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My name is Debbie Smart. I divorced Mike three years ago, my childhood sweetheart, before becoming my spouse. We had a sexually fulfilling marriage, dominated by my obsession with the cane and Mike’s love of fucking my arse.We gradually drifted apart until Mike found true love, so he told me with his nineteen-year-old trainee!!I am a thirty-five-year-old blue-eyed blond, a bisexual sex-mad nymphomaniac with a rampant corporal punishment fetish that I like to enjoy as often as possible.My friends tell me I am a beautiful-looking woman and am lucky enough to have the looks and personality that have never left me short of friends or lovers.After leaving Warwick University with a first-class law degree, I have a rewarding job as a partner in a law practice. My colleagues at work respect me as a person and have no idea of my promiscuous lifestyle.I can’t even imagine what they would think if they knew that Debbie, their so respectable director loved screaming while her bum was caned by a man or woman and then crying tears of joy while having her pussy eaten or being fucked up the arse.I keep my private life discreet although friendly with the staff, I ensure that I have no meaningful relationships at work, male or female. I avoid getting too close to people and rarely mix socially with colleagues apart from lunch or the odd outing after work.Little did I realise my world was about to change for the better when we recruited the talented Daisy Adams from the C.P.S. I had often locked horns with Daisy in court, admiring her style and the natural way she played a jury. When one of the partners was due to retire, I recommended we approach Daisy and the board gave me their blessing to speak on their behalf.They had often heard me sing her praises and two of the board members had been impressed when seeing her in action. If I am honest, it wasn’t just Daisy’s obvious talent that had attracted me, as I found her one of the most sexually attractive women I had ever encountered.She is a year younger than me and has gorgeous chocolate coloured skin, dark smouldering eyes, a beautiful face, and a figure most women envy.I have often laid in bed fantasising about caning daisy’s beautiful palms before having rampant sex with her. While masturbating, I imagine it’s Daisy’s caned hands rubbing my clitoris as I make myself explode. Anadolu Yakası Escort I dream of those voluptuous lips sucking my pussy while she nibbles my clitoris. “God”, how I pray one day Daisy will want to fuck me as much as I do her.We had become close acquaintances and often sat together at lunch away from our legal teams discussing all sorts. We had become extremely comfortable in each other’s company and Daisy seemed to enjoy mine as much as I do hers.She explained that her father was English and served in Barbados as the senior attaché to the Foreign Office for many years. He had fallen in love with and married her mother, a lovely young beautiful Barbadon with a personality to match.Daisy showed me a photograph of her mother and sister that she carries in her purse. I think Daisy is stunning but “God,” I thought these women looked out of this world.She told me she had two siblings, one an elder brother who is married and lives in the States. Then Daisy added her younger sister Monique whose photograph I had just seen and is the Great Britain gymnastics team manager.She said that she had moved to England when she was seventeen with her family. The plan was always to attend an English University and gain her law degree. Even if her father hadn’t returned to the U.K., she would have on her own to continue her education.With her qualifications and background, she had no problem gaining entry to Oxford University. Her principal tutor recommended her to the C.P.S. who had unhesitantly employed her when she left  Oxford with a first-class Honours degree in law.I rang Daisy and arranged to meet Friday evening after work at the King’s Head in Covent Garden for a drink and to discuss the proposition that my firm had for her. She thanked me for recommending her and said she was interested as the opportunity to be a partner in a highly respected law firm was very appealing.She added she felt the time to move on was now and this provided a tempting opportunity to fulfil her ambition to practise in the private sector. Daisy also added that the salary offer was enticing but not a significant priority compared to job satisfaction.I said I would arrange a time and date for the interview, ring her but added it should be a mear formality if she accepts our offer as Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan we all wanted her.I asked if she had any plans for the evening as I was free all night. Daisy told me she had been very much single for three months since splitting with her long-term boyfriend and said she was so enjoying my company she would be delighted to continue.We found a reasonably quiet corner table and the wine was freely flowing. I explained to Daisy about my ex and that I was divorced. I added details of my career to date, my time at Uni and briefly my time at school. We were very chatty by now, not drunk but undoubtedly happy. Much to my delight, Daisy started to tell me about her schooling in the Windies.The school she had attended was the most prestigious on the island and well regarded by British Universities. Apart from a few scholarship pupils, it was a substantial fee-paying school.All the girls were required to pass a written entrance exam and a stiff interview before being enrolled. She told me her mother was a former head girl and her father a school governor but had satisfied all the entry requirements under her own steam.She said she had gained three top-grade “A” levels while her sister Monique who enrolled the year after her, went one better, passing the top grade with four.I said she was a very talented schoolgirl who had, no doubt, been the perfect pupil. I subtly led Daisy into my favourite subject by asking her how the staff had motivated and controlled the behaviour of pupils during her schooling.She told me all parents were required to sign up to a learning contract that, among other things, included the use of corporal punishment. It consisted of a strapping from the teachers to the ultimate deterrent of a headmistress caning.I became wet and my pussy was leaking as I had often imagined the gorgeous Daisy receiving a caning when playing with myself in bed at night.I told Daisy I bet they had never found cause to punish her with the strap or cane. She held out her palms and told me she couldn’t remember how often they were strapped in class as this was the accepted punishment for behavioural or performance failings. She held my hand as she told me the strap severely stung but although still a deterrent, not many girls screamed or cried Escort Anadolu Yakası after their first encounter with the belt.She added to her knowledge there wasn’t a girl in the school who had escaped the strap on more than one occasion and even the so-called goody two shoes had often felt their palms stinging. Daisy added that she had to admit the end justified the means as, academically and with their sporting prowess, the school’s record was the finest in Barbados. If ever they needed an argument for corporal punishment, her school provided one.I felt so horny Daisy’s hand in mine listening to her story that I was close to filling my knickers with love juice. I wanted Daisy so much my throbbing pussy was about to explode as I stroked her tender palm.Daisy then told me a headmistress caning was the ultimate deterrent and rarely used. She added the Headmistress administered the cane when other schools would probably have expelled the troublesome culprit. Daisy said to her knowledge the Head had never caned any of her class and only knew of the one girl punished for bullying.She told me the Headmistress was a fearsome woman and her mother once told her that she caned a girl on her bare bum but I thought this was more schoolgirl rumour than fact. Daisy said she had never imagined receiving a caning from Ms James, the Headmistress, in her wildest nightmares. Until that fateful day when summoned to the office with her sister Monique and her sister’s best friend Cully Barnaby.The bell sounded for final orders before Daisy had told me the tale. Daisy looked me in the eyes while squeezing my hand, asking if I would like to come back to her place as tomorrow was a Saturday and we didn’t have work.The atmosphere between us was intoxicating and Daisy was someone I desired. I told her I would love to hear the rest of her story and so enjoyed her company it would be a pleasure to go home with her. I couldn’t dare imagine but I was sure that Daisy Adam’s felt the same about me as I did her.We left the pub holding hands and I felt so horny I couldn’t help but kiss her. She returned my kiss, hugging me while whispering to excuse her language but she wanted to fuck me so severely her pussy felt alive waiting for my tongue. The wine had done away with all modesty and sex was the only thought on our minds.I don’t know what the taxi driver thought but he looked to be enjoying having two gorgeous women ravishing each other on his back seat. I paid the driver, who winked at me, saying he loved the drive and was sure I had to. I told him to keep the change and I’m sure he never got tired of telling his mates what happened in the back of his cab that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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