Beth Ann From College 16 years Later

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The Facebook message was innocuous. “Do you remember me?” Beth Ann wrote. I stared at the profile photo. She was an attractive woman, in her late thirties, or so I guessed. The last name was Sherlock, but I didn’t know a Sherlock. I was horrified to think I would have to remember how I knew her and petrified to think that I didn’t. “Oh my goodness!” I typed. “I haven’t seen or heard from you since we got out of jail!” I had never been arrested, so I knew it was a good safe response. “Well, I told you not to do that naked!” she replied. “Well,” I responded, “I told you I would.” “Yes you did and you said you’d forgive me and stay in touch,” she typed back. Damn. My mind raced, as I tried to remember who I knew by the name of Beth Ann Sherlock. “I guess I have a lot of making up to do,” typed in response. “Yes, you do,” she typed back. I was still confused. I took a deep breath and typed out my response. “OK,” I typed, “You’ve got my attention. What do I do to redeem myself?” “Finish what you started,” came the reply. “Only if you let me,” I responded. “Gladly,” she typed in response. Now we were getting somewhere. I had to finish what I had started – only I didn’t know what I had started. “Shall I start over or pick up where I left off?” I typed. “It’s up to you,” she typed in response. Damn. I had to admit I had no idea who cinsel bilgiler I was chatting with. “How could you forget me?” she typed. Uh oh. I was deep into the conversation when I suddenly realized I had once dated a “fugly-ugly” out of desperation, and a bet, way back in college, right out of high school. I stared at the profile picture. There was no way the person I was chatting with on line and the person I had dated could possibly be the same person. “I am just kidding,” I typed. “Of course I remember you – the Oak Street Draft House.” It was a stab into the dark and a guess, but lucky for me, I was spot on. Beth Ann was a skinny bar fly and had a goofy smile. All the guys said she was an easy lay, but when I tried to put the “Max” on her, she slapped me down real quick, saying she had morals and was a Sunday-Going to-Church gal. Her only vice was tequila and the pool table, on which she made her living – hustling – making the richest Texan or college yahoo go broke. She had pool skills like no one else I knew. She laughed when I mentioned the Oak Street Draft House. “I haven’t thought of the draft house in years,” she said. “I often wondered whatever happened to you.” “I graduated and then went into the Army,” I typed. “We need to meet up and catch up,” she replied. cinsellik bilgileri “Are you married?” I asked. I was only curious from the perspective that I didn’t want a jealous husband or boy fiend coming after me. “Divorced,” she replied. “Almost there myself,” I replied. We agreed to set up a meeting at a local eatery, which would be safe for the both of us. I was a little apprehensive about meeting someone I hadn’t seen in over fifteen years. Plus, I had no idea what her new game might be. She was a hustler in college and hustler’s don’t usually change much. I was pleasantly surprised when this gorgeous woman walked in the door at Dunstin’s. I knew immediately it was Beth Ann by the way she carried herself. She was stunning. She was no longer a skinny college coed with a goofy look and hair parted down the middle. OH – MY – LORD! I watched as she looked around, until our eyes met. We instantly connected. She smiled and I stood as she approached. She opened her arms and while I was hesitant to hug her, she immediately dispelled any anxieties by pulling me into a strong embrace. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed as we hugged, “It has been too long!” The sweet smell of her perfume was captivating. I took a step back and purposefully looked at her irresistible body, as we held cinsellik hakkında bilgiler hands. Tight jeans. An even tighter shirt that barely contained large breasts – an enhancement I hadn’t counted on. “Maybe we should find a hotel room,” I teased. “Maybe we should,” she replied, proffering a wink. “Let’s eat,” I countered. The waitress showed us to a booth and as Beth Ann took a seat, I started to sit in the seat across the table from her. “I don’t bite,” she remarked, patting the bench seat beside her, “I wouldn’t care if you did,” I replied, squeezing in beside my old friend. Our lunch conversation was light. She had married and then divorced. She had a daughter who was sixteen, almost seventeen. She could still shoot pool, but hadn’t done so in years. She was an administrative assistant for a banker. The entire time we sat and ate, I tried to keep from thinking about the possibility of us spending some quiet time alone. I had to figure out a way to steer the conversation in a different direction, but struggled to find the right break. As we finished up our steak burgers, I had the sinking feeling, this was only going to become a renewed acquaintance. I don’t know why, but I had that sinking feeling, until Beth Ann leaned against me and whispered, “Do you still want to get a hotel room?” I looked at her and she replied, almost shy-like, placing her hand on my thigh. “Only if you do.” I suggested we take my car, but Beth Ann said she only had a few hours before she would have to head home and cook dinner, so she wanted to follow me in her own car. As I steered out on to Jameson Blvd, I couldn’t imagine I was going to link up with an old friend from college.

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