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CheatingI have a style that keeps me away from using too much bad language or giving too much detail… I expect the reader to fill in the details. On the other hand I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to write a smut laden story full of genital dripping filth. I have had this urge before but the characters in the story wouldn’t allow me to do as I wished and hijacked the piece into one of my previous efforts.I am hoping to overcome my natural resistance to bad language and use lots of it in an over the top manner…. I am going to try again here so please bear with if it doesn’t work out.Look, there is cheating, then there is ‘cheating!’ Cheating for most people is a foolish drunken misdemeanour with a friend, never spoken of again. A night out with the girls/boys when one was egged on by the crowd and it all went a bit too far. Perhaps a fumble or possibly even a bit more than that at the work Christmas party. I am sure most people have had a crafty kiss, bit of petting; even full on sex outside of the marriage (OK partnership if you want nowadays) but it is a guilty one or two off, all in the past, that is soon forgotten.And then there is what I did.What I did was a little bit more profound, I feel sure you will agree.It was a week before my wedding, things were going perfectly. Dress in place flowers, venue, and bridesmaids all fitted, great band for the function lovely food in place. Just a week to go.I was needing to have my nails done, no car and my father in law was the only one available to take me. Nails completed he collected me and took me back to my flat…. come in for coffee I said, and he did. I’d never noticed what a good looking man he was, separated from his wife for years and not short of female companionship. Looking at him in my kitchen I could see why.Now you can all see where this going to end up…. but for good order I will tell you just how it happened, sort of. We had always had a good relationship, loads of banter, never a hint of impropriety. Yet there in the kitchen I could see my future husband as he would be in years to come, and it was good. In fact better than good, he was really sexy. I have never been a fan of older men, but this one was really cute. I took the finished mugs to the sink and I suddenly felt hot, for ‘that’ reason. He saw I was flushed and thought it was the excitement of the events of the week to come. He made me sit and got me a drink, I said I needed to lie down my head was spinning, could he bring my drink into my bedroom, he hesitated but did as I asked. He didn’t want to leave me alone as I wasn’t quite right but he was very uneasy at being in my bedroom, alone with me. I got him to sit on the bed next to me and took his hand. He held it affectionately, like a father.I said I was sorry to detain him and would be better in a moment…. I said I was just mecidiyeköy escort a bit trembly. He said it was understandable. I asked him to take off his shoes lie on the bed and hold me. He really wasn’t sure but I almost begged him, and he obliged.We lay like that in each other arms for a while and he stroked me kindly. And I stroked him. I liked being in his arms, I didn’t want him to let go. I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having. For my future father in law.He tried to disengage but I said please not to. He should hold me closer as it was really calming and I wasn’t due to see anyone until the next day. I would be alone…. all evening, all that time, so please hold me closer. Just for a little while longer.And laying on the bed we held each other close, and I felt it, and he knew I felt it, he was getting a hard on, with his future daughter in law. He tried to pull away. But I held tight and whispered it was OK, it was natural that he should have the same tastes as his son and that his son’s bride to be should be attracted to the father.He didn’t quite know what to do for the best but I wriggled closer. And I felt his excitement grow.Is it uncomfortable I asked… he sort of gulped and nodded. I told him, I could help and started undoing his belt and trousers.He made a stab at telling me it was wrong, especially this week of all weeks. But I had his zip down and cock in my hand and I was stroking it. I told him, ‘it’s not wrong, not wrong at all, we are just cementing our relationship’ and my hand worked him as expertly as I knew how, and I let it pry further into his pants, tickling his balls too making him gasp. ‘Just expressing our true fondness for each other,’ I said. ‘I am going to marry your son, I am going to make him a wonderful obedient wife, and I want to be sure that I am on the very best of terms with his dad,…… do you see?’He said he wasn’t sure but he certainly wasn’t trying to stop me and when I slipped down the bed and slipped his stiff, stiff cock into my mouth, he didn’t complain. He conceded maybe it was a good idea to get to know each other a little better and perhaps being intimate like this may be seen as ‘unconventional’ but not necessarily a bad thing. And my head bobbed up on down on his penis, and he held the back of my head, firmly as he started to thrust his hips.I released him.‘Undress me’ I commanded.Still he was a little uncertain but he pulled off my top and then bra and he held and kissed my boobs very delicately. Certainly an older man was seeming to be better at this sort of thing than a young one who usually attacked breasts like volleyballs. This was slow and sensual.He sucked them beautifully and I assured him his son would soon be enjoying the same treat but it was right dad went first. He seemed a little unsettled at the mention of his son, mecidiyeköy escort bayan but my hand returning to wank his dick soon made him put any guilt feelings to one side. My jeans were unceremoniously removed by him and I took off my own panties, I lay back and spread my legs and suggested he kiss the bride. He looked deeply at me and for the first time he took charge of matters.‘Slut’ ‘Is that the best you have’ I retorted….. ‘and why is your tongue nowhere near my cunt’?‘Filthy whore’ he lifted a leg and kissed the back of it from the calf to my arse and then his mouth descended in my cuntly area where he wreaked havoc. First teasing around the sensitive area and then sucking my clit, inserting one, then two and then a third finger in my hot wet hole, teasing my arse hole with his little finger. And before I knew it he had two fingers inserted in my cunt and two invading my arse. He was double digit, double penetrating me. I gushed as I came grabbing him tightly.‘I hope your boy performs his duties as well on our wedding night.’‘Fucking slut!!’He climbed on me and slid straight in. He pounded me hard and fast, I jerked my hips up as best I could to get maximum force and penetration. He wasn’t going to last long I knew that so I dug my nails into him, licked him, kissed him, encouraged him and when he came I gasped and groaned and expressed my gratitude in coarse terms, ‘fucking brilliant you bastard.’ And we lay breathless.He cleaned up and was embarrassed at what had happened. I re-assured him it was OK; we would keep it to ourselves. I told him that I was honestly very nervous before and he had truly helped. It was unconventional but the end result was good, and we had really cemented our relationship.I knew I had been bad. Very bad.A very bad girl indeed.My car having been off the road was the cause of that indiscretion and when it became necessary for some flowers to be collected and brought to my flat the day before the wedding it was my husband to be’s brother that collected and brought them. I invited him for coffee, he was also to be the best man and I asked if he knew his duties. He assured me he had everything in place.What about his first dance with the maid of honour, a lovely young lady and close friend of mine. She will expect a little romance. What he cried. When you hold her for the first dance she will expect you to hold her like you are planning some exotic and sensual experience for her. Surely not he said. Oh yes replied I.So let’s practice how you will dance with her. What he said. I told him firmly that I didn’t want her to feel she was unloved by the best man, not at my wedding….So I put on a slow, smooch record and got him to hold me, closely and we danced. Not close enough I said, do it like you mean it. And he held me tight and I held him back and we teased şişli escort bayan a while, and then we danced, and he tried to pull away realising I was to marry his brother the next day. But I told him I was nervous and the close dance was comforting and he was my husband’s brother and reminded me of him so that made it OK.So we danced on.And there it was. His embarrassment, he was stiffening as I rubbed against him. ‘I’m not sure this is such a good idea’ he was pulling away.‘Don’t be silly, it’s the most natural and beautiful compliment any man can pay a woman, even if she is about to marry you brother, come…. come closer again, it’s nice, isn’t it?’So he said he supposed so.The dance was very close and I rubbed against him and he started to respond more but just like his dad a bit tentative. But I was hot again and needed my legs opening and a man thrusting his dick into my cunt hole, and I needed it now.I did what I did with his dad. Felling his hard on I asked him if it was uncomfortable and when he said it was I undid his trousers and started wanking him. He didn’t object. I dropped to my knees, still holding and stroking his dick, and looked up at him, ‘shall I continue or do you think you may feel a guilt pang if I suck you off the day before your brother marries me. Be sure that after tomorrow you may never have another chance to put that dick of yours anywhere near my throat…. or cunt ever again. This is a one off, just for today.’ I kept my eyes looking up, but my head close to his dick, I left my mouth open and my tongue over my lower lip and waited for him. Sure enough the head of his cock touched my lips, then pushed in a little further and then his hands on the back of my head helped force it in as far as it could go. He was very over excited and was very vigorously face fucking me. I was afraid he would come at this rate before my cunt was satisfied and I had to break away. We went to the bedroom.I told him he had to perform his best man duties tomorrow to the best of his ability so wanted him to practice tonguing a woman between the legs now, on me, immediately. He barely touched my clit and I exploded, gushing juice all over him. I turned over onto all fours. He knew what was expected and he took me from behind. It didn’t last long, I didn’t come again but I loved the feel of his spunk gushing into and dribbling out of me.We had coffee after wards. He was very embarrassed. I assured him this would be our secret and he should think of it as making sure he was well practiced for the maid of honour, who may or may not give up her charms to him, I would be sure to put in a good word for him. And if nothing else we had cemented our relationship in an ‘unconventional’ manner.I married the next day and we are very happy. I expect him to be faithful, but I do have to admit I am not always that good. I have seen his dad a few times and the brother rather less because he is less good at sex.I think what I have done is properly bad, properly cheating. I know I am being bad, and I know it is wrong, but hey ho… I do like the feel of my out of hour’s adventures.

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