Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 08

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 8 – A Test Case and a New Friend


Damn. I forgot that my security team had an unobstructed view of the beach right where Cindy, Elsa, and I had fucked away a large chunk of the afternoon before falling asleep in a sexual stupor in the warm afternoon. We were all asleep under some palms and naked when Lucas, my head bodyguard, woke me with a concern about some approaching boats. We responded by going up to the house, but any exhibitionist damage had been done long before. The girls were slightly concerned and partly amused by the turn of events. I made note of that.

Over cocktails I asked Elsa, “You commented about being an exhibitionist. Do I take that to mean you weren’t too badly upset about being watched flagrante delicto this afternoon by some of my security detail.”

Elsa laughed and teased, “They should have joined in. We’d worn you out. We always want more.”

Cindy smirked, “Oh, good idea.”

I laughed, “Oh, I could arrange that.” I was only half teasing, and I think the girls could tell. I had enough male friends that I thought I could tap at least some should the need arise with my two horny friends. I had second thoughts a second later; how do you ask somebody you don’t know that well to fuck your girlfriends.

Cindy and Elsa both balked, “We’re very happy with you … most of the time.” They both teased.

I replied back in the same spirit, “But the thought was there, and what do you mean most of the time?” I had been remiss in getting to the doctor for whatever he had that would improve my sexual stamina, performance, and orgasmic capabilities. Normally, I’d ask Sheila to get some information about that or to even get me prescriptions, but this was too personal.

Elsa just smiled like a Cheshire cat and then blew me a kiss. I loved when she did that because I knew there was always some sexual thought behind that look. In the short time I’d known her, I was learning to read her signals more and more – Cindy too. I had developed an ever-deepening soft spot in my heart for my two girlfriends. How had I become so lucky to be simultaneously dating two sexy babes who were sisters and who both seemed devoted to me and to our sexual romps. God, had I always been this horny and sexual but hadn’t realized?

If there weren’t two of them, I’d marry them both. I kept telling myself that I’d only known them for a few weeks, about two months maybe, but I was ready. I wanted both girls as lifetime mates.

I also had done some thinking about the issue of being non-exclusive in the sex department. Although they’d teased me about some of the possibilities, in a serious moment they both came to me and told me they would restrict themselves to our triad relationship if that were what I wanted.

I thought that I could adapt to the paradigm that Elsa and Cindy had suggested, but I wasn’t entirely sure. If I saw either of them with some other man I wondered if I’d get into such a jealous rage that I’d either get in a fight or else I’d tell them both to take a hike. I couldn’t imagine either situation and along with wild enthusiasm for outside sex, I thought of those as the extremes. The options in between seemed viable given that I didn’t know how I’d react.

I needed a test case, something safe that would allow me to examine my emotions and feelings and see just how far with all this non-exclusivity and sharing I was willing to go on a longer term basis. I couldn’t quite figure out how to create such a situation, but given my uncanny luck, I knew that something would materialize in the not too distant future. If anybody had asked me, I would have speculated that it would have involved Andy.

At the casino that evening we skipped the gambling and went for the entertainment and dancing. As I was dancing with Elsa, I asked, “Would you like to fuck some other man … or men?”

Elsa jerked away from me to see my expression. I was exuding horniness and arousal at the thought of watching her with another man. I was having the same reaction about Cindy too. Not only did thinking of group sex situations mentally stimulate me, I started to harden in my slacks as well.

Elsa slowly nodded and hugged me, “Only under one condition; that if we mess around with others that it doesn’t mess up our relationships. So far, we’ve only talked about sharing or sex with others. I don’t want doing it to hurt us. You are my primary focus now güvenilir bahis – and Cindy. I don’t want any jealousy or hurt to result from anything any of us do. I love you more each day, and I feel that from you as well. If you think we’d screw that up, forget the whole thing.”

I told her, “I think we’re mature and sensitive enough to watch out for that. I believe I am.” Even as I said that, I knew it was a little white lie. I wasn’t all that sure about myself. I thought Elsa and Cindy were more experienced in genuine relationships, so they might be surer of themselves and how they’d feel afterwards. Further, they’d fantasized together about such things.

Elsa emphasized, “You get to be with other women too. If any of us get guilty about this, we have to share it all around and not hide our feelings or concerns. I want to watch you with someone other than my sister. I even want to play with them.”

I laughed, “But, of course.” The thought of a third woman joining us for sex really turned me on. I instantly thought of Melanie … or Margo … or Sheila.

After another minute of close dancing, Elsa confessed, “I started to have sex at a pretty young age, and I haven’t let up since then. We haven’t talked about this, but I’ve had a lot of partners, and done most of what you can think about doing with another guy. When I started dating Malcolm, I figured it was time to behave myself, so I became exclusive and monogamous. I kind of brought that whole background to you, along with my sister.”

I chuckled and told her, “Malcolm was not exclusive with you. He was playing around on you with a bimbo from his office. Last I knew they were living together.”

I felt Elsa squeeze my body tighter. “That bastard. I should have guessed something was happening. So much for exclusivity and monogamy.”

I commented, “It does work for a most people, but maybe we’re different.”

“Some people,” Elsa retorted. A moment later she said, “I assume you found this out when you had your PI check me out.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you right off. I’ve had bad experiences.”

“What made them bad?”

“Let me tell you what makes you and Cindy a good experience, and one that I continue to savor. You have never asked for anything from me except when you wanted that apology about hiding who I really was. You didn’t expect to keep anything I’ve given you, and you certainly didn’t expect those gifts. I happen to be grateful that you accepted them with only the minor squawking you did. I know you are grateful.

“You haven’t asked to move in with me from your humble abodes, even despite my repeatedly having asked you – and I still wish you would. You don’t brag to your friends and associates about who you’ve ‘caught’ and are reeling in. You are not acting like a leech. You’re willing to go low budget, and have even suggested that we taper back on spending where you and Cindy are concerned.

“‘Bad’ is the opposite of those things – and more. It’s not a money thing, it’s a mindset thing. You love me, regardless of my money or job. I know that. Since I made my first hundred thousand, I’ve had women chasing after me. The more money I made the higher the stakes for them if they caught me. There was no love there – only greed.”

Elsa hugged me, “I’m so sorry. Cindy and I would never do that to you, and we do love you, even if you were broke we’d love you. We don’t think that way; we weren’t raised that way. Yes, we enjoy your pampering us once in a while – like this trip, but you’re right; we’d be just as happy hanging out in City Park or seeing a movie so long as it was with you. You’re who we want, not the money or other stuff.”

“I know that, and it’s what makes getting you onto the plane and bringing you someplace like this even better for me. You react in such a rewarding way.”

Elsa kissed my cheek. “Thank you, my darling man.”

Elsa and I glanced over, and saw Cindy being led to the dance floor by a handsome man in a tuxedo. She smiled happily at the man as they started to dance. We could both see them talking as they danced. I felt glad that someone had taken the initiative to ask her to dance. Switching back and forth to dance with the sisters was disconcerting because I always felt I was abandoning one of them for too long.

When the dance session was over, I led Elsa back to the table, arriving at the same time as Cindy and her mystery man. Cindy did introductions.

Elsa and Mark, this is Tom Power; he’s from Denver. Tom this is my sister Elsa and our friend Tom Worth. ” She shot me a side glance to be sure I heard her correctly.

I noted instantly that Cindy had used my truncated name. She was signaling us to not blow my cover and trying to avoid a scene where I was suddenly exposed in the casino as a visiting billionaire, business mogul, and casino owner. I shook hands with Tom and invited him to join us at our table. I saw him wave to two other men at another table, and then he sat with us.

He explained, “The three of us were down türkçe bahis here from different parts of the U.S. for a casual trip. The dark haired man at that other table is getting married next weekend. Fortunately, they won’t mind if I disappear on them for such beautiful company.” He gestured to Cindy and Elsa.

Tom was a genuinely nice man. He was a digital media entrepreneur, and seemed to have already made some good money in the field with his own company, including the sale of video games for smart phones. He said enough that I knew he was authentic and not a poser. He politely listened as Elsa and I explained our jobs; I simply said I worked for a large company doing special projects to support strategic investments that required me to travel a lot. He accepted that I was purposefully vague.

About fifteen minutes later, the jazz quartet started to play again. Tom asked me if he could dance with Elsa, and I just gestured to her. She nodded, held her hand up in consent, and off they went. Cindy and I followed to the dance floor.


We spent the next three hours in the lounge at Divi Carina Bay Casino, only we didn’t gamble. Tom remained with us the whole time. His friends came over about an hour after we’d met, and he introduced them. One was soon to be a bridegroom, and the trip for the three of them was an upscale bachelor party. Tom’s two friends bid us goodbye, explaining that they wanted to go back into the casino and gamble the rest of the night away. Tom told us he wasn’t much of a gambler, and neither were the three of us it turned out.

At one point, Mark and I were dancing; he taunted, “So, do you want to be with Tom?” He had a lascivious grin on his face.

I teased back, “If I say yes, then you’ll think me a slut. If I say no, I miss my chance to experience a handsome man with no further commitments. If I say yes, I worry that my boyfriend who I love with my deepest being will think less of me, and that’ll be the end of our relationship. You decide for me. I don’t want to damage what we’ve already built. I hope you know how I feel about you. Tom would just be an idle curiosity.”

Mark smiled, “I think we’ll invite Mr. Thomas Power back to the villa. He could provide you and Cindy some entertainment after the two of you have drained me … or maybe we’ll all just get very creative together. As for your worry about slutty behavior, I am savoring the experiences of your deviant deeds like luscious fruit, in this case the fact that you are willing to be open and sexual in your interactions with others.

“Someone told me that slut is spelled S. L. U. T. The S is for sexuality; the L for loving; the U for understanding, and the T for tolerance. Those are all highly desirable traits in the two girls I love – you and your sister. I think men are more naturally that way, but women shut that side of them down, and you don’t. I’m glad. We will be the same or stronger after whatever happens.” I hoped he really meant what he said. I nodded in agreement, hopeful about how everything would turn out.

Mark and I kissed. When I turned, I couldn’t help but notice that Tom and Cindy were also similarly engaged right next to us. Their kisses were as hot or hotter than ours.

I pulled away from Mark slightly, and tapped Cindy on the shoulder. I said, “Switch.” Cindy started to dance with Mark, and I snuggled into Tom. He looked surprised. I said, “I want you to kiss me like that too.”

Tom came onto me like a true gentleman and lover. He kissed up my neck and ran his tongue around my ear – both places that make me hornier than a lovesick teenager. When our lips met, I almost devoured Tom there in front of everyone.

I whispered to him, “I want you. Cindy wants you. I think you could get very lucky tonight.”

Tom just looked surprised and pleased with what I’d said. We kissed again. He whispered, “I am one very lucky man already just to have met you and Cindy. Anything further is a huge bonus.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere you hope to go, Mr. Power.” I kissed him especially hard and slid my tongue into his mouth in one searing French kiss.

Mark invited Tom back to our villa ‘for conversation and a nightcap’ – an obvious euphemism for a small orgy involving the four of us. I wondered why he had to do that instead of saying, ‘Hey, the girls both want to fuck you and I want to fuck them too and see what it’s like to watch my two favorite girls get laid. Why don’t you come back to the house and we’ll turn them every which way but loose.’

Mark suggested that Tom ride in the limo with us, and said that one of the ‘help’ at the house – a.k.a. security guards – would drive him back to his hotel later that night. Tom didn’t react to our having a limousine, or that we had hired help to chauffeur him home later.

Twenty minutes later we walked into the villa. If Tom was uncomfortable in the posh surroundings he didn’t show it; to the contrary he seemed to blend right in. The men doffed their tux jackets and ties, and rolled up their sleeves adopting güvenilir bahis siteleri a much more casual look. They were two handsome specimens of manhood; either could have walked out of a GQ magazine photo shoot.

We shared some wine and a bit of conversation as we walked around the villa, settling on comfortable chairs on a patio that ran behind the house and overlooked the Caribbean Sea were it not so dark. The lights from a few boats dotted the horizon in the darkness.

Mark eventually suggested to Cindy and me, “Why don’t the two of you get more comfortable. Lose those dresses, and put on a little show for Tom and me.”

While his tone had been hopeful and instructional, and we were more than willing to comply, his look at each of us obviously posed the statement as more of a question, as in ‘Are you willing to strip and put on a sapphic sex show to get us fired up?’ The look on Mark’s face indicated to me that he knew he might be pushing our boundaries really hard to ask for that. Cindy and I had never done anything like this, but we were daring and exhibitionists at heart.

I stood and went and kissed Mark. I whispered, “I love you.” Cindy repeated my action. Both of us then kissed Tom.

I then did a slow dance with Cindy to a long sexy song on the stereo. We took turns unzipping each other’s dresses, and then helping each other to shrug them off our shoulders, and finally and simultaneously dropping them to the floor.

Cindy and I had gone commando. We wore no bra or underwear. When the dresses disappeared, that was all there was except for our luscious high heels that made our legs look like a billion dollars. We were beautifully naked in the warm moist on-shore breeze. I sucked on Cindy’s breasts, and she returned the favor. Our hands were everywhere sexual on the other sister. We each made a major event of fingering each other’s pussy, but it was slightly awkward doing it standing up. We kissed a lot too.

At one point I pushed two of my fingers into my very wet pussy and presented them to Mark. He sucked on them, enjoying the flavor of my cunt. I repeated the stunt with Tom, much to his delight. As he sucked on my fingers, his own slipped up inside me and started to massage my G-spot. I heard a loud moan and realized I’d made the erotic sound of pleasure.

I clutched onto his body as he moved his fingers going in and out of me at a blistering rate of speed until he made me cum. There immediately followed a subsequent flurry of activity as the two men shed their clothes, ably aided by Cindy and me.

Tom had a unique cunnilingus style that I enjoyed. He coupled his mouth and tongue action with fingers, and had me cumming again in record time. Cindy then replaced me and I went to Mark.

Mark ate me as well, and then paraded me around the patio to a large chaise where he started to fuck me. Tom had Cindy straddling his lap in the chair he’d been sitting in. I could see his long cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she rode him cowgirl style. Since Cindy was moaning, I assumed that she was deriving some suitable satisfaction from that activity.

Mark brought me to a couple of orgasms, and then whispered to me, “Go and fuck Tom. I want to watch.” He gave me a grin that left no doubt that he would enjoy the show I was about to give him.

I said in a taunting voice, “Did you watch his cock going in and out of Cindy, driving her closer and closer to a massive orgasm?”

Mark whispered, “I sure did. It was the hottest and most pornographic thing I’ve ever seen. Now I want to see it happen to you. Go enjoy.”

I squirmed away from beneath Mark, and went back to where Cindy was being pummeled by Tom in the doggie position. I tapped Cindy on the shoulder again and politely asked, “May I cut in?” Even Tom laughed at the faux intrusion as though we were at a cotillion dance.

Tom slowly extracted his slick cock from my sister’s pussy. I took hold of his shaft and proceeded to clean my sisters lubricating juices from him. There was a little precum too, and a delightful taste. I led him to another chaise as Cindy moved to be with Mark. I laid back, spread my legs, and Tom slowly slid his cock into me. I squirmed and writhed in our exploits, each move producing little lightning bolts of pleasure that swept through me.

I’d purposefully adopted a slight angle on the chaise so that Mark could see every detail of Tom’s penetration of my body … and it was such a delightful penetration. Tom was no slouch in the cock department, and he further knew what to do with it.

Tom brought me to two more orgasms, and then shot a huge load of cum inside me. I’d heard Mark cum in Cindy a few minutes earlier.

As our afterglow passed, I caught Cindy’s eye and winked. She had as dirty a mind as I did. She stood and made an elaborate point to sway her hips in as sexy a way as possible as she came over to me.

Cindy pushed me onto my back and then mounted me so that her pussy was right over my mouth. Immediately and quite visible to the two men, a large dollop of white viscous fluid dripped directly from her vagina into my wide-open mouth. I made noisy sounds of slurping and appreciation to her as I gobbled up some of Mark’s cum. I thought I heard Tom moan at the scene we’d created.

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