Best Served Cold – Chapter 13, Goodbye and Hello

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We talked the next morning, about our future, and about sex. It seemed more comfortable somehow after our night of fantasy.It had been three years since Michael moved on. Ever since the time Michael left us it was understood that Linda might take advantage of an opportunity to seduce a man she couldn’t resist – that rare man who “gets” her and she considers “worthy” of her body. There had been only two of them, nearly a year apart – a very, very young artist she described as “wiser than his years”, with a body she still raved about, and a slightly older couple at a party one night, but then they had seduced both of us.Linda remained worldly and a bit aloof around my friends, which to my surprise, made her more attractive to a few of them. They’d comment on her looks while doing their best to make it sound like a compliment, but I could always tell when they they secretly wished they could fuck her. Linda routinely kept the men’s advances in our social circle at bay; her looks and refined sexuality intimidated all but the bravest Ataşehir Escort of them. Most often their courage came from a bottle after spending a few quiet moments with her. I’d watch at a distance while she toyed with their egos for a while before she shamed them into an embarrassing retreat. It was hard to blame them at times though; Linda could be ravishing in the outfits she chose to bring them just a little too close to the flame.Linda’s stories became ones she’d unveil little by little while we fucked in the dark, quiet refuge of our bedroom. Each time she’d recount them softly, sometimes breathlessly, next to my ear on my pillow, she’d add some small detail that elevated her tale to a new level of surprising perversity. I’d wonder if each new version she spun was secretly rationed, held back for a time when the rest had lost the ability to surprise and excite me. It didn’t matter to me whether her embellishments were true or not at the time; her guilleless confessions always Ataşehir Escort Bayan followed after her stories took us to the edge of a precarious cliff and pushed us over, sweaty and writhing into the beckoning abyss.”Are you ever jealous, even once in a while, when I tell you how tempted I am to have sex with another man?” she had asked, out of the blue. “I know you like to hear my stories, but do you ever worry? That I might fall for one of them? Or that there might be another Jordan out there who would gladly try to seduce me with the same addiction? “”Have I given you any reason to think so? That I worry?” I asked.”No, never. But I can’t help wondering sometimes. You see how men look at me, how some even approach me the very first time and assume I’ll fuck them. I could stop if you wanted me to. Would you miss my little stories? We could always find other kinky ways to fuck.”She was dressing as we talked, and I had hoped when we paraded back through the hotel lobby to check Escort Ataşehir out that she’d wear the same outfit she wore the night before. Instead, she had packed a fitted, copper-colored fall blouse and a pair of skin tight blue jeans. The blouse hugged her slim waist, emphasizing her bust and shoulders.”Could you keep the bra and panties in your bag?” I begged. “I’d like showing you off a little before we leave, even if it’s just a hint of your bare breasts under the blouse. I’m sure there’ll be at least a few hungry guys at breakfast who would appreciate it – I mean other than myself.”She looked over her shoulder and grinned at me while she unfastened and shrugged off her bra. “Well, I guess that answers my question then. And I can read your mind – you’d have me go to breakfast naked if I wouldn’t be arrested, wouldn’t you, you pervert?””I shamelessly admit that watching all the men in this hotel drool at the sight of your perfect, naked body would make my day.””Seriously, David – you really don’t ever get jealous, at all?”I hadn’t counted on how the blouse would thrust her breasts upward, straining the few buttons fastened over them. The open buttons at the top displayed a tantalizing, open V of perfect, ivory flesh against the darker, silky material. The faint rise of her nipples beneath the fabric made my mouth water.

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