GB Club Ch. 03

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Gang Bang Club Part III; The Dinner Party

The group had not convened since Arlene decided to participate in the Gang Bang Club’s initiation. A lot had happened since then, as we were to find out. Nancy suggested we meet for brunch this Sunday to reconnect. Irene and I went for a run that morning and arrived around 10:30. As was usual, Cory and Joan were on time and already seated.

Joan wore nice jeans and a white T-shirt, her magnificent breasts pushing against the fabric. Cory was in a casual sweat suit that hid the curve of her body. Irene took a seat and crossed her long, sexy runner’s legs. Her running shorts rode high up her thigh, exposing most of her leg and part of her hip. We waited patiently before Nancy arrived.

“Sorry I’m late. I spent the night with Jason and we had a good morning session.” She giggles, “Who am I to pass up a good morning pussy licking. I hope you understand.”

“Nancy, we understand!” Said Joan, “But you aren’t the only one that got some last night. Cory didn’t come home last night so I am not sure where she was!” Joan concludes winking at Cory. She blushes in response.

Arlene has arrived and shakes her head at the conversation. “Do I understand what I am hearing? We’re giggling about Nancy having a morning wake up session and Cory having sex! And this in front of full card carrying members of a gangbang club! We need to get you two into the club so you have something to blush and giggle about!”

With that the conversation quickly moves to the main subject.

Arlene gave them an update on her last performance. She describes the set up. A large sound stage outfitted as an auditorium with a stage in the middle. On the stage to contraptions had been built. You started at the upper station, which was fashioned as a chair. The woman would sit in it and spread her legs. Above her, the man would offer his penis, which was sucked for several minutes or until he released. After finishing five men the woman moved to the lower station.

In the lower station the woman was positioned doggy-style with her head in the lap of the woman in the chair. As she orally pleased the other woman men would have intercourse with her from behind. In this position the shift lasted until five men had cum or had been in her for five minutes each.

The women are stunned as they realize Arlene’s activity involved giving and receiving oral sex from another woman. Cory breaks the ice.

“How did it feel? Any different than when a man licks you?”

“It’s different. More focused but I wouldn’t say better.” Arlene answers back.

“Why not better?” Cory asks.

“Well, with a guy you know you can get fucked afterwards.”

“What about a chick with a strap-on?” Cory continues to question.

“That would work, but it wouldn’t feel the same and it has no cum to give you!” Arlene finishes. The women contemplate her last statement for a while before concurring with Arlene’s statement.

“Whom did you go with?” Nancy asks. Arlene and Joan pass a glance between them. Not sure how much Joan wants to disclose. I fill the awkward silence and let everyone know I went down to Los Angeles with Arlene.

I get quizzed on what I thought. I tell them that it was fun. Going on stage was exciting. The effect of leaving the darkened hallway where you could see the whole venue and then entering the stage area where the lights really blinded you so you could only see the action really made you unaware of the crowd and kept your focus on your sexual performance.

“Did the girl on girl action turn you on?” Cory asks very directly.

“Yes. I started on top having my blowjob. Looking down at a naked torso and a woman’s head gyrating around in it got me very excited. In the second position, fucking from behind, it was good. Not as good because you frankly could not see the oral sex.”

“Would you do it?” Joan asks Cory.

“You mean the club. Yes!” Cory says quickly before her face pains. Remembering trying to qualify in Irene’s first session but not being allowed to play.

“No, I mean having sex with another woman.” Joan clarifies.

“I don’t know. If I was horny enough, probably.” Cory says. “How about you?” She asks Joan.

Joan hesitates before confessing to the group that she had also gone with us. She clarifies that originally she was only going to be allowed to take the top position. Giving the men oral pleasure while Arlene licked her. The rule they used was I could be her partner.

“So, did Arlene give could head?” Nancy asks.

“Actually, yes! Arlene got me so horny that I asked, and they let me, continue on to get fucked. Arlene is really good! I was so worked up by then I hardly noticed I was eating out another woman until we were way into it. And, it wasn’t bad.”

“Did you get into the club?” Irene asks

“Funny you should ask. I have another confession.” Joan says as she scans the group’s faces for response. “I got an invitation from that event…. but I’ve already done another. So, yes, I am gaziantep bayan escort in the club!”

Joan goes on to explain how she just felt it appropriate to follow through. She explains her session. Joan “volunteered” for a research study being sponsored by a doctor in the club. They ran an experiment to measure sperm content in male ejaculate from different kind of orgasms. They were testing for oral sex, intercourse, and intercourse after a blowjob, intercourse with a stranger and anal sex. During the conversation we determine it was not that exciting.

“It was really clinical. They even had me in a white hospital gown. The only twist was it opened on the front. Guys would come in, I would lay back and they would fuck me until they came. I only did the intercourse. I fucked the five guys and left. But, it got me into the club! And I got my $10,000!!” Joan says as she waves a cashiers check around. “With the pressure off I think my next one will be for bodily pleasure.” She concludes with a smirk.

“OK, so Irene is a member and made $25K, Joan’s a member and made $10K and Arlene is in and made…what?” Nancy asks.

“Actually, I’ve made $67K so far.” Arlene states. Mouths fall open around the table. “I want to be clear though, I’m not doing it for money. Is anyone else?’ Arlene queries.

Joan and Irene agree it is only for pleasure. Nancy agrees her interest is erotic. Cory has the most succinct answer, “I just want to fuck a lot!” Everyone breaks into laughter at that one.

“How did you make so much more?” Joan asks Arlene.

“Well, I got $52K for the session in Los Angeles. They paid a lot for the same sex partner activity and a lot of bonus money for swallowing cum and letting people shoot inside of you. And, I have a confession as well. I did another session which paid $15K.” Arlene states.

“I got an invite to help at a sperm bank the members are connected to. I guess they are high enough stature that their sperm is really valued. Anyhow, it was not that great. Once a year they offer access to women to help men ejaculate who don’t want to masturbate. Only four guys should up over four hours. It was really boring and not very erotic. In fact, one was weird. One man was there with the couple that was going to receive the donation. They wanted to watch the process. That bothered me a bit!” Arlene said. “Strange, I don’t mind strangers watching me get ravaged but somebody watching clinically really upset me.”

The women discuss their fantasies and view of what is erotic for a short time. They agree the club is the best thing that has happened to them and can enable a lot of sexual joys. The conversation is back to what fantasies are available and how to get Cory and Nancy in. Joan, Arlene and Irene had printed out the posted fantasies they could see. Unfortunately none of the session was a good match for a female guest to audition for the club. The women recommit to the club and to scanning for the appropriate audition vehicles for Cory and Nancy.

The meeting adjourns and we head out. Irene catches me at my car. “I have two favors to ask you. First, I did see one of the fantasies that I think I want to do. Would you be my guest?” Of course I agree. Unfortunately she would not tell me which one it was.

“What is the second favor?” I ask

“Will you fuck me now?” She asks, “This conversation got me so horny.”

“Of course, do you want to go to my place?” I respond.

“No, you don’t understand. I want you to fuck me now. Let go around to the back of the building or get in the car and fuck!” She says, pulling silky fabric of her running shorts aside to show me her pussy. We had a nice “quickie” in the back alley before parting ways.

Several days passed before Irene reappeared at my office cube. She handed me a piece of paper, gave me a coy smile and left. I turned it over to read.


Thank you for your continued interest in our club. We are happy to accept your application for our dinner party event. You and your guest are cordially invited to a dinner party this Saturday from 6 pm until 9 pm in Austin, Texas. We will fly you out on a private jet; give you accommodation on your own private ranch and transportation if you wish to site see. Please be prepared to leave Friday night.

Upon your arrival you will be asked whether you want dinner before 6 pm or after 9 pm when our guests are eating. During dinner you will be busy serving the food…or, we should say becoming part of the dinner.

In this fantasy you will be the appetizer, main course and desert for our guests. Enjoy a cocktail or two from the trays as you circulate and serve our patrons. Do not be surprised if they ask to garnish their glass with your pussy juice or ask to dip your nipples into the drink so they can lick it off you. Not only are you the server but you are also a part of the drink.

As the main course is served you will be a major part of the presentation. You lay spread on the table as our cooks strategically place dipping sauces on your naked flesh. Relax and enjoy as our patrons dip and eat the sauces from your body. As an added treat, the patrons may decide to use your pussy as its own special sauce. After the meal is complete you will be cleaned before desert is served.

Desert is the coup-de-tat as our patrons line up for our classic offering of fresh pussy and cum. Our waiters, cooks and volunteer patrons will be our chefs. Each dish will be unique. Our diners will request where they want the ejaculate deposited on your body so they can eat it off as their desert.

Bon appetite!

The Gang Bang Club

Friday does not arrive soon enough. Irene has already been picked up and is in the car when it swings by my house. I slide in the back and kiss Irene hello. The flight out was non-eventful but we were both relieved to be flying on a private jet and not having to deal with the major airports. We enjoyed a morning horseback riding and lounging at the pool prior to the event.

The phone rang around 5 p.m. to inform us our ride was ready. Having been told uniforms are provided Irene does not bother to dress. She wears comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt. However, she is still sexy as ever. Her skin golden from the sun is luscious. She wears no bra. Her nice long nipples are firm little points in the white fabric.

The main house is three miles from the guesthouse we are in. The manor is stately with grand Georgian columns, immaculate gardens and an elegant two-story white washed front – A classic southern plantation estate. We pull towards the back and enter the kitchen.

“Hi, you must be Irene!” A young Southern redhead says as she leads us through the kitchen into a small antechamber. “My name is Sarah and I am both the host and a participant tonight. The event is smaller than the one you last attended. It is only the two of us and one other lady. There will be approximately 40 guests so we will have quite a handful.”

“I think we will have more than just our hands filled!” Giggles another voice. A voluptuous black woman strides into the room completely naked. She is large but not truly overweight. Instead she seems amazingly well proportioned with huge breasts and a rather large backside.

“Well, I’ll give it my best shot!” Says Irene, “Forty people, that’s at least twelve to fourteen fucks each. Wow!”

“Oh, it will be a large amount but I think you will enjoy this. We’ve held this event for six straight years. Well, we need to get ready. Our guests will be here soon. Your costumes are on the chairs in the powder rooms.” Sarah states.

I follow Irene into the room. Each person’s outfit is clearly labeled. Irene and the black woman are given “limited” French Maid outfits. Quickly Irene is out of her clothes and assembling her outfit. I admire her naked ass and back as she makes sense of her limited clothing.

“What do you think?” She asks, now dressed for the night.

“Very nice!” I say. Her outfit is sexy. She has the delicate white hat on her head, sexy black gloves that extend past her elbows, a black corset, garters and high heels adorning her body. Her shoulders, breasts, upper thighs and pussy are bared to the world. “Spin around!” I suggest. From the rear the only clothing visible are the bands holding the corset on and her stockings. “Yum, yum!” I say.

“Does it want to make you fuck her!”? Sarah asks.

“Of course!” I stammer back. Sarah is pleased with the look and response.

The black woman returns in a similar outfit. Sarah excuses herself to get dressed. She is back very quickly since she had little to put on.

“Would you like to fuck me?” She grins at me. As the hostess she has dressed formally – A small bow tie around her neck, mid arm length gloves and a nice pearl necklace that dangles down to her upper breast. “I’ll take your hard on for an answer!” She says pleased with her effect on me.

“OK, first up we serve the drinks to our patrons. They will be mingling and talking for about an hour as we start our night. Simply take their drink orders and ask our bartender to make them. For the social hour no penetration is allowed. You will not be allowed to fuck, give a blowjob or be fingered in this session. The guests know the rules as well.” Sharon explains. The strict part over she smiles as she continues, “But, for the fun part. Don’t be surprised if a quick sip of your pussy juices or serving of your nipple isn’t the most popular drink!”

“Is there a limit on how far we can go?” The black woman asks.

“You are not allowed to instigate anything at any point.” Sarah states to the disappointment of the lady. “Oh, don’t worry. You are going to get plenty of attention. I’ve done this one before. It is very nice.”

“What about me?” I chime in.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that.” Sarah says. “This event is closed. You can watch but I am not sure how we can work you in. I’ll think about that as we progress. For this session though you can watch from the bar area.” She points me towards the door to the storage room. From there I can watch the scene and be only a few feet away from where the women will come to pick up there drinks.

“OK, all set?” Sarah asks. “Let’s go!” She turns and leads Irene and the other woman towards a large wooden door.

“How do you feel?” I whisper to Irene as she walks buy.

“Really nervous but turned on at the same time.” She says.

“You look great. I’m going to be jealous watching you get pleasured.”

“Thanks so much for coming. It’s nice to have your support. I’ll try and encourage Sarah to be easy on the rules and let you play.” Irene says sweetly.

The women are massed behind the door. Sarah indicates they should stay put until she signals them to come out.

“That outfit is really hot?” I whisper to Irene to break the silence.

“Hot? There’s hardly anything.” She giggles. “I’m really turned on standing here knowing I’m basically naked. The air feels really cool on my skin. I guess I have a little exhibitionism in me as well.”

I step aside as Sarah opens the doors. From my little nook I see the room as it opens for the women. The place is a formal and elegant sitting room. The room has a nice vaulted ceiling, crown molding and well-illuminated displays of artwork. The room has been cleared of most furniture to allow the guests to mingle. The floor is marble covered with large Persian area rugs. In the far corner is a well stocked bar with two bartenders.

“Ladies and gentleman, let me present your hostess and staff for the night.” Sarah announces as she steps into the room. The other women follow behind her. “Please do not hesitate to enjoy our pleasures tonight. We sincerely hope you enjoy our program for the evening. We will be starting cocktail service shortly.”

With that said Sarah leads the way, grabbing a serving tray from the bar and wandering out into the crowd. I watch her naked ass cheeks wiggle back and forth before they disappear behind a crowd of people.

The crowd is different than I expected. There are roughly twenty-five people present. Men are dressed in formal tuxedoes. Only the small black masks covering their eyes indicate this is anything than a society function. As my eyes scan the room I am surprised to see several women in attendance. They are in elegant evening attire. Not trashy or necessarily sexy but very elegant and also have the black masks over there eyes.

“Here I go.” Whispers Irene as she passes by grabbing a tray. As instructed they cover different sections of the room. Irene approaches a group of three men. I watch them converse wondering what they are saying. The conversation is pleasant but efficient and Irene wanders back to the bar.

“One Bombay blue sapphire Martini, one gin and tonic and a port.” Irene states as she relays their order to the barkeeper. “I thought they’d be all over us?” Irene whispers to me. “They are really pleasant. Just small talk but they made me feel very comfortable. I almost forgot I was standing there naked!” The drinks are finished and she takes them back to the group.

The men take their drinks and engage Irene in conversation. One man asks Irene a direct question. I notice all three are waiting for her answer. Her nods in agreement to whatever they have asked. Gently the man reaches behind her and strokes her naked ass cheeks. He sweetly feels her ass before placing a quick peck in the center of each cheek. Irene smiles back at him, as he appears to thank her. She moves on to another group.

They to engage her in conversation before the same question and response interchange takes place. Again, Irene nods in agreement. The gentleman’s fingers rise and softly flip Irene’s nipple up and down. She smiles at him. He gives her left nipple soft kisses as the other man moves in to do the same to her right. Irene relaxes, her knees weakening as both men suckle her nipples for several minutes. They stop and appear to place orders. She heads back to the bar.

She places her order and slumps against the bar rail.

“How is it?” I ask.

“Can you see?” She asks me. I let her know I can see the whole room. “I’m starting to get into this. I expected them to just jump on us but this is really sensuous. They are great conversationalist.”

“Are you getting turned on?”

“Very much so. This setting is so elegant. They look so good in their tuxes. When they started sucking my tits I felt this electricity running through me.” Her drinks are up. “So far so good.” She says as she starts another cycle.

She delivers her current set and is quickly summoned by two men and a woman. They talk briefly before directing a request to Irene. I notice her hesitate and it appears that the group reiterates their order. Irene hesitates a moment before nodding in agreement. She hurries back to the bar.

“What is going on?” I ask.

“The guy asked me for a margarita, the woman for a bourbon on the rocks and the other guy for a Bloody Mary.” Irene responds.

“It looked like you were a little flustered. You looked like you were excited?” I ask as my eyes exam her. “Hey, your pussy looks wet. Are you getting aroused?”

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