Does Mark Have a Fetish?

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Mark is a successful real estate agent in a major metropolitan area. He has been married to Eileen for nearly 30 years and they have two grown children, the oldest, Tara, is finishing her residency in pediatrics; the younger, Andrew, is an engineer for a major defense contractor.

It was another rainy November morning and Mark had numerous meetings in center city. Instead of driving he would take the train because it was faster, offered less wear and tear on him, and there was never any parking issues. The weather forecast said that there would be heavy showers on and off all day, which meant that despite being dressed in a good suit, Mark got his calf-height wellies from the hall closet. Just as he was putting his good Allen Edmond loafers into his briefcase Eileen came to the hall, took one look, and said:

“My hubby, the man with the rubber boot fetish.”

“I don’t have a fetish, but just don’t like ruining an expensive pair of shoes,” he replied a bit defensively.

“Face it. You have a fetish,” Eileen teased.

Deep down inside Mark knew that Eileen was probably right, but his liking to wear rubber boots was only a part of it. What Mark really liked was seeing attractive women wearing rubber boots, whether they were conventional wellies, ankle boots, or fishing waders. He was turned on by all of them. “So why do you say that?” he asked his wife.

“Because nobody in their right mind owns over a dozen various types. The hall closet is filled with your boots.”

“Well, I probably own more than the average guy.”

“That’s an understatement because when I cleaned the closet last week I found two pairs of waders, three pairs of Bean boots, a pair of Sorels, and numerous others.”

“So how many pair do you have?” he asked.

“Only four and I hardly wear any of them.”

“Maybe you should, particularly on a day like today,” he replied conjuring up images of his attractive wife wearing a pair of knee high wellies. Just that thought was exciting him.

“Maybe I’ll do just that,” Eileen replied kissing Mark goodbye.

The fact that Mark was going to be downtown on a rainy day meant canlı bahis şirketleri that there would be lots of women wearing wellies. Some would be wearing them with skinny jeans, while others would be in dresses and skirts. No, there was nothing sexier than a great pair of legs sporting a pair of colorful wellies. He was always on the lookout for sightings and in addition to downtown some of his other favorite venues were college campuses, shopping malls, sporting events, and even restaurants. He ran through his mind wondering how many women he’d spot today.

Eileen had some errands to run herself and when she was ready to leave the heavens literally opened up. In addition to her Burberry trench coat, Eileen, more or less against her judgment, fished her pair of basic black wellies out from the hall closet. She wasn’t fond of wearing them, but under the circumstances knew it was a good call.

At the mall, Eileen was hardly the only woman wearing wellies and if she had to confess, the walk from the parking lot would have been downright unpleasant without them as the catch basins were hard able to keep up with the small rivers formed by the downpours. On her way from one store to another she passed a window display and couldn’t help but notice how wellies were the featured item. She wandered from display to display and admired a pair of pale pink wellies that had a bit of a gloss to them. They were far more attractive than her old basic black ones. That’s when inspiration came over her and she bought them. “Wow, but am I ever going to surprise Mark,” she thought to herself with a sly smile coming to her face.

Eileen finished her shopping and headed out to the parking lot. The rain was still coming down heavy and the puddles made her happy to be wearing wellies. “It is sort of fun sloshing around, so maybe I’ve been too hard on Mark telling him that he had a fetish.” She would have to show Mark her new purchase, but decided it would have to be done in a way to achieve maximum effect.

Just to get in the mood, when she got home Eileen opened the box containing the new wellies and had to admit that these were much more canlı kaçak iddaa stylish than any of her existing ones—stylish? The newest wellies that she owned were probably 20 years old. It was about time! She pulled them on and walked around the house for a couple of minutes admiring the purchase. But how could she show Mark and tease him at the same time?

Then it came to her. She had some sexy lingerie that was about the same shade of pink. After rummaging around in her dresser she came up with the bra, panties, and garter belt. She changed her bra and when she did she wondered why she never wore it. Her boobs weren’t that big, but it pushed them up and did a respectable job of enhancing them. She switched panties and liked the look of the pink bikinis. Finally, when she went to put on the garter belt she had to remove the tags—she had never even worn it! Fastening the hooks behind her, she then looked in the mirror and liked what she saw.

“Nice!” Eileen said to herself, “but a garter belt needs stockings.” She went rummaging through her dresser again and finally came up with a new package of taupe stockings. She pulled these on and fastened the tops to the garter clasps. After looking at herself in the mirror she began to wonder why she had never worn this combination because she did look really good, even if she said so herself.

Next, Eileen sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on her new wellies. When she stood up to look at herself in the full-length mirror she absolutely loved the look, but also really hoped that her husband would, too. That was when a naughty thought overcame her—she would model them with only the bra and garter belt. She removed the bikinis and checked the mirror once more. It was the look that she wanted to achieve, but noted that her bush needed a little trimming. One thing led to another and by the time she finished all that was left was a smooth pussy.

“This is going to be so much fun!” she said to herself taking off the wellies and putting on her jeans. She hid the wellies in their bathroom and then returned to the kitchen. Some 40 minutes later Mark arrived home. It had still been canlı kaçak bahis raining so when he came in he still was wearing his wellies—and he looked good in them, too, observed Eileen.

Mark kissed his wife hello. “So what did you do today?”

“I went out and did a little shopping,” she said.

“Really? It was such an ugly day. I hope you wore your wellies.”

“I did and you know what, you will be shocked to know that I’m glad I did, too. But come on up to the bedroom and I’ll show you what I bought,” she said taking him by the hand.

“What is it? Am I going to like it?”

“Probably, just wait here for a minute,” said Eileen disappearing into the bathroom. Moments later she emerged wearing nothing but the bra, garter belt, stockings, and the new wellies.

Mark’s jaw dropped. “What the . . . “

“So you like it?”

While Mark liked the new wellies, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Eileen’s smooth shaved pussy. He could feel the bulge growing in his pants and the only thought in his mind was to have sex with his wife. She sat on the edge of the bed to show off the new pink wellies, but Mark was too preoccupied. He reached behind her back, undid the bra with a single motion reminiscent of those days when he was a college student. Within an instant her boobs were liberated and in need of being felt up.

Eileen was starting to feel very aroused and moved his hand to her crotch. Mark needed no second invitation and soon was fingering his wife. “Hmmm. Don’t stop.” She cooed as she undid the belt and took down his pants and briefs. As Mark stood there with his manhood erect, Eileen moved further back on the bed, drew up her legs still wearing her pink wellies.

Mark entered his wife and was not certain what was causing his arousal: the fact that she was wearing wellies in bed, that she had shaved her pussy, or that her lingerie was so incredibly sexy. It was no matter because after some intense motions he felt himself depositing a prodigious amount of cum into his wife’s pussy. “Oh, wow! I’m glad that you are wearing your wellies.”

“So am I, but now I’m glad to know that you really do have a rubber boot fetish. Maybe I do, too!” exclaimed Eileen. “What do you say? Do you want to do it again?”

“I’d be game.”

“OK, but first you have to put your boots on!”

“I think we both might have that fetish. And I’m glad, too.”

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