Alicia’s Sister Comes Home

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All active characters in this story are eighteen or over.

The story is fiction. All persons, places, events, and information given is fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The story is narrated by an eighteen year old girl therefore the entire story is dialogue.

This fictional story is full of incest so, if you are hung up about that kind of fantasy, you might want to read another one.

I write erotic stories for the purpose of entertaining people. Comments and feedback are like applause, please leave comments or feedback to let me know how I’m doing. One thing I request: If you make a comment, please take the time to sign in and don’t comment under Anonymous, I hate talking to ghosts. Thanks, everyone.


I’m Alicia but most of you know me already if you’ve read my previous stories. I’m a bisexual eighteen year old girl, nearly nineteen now, with blond hair and blue eyes. I have nice 34-C breasts and 36 inch hips because I have what is called a bubble butt. Some people say I’m beautiful but I don’t know. I just know that I’m pretty enough to turn heads, male and female, which pleases me a great deal since I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist. Plus, my good looks keep me as sexually active as I want to be.

My family consists of a mother and father who are swingers. Their names are George and Jean and, yes, they know I know about their swinging lifestyle. We are all very open and free. Dad is straight but Mom is bisexual like me. A year ago they were straight, pretty conventional and sexually inhibited but certain circumstances changed all that, circumstances brought about by me and my girlfriend’s influence. You can read all about it in my previous stories.

I also have an older sister, Krystal, who has been away at college while the changes were taking place in our house so she is not aware of them – yet. Besides being swingers, we, my Mom, Dad and I, are also nudists and have become accustomed to running around the house bare-assed naked all the time. We’ve also done some swinging together, though Dad and I never got together, but Mom and I have occasionally at swing parties or in threesomes here at home. I don’t know how Krystal would take it if she ever learned this about us. She was raised so conventional she would probably freak out. I hate to think what it would do to her. She is also pregnant now, getting knocked up in her second month at collage.

Mom and I have started our own business which we run at home on the internet.. I bet you can guess what it is, right? We have cameras set up around the living room for members who subscribe to our site so they can watch us and everything we do during our waking hours. Dad help us set it all up so we have his blessings. We have recordings of our most interesting activities that members can watch late at night while we sleep or just take a break. Dad is in that line of work so we have an excellent, professional installation. I had planned to go to collage but I’m making so much money now I just go to college part time. I’m working on an AAS degree in computer programming with some business courses on the side as a minor.

I came home one day from my classes and found Mom in the living room sitting at the computer as usual. The living room is also our studio for our web site and where all the sexy action takes place. I quietly undressed and stood behind her to read the monitor screen. She was chatting with a female member who was requesting that she play with herself. We have many please a member named Alma123 by teasing her, pulling her nipples out and tweaking them. We don’t have a microphone, all communication must be done via the keyboard.

Alma123: “Who’s that with you?”

Mom: “Alicia just joined me.” (We don’t use terms like daughter or mother, just first names.)

Alma123: “Could you do something together?”

Mom: “What would you like?”

Alma123: “Can she finger your pussy?”

Mom: “Are you fingering yourself?”

Alma123: “Yes. Have been for 5 minutes.”

Mom: “OK, cum when I cum.”

Mom pushed a button to switch cameras to give the member a good view. I reached down and did my share of teasing by raking my nails up her inner thigh and up across her mound with short pubic hair trimmed in a heart shape. I toyed with the short strands of hair, moving my fingers in a circular pattern.

“You may be teasing our member but you’re also teasing me, girl!” Mom said.

I kissed her and moved my hand down to the lips I knew were longing for my touch. My fingers moved slowly down her pussy lips. I parted the butterfly lips open and inserted two fingers into her warm, wet love canal. Mom, or Jean, started gyrating her hips in time with my finger thrusts, making her mewl and whimper as she worked her way up to a wonderful orgasm. Jean’s hips quieted down when the orgasm passed and she pushed the button to switch the cameras back.

Alma123: “I had a wonderful orgasm. Thank you both.”

Mom: “Our pleasure. Bye.”

“Would bursa escort bayan you take over for a bit, Honey? I’ve had six orgasms this afternoon already,” she asked me.

“You can play recordings if you get too busy,” I reminded her.

“Yes, I know. But they’re paying for live shows and chat privileges and I want to give them their monies worth.”

You may be astonished that a mother and daughter could act so perverted, I guess you’d call it. But when we’re swinging or on the job here on our internet site, we’re no longer mother and daughter, we’re Jean and Alicia,. a MILF and Teen team. The mother and daughter bit ceases to exist for the time being. We’ve been invited to do some porn flicks out in California but it’s so far away and who’d run our internet site? It will take some time to work that all out.

As I sat down at the computer, the telephone in the kitchen rang (We took it out of the living room to keep it from interrupting us at the computer).

“I’ll get it,” Jean said.

I put on a baby doll pajama set and sat down at the computer. It teases the members more if they can watch you undress, which they all love. A male member signed on just then. I chatted with him for a bit and he asked me to take off my top. Being the exhibitionist I am, I obliged him and soon he was asking to see my pussy. I removed the pajama bottoms slowly, teasing him as much as I could. My pussy began to tingle and throb as I became aware that I was probably showing myself to a male member who was most likely beating his meat while watching me pose for him. I posed for him seductively until he came and signed off. Jean soon came back with a perplexed look on her face. I turned on the video recordings so the members could watch them while we took a break.

“Krystal called. She said it was getting too hard to work and go to college with her being five months pregnant and single. She wants to come home until after the baby is born She said she will be going back to college after that. Of course, I told her to come on home, her room is waiting for her but it hit me when I hung up about the problems that will arise then.”

“Gee, maybe we’d better tell her what we’re doing so she can change her mind if she wants to,” I replied.

“But I want her to come home and she doesn’t have any other option at this point.”

“Yeah, I’d love for her to come home, too. I love her as much as you do, Mom. Maybe we could run the site in your bedroom,” I suggested.

“We’ll ask your Dad if he can move the computer upstairs for us when he gets home from work.” Mom said dubiously.

“I’ve got a better idea. How about if I buy another computer with my money? I can set the computer up but we can ask Dad if he would set up the cameras and video equipment. He’s good at that”

“That’s a good idea, Honey. All we’d have to do then is keep Krystal from going into my bedroom.”

We stood naked in front of each other as naturally as we normally would if we were fully clothed. We put our arms around each other and hugged to seal our conspiratorial plans. Being the same height our breasts mashed tightly together but it went pretty much unnoticed by us both..

“It’s time to get back into the mother daughter routine now. I’ll get supper ready and you can set the table. Your father will be home shortly.”

“Okay, Mom,” I said while watching Jean put an apron on her naked body.

The apron might have protected her front while she cooked but it only accentuated her gorgeous butt cheeks in back. Mom has a really sexy, smooth ass that turns heads where ever she goes, clothed or nude. I wish my ass was like hers. I have a nice ass but not something special like hers. While setting the table I deliberately rubbed my bare ass cheeks against Mom’s. She pushed her butt back against me and swayed her ass back and forth.

“Your ass is getting fat, girl,” she said playfully.

“I’m trying to catch up to you,” I giggled.

“Oh, my ass isn’t fat, it’s just round and ample,” she chuckled.

“Yeah, I know, you’ve got the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen!” I smiled, patting her bare ass cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle slightly.

“Thank you, Honey,” she blushed.

It amused me to think that I could actually make my mother blush with a compliment, but then, not many mothers and daughters have a close relationship like the one we enjoyed.

“When will Krystal be coming home?” I asked.

“Her last test is on Friday and she said she’d be here on Saturday.”

“This weekend or next weekend?” I asked.

“This weekend, Dear.”

“We’d better get a move on and get our studio moved then.”


Come Friday night we were moved into our new studio in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. I had bought a new computer and Dad moved the cameras and equipment from the living room. Everything was working smoothly now after we got a few bugs out of the system and got the cameras set up to the best angles possible. With the gorukle escort bed so close to the computer we could do even more things for our members now. Dad had aimed a camera perfectly on the bed to show everything that was done on it. All we had to do was remember to aim the parts we wanted to show directly at the camera since the camera didn’t move.

I was chatting with Horny Dude who kept on wanting me to do something else and something else. The problem was he didn’t ask politely or give compliments. He was very demanding and almost rude. When Mom came in I was bent over in front of the camera with my hands spreading my butt cheeks apart so he could see my asshole. I guess he got off with that though and he soon logged off to my relief.

“How are things going?” she asked.

“Oh, fine,” I said, not too convincingly.

“If you need a break I’ll take over for a little bit,” she said.

Just as she sat down, Alma123 signed on to chat. Since I was still in the camera range she saw me and was pleased to find both of us there. I leaned in to wave hello and blow her a kiss.

Alma123: “I see you moved from the living room to your bedroom.”

Mom: “Yeah, we thought the bedroom would be better.”

Alkma123: “You are both so beautiful. Can you do something together on the bed?”

Mom: “Alicia was just going on break.”

Alma123: “O please, it makes me so hot to see you two together.”

I smiled when I read that and was glad to have opportunity to have a little fun myself. I got on the bed and waited.

“Tell her to get naked and play with herself while she watches,” I said.

Mom typed some more on the keyboard then joined me on the bed.

“She says she’s always naked and fingering herself when she’s watching our site. She wants me to seduce you as if you were my young lover and then end up in a sixty-nine,” she told me with a smile.

I never thought of my Mom as my lover but we had a show to put on so I had to pretend she was for now. Actually we have had sex together but it was just sex, mostly at swing parties and such. We didn’t have to act like we were in love with each other then.

“Ooo, I hope you pushed the record button for this!”

“I did. Now just act shy and bashful while we get started.” she said as she got on the bed beside me.

Mom, or Jean now, took my face in her hands and caressed my cheeks lovingly. Dang, she should go to Hollywood, she was convincing even me that she was my lover. We kissed passionately and she actually sucked my tongue out of my mouth so Alma123 couldn’t miss it. I loved my mother and had kissed her many times, but this woman was Jean and I began to fall deeply in love with her at that moment. I didn’t have to act at being her lover any longer, the kiss became a passionate kiss between two lovers for real. I wondered if Jean needed to keep on acting or if she had stopped acting also!

“I love you, m – Jean,” I whispered.”

“I love you, too, Darling.”

It was the most difficult thing for me to do to keep on acting shy and bashful after that. My pussy was so hot and wet from wanting her, I just shut my eyes tight and let her take the lead from then on. She wasn’t the least bit bashful when she made mad, passionate love to my C-cup breasts. She squeezed them tenderly, enjoying the feel and sight of them in her loving hands. She laved and sucked my nipples like a hungry baby with an insatiable appetite.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your breasts? They are so beautiful,” she said quietly.

“I love how you treat them. Nobody can do it as good as you.”

Since we can’t move the camera around, we have to keep changing positions for the camera. Jean got on her back to let me kiss and suck her breasts. In spite of being almost forty years old, her D-cup breasts were still firm and held their shape quite well when she was on her back.. I loved those breasts dearly and set out to show her exactly how I felt. She guided my hands and face to her breasts for the camera but she didn’t have to, I was already on my way. I molded her beautiful breasts lovingly in my hands and lightly flicked my tongue rapidly across her nipple. She began to whimper as I sucked and nibbled on her beautiful nipples. But eventually and reluctantly I had to move off of her to allow her to reach the keyboard and read the monitor screen.

Mom: “Is everything okay?”

Alma123: “Fine. I had one orgasm already.”

I laid down on the bed and Jean laid on top of me, slowly moving down my body with little kisses from my collar bone while lightly raking her fingernails up and down my body, arms and hips. My pussy was throbbing and wet with desire for her but I remembered I had to act bashful. What I wanted to do was guide her face to my pulsating joy box for the pleasure I was aching for. Her kisses were more like beautiful expressions of erotic love than just kisses.

“Oh, Jean, Jean, Jean, – you’re making my pussy so hot and wet bursa merkez escort bayan for you!”

When she got to my navel she put her tongue into it as far as it would go and wiggled it which made me squeal with delight. She’s perfectly aware that my earlobes and my navel are hot spots for me, as well as my asshole. One touch, one kiss, one warm breath against them is nearly enough to make me orgasm on the spot.

“Open your legs wide for the camera, Baby. I want a good shot of this so I can watch it over and over again.”

Jean brushed her hair out of the way and kissed a line directly from my navel to my waiting pussy lips. She laid her fingers flat on the length of my pussy and moved her hand back and forth sideways. My juices were flowing abundantly as she rubbed across my lips and clit.

“Oh, yes, Jean! That feels so good.”

Jean removed her fingers from my pussy and just stared at my lips lovingly. Her head slowly descended for her lips and tongue to make contact with my wide open butterfly lips, keeping her head to the side as much as possible so the camera had a good shot of all the action. She ran her tongue up and down the sides of my pink hood and all around my clit.

“Ah, Jean, – yes! You do that so well.”

I was mewling and whimpering loudly as my orgasm approached. Jean put her hands under my butt cheeks and lifted me up, pulling me into her hungry mouth as her tongue slid around and over my little pink bump, my clit, bringing me to an intense orgasm.

“I’m cumming! Don’t stop, I’m cumming!”

I ground my pelvis hard against Jean’s mouth as she slowly twirled her tongue around my clit until my orgasm came to a slow, grinding end. She looked again at the monitor screen, I read over her shoulder.

Alma123: “Thank you both for two wonderful orgasms, I really needed them.. You are such a wonderful team. Gotta go now. Bye”

The words appeared as we watched but before Jean could reply she had signed off.

“Aw, she’s so sweet. I’d like to meet her in person and get to know her,” Jean said. “I’ll bet she’d be fun in bed.”

“Yeah, there’s several members I’d like to meet but we have to be careful with the law and all. We don’t want to get arrested for prostitution,” I replied.

“Oh, I don’t think it would be a problem to meet them just for fun. Anyway, we have to wait for them to make the first move.”


Saturday morning I awoke feeling like I was starving to death and realized I hadn’t eaten much for supper and nothing since then. I drug my naked body out of bed and took a morning wake up shower, making sure I got everything clean. I never know when I might have to use some of it for some fun.

The wonderful thing about living in a nudist household is you never have to get dressed unless you plan to go out. We keep bathrobes hanging on a coat tree by the front entry in case someone comes to the door. I padded down the hall in my birthday suit to Mom and Dad’s room to see what they were up to. Their door stood ajar so I pushed it open and looked in. I should have known, Dad was behind Mom doing her doggie style.

“I’m going down to make breakfast. Anyone want bacon and eggs this morning?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” Mom said, looking back over her shoulder.

Dad nodded his head yes and kept on going. I didn’t interrupt them one bit. I think we all love to watch and be watched in our family.

By the time I had the biscuits done, the bacon fried and scrambled eggs frying, Mom and Dad came in looking like they could eat a horse. We ate our fill and there were no leftovers to put up, which is how I like it. Dad watched me as I cleared the table. Now, Dad had seen me naked and I had seen Dad’s pecker many times, both erect and soft, but I had to smile when I noticed his cock stir and twitch as he watched me move about the kitchen.

“Did you have enough to eat, Dad?” I asked him.

“What?” he asked as if he spent the last ten minutes in Alaska.

“Food, Daddy, food. Did you have enough to eat,” I giggled.

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

He crossed his legs to hide his fledgling erection. I smiled at him, amused that I could have that affect on him. I made a mental note to invite my best friend Shelly over for a visit and to provide Dad with a little diversion Ever since Mom gave Shelly permission to give Dad a little pussy, (they did it to entice Dad into joining a nudist club) they’ve enjoyed each others company for a fuck every now and then. Often times Mom would join them and make it a threesome and sometimes I would join them for a foursome at which time Dad would have to share Shelly with me. Shelly figures that’s what best friends are for, to give the old Dad a little enjoyment now and then. Mom figures as long as it’s done in our house he isn’t playing around so she’s fine with that.

“Are you playing golf today, Dad?”

“Yeah, I can play a while this morning but I want to be home when Krystal gets here.”

Dad went to get ready for his golf game while Mom and I cleaned up the kitchen.


About eleven-thirty that morning Mom had just finished her housework and came in the bedroom to relieve me at the computer. I was idle so Mom, or Jean, just sat down in my chair.

“We’d better start getting ready for Krystal to arrive,” I told her.

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