A Shower , A Feast

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I am in the shower, when suddenly the curtain flies open and two pairs of hands grab me from behind and pull me out. I had my eyes closed, as I was rinsing the soap off my body and I am told to keep them closed. Today was not supposed to be a day for meeting a “third” to fulfill our fantasy with…Tony must have surprised me.

They are not rough with me, but then to ensure that I can not look at who got me out of the shower, I am blindfolded. I’m lead into the bedroom and thrown on the bed. My wrists are tied and held above my head. My legs are being spread open. I feel an ice cube being run down the front of my body, as a dildo is shoved into my pussy. “Oh!” When I open my mouth to say something, I feel a cock trying to make its way into my mouth. I comply…feeling it stiffen as I slather it with my hot, wet mouth. I hear a groan, and then feel a shot of cum hit the roof of my mouth. As he cums, I feel the other guy put his mouth on my clit and suck. I start writhing on the bed as I get closer and closer to my orgasm. The first guy (who had his cock in my mouth) leans over me and takes my nipple into his mouth. That does it, my orgasm washes over my body and I can’t stop cumming. The man eating my cunt, slowly removes the dildo and replaces it with ankara2010.com his hard cock. He pumps into me a few times, feeling my slickness, while the other guy continues to suck on my nipples. Suddenly, the man fucking me pulls out…I feel so empty…he flips me over and slides under me and helps me to straddle his hips. Now I ride his cock like a wild woman. He can’t take it anymore and grabs my hips as he slams his cock deep into my pussy and holds me to him while he cums.

The men then leave me lying on the bed and still blindfolded with my hands tied together. I rest for a bit…and then I reach up and take the blindfold off. I can’t quite manage to get my hands untied though. I walk out of the bedroom and into the living room before I remember that I’m naked. My steps falter…but then I think “Fuck it, they’ve already seen me naked.”

So I continue on my way and as I round the corner into the living room, I stop short. Tony is sitting on the couch being sucked off by someone I don’t recognize while Matt is fucking her from behind.

They haven’t seen me yet, so I backtrack and watch from around the corner. I have never had the fantasy of watching my guy having any kind of sexual contact with another woman, but I am finding myself strangely turned on.

While I’m watching, I am working at my bonds, finally getting them free. I can only take so much…I walk out into the living room so everyone can see me. Tony looks surprised and Matt has his eyes closed and is lost in his own world.

Tony tries to stop the strange woman from continuing her blow job, but I stop him from stopping her. I climb up and stand in front of him and instruct him to eat my pussy…he readily agrees and pushes his face in my cunt and slips two fingers up my pussy and starts working furiously to get me to cum. I’m almost there when I hear him groan in front of me and Matt groan behind me. Tony shoots his load into the woman’s mouth as Matt shoots his load into her pussy. As Tony groans against my throbbing clit, it sends vibrations through me and sends me over the edge into my orgasm. As I cum, I grab his head so he can’t get away and I don’t fall backward.

When my orgasm subsides, I slide down his chest until my head is resting on his shoulder. We are both breathing hard. He whispers in my ear “She’s not as good as you.” That makes me smile. After we all rest for a while, I look up and realize the woman is gone. I didn’t even ask who she was.

I make dinner for my guys in the nude…feeling hands roaming over me, having my hands full and not being able to keep them off of me. Dinner is put on hold, while Matt’s and Tony’s hands pull things out of my hands until they are free, pull me down to the kitchen floor and feast on me. I get caressed and licked all over my body. Not a place goes untouched. I am completely at their mercy and completely aroused again, as are they.

Tony lays down on the floor with me straddling his hips and as I sit on his cock, Matt gets behind me and lubes up my ass, and slowly slides his cock into my ass. I groan and look down at Tony. His face is an expression of pure bliss. I feel so tight and slippery to him and he’s just enjoying the sensation of how much tighter I am when Matt slides into my ass.

And then we are all moving hips together and I push my pelvis into Tony’s to rub against my clit, as I feel my orgasm trying to get free. I move more urgently against Tony, pushing back into Matt, my orgasm coming. “I’m cumming,” I shout. Tony and Matt pump into me a few more times, each loving the sensation my spasming pussy is giving them. Each grab my hips to hold me to them as they fill my holes up with their cum. The orgasms seem to go on forever.

Finally, we are all exhausted and make our way into the bedroom where we all promptly fall into an exhausted sleep.

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