The visit on the farm

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Adriana Chechik

The visit on the farmA sample from my book “The visit on the farm” available under the same name at Amazon. Have fun reading.”Lord, I will dry them now. Would you please raise your hands.” In front of me stands one of the two pretty ones and I see number two stretching her arms to the side next to me. Ok I could also dry myself off, but I don’t want to be a spoilsport. Delicately, but also at the same time with emphasis I am dried by her. She doesn’t stop me from drying my cock and pulls my foreskin back several times. Do I want to have sex again? Actually not, but only a pleasant massage. Not this with all power to be walkt through, as it is done in some massage practices. No, I really don’t feel like it now.”Lord, how would you like your massage?” Looking into my eyes she stands in front of me. If the beautiful brown eyes, it goes through my head.”What would be in the offer? I should not have asked! Alternately the two count up.The classical massage “How it is used in Europe”.”Thai massage also known as Nuat Phaen Boran.””Hot Stone – Massage as the name suggests is done with hot stones and warm oils.””Shiatsu massage whereby both variants are possible. You can choose between Namikoshi and Masunga”.”Dorn-Breuss massage, you should have problems with your back.””Singing bowl massage, we would have twenty different bowls available.” “Pantai Luar, we would use herbal stamps made by us for this.””Hot Chocolate Massage, we have the most suitable chocolate here.””Ayurvedic massage, we have specially acquired a massage for the whole body and carry it out with silk gloves.””Tuina, naturally based on the meridian theory.”Lomi Lomi Nui, of course we can add Hawaiian healing chants.””Lulur massage, the so-called bridal massage.””Lingam massage, whereby we put value on your most valuable part! For number two I would recommend the Yoni massage.”Great, what is the right part of it now? I look at both of them and am at a loss. I realize that they have to be well trained in this field.”Lord, what would you like to achieve through the massage?””Actually relaxation and not that I still have back pain afterwards. What would be the right thing to do? On the side next to me I see number 2 laughing out loud. “What is then? Do you know all these guys by heart?””No I felt the same as you and I said almost the same as you on the question. They are madness and I can only recommend you to try them all out”. Smiling, number 2 looks at me. But I get the short look of the sisters and can see that they are irritated about the relaxed way number 2 talks to me. I ignore this impertinence and look at my masseuse.”Lord, halkalı escort excuse me I was briefly distracted. So I suggest a mixture of a Nuru massage, with body to body execution.” She smiles as if she had just said I would get a wopper with coke. “What for God’s sake is now another one…” Now I was out and number 2 jumped to my side.”Yes that’s good, we’ll do that.” She looks at me. “You will like it. Trust me, I know her and it’s wonderful.” I nod and am led to a mat, by the way also number 2. Here I should lie down on my stomach and finally relax. I turn my head in the direction of number 2 and she smiles at me.”Lord, I will now apply the Nuru gel and begin the massage.” I hear behind me. But I don’t immediately get the gel on my skin, she uses her long hair and strokes my body with it. Now, without interrupting the contact between body and hair, she sits on my thighs and strokes the hair from my back to my bottom. O man, how good is that? A feeling between tickle and a little touch of eroticism meet each other. Dear reader you should ever have the opportunity to experience that, do it and don’t ask! Only after she has given me this feeling for about five minutes do I feel how she puts an oil or whatever that is on the body. Pleasantly tempered it is a blessing for my body. With her hands she distributes the stuff on my body and makes soft long movements with her hands. Now it gets really crazy. I forgot that the naked are and I am reminded of it in a special way. She just lays herself on top of me. I open my eyes and can see that the same thing happens to number 2. I can feel the small breasts of this French woman sliding back and forth on my back and her hands stroking my arms and sides. They do not weigh so much with their small body size now also that it would be oppressive. Through the gel she can simply glide in any direction on me what she also does. Nice and slow her body drives on mine up and down and that has already something. This dainty body radiates such a calm and yet charged warmth. Now she goes further down with her buttocks and comes so with her breasts in the area of my bottom. How nice it is to feel the two of them. Her hands now circle on my back and her nipples irritate my ass. Next she slides down and her hands play with my ass cheek. Upps now she also goes into the arse crack and drives up and down there. Besides, I feel her nipples as they graze my legs. With a big gliding movement she comes on me sliding back up again. Quietly she whispers into my ear. “Lord, şişli escort I sit up so that they can turn around.” The whole thing now comes again from the front and she will see my stiffener, which I have got for a long time. It doesn’t matter that it won’t be her first. So I turn around and she looks at my tail. The smile on her face I can’t interpret for sure yet. Again she applies gel and rubs it all over my body. Her body is already shining from the stuff and that doesn’t make the situation any easier for me. As if spellbound, I look at her. At some point she tied her hair to a plait. So I can admire her small and firm breasts. “Lord, would you like to touch her?” She asks me and I just nod in agreement.”But you must earn that!“ Says be and turns his back to me. Slowly as in slow motion she pushes her little ass in the direction of my head. Her knees are on the side of my upper body which now gives me an incredible view of her pussy. She now lies on top of me and comes with her wide open pussy more and more close to my mouth. At the same time my cock lies between her tits and I’m clear that I should massage her here probably. Better to pamper her pussy with my tongue, easy exercise and with the offer I go but with pleasure on it. Now she has arrived with her pussy and at the same time she begins to massage my cock. But she also plays a mad game with me down there. I revangiere me and spoil her pussy as best I can. She seems to like it, because more and more she pushes me her pearl against my mouth. Beside us it goes probably also to the thing, to judge at least after the noises the two have over there really fun. The smell and the taste of this little mouse finishes me and the massage of my best piece brings me to the edge of the possible. She notices it and lets go of me to turn again. She comes up with her upper body and holds her tits in front of my face. Quietly she says to me. “You deserve that! Have fun with both of them”. Before me the small tits stand and I suck first carefully and then ever more strongly at the nipples. With the hands I knead them through and they feel wonderful. She reacts and starts moaning. “Lord, that is good! Keep going and don’t stop! She doesn’t say any more whispering now. However, her nipples also stand nicely off and I suck on it as if there will be no more tomorrow. She trembles briefly all over her body and breathes. “Oh mon Dieu, c’est génial! J’arrive! Then she jerks the air out of her lungs. “You are fantastic and I will now show you a secret technique that we learned at number 4. Just sarıyer escort lie there and I’ll do the rest.” Slowly she glides down and as if by herself my tail penetrates into them. As expected she is tight and yet she pushes herself further on my best. I think I’m a little over half in her when she stops. From a reflex I try by lifting my hip to penetrate further into her. “Don’t, don’t do that and stay calm! She says quietly to me and looks me in the eyes. Ok then I stay lying, I still think. Heavens what is that now down there. She started to massage my cock only with the muscle of her pussy. It’s like a pump is starting to work down there and work on my shaft. It’s so unique and awesome how it feels that I can’t describe it. Again and again it is as if someone would milk me with his hand. But her hands are on mine and so she can only do it with the help of her pussy. She even varies the pressure of this ring movement and I know now that I will not endure this treatment for long. Should anyone enter this room it would look like we are just lying around. Only with a close look he would see that her ass muscles are also working. Very small movements would tell him that there is more than just lying around. She stops for a moment and pushes herself a little further on me to start again right away. I can’t help myself and grab her bottom with my hands. I can feel the muscles working and for my cock it is a celebration. Now is the end of control is come into her and shoot my seed into her. She also takes the last drop out of me. Slowly she rises and holds me again briefly her tits before the mouth and I cover them with many small kisses. Only when she has enough does she straighten up and sit down on my thighs. She looks at her sister and smiles at her.”Je vais avoir des douleurs là-bas demain, mais il se fait remarquer depuis longtemps!” she says to her and both laugh away. I don’t understand a word and look at her questioningly. “I said that tomorrow I’ll have sore muscles because you’re a good lover.” Man likes to hear that!”With you, no wonder! Whatever you just pulled off, I would like to come back to it.” I say and sit up to kiss her. For that I want to cover her upper body and pull her towards me. She pushes me back.”Sur la bouche n’est pas embrassé! Do not kiss on the mouth! There’s only trouble like that and I don’t feel like it! We are finished with the massage and if you want I can still clean you.” Say it with a business-like tone. I look at her in amazement. But she doesn’t react to my gaze. The explanation comes from number 2. “That’s her thing or her quirk you can also say. Both believe whom they kiss customers on the mouth the danger is great that they fall in love. Yes do not look so! You may lick their ass should be after you and eat their pussy, but with a kiss on the mouth they close. They have always handled it that way and don’t let it talk them out of it. Did you like the massage?” She smiles and looks at me.

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