Cate’s Gift Ch. 02

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Our lives and marriage had changed forever. Mark and I had never felt more in love, or more adventurous since the Christmas gift I gave him. Of course, it had everything to do with my friend’s Stacy’s bold sexual prowess. The moment I agreed to let her create the gift I would give Mark, there was no turning back. And we haven’t. My gift is to fulfill any sexual request or fantasy, no matter what. To both of our surprise, it has not only unleashed Mark’s deepest desires, it also set me free. I no longer live in the prison of my inhibitions. Together, Mark and I are fully free to fulfill any fantasy. We enjoy the gift of unhindered honesty and complete trust. I know he loves me, and in the most amazing ways, I get to demonstrate how much I love him. We wake up next to each other every morning with the thrill of wondering what might happen with the unrestricted possibilities of my body as a blank check to him. It takes our breath away to live the adventure that any fantasy can come to life. Nothing escalates passion like imagination.

Chapter One

The fun of Christmas and bringing in the New Year in such a momentous way, set the tone for our first months of sexual adventure. It’s amazing how creative a person can become when told there are no limits to the possibilities. Mark’s imagination was unbridled. The world was filled with possibilities, and so was I. Truthfully, I lived in excited anticipation for what he might want next. Something devilishly wonderful was unleashed in me. I even enjoyed feeding him ideas to kindle his imagination. He was often shocked by my offers. By March, our sex life was on fire. We couldn’t keep our minds or hands off of each other. Constant anticipation kept him hard and me wet; fulfilling his fantasies made us both gloriously ravenous for more.

In the middle of March we received an email from Carlos and Maria, friends from our college days. Maria met Carlos our sophomore year. It was a match made in heaven. They both loved to party and lived for the moment. After graduation, they got married and moved to Costa Rica where Carlos was from. They bought a struggling little private beach resort for the two of them to run together. They made just enough to enjoy a modest living in paradise, and couldn’t be happier. It was the perfect place for those looking for a small remote exotic vacation spot.

They emailed us to ask if we might be interested in exchanging homes for a week in June. Ironically it would give them a vacation from paradise to visit Maria’s family in the States. They would have free lodging in our house while we would enjoy the luxury of resort living for free on their private beach in Costa Rica. All of our food, lodging and recreation would be included. The only catch is we would need to be available to be the resort hosts, which they assured us would require very little from us. “The place basically runs itself,” Carlos said. “Our waiters and cooks take care of the food, housekeeping takes care of the bungalows. You’d just be available to smile and make it look like you are in charge.”

It was an easy decision to take them up on their all expense paid Latin America vacation. We arrived a day early so they could orient us to the resort. It was picturesque and off the beaten path. Unlike the large commercial resorts on easily accessed beaches, this was hidden away in a remote rain forest surrounded by ageless palm trees and large tropical brush. Five quaint bungalows were spaced out and tucked into a grove of tall palm trees. The main building had an intimate dining room as well as outside tables that overlooked the pool and adjacent private beach. The pool area was dotted with plush chaise lounges that spilled out to the pristine beach. A small shack housed snorkel gear, and other beach equipment that guests could help themselves to, in addition to colorful kayaks and small sailboats sitting readied nearby. They showed us breathtaking hidden cave pools unlike anything I had ever seen. Entrance to the caves could be only accessed from below the water off their private beach. The enchantment of the resort was a tropical home away from home for people to enjoy as if it all belonged to them. For the time they were there, it did. They could help themselves to anything they wanted.

After staying up all night drinking, laughing and catching up together, Carlos and Maria left early in the morning for the airport. They gave us their private elegant quarters to enjoy for ourselves. Mark and I looked at each other with giddy smiles. We had just been handed the keys to paradise for the week. The warm wet air this early in the morning meant it would be a typical sultry summer day in Costa Rica. It was perfect. My skin soaked in the humidity. I stripped my clothes off and then Mark’s, before fucking him on the plush bed. It was a wonderful way to christen the beginning of our memorable week together.

We emerged from our romp wearing only our bathing suits, the official uniform of resort hosts. I had never worn a skimpier bikini, gaziantep bayan escort nor had I ever felt sexier in public. It was a tiny swimsuit Mark picked out for me. He playfully asked me to choose between wearing it or nothing at all. The difference in the choice was most subtle, but I chose the side of modesty. The unique bikini top barely covered the naturally swollen nipples of my modest breasts. The miniscule triangles of the bikini top were more like strings woven into tiny nets than a solid fabric. The crisscrossing pattern offered small windows to the dark supple skin beneath. The miniature triangles were loosely held on my body by what looked like packing string over my petite shoulders. The bikini bottom was similarly made as a tiny thong, barely covering my shaved feminine access, as long as the slightest movement didn’t compromise its placement. The limitations and color of the suit showed off my fit body and bared tight ass. I pushed my sunglasses through my shoulder length brunette hair and over my wide brown eyes. Mark’s dick was rock hard again as he watched me walk across the room toward the outside pool deck.

Whether we were sitting next to each other, or were across the pool or beach, we couldn’t help staring at each other. We were hopelessly in love while enjoying the tropical paradise. Carlos and Maria were right. The place ran itself. Our only job was to basically say hi to people, ask how they were enjoying their stay and if there was anything we can do to make their stay more pleasurable. Of course, the place was more pleasurable than any of our current guests had ever experienced.

Ten eighteen-year-old young men, making the transition from their boyhoods in high school to manhood in college, filled the five bungalows. Most of them had grown up together; all of them had played basketball together. After this trip, they would each go their own way to different colleges across the country. Boys will be boys, and they had come to make the most of it. They couldn’t help stealing glances all day as I walked around the resort in my skimpy bikini, the only woman on the premises. Their ogles were anything but subtle, nor were the obvious signs of testosterone-surging arousal in their swimsuits. It made me hot watching them watch me. I couldn’t wait for the first opportunity to unleash my pent-up arousal on Mark after being lusted after by the ten new college men all day long.

“I’m going for a swim,” I announced to Mark as the late afternoon sun hovered just over the horizon in the western Latin sky. The air was still warm and moist. My body glistened from sweat. Most of the young male guests had gone in to their bungalows to shower to get ready for dinner and a night out at one of the local dance clubs. Only one had remained kayaking out on the open waves, squeezing every moment out of the day he could. He was bringing his boat in to the shore as I walked toward the lapping waves.

“Damn,” he said has we walked past me. His muscular body was wet from sitting in the kayak and from the spray of the waves. He showed little bashfulness that his dick turned his swimsuit into an impressive tent, jutting out in front of his body. The testosterone surging through his system made it impossible for him to not turn his head over his shoulder to grab a lustful glance at my ass as I continued past him. He wished it were his hands rather than his eyes that grabbed hold of my ass. I smiled at the feel of his eyes caressing my body.

“Damn right,” I answered with a sultry smile. It felt good to have the lusty attention of these college boys. It told me that I still had it.

He stopped in the sand and took advantage of the opportunity to watch me walk toward the waters he had just emerged from. Light sand coated the bottom of my almost bare ass. My petite feet sunk into the soft sand, leaving inviting footprints. “Damn,” he said again, to himself. If he knew he could get away with it, he wanted desperately to drop his swimsuit right there on the beach, follow me in to the water and lose his virginity. Yes, he was the only one of his teammates who had not buried his manhood in the soft welcome of a woman’s pussy. They teased him endlessly about it. He had waited for a dream moment like this. He glanced back toward the resort and saw Mark sitting by the pool watching his wife. “Damn,” he said again, this time out of dashed hopes. He sat down unashamedly on the beach to watch the vision of me swimming in the ocean. The tent of his swimsuit remained at full mast.

The warm Pacific water felt wonderful, although my pussy was already soaked before reaching the water’s edge. I playfully splashed and floated around, basking in pleasure of having the private waters all to myself. After several minutes of relaxing play, I began my walk out of the ocean, throwing my soaked brunette hair over my head. It moved through the air almost in slow motion; droplets of water sprayed from my locks. The salty ocean water poured down my scantily covered body. My eyes caught the unabashed stare of the college boy lying in the sand, engrossed with my every move. His dick stood tall, staining the capacity of his swimsuit. He had almost cum just watching me frolic in the water.

Mark watched with pride from the comfort of his chaise lounge by the pool 30 yards away. He loved watching his gorgeous wife walking out of the ocean as if in a scene from an epic movie. The sun glowed like a large golden ball behind me. The height of the boy’s arousal was evident even from that far away. Mark smiled at what his wife’s beauty was doing to the helpless victim.

I thought I’d have some fun with the boy and walk past him with a sultry saunter, while glancing up and down his virgin muscular body with a wry smile. It was time for him to get a taste of what he and his friends had been doing to me all day long. My soaked tiny bikini was useless. Most of it had shifted during my swim. I saw no need to adjust any of it back into place. What part of it was still in place was transparent from being drenched. I prided myself on the obvious agony I was causing; the volcano in his swimsuit was about to erupt.

I glanced up at Mark to see him enjoying my show from the luxury of his poolside vantage. His smile was like nectar to me. I couldn’t wait to get back up there, take him inside and fuck him crazy. He suddenly raised his hand into the air and gave our sign. Our agreed upon hand sign is simple, but has a profound meaning. My Christmas gift had promised to fulfill every fantasy. Sometimes a fantasy moment doesn’t allow for conversation, only a sign, a call to immediate action. The simple sign is a shake of two fingers in my direction.

I was stunned. Mark basked in my surprise. He knew what his simple sign was asking of me in that moment alone on the beach with the unsuspecting young man aching from the raging hard-on in his swimsuit. I looked down at the young virgin stallion and then back up at Mark for confirmation. He smiled and repeated the hand sign.

I instantly obeyed. I reached my hand behind my back and pulled the small string holding my bikini top on. My other hand pulled the top off and dropped it to my feet. My nipples were hardened from the swim and my own arousal, projecting them out an inch as the warm breeze kissed them. Without fanfare, I seductively reached down to the small bows on my hips holding my bikini bottoms on. With a simultaneous smooth pull and release of the string on each side, the tiny piece of netting covering my womanhood fell to the sand between my feet.

“What’s your name,” I asked in a sultry voice as my naked silhouette stood before him with the descending fireball of the sun behind me.

“Uh, uh, Chris,” he stammered, completely stunned at what was happening.

“Well Chris, it looks like that impressive dick of yours needs to be fucked,” I said, as I leaned down wearing only a smile. I stretched the top of the strained swimsuit over his enlarged cock and summarily pulled them down his long muscular legs, stripping him without permission. My seductive actions made his dick throb, promising an imminent involuntary climax. I stepped over his body with one foot on either side of his hips, and dropped to my knees.

“I’ve never…” he started to say, without resistance. He lay stunned as one of his wet fantasies was coming true before his eyes.

“Then your first is going to be very memorable,” I interrupted. I positioned my soaked pussy lips over his impressive manhood and impaled myself onto him.

“Aaauuuggghhhh!” he cried out, immediately gasping for breath at the sensation. His head spun in ecstasy. I slowly raised my pussy to ascend his dick before slowly seductively lowering myself onto him again. “Oh shit, you’re going to take me!” It rarely takes long for a man to give, but Chris set an all-time record for me. My pussy began to fill with his young warm jizz with my third pump of his dick. I kept my slow seductive pace, draining him of his first orgasm, while using his member to massage me toward my own.

“Ah yes,” I cried out. I reached both hands up to my tits, squeezing my thick nipples between my thumbs and fingers while my body continued its use of him. I increased my pace as the climax got closer, enticing it toward completion. My body began to quake over him at the pleasure of my orgasm. “Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh YES!” I screamed without concern. The two of us had the beach to ourselves. Mark was the only one who could see and hear me, and I was fucking this kid at his request. I looked up to see Mark’s satisfied smile from this far away. I looked back down to see the young man I had just taken beginning to respond again to the continued action of my lubricated pussy stroking his cock.

Cold chills covered his body lying on the warm sand. “Oh gawd, oh gawd,” he moaned.

I leaned over him and placed my thick lips next to his ear. “I have worked up such a thirst,” I whispered. “I mean, really thirsty.”

I pulled my pussy off of him and slid my sweaty body down his until my mouth stopped over his throbbing cock. He instinctively closed his eyes in raptured pleasure as his entire length disappeared between my lips. I began to suck him for all he was worth.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd!” he repeated. His ass began to buck against the sand beneath him, forcing his dick deeper into my mouth. He glanced down at me and caught my eyes. I winked at him and with it, pushed him over the edge. In a matter of just a few minutes from the first fuck of his life he was giving again, this time pouring a pint of his thick cum down my parched throat. I sealed my lips on him to ensure I swallowed every drop.

I smiled and licked my lips as I stood up. He was completely spent and in a daze. It was a moment I made sure he would never forget. It was a moment most of his friends would never believe when he described it. I grabbed my bikini and his swimsuit from the sand. “This is mine for now,” I said playfully, swinging it around in the air.

“Wait! I need that,” he said helplessly as I began to make my way back up to the pool area, and to my waiting husband.

“You’ll get it later,” I promised. “For now, you’ll have some explaining to do with your buddies.”

Chapter Two

Mark and I had the resort to ourselves when the ten young men left for a night on the town. Both of us were burning with desire after my surprise rendezvous with Chris on the beach. Mark and I strolled naked in the moonlit shallow surf before ravenously fucking each other for hours on the soft sand. It was magical.

The next two days were uneventful, other than the rabid sex Mark and I continued to enjoy with one another, and the incessant stares in my direction by the hormone-driven men. What should I expect as the only woman on the grounds. We discovered there is nothing like a remote tropical beach resort to supercharge libidos.

Every time Chris and I walked past each other, his face lit up with a broad smile, and his dick hardened like Pavlov’s dog. His friends gave playful congratulatory punches to his arm. They were jealous every time they saw me, continuing to admire my almost naked body sauntering around in the skimpiest of bikinis.

Late in the morning on their fourth day, Mark and I basked in the warm sun, enjoying fresh pineapple and cold Mai Tais. Life doesn’t get better than this. Being surrounded by these ten college guys made us reminiscent of our college days. We laughed about what we did at parties, risks we took to fuck each other, including stealing one in the university library. Everything in those days seemed to be driven by hormones. Somehow Carlos and Maria found a way to extend the playful debauchery of college by making a living running this remote Costa Rican resort.

“Hey Mark and Cate,” one of the tall muscular basketball players shyly interrupted, flanked by two of his similarly sized friends. “We were wondering how we sign up for the special “MILF Hidden Cave Tour.”

Mark and I looked at each other surprised. “MILF Hidden Cave Tour?” Mark asked, trying to keep from laughing.

“Yes,” the spokesman of the three said. “When we made our reservations, they told us about an excursion available today called ‘Maria’s Incredible Latin Fuckin’ Hidden Cave Tour,’ or MILF Hidden Cave Tour for short.”

“Are you serious?” I asked stunned. Even for Carlos and Maria that sounded out there.

“Yep,” he said. “It was the reason we decided to come to this resort. For $200 apiece, Maria promised a satisfaction guaranteed intimate tour of the hidden caves for up to three guests.” He winked with a smile. The other two smiled to confirm his description.

“There is an emphasis on ‘Incredible Latin Fuckin’,” one of the others added boldly.

“Maria isn’t here,” Mark answered.

“But she is,” the spokesman said looking over at me. “And Chris told us…”

I felt my cheeks tighten with a blush. I couldn’t believe what they were asking. Carlos and Maria didn’t say anything about this.

“We’d like to schedule a MILF Hidden Cave Tour,” he asserted, holding two one-hundred dollar bills.

“We’re so sorry Maria’s not here this week,” I said in the most genuine voice I could muster, still shocked at the revelation of Maria’s side business.

“Yeah,” Mark added firmly. “Without Maria here, a ‘Maria’s Intimate Latin Fuckin’ Hidden Cave Tour’ isn’t possible.” The faces of the three young men fell in disappointment. Mark felt for them. He saw the heartbreak on their faces, and couldn’t shake the conversation we were just having, remembering the crazy things we did when we were in college. The three men turned and started to walk away.

“However,” Mark called out. The three men stopped in their sand tracks. “We do have a CILF Hidden Cave Tour available,” he added with a smile.

“What?” I asked in unison with the three young studs. “What’s that?”

“Maria’s not here so a MILF Hidden Cave Tour is impossible; however Cate IS here, making you the lucky ones to be able to sign up for the never-before-offered CILF cave tour!” Mark answered with a broad smile. “You thought the MILF tour might be good; this will be much better.”

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