almost pleading look in his eyes the strongest indicator to his girlfriend to keep on going.

“Did I fuck Tom good for you?” Jessica purred, her hand continuing the lightly tease her boyfriends dick. It wasn’t just Harry that was getting turned on by this point, Jessica started to feel her pussy blaze with tension. Here she was leaning next to her boyfriend, tempting his cock as she teased him about how she had fucked another guy. How can a single night make such a difference!? But that was the least of her concerns now, she was tempted to work this as far as she could.

“Fuck, you’re a dirty bitch.” Harry moaned in appreciation of her words, he could barely contain himself much longer. He was practically thrusting against Jess’ hand by this point, begging to be relieved of his tension.

Jessica had every intention of helping Harry ‘relieve’ his tension, but not before she had completely wound her loving boyfriend up. To tease him so abruptly, practically mocking how another guy had fucked her was sending Jessica over the edge. She pressed her lips close to Harry’s ear, her hand softly resting against his cock before she spoke words that could have made Harry cum then and there.

“I’m going to have to suck you off.” She whispered in a sultry tone, her words dripping with slutiness. “My pussy’s far too full of your friends cum.”


The fortnight that followed occurred to the couple as if they had been hit by a blast of sexual energy. What was once an outgoing, extroverted set of characters soon morphed into a reclusive, sheltered pair who didn’t care to leave their dormitory. They were perverted by fetish and sexual tension that they had never felt before, shying away from the allure of parties and time with friends during their well deserved semester-break in order to explore deeper and deeper into their newly ignited fantasy. As one could imagine, a pair of early twenty-year-old’s would find it hard to keep their hands off each other, but this was in a completely different nature. The couple fueled each erotic fuck, each stirring flutter of the heart and each mind-boggling orgasm with dirty words and kinky role play.

These fantasy fucks felt like a completely new world of sex for Jessica. With every grind of her hips, with every cruel word she spoke to heighten their pleasure, the eroticism and kinkiness of the dark fantasy cast a shadow over the sex she had experienced prior. Not just with Harry, but with every guy she had been with up until her night with Tom. She felt as if her virginity had been taken again, and shown a side to sex she would never had believed, a dirty and wonderful secret that only Harry and her could experience.

With every day came a new way the couple explored the fantasy. At first, the couple ventured light, still unsure of the commitment each other had to the fantasy. From Jessica’s mocking words to Harry as he fucked her, intentionally moaning Tom’s name or telling him how better he was at fucking her, to riskier, dirtier settings. Every wonderful sex session was fueled by the need to venture further and further, to reach a new height of eroticism in the fantasy, as if it were their own destructive drug. After a few days, when the tension had died down, they were immersed.

Most of the time it had been Jessica wanting to push the fantasy that little bit further. From the early days where she would moan and beg to be fucked by Tom, to crueler, more demeaning words. Every time she spoke a sick test to see just how her boyfriend would react to hearing his girlfriend beg to be fucked by another man, and at no point did he protest. After a few days the couple couldn’t last a few minutes before Jessica was telling her boyfriend she was going to fuck Tom again, that the moment he got back she would let him fuck her any which way he pleased. Of course, these words were discussed between the couple, and were confirmed to be only the words of lust and fantasy. While Jessica did truly mean that her words were only used to fuel the fantasy, she longed to have the fantasy furthered. She had no intention of ever going behind her boyfriends back, but at the going rate, she may not have to do it without his permission.

Harry never escaped from the constant reminder of how immense their new founded fantasy was. In no way did he complain about this, he had every desire to further the eroticism of the fetish as much as Jessica did, but an outsider would have seen how warped and manipulated he had been. He never had the intention of letting Tom fuck Jessica again, but the desire to see it repeated, just ‘one more time’ grew stronger and stronger with every dirty fuck.

On the rare occasions in which Harry did leave the dorm, whether it be to pick up food, beer or see a friend for a change of scenery, the roleplay didn’t cease. Whether it had been organised or not, Jessica managed to continue to perverse her boyfriend with her sickeningly erotic fantasies. On one occasion, the loving boyfriend had been gone for no more than a few minutes on his way to a nearby store when he received a call from her. As Harry answered he was greeted by the breathless moans and high pitch sequels of his girlfriend, who had obviously made great use of her vibrator in the time he had been away, moaning deeply into the phone about how Tom had come around and started fucking her the moment he left. On more than a few occasions, Harry could do nothing but find a place to sit, unable to deter his erection in such a public place, leaving him forced to listen to his girlfriend moan and scream on the other end of the phone, telling him how good Tom was fucking her.

This would have sounded strange to any other man. To enjoy hearing your girlfriend tell you she wanted to fuck another guy? Even Harry realised how odd it would of sounded trying to explain. But with an incredible, orgasm inspiring fortnight alone together, fucking relentlessly and damn near continuously, it became a second nature to the caring 23-year-old boyfriend. A fantasy that was incredible for both of them to explore, but always yearning to push it to new heights.

Their time alone had passed in the blink of an eye, or at least it seemed that way to the couple, and with the days they had the dorm alone together grew fewer and fewer, the intensity and kinkiness of the fucking grew greater. Jessica marked the occasion by waking up every morning, tell her boyfriend just how many more days until Tom would come back and would fuck her. At times Harry even opted to sit out of the fucking all together, preferring to watch from where he had stood on the night, peering down as his girlfriend pleasured herself to climax with her vibrator, pretending she was being fucked by Tom.

The dirtiest moment of the fortnight came with what felt like a whole new chapter in the fantasy, making the couple feel almost upset that they didn’t explore it sooner. Jessica was being pinned down on her back, her smooth, slender legs flailing up and down as Harry drove his 6-inch cock in and out of her, fucking her ruthlessly as she told him how much bigger had felt than him.

“But… uhhhh… I fuck you just as good… oooh… as him, right?” Harry asked, spurring on their usual fantasy as he continued to drive into his girlfriend.

“Ha… ha…” Jessica laughed breathlessly, mocking her boyfriend with her reply. “B-baby… you’re okay… ooooh, fuck… but he fucks me so much better… his… ooooh, shit! His dick is so much bigger than yours…”

Harry stared down at his stunning blonde girlfriend. Her body shaking as he continued to drive his hard cock into her warm, hot pussy. Her body alone was enough to send him over edge, but the words she spoke burned a brand new fire inside him. He watched her face contort with pleasure before he tried to spur on her incredibly hot words.

“B-but… uuuhh… you’ll only fuck me now, right?” Harry asked, intentionally sounding unsure, baiting her into saying the words he craved.

“Of course, baby…” Jessica moaned, she reached to Harry’s bedside table where her vibrator laid and propped it up. She gave a cruel smile as she began to stroke the long, rubbery cock, pretending it was Tom’s. “W-when Tom’s not here… ooohhhh… but when he gets back… ohhh… yes… he gets to fuck your girlfriend… I-I’m his… yesss… oh fuck… I’m his little fuck-slut, remember?”

“But… I’m your boyfriend.” Harry spoke his well rehearsed words, trying to sound sad, causing his girlfriend to moan at the mentioning. He knew she loved telling him that she was going to be fucked by Tom again, not asking.

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