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Arianna had been thinking all day about him. She was really distracted at work. The man she had met online was tall and handsome. She had chatted with him a few times and it was going beyond small flirts now. When she got home she was tired and almost worked into a frenzy. The thoughts and fantasies were spinning through her head. She had tried to dismiss them but she finally gave in.

She flopped down on the bed and started groping herself. She imagined it was him. He was running his hands through her silky hair and whispering “I want you” into her ear. She felt the heat between her legs turn into wetness as he slowly kissed her neck. “You are so beautiful and so sexy” he said. She looked into his eyes and thought about how bad she had wanted to hear the things he said. His hand brushed lightly across her breast as he kissed her more. She started undoing the buttons on her blouse as his hand slowly moved to her stomach.

As the material fell to the side it exposed more of her flesh to him. Now, the only thing that was in the way of full contact with her breasts was her white lace bra. As he was lightly grazing her stomach with his lips, his hands traced her sides. His fingers teasingly found their way to her erect nipples. Then he moved his kisses up in between her breasts as his warm hands fondled her tits. Her breathing grew deeper.

Her thoughts of him grew more vivid by the second. She could imagine him lying on top of her as he coaxed her legs to spread. Feeling his hardness press against her only made her wetness increase. He moved up towards her lips and told her again in a soft voice, “I güvenilir bahis must have you.” As he kissed her, with their tongues dancing, his hand moved down to the edge of her skirt. Her body was on fire. He gently ran his hand across her thigh and she quivered with anticipation. He put his hand on her soft mound of neatly trimmed hair. Then he touched her pussy lips and slowly pushed them apart with his fingers. She moaned his name as his strong and agile fingers slipped into her hot hole. Moving ever so slowly, he settled in between her legs and kissed her beautiful pussy. She threw her legs over his shoulders and he started sucking on her lips. As he ran his tongue gently up and down the length of each lip, she pulled back on her hood exposing her swollen and now throbbing clit. He took it in his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around it. She let out a soft whimper as he pressed his teeth on her clit. She started having tremors through her body and her back left the bed as he slid two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She reached up around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. Her thighs were now closing together, squeezing his head as he sucked harder on her pussy. His tongue and fingers working together to bring her the pleasure she longed for. He had her so wet now that her juices were dripping down his fingers. And his face was fully immersed in her pussy. She wanted more.

As she removed her legs from his shoulders she moaned to him, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Leaning back on his knees he wiped his chin. “Mmmmmmm,” he said, “you taste so good.”

Reaching türkçe bahis down between her legs she took hold of his cock. He leaned in closer and she rubbed his shaft against her wetness. He was so hard. She couldn’t wait to feel him thrust within her. She watched his enjoyment. Then she moved his throbbing extension towards her hole. As he penetrated her pussy she felt a rush. Her pussy was so hot and wet and tight. He could feel her squeezing his cock. He kissed her deeply as he slid in and out really slow. He was grinding his pelvis into her clit and the rocking movements were making her body writhe in ecstasy. She clinched her ass and started bucking under him in rhythm, “nice and slow,” she thought. As Arianna imagined her new lover fucking her so well, she now had a dildo and was fucking herself. She rubbed her clit with some KY warming liquid. She fantasized that he was grabbing her wrists and holding them down over her head. Pressing them hard into the bed. She was at his mercy and he was pounding and thrusting her deep into the mattress. He was very strong and she wrapped her legs around his and matched every thrust with a push into him. Arianna rubbed her clit faster and faster now. She could feel her body responding to his motions. Getting lost in the pleasure of her fantasy she rolled over on her stomach with her ass up in the air. Sliding the dildo between her thighs she rocked her hips. Her thoughts returned to him. He was behind her now holding her wrists on her lower back. With his other hand he held onto her hip. Their moans were becoming louder. His was a low guttural sound. Hers was a much higher güvenilir bahis siteleri pitch. Her legs were spread wide apart and her feet were hooked onto his legs. He started fucking her harder. He wanted to be as deep within her as he could. Arianna was thinking to herself that this was how she knew it would be. She knew that he would fuck her the way she wanted to be fucked. She knew that he would fuck her how she needed to be fucked. Indeed he was fucking her how she should be fucked. Good and down right dirty. Although she did notice his moments of tenderness too. But, this right there was what she wanted. He was thrusting within her faster now. He told her how sexy she looked at that moment, with her long silky hair cascading down her smooth back. She felt hot all over. Her body was tingling from within and she knew she was starting to cum. Her pussy clenched him tight as she squirted her love all over his cock and onto his ass-slamming balls. The heat traveled through her like a shot. Her legs went numb and her arms the same. He was hammering her wetness with a fury and was groaning loudly. She knew it was time and she used what strength she had left to pull away from him. Flipping over as quickly as possible, she grabbed his red-hot cock and went down on him. She was still in her element of orgasmic ecstasy as she sucked him long and hard, swirling her tongue around the head of his throbbing cock. He screamed out her name as he exploded in her mouth. She was furiously pumping his load in her mouth and out onto her breasts and back into her mouth again. Arianna imagined sucking out his last bead of cum while she came on the bed. Her fantasy man had made her cum so good, and so long this time. She still felt numb and her ears were ringing. Or was that the phone? She answered it and it was him. “May I come over now?” he asked. You know she said yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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