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Subject: college ball-9 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-9 ONE Word about the new gloryhole in the storeroom quickly spread around the team as more and more players hovered around it waiting for blow jobs. Coach Brown barely had time to duck into the back door when someone was sneaking in to be serviced. He put pad locks up on the inside late at night while the gym was closed so no one could force their way in while he was getting busy and blow his cover. He was careful to only man the hole when he was sure no one was around to witness his entrances and exits. Whenever he did enter the storeroom only to find it already occupied with horny players waiting to be serviced, he’d chase them out, pretending to be the `mean coach’ and making them do extra laps around campus so he could sneak off inside. As much as he loved sucking their hard horny dicks, he still didn’t want to lose his job over it. By now he’d sucked off several students from the team, with Clarence being the jewel in his crown. Clarence came back twice after the initial blow job, giving Coach Brown’s throat several more work outs much to the coach’s delight. Brown found it nearly impossible to coach these guys now that he’d tasted their dicks and swallowed their thick baby batters. He now knew these guys intimately (even if they didn’t realize it), at least every inch of their manhoods. He’d be coaching them during practice sessions and found himself staring more at their crotches than at their game. He’d missed several key plays that way, eyeballing the bounce in their shorts and wondering which ones would show up at the hole later on that day after practice to feed his addiction? Clarence was still having thoughts that Tyrome could be the one behind the amazing blowjobs the team had been getting lately, but Ty was being awfully tight lipped about it. He and Clarence were still having sex daily, eating each other’s dicks and drinking the thick rich fluids which eventually flooded their mouths. Clarence couldn’t help but notice how much better Ty had gotten at swallowing his manhood whole, taking it from tip to root and back up again with more and more ease each day. Several times Clarence wanted to ask Ty how he’d become so fluent a dick sucker in such a short period of time, but the blowjobs were too good to risk an unwanted argument. Ty was still seeing his girls, though less frequently than before he met CJ. He always made sure to make a display when he bought one of them home, wanting everyone in the frat house to know he was still a stud where it counted if only to keep up with appearances. He ignored the hateful glares he got from Clarence as he took the girls upstairs to his room to fuck madly. Sometimes they could be heard groaning through his closed door as the bed squeaked and popped from their bouncing bodies. While sexually satisfying, none of the girls could ever get close enough to Ty to become a steady girlfriend as he treated them all as sex objects, –groupies who wanted nothing more than a good pounding from a future hall of famer. Meanwhile a budding friendship was steady heating up between rookie CJ and sophomore Derek Wilson. This wasn’t wasted on Ty, who took note of the supposed friends every activity from hanging out after classes, to chillen around the frat house, and even going to the movies together. When Ty mentioned his observations to Clarence, CJ countered by insisting they were “just friends!” “Friends my ass!” responded Ty. “I don’t see you hanging out with any of the other players as much as you do with Derek! What’s up with that? HE sucking your dick now too?” “YOU should talk…, what with all the action you got going on in the equipment room!” snapped CJ. “What’re you talking about?” asked Ty, confused. “Forget it!” said Clarence, not wanting to fight. “Naw man…, speak your mind!” insisted Ty. “You sound like you’ve got something on your chest…, so let it out!” “Okay…!” said Clarence, stepping up. “How’d you get so fucking skilled at swallowing my dick like you do? I mean…, you be taking that shit like you been sucking dick for years now! Wussup with that?” asked CJ, wanting an honest answer. “I’ve been sucking YOUR big ass dick everyday for weeks!” answered Ty, sarcastically. “How else you think I learned?” “hmm…, could it be you’ve been sucking off the team after practice a couple of times a week? Might that jar your memory?” assumed Clarence. “Sucking off the team…?” asked Ty, dumbfounded. “You think that dick sucker behind the gloryhole is ME?” he asked, insulted. “Who else could it be?” asked CJ. “I mean…, ain’t a lotta kats born who can just swallow a full 12 inches like you can! So I had to narrow it down to skill and opportunity!” reasoned Clarence. “And what about Coach?” asked Tyrome. “Coach? What about him?” asked Clarence, not seeing the tie-in. “I TOLD you Coach Brown was gay! (chap-4) “It could be HIM behind that hole sucking off the team!” “Coach Brown…?” asked Clarence, recalling how wet and velvety his throat felt wrapped around his dick. “So…, YOU’ve been getting blown there too?” asked Ty skeptically, catching Clarence in his own GOTCHA. “Huh…?” asked Clarence, still stuck on Coach’s throat muscles. “How’d you know the guy sucking dick at the hole could swallow 12 inches? Unless you’ve been there getting your own dick sucked!” surmised Ty. “No! I, uh…” stammered CJ, finding himself caught in his own trap. “…I HAD to see if it was you!” he reasoned. Ty laughed a not so funny chuckle. “I can’t believe this shit…! Here you’ve been riding me about Giresun Escort fucking my girlfriends, and here you’ve been doing the same thing behind my back! At least I was honest and upfront about the girls I fucked!” yelled Ty. “I thought it was you!” responded Clarence. “Only AFTER you got the first blow job! Before that you were just looking to get some nigga to suck your dick!” stated Tyrome correctly. “Yo…, Robyn and Kevin was talking like this guy was the best head-bunter in the world! They practically MADE me do it!” defended CJ on deaf ears. “Yeah…whatever!” responded Ty, not buying it. “And what about De’? Y’all fucking too?” “I told you…, –me and Derek’r just friend! You’re the only nigga I’m fucking!” insisted Clarence. “And I’m supposed to believe that?” asked Ty. “Yo…, believe what you want, man… ain’t like we a fucking couple or nothing!” snarled Clarence, tired of the whole yo-yo thing. “I told you, I ain’t looking to settle with anybody…, -man OR woman!” reminded Ty. “Yeah, I remember!” said Clarence, walking off angrily. TWO Curious about who was manning the gloryhole, Clarence decided to stop by for a visit before practice. He snuck into the facility before the team was scheduled to arrive, then ducked into the storeroom area where he’d found the hole he’d been accused of using. Kneeling down he peered through the opening only to see darkness on the other side. Curiously he followed the wall down to the end where he found a locked door. If the door was locked, how could a faggot get in unless he had a key? �he wondered. Maybe Ty was right about the Coach? During practice, Clarence kept a close eye on Coach Brown, suspecting HE may be the one behind all the gloryhole blow jobs. As Clarence and the other players ran plays, passed the ball, and made shots, CJ caught Coach Brown looking at more than just their game. CJ noticed the Coach’s eyes on all the player’s crotches, his eyes sparkling with clarity as he licked his mouth watering lips in sluttish anticipation of later. There was no doubt in CJ’s mind now that Coach Brown was the one blowing the team, –not Ty! After practice he decided to keep close tabs in the Coach. While the other players lingered around in the showers and the locker room, Clarence snuck into the storeroom and hid behind some equipment while Brown was up in his office. CJ wasn’t so surprised when Coach came down a few minutes later to do his storeroom inspections, then headed towards the locked down in back. Just as he opened it, CJ jumped out from his hiding spot to bust the Coach once and for all. “Coach Brown…!” he called, startling the older man half to death. “Fuck Clarence…!” reacted Coach, sweating bullets. “What the fuck’r you doing here?” “I should ask you the same question!” said CJ, pointing down at the gloryhole. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” answered Coach, believably. “I’m here to secure the equipment!” “C’mon Coach…!” interrupted Clarence, knowing better. “I saw the way you were eyeing the team’s crotches! You looked like you were damn near ready to tackle a few of us right in the middle of practice!” “You’re crazy!” said Coach, trying to play it cool. “So you telling me you don’t wanna swing on none of this dick…?!” asked CJ, grabbing a hefty handful of his meat just under his practice shorts. Coach Brown’s eyes locked onto it like a missile launcher. CJ fisted his growing mound, taunting the Coach as his dick grew harder under his hand manipulations. “Okay, okay!” said Coach, looking around to make sure they were still alone. “Come inside before someone sees us!” he insisted, pulling CJ into the small room and closing them up in the dark. They could only see dim figures of each other, illuminated vaguely by the light shinning in through the gloryhole midway down the hall as Coach Brown pad locked them inside. “So…?” asked Clarence, waiting for confirmation. “Okay…! I’ve been the one sucking you guys off!” admitted Brown, proving that Tyrome had been right about him all along. “I can’t help it! I see you fellas in the showers and in the locker room, talking about fucking girls or how hard up you all are with your dicks half hard and swinging in your shorts…! I’m not hurting anybody here!” defended Coach. “I’m providing a service for you players! I’m keeping you all in control of yourselves by helping rid you of all that testosterone filling up in your balls! If you all have a willing cock sucker in practice hall that’ll take your loads, you’re less likely to go out and rape some dumb coed or get some scheming college girl pregnant before you hit the big leagues!” “You know this’s crazy, Coach! People’r gonna start to figure out who’s in here after they stop thinking with their dicks and start realizing there’s only one person with keys to the storeroom!” reasoned CJ. “The team’s playing better! I only give head for a job well down, –what’s the harm?” “It’s perverted!” insisted CJ. “You’re our fucking COACH! If you don’t think anything’s wrong with it, then why don’t you share the secret with the team?” “And risk losing my job??” asked Brown. “You tell me Clarence…, did it hurt you in anyway when I sucked your dick through the gloryhole? Did you have nightmares about it? Did it ruin your game? Put you manhood in jeopardy?” “No..” “Then what’s the harm if I get a little thrill and my players pop off a load? We all get what we want out of the deal, right?” “I…guess that’s one way to look at it…” said Clarence, realizing that Coach wasn’t hurting anybody. Nobody complained about the blow jobs, they just wondered who was on the other side. “And here’s another way of looking at it…” said Brown, sliding down to his knees and he roughly yanked down CJ’s practice shorts. “I knew you weren’t wearing a jock strap today!” sighed Coach, having watched Clarence’s long soft dick bounce around in his shorts for 2 hours. He leaned in and buried his nose in Clarence’s pubic bush, breathing in deeply to smell the sweaty spores of his masculinity. Giresun Escort Bayan CJ’s dick got rock hard instantly as Coach Brown sniffed and licked at his sweaty ballsack and licked his long black snake. “I recognized your dick as soon as you shoved it through the hole that first time…” moaned Coach, inhaling as if sniffing cocaine. “I’d seen that long soft dick in the showers so many times, and KNEW it had to be a whopper when hard! When it first came through the hole, I thought it was XMAS!” Clarence chuckled at Coach’s enthusiasm as the man licked his way up the shaft to the round fat head and began licking the sensitive crown. He stopped laughing when Coach suckled gently on the head, then quickly swallowed his entire dick all the way down to the balls. “FUCK…!!” gasped Clarence, standing against the door as Coach Brown swallowed his snake like an Anaconda does a meal. He pressed his face down into Clarence’s knotty pubes as the 12 inch sirloin slide easily down into his slick throat. Clarence couldn’t believe how velvety wet the Coach’s throat was, his entire dick pressed deep in the Coach’s neck as if it were tailor made to fit. Coach Brown enjoyed having his throat muscles challenged again by another big mandingo dick, much like the ones he used to suck back in the pro leagues. He wallowed his face in CJ’s groin, causing the dick to churn in his throat before backing off slowly, dragging his thick lips along the swollen shaft as the head and shaft exited his throat. “Damn Coach…” whispered Clarence, his dick brick hard as Brown cleaned the dripping head with his mouth and tongue. “All you have to do is lay back and let me suck that juice out of your balls, son! I’ll do all the work!” said Brown, just before taking the 12 inch monster back into his throat. Clarence stood there as Coach Brown swallowed his dick over and over, giving him the best blow job he’d ever had in his life. While Tyrome was good at deep throat, he was a novice compared to the Coach’s years of experience. Clarence leaned back against the wall as he imagined his dick traveling the same throat canal as pro-players like; Jordan, O’Neal, Carter, Hill, Bryant, Jackson, Fox…, his dick throbbed at the thought of cumming down the same throat as they, feeding the Coach his thick cream to add to his choice of delicacies. Brown sucked and massaged Clarence’s long manhood with his throat muscles, milking the long sausage for all it’s worth as he bobbed his head back and forth along the length. Clarence felt his entire dick being sucked from tip to base with each and every stroke Coach made with his mouth, not using his hands once. He pressed his face down into the crotch, forcing himself to swallow the thick length over and over until his throat muscles opened and relaxed naturally. He pummeled his own mouth up and down the shaft, taking the entire length each time as his throat was fucked vigorously. Coach Brown lost all sense of time and space as he went into a trance, slobbering and gobbling up every inch of manhood before him as he quickly had Clarence on the road to release. Coach Brown could taste the abundance of pre-cum coming from Clarence’s dick head whenever to took the time to suckle the head for nectar. It drove Brown forward as his stomach yearned for the player’s rich seed. He sucked and sucked the full length of thick black hard dick until he felt Clarence’s body stiffen like a board. Brown buried the hardon in his throat when the first wave of cum shot from the long hard tube and shot directly down into his stomach. Clarence fought back a loud groan of relief as Brown took the next two shots deep down his throat before pulling back to catch the rest on his tongue. Clarence painted the Coach’s mouth with 4 more thick coats before his mass started to dissipate to a trickle. Coach Brown swallowed the creamy sauce as he suckled the head and shaft for more. That’s when both men heard the players at the gloryhole, wondering if the “cock sucker” was in? “Shhh…!!” insisted Brown, hearing voices outside in the storeroom. He and CJ looked down towards the bright light shinning in from the gloryhole only to see a fat hard dick slide through. “Anybody in there?” asked a voice they both recognized, followed by a quick tap on the wall. “Duty calls…!” whispered Brown, as he quickly walked down to the other end of the small room and knelt before the exposed dick. Clarence watched eagerly as Coach Brown knelt before the dick, then took it into his mouth and began sucking it like no tomorrow. “Anybody home?” asked another player in the background, obviously awaiting his turn. “Hell yeah!” sighed the suckee. “And he’s doing a wild job on me!” he announced. Coach Brown made quick work of the 8 inch hardon before him, swallowing it whole and taking the hot cum which gushed out 5 minutes later. As soon as he was done, another hard dick took his place. Brown wasted no time taking that dick into his mouth as well, swallowing the thick fat brown sausage as he bathed the thick girth in spit. “Fuck man…” moaned a voice belonging to one of Clarence’s teammates. He watched as Coach sucked him off expertly, his lips touching the wall with every forward lunge he made onto the thick phallus as his throat ballooned to make room for its width. Clarence found himself stroking another hardon as he watched Coach Brown service the team. In no time he was receiving his second abundance of player juice down into his well lubricated throat. He sucked and slurped up the spurting cum until the player pulled back to make room for another. The third dick to come through the hole belonged to Derek Wilson. Coach Brown and Clarence Johnson recognized his voice immediately as a first time venturer of the hole. Clarence watched with interest as Derek’s modest 7 and 1/2 inch dick came through the hole, seeking a hot mouth to fuck. Clarence quickly motioned Coach Brown aside as he quietly took the older man’s place in front of Derek’s dick. He stared at his teammate’s hardon for a few Escort Giresun seconds, enjoying its beauty before taking the head in his mouth. Derek gasped aloud on the other side of the wall, his dick being serviced unknowingly by one of his very own teammates. Coach Brown sat along side Clarence as he watched the 18 year old suck dick. Brown was somewhat surprised by Clarence eagerness to service Wilson, given the fact that Tyrome claimed them in a monogamous relationship (chap-3), but Brown knew Clarence couldn’t let an opportunity to suck off one of his best friends without him knowing it pass him by. It was what drove Coach Brown to re-open the gloryhole in the first place. Derek Wilson was a second year player for Jeremiah-U. At 19 is was the team’s beat small forward, usually making all the secondary shots whenever Tyrome or Clarence was too busy being blocked by opposition. Derek was 6-1, athletically built (as were all the players), with a rich brown skin complexion, tapered haircut, smooth shaven face with a little-boy innocence about him. Most girls thought he was cute while they gathered more around the sexier players like Tyrome and Mikiah. All too often Derek found himself sitting alone in the frat house with nothing but his nice-boy image to keep him warm while his teammates fucked whatever girl they picked up at the bar or club. Clarence liked Derek, he enjoyed his company as a friend but never thought they would ever make it sexually. Clarence had Tyrome for sex when he most needed it, and didn’t want to risk spreading his secret by exposing himself to too many partners. But watching Coach Brown go at it with unsuspecting players was much too much for the horny teen to witness without being affected. When he heard Derek’s voice at the hole, he knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste his teammate without him ever knowing who it was. Taking a page from Coach Brown book, Clarence sucked and swallowed Derek Wilson’s 7 and 1/2 inch beauty right down to the balls. Derek sighed as he started to slowly fuck the mouth sucking him. It’d been awhile since he’d had sex, taking heed in Coach’s warnings of female predators looking to get pregnant and cash in on their future fortunes. Clarence hadn’t sucked much dick since coming to J-U, besides his encounters with Tyrome he’d been keeping himself busy with practice and his studies. His parents made it very clear that he was to get a proper education out of his scholarship, and not waste it on a dream that may never come to full term. Clarence blocked out all thought of Tyrome, his parents, and school as he concentrated on sucking dick and making Derek cum. A few times Derek pulled his dick out away from the hole, wanting to prolong his ecstasy whenever he felt himself on the verge of cumming. Clarence knew he had Derek on the ropes by the amount of pre-cum he taste from the piss slit. He sucked his thick rubbery lips up and down the solid shaft, sucking fiercely about the crown whenever he felt the dick throb and jerk. Derek felt his balls knot up under his dick base as his tool prepared to shoot. Clarence was fisting his own hardon when he felt Coach Brown’s mouth gobble him up. He continued to blow Derek expertly as Derek’s body began to shake and tremble on the other side of the wall. “Oh FUCK…!!” yelled Wilson, losing his load as he penis fired hot thick ropes of fresh sperm directly into Clarence’s wet sucking mouth. Clarence groaned hungrily as he sucked and swallowed as fast he could, loving the mild nutty taste of his teammate’s cum. Coach Brown was rewarded with a second batch of Clarence’s semen as he deep throated him and drank everything he had to offer. Once done cumming, CJ pulled back from the hole as Derek retracted his dick on the other side. Another dick (a white one) came through as Coach Brown resumed his rightful place and began sucking the alpine cock he knew to belong to Jason Outlaw, the team’s power forward. Jason was the token whiteboy who believed himself a brutha. He was a third year player, standing 6-0 with short straight jet black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, a muscular toned body, and a scruffy face. Coach Brown was busy sucking down his 8 inch ivory dick as if it were the other white meat. Jason sighed and groaned as he gave praise to the “cocksucker” just before flooding Coach’s mouth with cum. Clarence could see Coach Brown swallowing hard to keep up with the heavy volume while still holding the spurting dick in his mouth. 4 more dicks followed as players lined up to use the hot mouth behind the hole. Clarence was a witness to it all as Coach Brown swallowed 7 loads from his teammates before they finally started to clear out. Coach Brown talked Clarence into letting him give him one more blow job before leaving. They had to wait to make sure the coast was clear anyway, so they might as well had some fun in the meantime. Clarence agreed and allowed Brown another taste of his 12 inch Python. Coach Brown took his time sucking it this time, not wanting CJ to cum quickly so he could savior the feel of his thick wood in his mouth and throat. Clarence marveled at Brown’s ability to swallow his entire dick and hold it there as if he didn’t need to breathe. Brown made an art out of sucking Clarence’s long appendage, his mouth making love to every inch before finally being awarded another (smaller) batch of rich cum. Totally drained, Clarence pulled his softening dick from the Coach’s mouth and tucked it back in his shorts. Coach brown got up off his knees and peered back through the gloryhole to make certain he saw no one milling around the storeroom before exiting. He made Clarence promise to keep his identity secret, hoping to give him an incentive with an irresistible offer. “You know…Bulls’re due in town to play against Bmore next week…” said Brown nonchalantly. “…how would you like me to introduce you to my former pupil Tomas Jackson?” “For real??” asked Clarence, gleefully. “Certainly! We meet up every time he’s in town! I could make sure you meet him at his hotel room if you like!” offered Coach. “Sure thing!” beamed Clarence, hoping to meet one of his idols up close. Brown smiled broadly to himself as Clarence made his way towards the showers to clean up, knowing Tomas would love Clarence’s thick 12 incher rammed up his ass before the aol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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