Family Date Night 2

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Big Tits

When their children went upstairs, Steve and Cindy went to their bedroom and stripped each other.  They began kissing while running their hands over one another’s naked bodies.  Then, dropping to her knees, Cindy took her husband’s cock into her mouth.  She cast her eyes up at his as she began bobbing her head.  Steve tangled his fingers in his wife’s hair, guiding her sucking mouth on his dick.  Cindy engulfed his cock, cupped his balls, and rubbed them against her chin.“I wonder if our daughter is sucking her brother’s cock.  If she’s anything like her mother, she’s doing him,” Steve said.Cindy chuckled around Steve’s dick, removed her mouth, and stood up.  Wrapping her arms around him, she kissed Steve as he put his hands on her ass, pulling her against his erection.“You don’t mind my love for sucking your cock, do you?” Cindy said.“Hell, no!  You know damn well I love having my cock in you.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your mouth, pussy, or your sexy ass.  It’s great we still have the same passion for each other as when we were young.  I’ve heard a couple of the lawyers at the firm complaining about the lack of sex in their marriages,” Steve said as he pressed his finger into Cindy’s pussy.“I know. Right?  I have heard a few of the women talk about their sex lives.  They say they don’t have the time or energy for it.  But, then, when their husbands do fuck them, it isn’t as much fun as it used to be.  I’m so happy we followed your parents’ advice to make time for sex,” Cindy said.Nodding, Steve said, “I look forward to our Friday date nights.  I think they’re one of the reasons we still fuck like newlyweds, even if it isn’t a date night.”  Steve chuckled.  “Dad says he and Mom are still active.”Stroking Steve’s cock, Cindy said, “Honey, are you as curious as I am about what the kids are doing?”“Yes, I sure am,” Steve said while fingering in his wife’s pussy.Cindy let out a moan, then chuckled.  “Want to spy on them?  We can listen outside their doors to see if they’re together.”Steve extracted his finger from Cindy’s pussy, sucked it clean, and said, “Let’s go.”    After waiting a few minutes, they crept upstairs.  When Steve and Cindy didn’t hear anything from Greg’s room, they moved to April’s and stood outside her room.  While muffled, they could hear the exchange between the teens, then the sound of their fucking.They listened to the loving exchange between the siblings, finding it hard not to comment.  Then, when the teens left to shower, Cindy took Steve’s hand, pulling him away.“You were right, baby.  From what I heard, we won’t be able to keep them apart,” Steve whispered.“You know we have to tell them we know, don’t you?  We have to make sure they keep their relationship secret,” Cindy said as they went to their bedroom.“Yes.  They have to hide it from outsiders, but Greg and April can be as open with us as they want to as far as I’m concerned,” Steve said as he guided Cindy to their bed.Cindy got on her hands and knees, wiggled her ass, and said, “We can talk about this after you fuck me, baby.  Listening to the kids has me horny as hell.  Now, find a hole and fill it with your cock.”“Do you want it in your pussy or ass?” Steve said as he knelt behind his wife.Chuckling, Cindy looked over her shoulder and said, “Yes!”Steve gripped his cock, stroked it a few times, then pushed into Cindy’s pussy.  Holding her hips, he thrust in and out as she moaned, slamming back against him.  Then, using his fingers, he began stretching her anus.  Steve continued pounding his wife’s pussy for about fifteen minutes, then pulled out.“Flip over, baby,” Steve said.Cindy got onto her back, placed her feet on the bed, then pushed her ass up.  Steve put the head of his cock against her anus, pushing into her rectum.  Once he was balls deep, he paused for a moment before thrusting in and out of her.Holding her breasts, Cindy moaned as her husband’s cock moved in her ass.  She egged him on, begging for him to fuck her harder.  So, Steve grabbed her shoulders as he increased the speed of his thrusts.“I love the feeling of your cock in my ass, baby.  Keep fucking me,” Cindy said as she grunted each time Steve slammed into her.After another fifteen Kadıköy Escort minutes of steady fucking, Steve shoved into Cindy’s ass and came.  His cock pulsed as he sent several spurts of semen into her bowels.  Spent, he lowered himself to her body and kissed her.“The things you do to me, sweetie.  You are the most fantastic lover and fucker.  I can’t get enough of your big cock,” Cindy cooed in Steve’s ear as they recovered.Lifting his head, Steve kissed Cindy and said, “How do you know?  I’m the only one you’ve fucked, aren’t I?”“Yes, baby, you know you’re the only man I’ve had sex with, but I can’t imagine anyone better,” Cindy said.Steve rolled off Cindy, sat up, and said, “Let’s shower so we can keep going.  I want to fuck you again and make sure you’re satisfied.  I don’t want you looking for something else.”Cindy and Steve shared a shower, taking time to wash each other.  Finished, they returned to the bedroom, picking up where they left off.  After fucking each other for an hour, they snuggled together, falling asleep.****Bright sunlight came in through the window, waking Greg.  Initially, he felt disorientated but realized he was lying next to his naked sister in Amy’s bed.  The memory of the night before caused Greg to smile.  Then, propping his head, he reached over and moved a few strands of hair from Amy’s forehead before pulling the covers down and gazed at his sister’s breasts.Greg had been with a couple of other girls, but none as sexy or beautiful as his sister.  His wildest dreams and fantasies couldn’t compare to the feelings he enjoyed the night before.  Reaching over, Greg placed his hand on one of his sister’s breasts, keeping his touch gentle as he massaged the firm mound.As her brother massaged her breast, Amy’s eyes opened.  She smiled while gazing into her brother’s eyes.  Then, placing one hand over his, she pressed it into her chest and moved her other hand lower, wrapping her fingers around her brother’s hardon.“I guess you like my tits, don’t you?  I love your big cock,” Amy said.Rather than answer her, Greg leaned over and pressed his mouth to hers.  When he pressed his tongue against her lips, Amy parted them and flicked her tongue against his.  After sharing a tender kiss, he lifted his head and smiled.“I love everything about you, Amy.  As I said, last night was the best of my life,” Greg said.“It was for me too, Greg.  I can’t wait until you fuck me again,” Amy said, then she chuckled.  “That is if you want to do it again.  I hope you don’t regret what we did because I sure don’t.”Greg squeezed his sister’s breast, smiled, and said, “I don’t have any regrets, but I do have to piss.  You better let go of my dick before I wet your bed.”Amy released Greg’s cock, then followed him into the jack-and-jill bathroom separating their bedrooms.  She giggled while watching a man urinate for the first time.  When Greg finished, she put down the toilet seat and sat down.Looking up into Greg’s eyes, Amy smiled and said, “I guess things have changed, haven’t they?”Nodding, Greg watched his sister wipe between her legs with a piece of toilet paper.  When she stood, he hugged her.  Amy pressed her naked body against him as they shared a kiss.“If you feel the same as I do, things have changed for the better.  We both know incest isn’t normal, and it’s illegal, but I don’t care as long as you don’t,” Greg said.“I don’t care either, sweetie.  As soon as I can, I want to make love to you again.  After last night, my pussy is tender,” Amy said, then she giggled.  “My mouth is fine if you want a blowjob.”Greg smiled and shook his head.  “We can wait until later.  Then, when you’re ready, we can do each other.  What about Mom and Dad?  We have to be careful, or they’re going to find out what we’re doing.”Shrugging her shoulders, Amy said, “I don’t care if they know or not.  Last night, Mom all but told me to seduce you when she said we could make our own rules.”“Yeah, Dad said the same thing to me while you and Mom were in the bathroom,” Greg said.“Okay, so that’s what we’ll do, baby.  I want to go swimming this morning.  We have a new rule.  We’re going skinny-dipping whenever Kadıköy Escort Bayan we can,” Amy said.Greg laughed and nodded.  He and Amy put on robes, then headed downstairs.  As they walked through the kitchen, they saw their parents at the counter, drinking coffee.“Good morning.  How are you two this morning?  Did you two have a good time last night?  Dad and I enjoyed having you join us for our Friday date night,” Cindy said.“It was a blast, Mom.  Greg and I had a great time last night.  Maybe we can do it again,” Amy said.Steve nodded and said, “You two are always welcome to join us.  We enjoyed sharing our date night with you.  So, is everything okay between you kids?”Nodding, Greg said, “They couldn’t be better.  We’re going for a swim before breakfast.”“Okay, see you in a few minutes,” Cindy said.Amy and Greg went to the lower level, then to the door wall.  They went out to the covered swimming pool, laughing as they shucked their robes.  Naked, Greg and Amy jumped into the water, swam a few lengths, stopped, and came together.“This is the best.  I love swimming naked,” Amy said.“Is this the first time you’ve gone skinny-dipping?” Greg said.“Yeah.  Have you?” Amy asked.“I’ve done it when I was home alone.  I love it.  It’s way better with you, though.  I get to see your sexy body and your thirty-four C tits,” Greg said.Giggling, Amy stepped back and shook her shoulders, causing her breasts to wobble.  Greg put his hands on her chest, massaging her boobs.  While the siblings played, they didn’t notice their parents come into the pool area.Cindy and Steve watched their children through the glass, chuckling as their son played with his sister’s breasts.  Cindy chuckled and said, “Greg is just like his father.  He can’t keep his hands off a pair of boobs.”“Can you blame him?  Amy’s tits are almost as lovely as yours are, baby.  Should we leave them alone?” Steve said.Shaking her head, Cindy began undressing.  “No, we should join them, Steve.”Steve and Cindy removed their clothes, walked to the pool, and jumped into the water.  When they did, Greg and Amy shrieked.  He pulled his hands from his sister’s chest and turned to face their parents.“Hi.  I hope you don’t mind us joining you two.  I see you have discovered the joy of skinny-dipping,” Cindy said.“Um, yeah.”  Amy giggled.  “We decided to swim naked when we can; it’s our new rule.”“You and your brother are free to swim any way you want to, Amy.  Mom and I do it every chance we get.  So I guess we won’t have to wait until you kids are gone or in bed, will we?” Steve said.“I don’t know about Amy, but I don’t care,” Greg said as he looked at his naked mother.“I don’t care either.  But, as you told me last night, we should make our own rules,” Amy said.“Yes, you should.  However, we have to be careful not to let anyone outside our family know about certain things.  Dad and I don’t care, but some people will if they know what’s going on,” Cindy said.Giggling, Amy bumped her hip against her brother’s.  “Why, Mom?  What’s wrong with skinny-dipping?”“You know damn well I’m not talking about skinny-dipping, Amy.  I’m telling you to keep what you two do in private to yourselves,” Cindy said.“We know, Mom.  It’s just a little weird, that’s all,” Greg said.“What’s weird, Greg?” Steve said.“The idea you and Mom know what Amy and I are doing is weird, but I’m not ashamed of what we did or will do together, so we’re not going to lie and try to deny it.  We know some things are illegal, but we’re willing to take the risk.  Last night, we realized we care for each other a lot more than most siblings,” Greg said.Steve moved closer to Cindy, put his arm around her waist, and pulled her to his side.  “How do you feel, Amy?”“I feel the same as Greg does.  I love my brother,” Amy said.Smiling, Cindy said, “We need to get going.  After breakfast, we have to clean the house, and the men have the yard work to do.”The four of them got out of the pool and went to the two showers.  Greg and Amy went into one of the rooms, causing their parents to chuckle as they went into the other.“I can’t believe how open those two are.  The kids all but told us they’re fucking. Escort Kadıköy  I wonder if last night was the first time?” Steve said.“I don’t know if it was or not.  It doesn’t matter, not to me.  I’m just happy Amy and Greg are comfortable enough, to be honest with us, Steve.”  Cindy chuckled as she hugged her husband.  “Our kids have grown up, haven’t they?  I think you enjoyed looking at our naked daughter.”“Amy’s almost as good-looking as her mother.  I noticed you checking Greg out,” Steve said.Cindy started rubbing Steve’s cock, wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and smiled as she stroked him.  “From what I saw, Greg has what it takes to keep his sister happy.  Just like your big cock makes me happy.”Amy and Greg laughed in the next room while talking about their parents discovering them skinny-dipping as they washed each other, running their hands over the other’s bodies.“It was wild to be with Mom and Dad while all of us were naked, wasn’t it?” Greg said.“I think it was great.  Now we know we don’t have to be as careful as we thought we would.  Mom and Dad know we had sex, Greg.  They didn’t come out and say it, but I could tell.  It’s cool because we can have fun and not worry,” Amy said.“Who said I was worried?  Look, I don’t think we should have sex in front of Mom and Dad, but we don’t have to hide the fact we’re making love,” Greg said.Finished in the shower, Amy and Greg put on their robes and headed to their rooms to dress for the day.  Cindy and Steve redressed and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  While the family ate, they didn’t talk about the budding relationship between the siblings.Amy finished her housework, then went to her room.  She booted her computer and went to a popular shopping site.  As she went through the selections, she ordered new sexy lingerie and several short skirts and dresses.  Amy had decided to change her wardrobe to entice her brother and give him easier access to her body.As Amy reviewed her order, Greg came into her bedroom.  He stood behind his sister, gazing at the monitor on her laptop computer.  When he realized what she was doing, Greg put his hands on her shoulders.Amy looked back, smiling when she saw her brother.  He gripped her shoulders, then moved his hands to her breasts.  She chuckled as Greg massaged her firm mounds.“What are you doing, Amy?” Greg said.“I’m shopping for a few things because I want to update my wardrobe with some sexy stuff.  Do you want to see what I plan to order?” Amy said.“Sure,” Greg replied.As Amy started showing Greg the items she would order, he reached down, gripped the hem of her top, and pulled it up, uncovering her bra-covered breasts.  Then, he lowered his head, kissing her neck.Cocking her head, Amy said, “How do you expect me to concentrate when you’re playing with my tits?  Do you want to see what I’m getting, or fuck me?”Squeezing Amy’s breasts, Greg said, “Both.  Show me what you’re getting first.”Amy flipped through the items, showing her brother the lingerie, skirts, tops, and sundresses she’d selected.  Greg continued caressing her breasts as he told his sister he liked each thing she showed him.“Are you going to get stockings like Moms for our family date night?” Greg said.“How do you know what kind of stockings Mom wore?” Amy said.“While she danced with Dad, he pulled her dress up, and I saw them.  They were sexy.  You looked sexy in your pantyhose, but I think the stockings would be even sexier,” Greg said.“I saw Mom’s stockings when we went to the bathroom.  I think they’re sexy too.”  Amy clicked on the webpage, locating a picture of a woman wearing stockings and a garter.  “Do you think I’d look hot wearing them?”  Next, Amy clicked on a photo of another woman wearing thigh-high stockings without the garter.  “They make these thigh-high stockings too.  They stay up without a garter belt.”“Both of those look sexy.  I know you’d look great wearing either one, Amy.  Get whatever you prefer,” Greg said.Amy added several pairs of stay-up stockings, a garter belt, and a few pairs of hose to her cart.  She chuckled as she placed her order, thinking of how her brother reacted to her items.“All ordered.  My new things will be here on Monday,” Amy said as she turned in her chair, facing her brother.“Cool.  I can’t wait to see you in your new things,” Greg said.Amy chuckled, smiled, and began unfastening her brother’s shorts.  When the garment fell to his feet, she gripped the waistband of his boxer briefs and pulled them down,…

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