Anniversary Trip ch.5 – The Party

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Anniversary Trip ch.5 – The PartyThis is the fifth and final installment of the story of our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. Earlier installments are Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Stripper, Paula’s Turn, an Paula’s Bi Interlude.At the end of our week in Vegas, I gave Paula her anniversary present, a diamond and blue sapphire dinner ring. The 14 diamonds were inherited from my grandmother, but even with that, the gold setting and sapphires brought the cost of ring to over $1000. Needless to say, Paula was elated with the gift. That night, she dressed in a very exotic outfit, a mini skirt, thigh-high stockings, 4-inch “fuck-me” pumps, a very tight blouse with a thin bra, eye shadow and eye liner, fire-red lip rouge, two rings on one hand and the diamond-sapphire on the other. Notice that I did not say she wore panties. Underneath her short skirt, she was totally naked. Her trimmed bush made a delightfully wicked dark strip above her clit that was easily visible when she opened her legs ever so slightly. Her big 36D-cup breasts thrust the thin material of the tight blouse outward, her nipples indenting the material to reveal both their location and their large size. I was hard just looking at her in our hotel room.We made a night of it. First a superb dinner in the 5-star restaurant at the Hilton and then a show and dancing. As I held her on the dance floor pressing her big tits into my chest, I told her about the other part of her anniversary present.”There’s a second part to the anniversary present”, I whispered in my wife’s ear as I caressed the swell of her ass and pressed it against the hardness of my fully erect dick.”I sort of suspected that you were going to give me something else”, she laughed in my ear as her pelvis humped up and down the length of my hard penis.”I mean something other than the hard fucking I’m going to give you later.””What is it?” Her hips dry fucked against me. I could see several men sitting at table around the dance floor who were staring right at my wife’s undulating ass.”I’m not sure you’re going to like it. In fact, you may get mad, but we can just call and cancel if you don’t like it.””Like what? Cancel what?”I took a deep breath to get up my courage. “You know that couple in El Paso I told you about. The one that has big parties with extra men and all sorts of kinky sex.” My wife didn’t respond, so I continued: “I told you about them one night in bed while we were having sex. I thought you got extremely excited. I could even feel your pussy contracting and throbbing when I told you about it. Remember?””Yes, I remember. I thought it was just a fantasy though.””No. It’s real. They really do those things.” I felt my wife’s body shake as she thought about it. It seemed to me that the thrusting of her hips was becoming more and more pronounced.”I’ve written to them and they’ve arranged a party on Saturday night at their home. If you don’t want to go, we can just call and cancel. They’ll understand.”My wife was breathing harder now. I could tell she was very excited. “What will it be like”, she asked?”There will be two other couples plus Don and Susan. I don’t know the other couples.””Just the four couples”, Paula asked.”Them plus some extra single men. Don said most of the single men will be in their early 20’s. A few in their 30’s. He suggested that they will all be hard bodies with big cocks.”Paula was now grinding her pussy against my cock harder. Her ass hunched back and forth, not caring that a half dozen men were watching her. I had slowly pulled the short skirt upward occasionally exposing her ass for them.”How many?””How many what?””Other men.. other cocks?””I don’t know. Don said “enough”, whatever that means. We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.””Would you be mad if I let all those men fuck me?” For an answer, I ground my dick against her pussy even harder and pulled her skirt up so her ass was half exposed.”Oh god, Gordon. You’re exposing my ass. They can see everything.””Not quite everything. Just your gorgeous hot ass and maybe your some of your sexy pussy.”We continued to dance with Paula’s ass exposed for the other men. Sometimes I would let her short skirt fall and cover her. I could see several men groan with disappointment when the skirt covered my wife. After a few minutes, however, I would lift it again so they could see her. Every time the skirt rose on her ass, Paula would moan in my ear and begin to grind her hips.”What would they do to me?””Fuck you. Make you suck.””What would you think if you saw me sucking a lot of men?””I really don’t know. I would probably cum in my pants though.””Some of the things you told me about Don and Susan were pretty wild. Would they do all those things to me?””I told them they couldn’t hurt you, but I really don’t know. Shall I call and cancel?””God noooo.!!! I want to do it. Do you mind? Would you hate me for being such a dirty total slut?””I wouldn’t have arranged it for you if I felt that way.”Paula was grinding into me, really hard. “Pull my skirt all the way up. Pull it up. All the way. Expose me. Let the other men see my hot ass..”I pulled it up around her waist and held her still on the dance floor. Her hips humped and hunched against my cock. “All of those studs are going to fuck you”, I whispered in my wife’s ear. I heard her moan in my ear as her ass rotated and thrust against me.”Some of them may have huge dicks, big hard, huge dicks like steel bars. You’ll have to spread and take them, over and over and over.””Ohhh god!””Spread your legs wider. Let them see more”, I ordered. My hot wife didn’t hesitate. Her legs opened. “You’ll have to show all those studs a lot more than you’re showing now. They’ll want to see it.””What? Tell me! What will I have to show them? What will they want to see?””Your tits.” Paula groaned.”Your hot ass and that wet pussy.” She humped rapidly back and forth against me.”The wet slit. Your hot cunthole. You will have to hold your ass cheeks apart so they can see your asshole.””Ahhhhh..yes. will have to show them everything. Ooooohhhh.”I held her naked ass cheeks and dry fucked into her crotch. She moaned aloud and spread even wider. I kept humping into her until she grunted and then gasped as the orgasm surged through her clitoris and vagina right there on the dance floor.That night was filled with wild, almost nonstop sex. Her vagina spasmed repeatedly around my dick as I filled her again and again. I had never felt so big and hard before, and my wife continuously squeezed me with her pussy as if she were trying to milk the cum from my balls. She never stopped moaning until her cunt exploded.She would cum in hard spasms and then quite down. I would let her rest and then begin telling her about all the men who were going to enjoy and use her at the party. In moments, her hips would be snapping back and forth and she would beg me to fuck her harder. I could even feel the spasms rippling back and forth in her overheated vaginal tube. My wife babbled and moaned, her mouth would open wide .. out would come her tongue. She flicked its tip rapidly over her upper lip as I described what I thought the men might make her do. Every time she neared another climax, she would be grunting and gasping and begging me to fuck her harder. It went on like that until I collapsed from exhaustion. She still wanted more, but I couldn’t get it up again. ———————————————-The next day, we were on our way to El Paso. When I reached the fork where I could either turn onto I-40 to head east to our home or continue south to I-10 and El Paso, I stopped and turned to my wife: “This is it. Do I go south or east and home?”She smiled. “Now what do you think. All those young hard dicks are waiting for your wife’s hot pussy. We can’t leave them high and dry.”I drove south to I-10. We stopped in Phoenix for the night, took a room in a hotel, and went right to sleep. We figured that we would certainly need the rest for the next day.============================================================It was nearly 2:00 PM when we finally arrived at Don and Susan’s home. It was really an incredible house, probably five or six thousand square feet of living space and very plush. The Baxter’s were obviously very well off financially. They looked just like their photos. Don was a big man, 6′ 3″ and 190 lbs. He was 46 years old and graying at the temples, but still ruggedly handsome. Susan was 44, a brunette with big breasts. She wasn’t particularly attractive, but her body made up for it. It looked like it was built for sex.I shook Don’s hand after which Susan melted in my arms and planted a wet kiss on my lips, her tongue sliding inside as her big tits drilled holes in my chest. When she pulled away, I saw that Don was kissing my wife passionately. He had his tongue in her mouth, which was wide open around his. His hands were exploring the expanse of her ass, pulling her crotch against his cock. I thought that he certainly didn’t waste any time.It turned out that one of the other couples had already arrived. Vicky and Len Drake were both very attractive. Vicky had a dynamite body with really huge tits, which I guessed to be about 38D or maybe even larger. Her legs were gorgeous. I wondered if she wore panties beneath her short skirt. Len was a small man, dark and handsome. He looked like he could easily play Don Juan.”Where is the other couple you said would be here”, I asked?”Joyce and Phil Daniels couldn’t make it. Something came up at the last moment and they had to cancel. So it’s just the six of us.”Vicky hugged Paula and I shook hands with Len. Then he took a turn kissing my wife and exploring her body while I did the same with Vicki. Afterwards, Don brought out some drinks and started filling us in on the upcoming party.”The party tonight will work a little differently than you might expect. Around 6 PM, we have reservations at Amore’s. I think you will like it. They have the very best Italian food in town. By the way, we will picking up all checks since you are our guests.” I started to protest, but Don held up his hand to stop me. “No arguments, please. We’re in charge of the activities tonight and we expect each of you to follow instructions. Ok?”We all nodded our agreement and Don continued. “After dinner, Paula and Vicky will accompany me back here where we will get things ready for the party. The two of you will come back with Susan who will be taking care of your “needs” while I get Paula and Vicky ready for the party. Our other guests will start arriving around 9 PM. Any questions?””How many single men will be here”, I wanted to know.”I’m not really sure. Most of the time, not all the men I’ve invited can make it. Things come up that interfere.””Well, ok. How many have you invited?”Don smiled. “Why don’t you wait and see. Susan will tell you all about it. OK. Let’s all get some rest and then freshen up before dinner.” Don walked away indicating the discussion was at an end.Things went just as Don had outlined. After dinner, he escorted our wives back to his car and they left the restaurant for his home. As they drove away, Susan ushered us into her car, a sleek black Mercedes. I got behind the wheel as Susan ordered and watched as she slid gracefully into the rear seat, her short skirt riding high on her thighs as she did so. Len stared at her exposed thighs as he got in beside her.”Where to”, I asked?”Back to the house. I’ll give you directions.”While I drove, I watched Len and Susan in the back seat. His hand was stroking the brunette’s thigh pushing the garment higher and higher. “How long has it been since you’ve had dick other than your husband’s”, he asked.”Ohhhh.. Last week”, she gasped as the hand stroked up and down her leg underneath the short skirt.”Whose was it?””Two guys that Don brought home. I didn’t know them. They did it to me all night long. Oh god! Go higher. Rub my pussy!” The groan that escaped Susan’s lips was in response to the finger stroking up and down the length of her vaginal slit.”Will you take out your tits”, Len asked.”Don’t ask me! Order me to take my tits out. Make me do it!””Get your big tits out, you dirty Slut”, Len thundered.Susan’s hips were jerking in response to the finger that moved up and down the shaft of her clitoris through her panties. Len reached out and in one quick movement pulled the low-cut bodice down below the huge thrusting mounds. Both big nipples were hard jutting points that stood at rigid attention. He lowered his mouth and began to suck them. I watched in the rear view mirror as the he worked on Don’s wife. Her moans were growing louder. Her hips arched up off the seat of the car. When I stopped at a light, a car pulled up beside us. I knew that the driver could see Susan’s naked breasts. He watched intently as Len sucked on them.”Use you tongue on the tip. Suck and lick me.ohh..yes.yess. that’s it.oh yessss. Rub me. Please, please! Rub my pussy. Oh! Good! Good!. Aaaahhhhh!””Open your thighs”, Len ordered. “Spread yourself wide so Gordon can see your cunt. The guy in the car over there also wants to see it.” Susan responded immediately. Her thighs opened.”Wider! Open up! Move your feet apart. Don’t you know how to spread yourself for a man? That’s it. Spread wider so the man in the other car can see your crotch. That’s better. Now lift your ass… elevate your hips. Thrust your cunt at him. Let him see it!”I watched in the mirror as her hips continued to grind and thrust. The stroking finger between her thighs was making her juices bubble out of her sex hole.”Raise your legs, Honey, so we can all get a better view of your ass.”Susan obeyed. Her thighs arched mecidiyeköy escort backwards as she placed the spike heels of her pumps atop the back of the front seat. The plane of her cunt was reflected perfectly in the rear view mirror in this position. Len’s face was between her knees.”Get her damn panties off”, I yelled. ” I want to see her naked cunt!””AAAAhhhhh.yesssssss! Show it to him. OOOuuuu… show him my cunt”, she hissed.Susan was spread too wide to allow her panties to be removed, but it was a simple matter to cut the crotchband with a pocket knife. The tautly stretched garment immediately snapped away from her crotch exposing both her cunt and asshole. Two pair of male eyes peered between the wide expanse of her splayed thighs. The entire area was soaked with her secretions, which allowed Len to masturbate the woman with rapid hard strokes. Wet squishing sounds accompanied every movement of his fingers in the brunette’s pussy. He spread her lips with each stroke baring the pulsing tip of her clitoris, which was now throbbing harder and harder. Each time the fingers reached the top of her cunt slit, the protective hood was stripped back uncovering the jerking organ.We could all see Mrs. Baxter’s vaginal hole opening and closing in sexual heat as her clit shaft was forced outward and stroked again and again. Susan’s hips arched upwards elevating her asshole. Len’s finger penetrated its depths. Almost immediately, he felt the entire length of her ass channel begin to flex and pulse. Then it began to throb and finally to jerk wildly in hard spasms of orgasm.”My god! I can feel her ass throbbing and jerking”, he yelled. I stopped and stared between her thighs at the clit shaft as it danced and pulsed sending spasm after spasm through her vagina and ass. Len had his face just a foot or so away from her cunt.As soon as we had pulled into the Baxter’s driveway, the car that had been beside us at the light pulled in behind us. The driver got out and approached the Mercedes. He looked in the window at the woman who still had her legs wide open as Len slowly massaged her wet pussy.”You guys gonna take her in the house and fuck her?””Yeah”, I nodded. “We’re planning an orgy tonight.””Can I join you? I’m Jack Meadows”, he asked hopefully.I looked at Susan, who nodded never closing her legs. “Why not. She can take three just as well as two.”As soon as we entered the house, Susan hustled us down to the playroom in the basement. “Don and your wives will be using the ground floor until all the guests arrive. We’ll go up after everyone is there.”Once we were in the basement, Jack was wild to fuck her. In fact, so were Len and I. It didn’t take the three of us long to get her stripped almost naked and into position.Thirty minutes later, Susan wore only her dress, the thigh-high stockings and her five-inch spikes. Her head rested on a low inlaid coffee table. Her large breasts hung downward just enough that the nipples brushed back and forth across the table’s surface. Her feet were spread far apart; the spike heels elevating her hips far above her head. Her entire body was jerking back and forth in a steady rhythm caused by Jack’s rigid cock ramming back and forth in her vagina.”God. she’s tight and hot. Incredible. Aaahhh.. Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. Uh”, he grunted as he planted his shaft deeply inside the upturned hole. The cum which I had previously deposited in her was being churned into a viscous, white froth by the pistoning cock causing the excess to slowly run down the backs of her thighs.”Fuck her harder, Jack. Really ram it in”, Len urged. “Don’t worry about hurting the slut. Fuck her hard.. really hard! She loves it.”Jack responded by slamming his shaft forward causing it to thud into the end of the widely stretched vagina. Don’s wife grunted but did not pull away. Instead, she arched her ass higher and thrust her hips backwards onto the cock to get the deepest possible penetration. Moments later, Jack began to shoot his cum into her throbbing hole. No one could tell if Susan came or not as she was now moaning almost continuously.After Jack withdrew his cock, Susan remained bent over the table, ass arched, legs spread. Her chest heaved and her breath came in short, loud gasps. Len stood behind her and stared intently between the gaping thighs watching thick streams of semen trickling down the insides of both legs and another long, white rope cum hanging from the distended lips of her widely stretched cunt. She moaned loudly, her lower body shuddered causing her cunt to belch forth a wad of cum. The cum rope broke allowing the wad to splatter on the carpet as two more thick strands formed, one clinging to each cunt lip.I could see Len’s cock throbbing as he watched the strands lengthen as more cum seeped from her saturated vaginal chamber. Some of the cum slid down the open hole of her vagina where it clung to the tip of engorged clitoris and formed a third, smaller cum rope that hung toward the floor. The sheer weight of the glob caused it to elongate. The middle of the thick strand became more and more narrow as the length of the cum wad increased. Suddenly the strand snapped and the ball of cum fell to the thick carpet where it splattered into a snow-white pool joining the other pools already there.”Go ahead, Len. Fuck her”, I said. “Put your cock in her and shoot it in.”Len grinned, stepped behind the woman’s ass and aligned his sex gun with the gaping hole between the brunette’s legs. He pushed the head against her opening coating her hole with his precum. We all watched Mrs. Baxter’s mouth stretch wide open as the nine-inch cock filled her cavity. Wads of semen were forced out of her vagina by the driving piston. It squished between her vaginal lips and the embedded penis and then flowed down her thighs. Len pushed the woman’s legs wider apart and hammered himself in and out of her with hard, driving strokes. She grunted with pleasure each time the big cock slugged into her depths. The wet sounds of the hard dick plunging in and out of the tightly plugged hole were incredibly erotic.After Len had shot off in Susan, I told her get on the table on her back. She had her hands over her head where she held onto the legs of the table. We used two belts to cinch her waist to the table top and two more to hold her legs open. In this position, Susan’s cunt and ass holes were both totally exposed. Jack’s cock was hard again and jerking against his belly.Kneeling between the splayed thighs, he fitted his cock into the wet hole. Pressing his hips forward, the shaft entered, the big head disappearing into the waiting sex tube. Mrs. Baxter groaned as she felt her vagina again filled with hard dick. A spasm shoot through the embedded penis as the clinging, hot walls of her vagina wrapped around and caressed his dick.Jack bent over the helpless woman and shoved himself deeper causing grunts of passion to erupt from the married woman’s mouth. He rammed it in all the way and let her throb and spasm about its girth. He could feel the hot, wet hole throbbing around his length. Susan began to cry out and beg him to fuck her harder… to cum in her. Jack was more than happy to oblige. His hips snapped back pulling the shaft out of her cunt channel. Only one inch of the bloated head was still inside her. Susan tried to arch her hips upwards to keep more of the cock inside her pussy, but the belts held her fast to the table top. All she could do was lie there and wait for her lover to fuck his cock back into her waiting hole.Jack did just that. The cock raced back inside her pussy where it thudded up against the back of her cunt. She wailed in passion, her vagina contracting and throbbing madly. There was no way he could possibly last. Susan’s cunt was just too hot.His strokes shortened causing the woman to beg him to fuck her harder and cum: “Oh, yes.yes! Do it to me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder.. Faster. Oh, cum in my cunt, Lover. Give it to me. Now!!”Jack’s cock jerked in response to her words and he fired volley after volley of semen into the upturned receptacle. It seemed to him that he might never stop shooting into the woman. Every time his cock throbbed another wad of cum jetted into the jerking hole between Susan’s legs. She moaned louder with each load that went into her. He continued to deposit cum inside her belly, his cock beginning to slurp and slosh inside her filled hole. Three more spurts fired in and then he fell heavily onto her near naked body where he gasped in exhaustion, his hard rod still throbbing and seeping cum into her filled vagina.Thirty minutes later, we were all hard again. Len was hot to fuck her again, but she pushed him away and suggested we go upstairs and join the party. We were all more than ready.”Now before we go upstairs, all of you need to understand some things. You know that Don has invited a large number of men. I think it’s around 15. All the guys are young, between 17 to 25, so they are all very virile and will be having sex with the women multiple times. Also, half are black and every one of them is very, very well endowed. I assume that none of you has a problem with that. After all, you agreed to this in advance. Any questions?”None of us said a word. “Ok, Boys, lets go to the party”, smirking a little as she said it. A few minutes later Susan was leading us upstairs.As we walked up the large staircase, it was easy to hear the moaning, gasping and grunting of females being fucked. The sounds seemed to be coming from the master bedroom. ————————————————————Gordon wants me to take over the writing for awhile now. He’s dying to know what happened after Don took us back to the house. In fact, he’s been badgering me for a long time to tell him all the sexy dirty details. I never have, but now he’ll get the full story. I hope he doesn’t regret asking.I had hardly eaten a thing at the restaurant and I don’t think any of the other women did either. Vicky and I were so excited and nervous about the upcoming party, we had no appetite. Standing in the parking lot beside Don’s car, we waited for him to unlock the door so we could enter. Before opening the car, he kissed both of us in turn. When my turn came, his tongue entered and retreated as if he were fucking my mouth. As his mouth worked against mine, I felt his fingers unbuttoning my blouse. Then his hands were on my breasts, kneading them and lifting them out of the bra cup. When he finally allowed me to get into the car, he had both breasts out. He told me to leave them exposed, which I did. While I waited, Don pulled the top of Vicky’s dress down and exposed both breasts.As we pulled out of the parking lot, two pair of large tits were exposed and four nipples were very hard and erect. Whenever we passed a car, Don would slow down to permit the driver to see us. Neither I nor Vicky made any effort to cover ourselves when he did this.After we arrived at Don’s home, he led us upstairs to the master bedroom where he had laid out a quite a few articles of clothing.”These are some things that I would like for you to wear at the party tonight. There’s a wide variety of different sizes. Please select what you like and wear it. In the meantime, I want to get each of your prepared for the party. Let’s do you first, Vicky. When I’m finished with Vicky, I’ll come back for you Paula.”I watched as Don led Vicky into the master bath and closed the door. I wondered what he had in mind. While waiting my turn with Don, I examined the clothes on the bed. Every item was an exotic garment of some kind. Obviously, our host wanted us dressed like sluts, which I thought was probably appropriate. There were several pairs of pumps and stiletto spikes, not one of which had less than four-inch heels. There were an assortment of garter belts and stockings, but no pantyhose except for a couple of pair that had no crotch. The bras all had large holes cut in them so that our breasts would protrude and be squeezed forward. There were also several half-bras. The skirts were barely long enough to cover our buttocks and the blouses were all transparent. Some sheaths lay across one of the chairs. They all had plunging necklines and were extremely short. A box of costume jewelry was on the bed. It contained rings, bracelets and necklaces. Not one pair of panties could be found anywhere.As I sorted though the clothing trying to decide which items to wear, I heard groans coming from the bathroom. It seemed obvious that Don was fucking Vicky. After thirty minutes or so, they emerged. Vicky was naked except for a towel she had wrapped around her body. She was also flushed with excitement. Don took me next.Once in the master bath with Don, I could see that his cock was hard and erect as it made a big bulge in his trousers. Actually, this surprised me since I thought that he would have had trouble getting erect again so soon after having had sex with Vicky.”Please strip, Paula. I need to bathe and prepare you.”This sounded like fun. I did enjoy slowly stripping off my clothes while watching his dick getting bigger inside his pants. When I was down to just my panties, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his organ.”Mmmmmmm. you’re big, Don. Bigger than my husband.” I slowly jacked his shaft through his pants. I could feel him throbbing each time my hand moved over the sensitive head.”Thanks, but the men tonight will be even bigger.”Now it was my turn to throb and throb I did. I could feel my sex juices seeping from my vagina at the thought of men even bigger than Don. He didn’t wait for me to remove my panties. His hands quickly stripped that mecidiyeköy escort bayan last remaining garment down my thighs leaving me naked. Don motioned for me to get into the tub, which was already filled with warm water.For the next ten minutes, he washed and cleaned every inch of my body. When he did my breasts, he seemed to take extra time stroking each square inch with special attention to my nipples. Moments later, my leg was lifted out of the water and covered with thick lather. His hands kneaded the soft flesh of my inner thighs just inches from my vagina. The attention was really turning me on. I now understood why Vicky had appeared so flushed when she had come out of the bathroom earlier.Abruptly the bathing ended. “Massage time, Paula. Please get up on the table.””On my stomach or back”, I asked?Don smiled. “On your back, of course.”Once on the table, he began to give me a complete body massage. His big, powerful hands gently, but firmly, kneaded the flesh of my legs. I couldn’t suppress a sigh of cat-like pleasure as his worked on my inner thighs sending shivers of delight through my body and causing my pelvis to begin rhythmic thrusts upwards. He was making me hot and he knew it. I let my eyes invite him to move higher onto my cunt and to probe its depths, but he ignored me. Again and again, his fingers came close, very close to my wet, open slit but did not enter it. Next, he was working on my stomach and abdomen. The stroking fingers worked near enough to my erected clit that I felt electric sensations pulsing through it.Now his hands were on my breasts. Each globe was given a thorough, deep massage. By the time he finished, both of my nipples were bulging upwards; each a hard, reddened, oversensitive bud. Don completed the massage by covering me with a perfumed lotion, which he gently worked into my skin. I purred with pleasure.When he had finished, he stepped back looked at my naked body. My vagina contracted in heat caused by his frank, open stare. It pulsed in a hard spasm when I heard him order me to raise legs, bend them and spread. God! I could hardly wait. Pulling my legs back, I bent and spread them as wide as I could to assume the classic female fucking position.”Did anyone ever tell you that you have a sexy butt and a delicious-looking cunt, Honey?”I felt my cheeks flush with pleasure. I even tried to open myself wider for him. Don’s hand roamed over my ass just below my vaginal crease. I heard myself groan and arched my hips upwards to present my sex to him. His finger slipped into the meaty folds of my cunt:”Ohhhhhhhhh” More. Please more!”, I moaned.His finger drilled in and out of my channel until it was fully lubricated. I felt him pull out and moaned for him to put it back in. Instead, he used both hands to spread my ass cheeks apart and expose my asshole. I jerked when I felt his wet finger press against the hole and work in circles until it spread open and admitted the probing finger. I was both moaning and grunting now. He pulled out and again I moaned, this time with a mixture of relief and disappointment. I watched through the V of my spread legs as he lubed his fingers with jelly. When he put his fingers back into my back passage, more moans escaped my lips. Again and again he sank his jelly-covered fingers into my anus until its entire length was fully lubricated.Now his mouth was on my nipples while his hand squeezed my breast. He suctioned my nipples in and out of his mouth, alternately squeezing both mounds. Hot spasms began to throb through my breasts. My nipples felt like they were swelling to the bursting point. I felt him spread open the lips of my pussy and stroke the erect shaft of my clitoris. It was throbbing wildly under his touch.”Oh my god. I’m hot. so damn hot. Ah, Ah, Ah, . Aaaaahhhhh. Please do it to me. do it. GET INTO MEEEEE!”, I moaned like a slut.I felt Don’s fingers stripping back the hood of my clit. He exposed it fully. My hips snapped up and down in fuck motions when he began to squeeze and flick his finger over the ultra-sensitive tip. I wailed like a crazy woman.”Gggooooddddddd…DON’T STOP.PLEASE, DON’T STOP.”My clit was on fire; my hips pumped and squirmed. I exploded when he put his mouth over my clit and began sucking me. His tongue lashed my turgid clit shaft while he continued to suck it deeply into his mouth. WHAM! My big, hard clit and pussy flesh erupted in pulsing spasms. I was having an explosive, intense orgasm. The entire length of my empty vagina throbbed with the sensation; my secretions bubbled out of my throbbing cunt.Don watched my body jerking in spastic contractions. When they had died down and my jerking hips slowed, he told me to pull my legs back as far as I could. I pulled them back until my knees were almost touching my erect nipples. With my hips elevated, he showed me a huge enema plunger. It was a very long, thick instrument that was obviously designed to be inserted deeply into a woman’s ass… so deep that she wouldn’t be able to dislodge it. I shook my head and moaned. He didn’t pay any attention.I watched Don rubbing a thick coating of lubricating jelly over the entire eight-inch shaft. The plunger tapered to a small point to make insertion easy, but then it quickly flared out into a huge rod, more than two inches in diameter. Near the base, the thickness decreased so that the plunger acted like a butt plug. My asshole began to jerk wildly when the plunger started in. The big rod stretched my hole wide and Don drove it inward.As its thickness increased, I began to moan, “Noooooo. it hurts! Hurts! Too big! Uuunngghhhhhh..! OOOhhh Stop! . OOOOoooo, Please stop! Ungghhhhhh.””It’ll just hurt for a little bit. You have to get used to it. We need to stretch your asshole, clean and lubricate it so you won’t be hurt tonight.””I don’t want to be fucked in my ass!””Doesn’t matter, Honey. You know all those guys are going to use your ass. It’s just a question of whether you’re going to enjoy or not. Now just be still and I’ll make certain that you enjoy it.”He forced more inches inside. I could feel my asshole stretched into a big circle as he pushed it into me. Finally, the entire length was buried. In the position I was in with my legs up high and bent, my ass was elevated so that the end of the plunger pointed straight out. I watched as Don picked up a hand-held vibrator whose business end was a slender metal shaft. He turned it on and touched the tip of my hard clit with end of the surging metal shaft. I felt my entire body explode in hard spasms. My mouth flew open, tongue shot out all the way and curled upward. I felt my bowels contract violently around the embedded plunger causing it to jerk wildly. My clit pulsed and throbbed like a jack hammer. The shaft swelled and contracted under the buzzing vibrator tip. I wailed when another orgasm ripped through my body.As my organs throbbed in repeated spasms, Don turned on the water. A minute later my belly was stretching outward to accommodate the bulging load inside my bowels. I grunted and strained trying to expel the plunger, but it was in so deep that all I could do make it jerk back and forth in my ass. Don pressed the rod in even further. I groaned as it felt driving in. More and more water poured into my ass. My belly filled. The vibrating tip was again pressed against my clit and I erupted in another climax: “Gggaaaaaahhhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Cumming.CUMMING. oohhhhhh. Please no more. Stop. Oooooohhhh god. you’re killing meeeeee.stop..stop.Oooohh please stop.”Suddenly, I felt the water stop. I looked between my splayed thighs and saw that he had his cock out. It was huge and throbbing with need. The head was purple with desire and cum oozed from the tip. He mounted me and pressed it into my vaginal opening. It went all the way into me on the first stroke. I felt it thud into the back of my cunt. Don began to fuck me. The pressure on my ass was immense. I needed to void but knew I was not be allowed to until he had finished fucking me. My water-filled ass made my vagina even tighter causing more friction on my hard clit. He was sucking my nipples while he fucked me. His dick drove in and out, grinding into my clitoris on every stroke. I came again.Finally, he withdrew without cumming and allowed me to empty my bowels. When I had finished, he again had me mount the table and pull my legs up and back. He cleaned me thoroughly and then inserted an entire plunger of lubricating jelly into my freshly cleaned asshole.”Now, I’d say you’re ready, Paula”, he announced.”Can I get down and dress”, I asked?”I need to cum in you first. I didn’t cum in Vicky and I need to unload. You don’t mind if I unload in you, do you?””Oh god!” For an answer, I pulled my legs back until my knees pressed against my erect nipples. Don climbed on the table with me, put my feet up on his shoulders and drove the head of his 8-inch cock against my lubricated asshole. I was amazed at easily it drove all the way into me on the very first stroke.I felt his balls slap against my upturned ass. He adjusted the position, pressed my legs further back as he lowered his body on mine. Then he pulled six inches of his cock from my ass hole, held the position and drove it back it. It was so dirty , but it felt so good. Don started to fuck me. In and out. I could feel his dick growing, becoming harder and harder, like a man does when he’s ready to fill a woman with his cum load. He began to grunt and drive himself in to his balls. His dick expanded inside my ass and contracted violently spewing a huge stream of cum into my bowels. The second load was almost as large as the first. Then came the third , the fourth and so on as he emptied himself into me.When he recovered from his intense orgasm, Don looked down at me and smiled. “Thank you, Paula. You’re incredible. I can’t remember the last time a woman made me cum like that.”I blushed in spite of myself, not unaware of his penis that was still soaking deep inside my ass. “I loved it too. As I’m sure you already know.” His penis twitched. “Did you do that to Vicky too?””More or less. I bathed her, gave her a massage and an enema and lubricated her ass. I also fucked her ass, but I didn’t cum. I was saving that for you.”He withdrew from my ass and washed his cock while I lay on the table watching him. When he finished, he kissed me and told me to get dressed. The party would be starting soon. —————————Thirty minutes later, we were dressed and sitting in the living room. Vicky wore a tight fitting strapless sheathe with a plunging neckline that exposed half of her huge 38D breasts. She wore sparkling ear screws and two rings on each hand. Her dark red-painted lips matched her eye shadow. The hemline of the dress was halfway down her thighs but a side slit exposed her legs all the way to her hips. Light red hose encased her legs, which looked very sexy in her flaming red, five-inch spike heels. I guessed that she was naked underneath the dress.I wore black spike heels with ankle straps, thigh-high mesh hose, a very short, tight skirt that covered my ass by no more than one inch, a black bra with holes for my nipples, a transparent white blouse and several rings. I had used a dark lip rouge that matched my spike heels. The holes in the bra torpedoed my breasts forward where they pushed out the material of my blouse, my nipples making sharp points in the material. Every thing was visible through the blouse. We were all ready for the party to begin.The men started arriving before you returned, Honey. They took my breath away. They first two were in their early twenties. A blonde guy with the short hair had a hugely muscled body and an incredible tan. He was ruggedly handsome. The one with dark hair was much less handsome, but his dark complexion gave him a virile appearance that matched the huge bulge in his jeans. Don introduced them to us and it was obvious they liked your wife, Honey, as well as Len’s. Ten minutes or so later more men arrived. They were all like the first two, young, good-looking, with large bulges. Several men surrounded each of us.One man who appeared to be Italian held my breasts in his hands and wanted to know how big they were. When I told him 36D, he said they looked much larger. I tried to explain that was probably because of the way the bra pushed them out, but he wasn’t listening. He was busy opening the buttons of my blouse. He smiled when he saw how the bra torpedoed my tits forward, squeezing each on tightly. His mouth covered my erect nipples. A second man was behind me pressing himself against my ass. I could feel the ridge of his penis and it seemed gigantic. His hands moved under the short skirt.”God damn! She’s not wearing any panties and she soaking wet!” “Neither of them is wearing panties”, said the man who was now sucking on my nipples.A third man who looked like Tom Cruise tilted my head up and pressed his lips to mine. I couldn’t keep my mouth from opening to admit his tongue. It began to explore inside my mouth as his lips continued to grind and press against mine. I felt his hand cupping my breast as the Italian guy sucked my nipples.My hips were moving back and forth in fuck motions against these men. I felt like a total slut. A male finger probed at the entrance to my vagina. I gasped when it penetrated me. Moments later, my clitoris was being stroked. Another finger entered my ass. I had no idea if the fingers belonged to the same man or not. I didn’t care.More men arrived. Well over a dozen. Four were now working on me. There were hands on both legs caressing me. They moved up and down the şişli escort bayan length of my stockings and then under the skirt onto my ass. The fingers in my ass and pussy were really turning your wife on, Gordon. My breath was coming in gasps. The Italian guy was sucking my nipples, first one, then the other until they were both bulging. Someone else had my clitoris trapped between two fingers and was sensuously jacking the shaft as if it were a small cock. I could feel my vaginal secretions running down my thighs.”Ohhhhh”, I groaned as the second finger entered my ass. The short skirt was around my waist, completely exposing me.I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Vicky had five or six men around her. As I watched, one guy who looked like he was no more than 19 or 20 whispered something in her ear. She smiled and sank to her knees. When she unzipped the guy, this absolutely huge cock sprang out. She was shocked by its size.”My god! You’re HUGE”, I heard her exclaim. She didn’t get to say anymore because the man pushed the head of his penis into her mouth cutting off any further sound from her.Not to be outdone, I unzipped one of the men caressing me. I reached into his pants and extracted a nine-inch cock that was so thick I couldn’t get my hand all the way around his shaft. I squeezed it and he throbbed in my hand. He was hard. I mean really HARD. It was like a steel bar. He was so much larger and harder than you are, Honey, it was amazing. I could feel my pussy throbbing at the image of this monster cock pushing into me.The man to my left turned my head toward him and took possession of my mouth. His lips pressed against mine. Automatically, I opened my mouth wide to accept his probing tongue. As he French kissed me, he put my free hand on his dick. He was just as hard as the guy I held in my right hand. Maybe not quite as huge, but really big and throbbing hard with precum oozing out.The party continued in the living room for I don’t know how long, maybe 30 minutes or so. I was masturbated to one intense orgasm. Each of the four men took a turn putting their penises inside my mouth, although none of them shot off. My jaw hurt from sucking those huge cocks. They were varying lengths, but every one was thick and stone hard like only 20-year old guys get. Vicky’s big tits and lush body had excited her lovers so much, one of them already had her bent over the back of a chair fucking her doggie style while the other three played with her tits and clitoris as she was taking that big cock. She seemed to be having multiple orgasms.At this point, I think several more men arrived. I know that I now had six men around me. Don suggested that the men take us into the master bedroom. He didn’t have to repeat the suggestion.The men carried us upstairs and laid us side-by-side on the bed. My skirt and Vicky’s sheathe had ridden up to expose our pussies. Our tops had been removed and four large breasts thrust out, torpedoed by the tight material of the bras we wore. Mouths sucked our nipples causing ripples of pleasure to surge through us. Neither of us could stop moaning. The men began to kiss us, crushing our mouths with theirs, their tongues dancing inside. I felt tongues on both legs, then on my thighs. When the tongues reached the junction of my thighs, they fought to see which could probe into me the deepest. Vicky was groaning as they did the same to her.After that point, everything became a blur. We sucked cock after cock as tongue after tongue licked our clits. We were both fucked repeatedly. We were either side-by-side with our legs dancing high in the air or we were on our hands and knees facing each other as the men stood behind us and pounded in and out of our four holes. At one point, the put us on our sides with our breasts mashed together. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined as hard dicks thrust in and out of our vaginas and asses. ————————————————————Len and I couldn’t wait to get upstairs and see what was happening to our wives. As soon as we reached the head of the stairs, we could them grunting and moaning in the master bedroom.First it was Paula: “Aaahhhhhh. Ooh god. Uunnnnnnngh! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!”Then we heard Vicky grunting over and over: “UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH OOOOMMMPPFFFF UUGGGHHHHH”We could also hear the slapping of male bodies against our wives and the squishing, thudding noises of cocks hammering in and out of their holes.When we looked into the master bedroom, we saw four stocking-clad female legs up in the air, jerking back and forth, as two men fucked in and out of their cunts. Both of their mouths were stuffed with cock. Four men were squeezing their tits and finger fucking their anuses. The two men between our wives’ thighs seemed to be in perfect rhythm. Both cocks withdrew from the two vaginas together.. both cocks stopped when just the head was still in our wives.. then both cocks sank smoothly all the way back into the two hot, open holes. There were so many men around the bed, there was no way I was going to get into Vicky and Len had no chance to fuck my wife. We were going to have to wait, just as Susan had said.After waiting for over an hour with no luck, I found an empty bedroom and went to sleep. I must have been very tired because I didn’t wake until after 8 AM.At 9 AM, I showered, shaved and put on fresh clothing. Susan told us that the party was essentially over, that only a few men were still upstairs. I asked if it was OK if I went up. She nodded and I eagerly went to find my wife or Vicky so I could fuck them.I found Paula in one of the bedrooms. My wife was on her back in the middle of the bed. Her legs were bent with her knees pulled back almost to her tits. The short skirt was bunched uselessly around her hips. She still wore the bra that had her tits torpedoed forward like they were bound. A well-built black man had his dick buried inside my wife’s cunt and was fucking her with hard, driving thrusts that slammed his entire length again and again in her open vagina. She was babbling with sexual pleasure:”UGGHHH.OOOHHH .UGH UGH! UGH! UGH. AAAHHHHH.”When the stud pulled his cock partway out of my wife, I could see the thick white froth of previous cum loads being churned by large piston plunging in and out of my wife’s pussy. It covered her ass. Then, the man hauled his huge cock all the way out of Paula’s cunt. I was stunned! His cock must have been 11 inches or 12 inches and I knew Paula couldn’t possibly get her hand around it. I doubted that I could. My wife’s empty vagina belched out a huge wad of thick cum that slowly slid down the crack of her upturned ass.As I watched, the huge cock between my wife’s thighs was being pressed into the cum-moistened crevice of her ass. She rotated her butt against it. Her lover began a slow rocking motion against her luscious rear. Paula screwed her buttocks in small circles against the prodding of the massive, hard cockhead. She mewed and moaned continuously. I didn’t think there was a chance in the world that he could get that monster cock into my wife’s ass.”What an ass on this Bitch!” The man grunted and began to press his cock into her hole. I just knew he was going to kill her with that weapon. Paula grunted like a female in heat as she felt the flesh of her thighs being squeezed and the blunt, throbbing cockhead against the opening of her ass. He worked her buttocks apart and pushed. The big organ stretched her into a huge oval as it entered her ass. I expected my wife to scream in agony, but she hissed with intense female pleasure. The cock plowed into my wife’s ass. He forced it deeper and deeper until he crashed against her upturned buttocks, slamming it deep into her bowels.The black stud was now fucking my wife’s ass hard, with fierce driving strokes. He was skewered into her all the way to his balls, his cock rhythmically plowing in and out of the stretched ass. I watched her buttocks undulating in circles to the strokes of his cock. She was taking long, hard thrusts and rising to meet each one.Fingers held Paula’s buttocks and spread them wide. I saw her lover staring at the elastic ring of her asshole clinging tightly to his plunging prick. The sight obviously excited him. Leaning forward, he sank the shaft in all the way, watching it slide smoothly into her dark depths. My wife’s vacant vagina contracted in a hard spasm and whooshed air. She wailed in passion.Then it happened! The black man began spewing his hot sperm into my wife’s ass. I could tell she could feel it jetting into her in huge torrents. Her mouth flew wide and she made a continuous guttural grunting noise signaling the entry of more cum into her body. The load turned her rectum into a spasming, slippery tunnel that allowed the cock to slide in and out with ever increasing ease. My wife erupted in an intense orgasm, wailing and screaming.I searched the other three bedrooms before I found Vicky lying sprawled, legs wide open, in the middle of the rumpled, cum-stained bedsheets. She was either asleep or u*********s. Her body was covered with both dried and freshly deposited semen. It was all over her belly and even pooled in her navel. Her trimmed bush was matted with it. A half dozen strands of cum had dried in her hair. Her face, particularly her mouth, had obviously been the target of stream upon stream of cum. Both thighs were coated with it. Her big tits gleamed with male ejaculate. It appeared that the men had used her as the target for a circle jerk.Her wide open legs revealed a hugely stretched vagina. A big dollop of cum was slowly working its way out of her gaping hole, down her ass crease. She had been fucked so much that her cunt was showing no signs of closing. It stayed wide open, her labia spread off to the side. If it had not so full of semen, I would have been able to see several inches into her core.I had been searching for Vicky with the intent of fucking her. Now that I had found her, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. She was a mess, but the attraction of her pussy was too much to resist.She moaned when I mounted her, her legs automatically rising on either side of my body to give me access to her cunt. I felt virtually nothing when I shoved my cock into her vagina. There was essentially no resistance. I decided to try her ass instead.I wasn’t making much progress in my efforts to turn Vicky over as she was almost a dead weight. She finally woke up enough to realize that a man was trying to flip her over she he could use her ass. Grunting, she flopped over onto her belly and held herself up long enough for me to shove a pillow under her belly to elevate her ass into fucking position. Mounting her butt, I pushed my cock against her ass and slide easily and smoothly into her depths. Even though she was stretched open, her asshole provided considerably more friction. But it still wasn’t enough. Screwing a nearly u*********s woman never has been high on my list of sexual pleasures. Finally, I gave up.When I crawled off the bed, Vicky didn’t move. She stayed with her ass elevated. I wondered if any of the men would decide to use it. Epilog: I got my wife up and took her into the bathroom. Filling the hot tub, I helped her in and then got in beside her. We soaked for a long time. Afterwards, I dried her exhausted body, carried her to a clean bed, tucked her in and turned out the light. Then I joined Don and Susan downstairs.It was 11 AM.We spent the rest of that day with Don and Susan. Paula slept until 6 PM. After she had showered and dressed, we had dinner in a nice restaurant. At bedtime, I was wild to fuck my wife, but she told me she was just too sore to have more sex. When I complained, Susan invited me to sleep with her. Don even generously offered to sleep in the guest bedroom and allow me to have Susan all to myself.I would have preferred to have sex with my wife, but Susan was very good. I fucked her three times and didn’t get to sleep until nearly 1 AM.The next morning, Paula and I thanked our hosts and left for home. Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary was over, but it was one that we both remember with relish and excitement.RLMIf you have comments on this or our other stories, please send comments and questions to MBLMR@HOTMAIL.COM Postscript: I just had to add one more comment before Gordon posts this last installment. I’ve never told him this before. That last night at Don and Susan’s, I didn’t sleep alone and Don didn’t sleep in the guest bedroom. He joined me about an hour after Gordon and Susan went to bed. I told him I was pretty sore, but he wasn’t nearly as concerned about that as myhusband was.My mouth wasn’t sore, so I sucked his cock until he came. Afterwards, he put an electric vibrator against my clitoris until I had two intense orgasms. Don was hard again after I had cum the second time. He really wanted to screw me, so I told him not to ram me too hard and to go slow until he had it in.He poured astroglide over my pussy, mounted me missionary style, and slowly eased his cock into me. Once he was fully buried in my cunt, he began fucking me until I was filled with his load. We slept for a couple of hours, then he put leather cuffs around my ankles and tied them to the opposite posts at the head of the bed. In this wide open, exposed position, he used both my pussy and assholes until he put his third cum load into my ass. We slept curled up together. In the morning, he fucked me from behind before he would let me dress.My husband gave up too soon the night of the party and went to bed. As a result, he never did get to fuck Vicky. Len, however, had more patience. During a lull when the single guys were recovering, he got in bed with me and screwed me. Before morning, he had me a second time.So you weren’t the only one who got fucked that last night, Dear Hubby. And you should have had more patience the night of the party. Vicky was very disappointed.Paula

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