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Trying out analTHIS HAPPENED IN 2007Donna and I had gone away for the weekend, to a nice hotel by the sea to relax, on the Saturday evening we’d had our evening meal and we were sat outside as I was smoking, and she was talking to this other bloke, apparently he was there with his grandparents as he was a nurse and one of them was poorly he’d come along as a chaperone, his name was Phil and he was 28.Later on we said goodbye and Donna and I went out for a walk. It was around 10pm when we got back to the hotel, as I had another cigarette there was Phil, he helped to put his grandparents to bed and now he was going for a drink in the bar, “You go with him I’ll be in in a minute” I told Donna and in they went talking. Now I know my wife and I knew what she was thinking!I sat down at a table as we were all chatting away and before we knew it it was 11:30, as we got another drink Donna said to Phil “Come up and have it in our room” so he did. As we walked into the room Phil sat on the bed whilst Donna went to the bathroom, I sat in a chair opposite him. We were talking about this and that when Donna came out of the bathroom wearing a casual nightie.Phil’s eyes nearly fell out when my wife came and sat next to him, he didn’t know where to bornova escort look. As she sat down she took his drink off him and placed it on the bedside table, as she bent over her nightie rode up showing her white panties, again Phil looked uncomfortable and squirmed as he sat. Donna sat back down and turned to face him, ran her finger down his cheek and lightly kissed his lips. He looked straight at me, I was sat in the chair smiling and feeling horny as fuck. As she kissed him again she said “When did you last have sex Phil?” “No idea, years” he replied, as he looked at the floor, Donna said “Change places with ***** and watch”, as he stood up he seemed to have a semi on, we switched places and Donna and I were soon snogging.As we kissed and I was feeling her tits she was breathing heavier, taking off her nightie I ran my fingers up her thighs and soon they were rubbing the front of her knickers. She unbuttoned my jeans and took them off as she pulled my briefs down my cock sprang up she grabbed it and was soon slipping me into her mouth.I laid on the bed and pulled down her knickers rubbing the gusset in my face I threw them to Phil “Here sniff my wife” as he caught them, soon Donna had straddled bornova escort bayan my face and we were in a 69, as she sucked my cock and grinded her pussy in my face it wasn’t long before she gasped out she was coming, then sure enough her juices exploded in my face as she moaned out.I wasn’t close so we carried on, she does an awesome blowjob. As I moved slightly I said to Phil “Come over here and take her from behind”, as I sat her back down on my face I noticed Phil’s cock was slowly pushing into her, as he slotted in she gasped and moaned as he began to fuck her as I licked her clit, I knew she wouldn’t last long.I could easily see Phil’s cock moving in and out of my wife’s pussy and every now and then I’d lick his shaft as he built up speed. Unfortunately for Phil as he hadn’t had sex for some years he couldn’t control his orgasm and in only a few minutes he gasped and said he was coming. Before he or we had time to react he was shooting his seed in Donna’s cunt.It made her come again as she panted out another climax as I licked her furiously and she squealed as she bucked as I licked as Phil ejaculated. In only a few minutes Phil fell out soft, and I licked away as I was close but not close escort bornova enough, Phil’s seed started to drip out of Donna’s pussy and run into my mouth. I tipped Donna off and said to Phil “Come here” as he knelt on the bed Donna moved round to be behind him and licked his ass, as he moaned I stood behind her and she took hold of my cock with one hand and fingered Phil’s ass with her other, she looked at me and winked. I knew what she wanted me to do and to be honest I was gagging for sex so I didn’t care.As Donna removed her finger from Phil’s ass I moved into position, Donna sat on the bed directly in front of him, opened her legs and rubbed her clit with her finger, Phil was watching. Then I shoved my cock into Phil’s ass, as he screamed I was fucking him in a decent enough rhythm to get good feeling.I said “Phil lick your seed out of my wife” as he bent down to lick her cunt she moaned, then he half-heartedly attempted to perform oral sex on her but he wasn’t doing it right and Donna said “Don’t, just finger me” and so he did. About two minutes later I was ready and fucking Phil hard I shot my load inside his arsehole, it didn’t seem to go anywhere it just ran out as quick as I put it in.After I’d gone soft he stopped fingering Donna and needed the toilet, then he got dressed in a hurry and left. I had a good shower then fucked Donna in a proper fashion before going outside for a cig to find Phil there. “Sorry I didn’t know what to do with her, but I enjoyed the fuck you gave me”, “Good” I replied somewhat bemused.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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