A Cinematic Experience

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Dan simply has to ask Laura for a date. For more than a week he’s chatted amiably with the retro clothing store’s pretty assistant,Laura. Whose manifest attractions include a film star figure, radiant smile, and hard-to-define hint of… what? Dan searches for the correct word, ‘naughtiness’ perhaps? Even during their most mundane conversations, he has the sense Laura is ‘up for it’. Up for what exactly remains to be seen. One thing he has discovered is that both are keen fans of old movies.Patiently waiting outside Dan eventually notices the shop is, but for Laura, empty. Five minutes later, the object of his desire accepts his suggestion of a visit to the local cinema, not a hard sell, Laura has sex izle been secretly hoping he’d take the initiative.”I’ll lock up, bank the takings, get changed, and meet you in the foyer in time for the eight o’clock programme,” she says, busily.”There’s always too much to do these days, life must have been simpler in black Laura’s hair hangs in soft waves to her shoulders; eyebrows drawn into dark curves. A fitted jacket emphasises her trim waist, its matching full skirt swirling just below her knees. Demurely accepting his spellbound invitation to enter, Laura teeters across the room, unaccustomed to the high heels on her ankle-strap shoes.”Wow! You look amazing,” Dan ushers Laura to the fransız porno sofa where she gracefully sits, crossing her legs with a sensual swish of nylon.”Went a bit overboard,” she admits mischievously, “I’ve been wanting to dress up in some of the shop’s stock for ages.””Care for a glass of wine?””Definitely, a large glass of red please.””You’ll be insisting on the same degree of propriety as last night?” Dan ventures.”That’s for me to know and you to discover,” Laura adds, slipping into character as he passes her drink, ” and be careful, these stockings cost a fortune.””Why so special?” he asks, guilelessly.”They’ve got seams.” Laura lifts her skirt to flash teen porno him a glimpse.”So, you think,” Dan says, voice dangerously low, “flirting outrageously comes without consequences?””Worked for Hepburn and Tracey,” Laura responds cheekily, sensing the change in his tone and trying to escape Dan’s reach.”Not so fast,” he says in the time-honoured manner of a B-movie hero, and unceremoniously tumbles her across his lap.”What the hell are you doing?” she demands crossly.”Same as Rock Hudson did to Barbara Rush,” he laughs, emphasising the point by bringing his hand down sharply. Although Laura protests, it’s with a perceptible lack of conviction. Growing ever more confident, Dan methodically spanks every inch of her rear until his palm feels hot, although nothing in comparison to the burning sensation assailing Laura’s bottom. Spanking didn’t hurt this much in her imagination. “No,” She wails hopelessly as the chic skirt is raised to her waist.

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