Bet Your Sweet Ass Ch. 05

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“So, tonight’s the night, ain’t it? Have the camcorder ready! I’m so gonna own Bianca’s mouth, even if I’m a subbie cuck otherwise! I don’t mind that at all, but I still look forward to the outcome!” Aaron taunted Bianca as we sat together to watch the Pacers and Cavs.

“Oh, you are so gonna eat those words…and my pussy, too! Prepare to chow down, cucky! You know that you want a creampie there, too! Maybe Nathan should fuck me good and hard while we watch the game, just so that I have some creamy filling to feed you!” Bianca teased Aaron in turn, not that I needed much excuse to fuck my saucy Latin fiancee.

“Well, we don’t want to disappoint, do we?” I winked at Bianca and Natalie, both of whom snickered as I approached my girlfriend from behind to screw her.

I had recovered enough by now from sodomizing my sister that I should be more than ready to give my intended her fair share of dick. Natalie even spread Bianca’s cheeks to lick her culo and make her wetter still for my cock. My sister was very dominant when it came to Aaron and could be perhaps with Bianca, but with me, she was subbie all the way and we all knew it.

Part of me hoped that I would impregnate both of them soon and that would really rub it in Aaron’s face what a cuck and wimp he was to each of us. I might just own Natalie’s tush, but she hadn’t denied her pussy to me, either. Nor was she likely to, for that matter, and that was no secret to any of us. We had moved well beyond most of the boundaries that we tried in vain to uphold at first.

“Oh, papi…fuck, yes…fuck me harder…give cucky boy lots of spunk to clean up with his tongue!” Bianca moaned as she pushed back at me even harder and rougher.

Natalie now stuck her tongue outside of Bianca’s backdoor just long enough at her fiance to suggest that he could expect to do a lot of that, too, if he lost. He would be expected to rim ass as well as eat pussy, and that was that. Bianca giggled as well as she pushed back even harder at me with every stroke inside her slick and juicy twat. I pushed Natalie’s head further inward to where her tongue would invade Bianca’s pucker even deeper, but she just looked up at me with a really salacious grin and an expression of total adoration.

“You know, if you lose, Aaron, you might not get another blowjob for a good while. How do you feel about that? After escort tanıtımları all, deep down, you’re more of a giver than a taker, aren’t you? Subbie indeed! Cuckold’s horns and all! Oooh, see that…that’s the Cavaliers possibly putting your fellatio days well behind you…except for maybe sucking my dick!

“See that three-point shot! Damn, there goes Indiana’s lead, right? How does it feel to see the clock running out on your days of your last remaining freedom and power?” I beamed as I continued taking Bianca as far and as hard as I could.

I chuckled, suspecting that Aaron was indeed about to lose his wager with my girlfriend and have to service her with his mouth for life. That could come in handy on the double honeymoon, couldn’t it? I imagined going back and forth from Natalie to Bianca, fucking both women in both holes, while Aaron dove in to fluff for us as his part of the foursome. I pictured Aaron then eating my creampies from both ladies while his own boner stood hard and neglected for the moment. I also expected that he would secretly enjoy every last second of this blue ball torment.

Even now, Aaron’s smaller, less impressive prick was in his hand, stiff as he could be while stroking himself to the prospect of being an oral bitch to Bianca as well as a cuckold slave to my sister. I wasn’t fooled and nor was anyone else. I strongly suspected that, bold words or not, Aaron craved even more female domination than ever. He might well have taken on a sucker bet, just as Natalie did, in hopes of losing and having to service women with his tongue.

In fact, the worse the Pacers did, the more aroused Aaron became, especially while I rammed balls deep inside Bianca from the back. This only reinforced my suspicion that on some unconscious level, Aaron eagerly awaited the loss of his oral autonomy. As I probed my fiancee harder still and she yelped in painful ecstasy from the rough, prone bone sex, I watched the last chances of an Indiana victory slip away and Aaron take on a far less crestfallen, far more expectant look on his face than one imagined.

Even so, to the bitter end, Aaron kept vocally rooting for the Pacers, superficially claiming that he desired to have all rights to my girlfriend’s mouth and throat. After all, according to him, it was only fair since I owned gaziantep escort telefonları his lady’s tush. None of us seemed to be truly fooled by it, of course, and when the last seconds ran out, finalizing the score as Cavs 69 points to Pacers 61, Aaron seemed actually relieved. His mask and tough guy facade could slip or drop now. He was free to serve and obey as he was born to do.

“Well, I’d say that someone has some words…and holes…to eat!” I laughed as I came inside Bianca and let her up.

“Stop that now, Aaron, come over here…and do your duty to the ladies of the house! Especially me, since your mouth is now mine and you know that I won it fair and square! You’ll get to jack off when I say you do…and you don’t have time to do that when you have pussies and asses to lick! Oh, by the way, count on having to suck Nathan’s cock a lot, too, whenever it suits my fancy! Who knows, I might make you rim him, too, now and then!” Bianca beckoned her new oral slut forward and he didn’t hesitate to crawl to her and lick her cunt.

“Well, that’s settled, just as I hoped it would be…and I think that we all agree that this is the best outcome. The gods must love us, right? Or God or whatever. My boyfriend here was born to kneel, crawl, lick boots, and eat creampies! Weren’t you, cucky boi?” my sister now addressed her abject love slave.

“Yes…Mistress!” Aaron weakly answered before Bianca shoved her crotch back into his face.

“Less talking, more licking, cucky!” I told him as I grabbed his hair and held his head in place for Bianca to use his tongue as her personal sex toy, “how does my jizz taste inside Bianca’s cunt?”

“It’s…yummy…so damn good, though her sweet pussy is even more delicious!” Aaron confessed before he resumed eating my fiancee out.

“Just wait until the next bet is due. I can’t wait to see who wins that one. It might really be up in the air in that case. No one’s sabotaging themselves on that one, are they? May the best lady win! For now, though, enjoy licking my girlfriend’s snatch, bitch boi! I suspect that your tongue will be soon trained to treat cunnilingus and analingus as second nature, maybe even your main sex acts in the foreseeable future.

“Who knows? Time will tell. You certainly love it far more than you let it gaziantep escort bayan telefonları on until you lost, don’t you? Figures that a pig like you would relish something that involves eating most of all! Greedy, thirsty, hungry little cuck! If you ask me, anytime you come inside a woman, you should have to clean up your mess. Don’t you agree?” I taunted Aaron even further while Natalie sat on my lap and Bianca used his face for her own pleasure.

“Yes, that would especially make our honeymoon enjoyable, knowing that he can’t knock me up since his spunk keeps going down his own gullet instead of swimming to my eggs. Don’t you think that would be best of all, honey? Wouldn’t you rather not pollute the temple of my yoni with your cucky, wimpy spawn when you could allow only the best seed, Nathan’s sperm, to enter the holy of holies?

“Isn’t it best if all of the babies born in our marriage and Nathan’s to Bianca are entirely my twin’s? You can still fuck me and…Bianca, of course, but it would serve everyone’s best interests if only Nathan were allowed to breed, don’t you agree? Think of the strong sons and lovely daughters that Nathan would put in my womb if your own little tadpoles didn’t swim in their way.

“Same with Bianca’s offspring as well. Don’t you think that it’s better to leave siring any issue entirely to someone more suitable, such as Nathan? Wouldn’t that benefit the genepool better than if you both got to breed us?” Natalie surprised us all with her latest monologue, which I couldn’t tell if it was improvised or planned.

Aaron was a bit preoccupied to speak, but his hard-on only got stiffer in response, which spoke volumes to all of us. This was his long-buried fantasy, too, and now it might actually come true. He could step out of my way and let the better man breed his bride. He would enjoy eating holes and slurping cum in the meantime and proudly serve us all. He could legally have much better progeny if they weren’t physically his.

This was his destiny, to worship at the altar of the ladies while his buddy and brother-in-law impregnated both women of the quad. To say nothing of other ladies likely to borrow all of us, none of whom would have to worry about his substandard seed putting buns in their ovens, either. He could stick at what he was good at…eating his own creampie and others’, while a stronger man would quicken the ladies from his loins.

It was only natural, wasn’t it? Who were we to argue with Mother Nature and Darwin? It was survival of the fittest and that was me, not Aaron. Yes, everyone was better off now that Aaron lost the bet and found his proper place on his knees before the ladies of the house, while I bred them regularly as the resident Master and stud.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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