The House Party Pt. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Benji laughed and dodged away, though he was not quick enough to evade a jab to the ribs. Dal breathed heavily, flushed in the face, and the bright bay stallion’s cock throbbed eagerly.

“Hey…” He grinned, leaning in, stealing another kiss from Dal with a cheeky caress of his jawline. “Why don’t we show them exactly why shades of bay are better than grey, hm?”

Dal quirked an eyebrow, still not having been able to get in more words than mere grumbles as Benji showed him exactly what he wanted. The lighter-coloured stallion bent obligingly over the back of a sofa, near the back of what seemed to be one of the living areas of the student house, though it was hard to see with so many lustful bodies moving in and out of one another. His tail perked up, revealing the chocolate brown treat of his tail hole, the fat doughnut already twitching in anticipation of the pleasure that he was about to receive.

Dal smirked, rubbing his jaw.

“Hm, never would have pegged you for a bottom, but I suppose with a mouth like that on you, someone has to shut you up at some point.”

Benji grinned, flicking his tail cheekily.

“Yeah, well… Maybe in a sense…”

He dodged the point as Dal took advantage of the mare’s slickness still coating his cock, already pre-lubed and ready to go. He rubbed up against Benji’s backside, but perhaps he should have known that he was never truly going to be the top for him, for Benji had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Figuratively, of course…

For he had barely even pushed into the hotness of Benji’s tail hole before the other stallion was grinding back on him with a heady slam, taking control of the moment as the strong muscle in his thighs contracted. He was rough and demanding enough, even on the bottom, to startle a whinny from Dal’s lips, though Benji only nickered a short bubble of laughter in return.

“What… Mmph…” He grunted, flagging his tail high to expose the velvety dock on the underside. “You didn’t expect that…hm…did you?”

He tried to be sly and cheeky, but it was hard even for him to hold onto that part of himself, though he was keener than ever to get off. Being a power bottom, at least for Benji, gave him the most flexibility in what he wanted to do, controlling the moment, nickering and stomping and demanding more.

“Go on then,” he grunted, his voice a little huskier than it usually was. “Harder. Go on…unngghhh… You can do it, Dal, come on… Fuck me!”

He snapped the last words, though they were lightened by the smile on his lips, the warmth of it reaching his eyes. For he was just there, in that moment, to take all that his aching, heat-saturated body craved, eroticism sinking into him as Dal grinned and rose to the occasion.

“Alright… But you better hold onto the sofa then!”

He laughed as he slammed in, letting loose his lust that needed to be spent again, Dal’s mind taken over by giving Benji the ride of his life. He slammed in as the power bottom demanded, though his will there was to give Benji such a good time that he forgot even that he had wanted to demand things of Dal. It was not a side of the stallion that Dalarius had honestly seen before and it excited him to the point of whinnying, his own tail flagging over the creamy mess of his tail hole, though he was busy grinding into Benji to notice the appreciative looks he was getting.

But he had to thrust, grunting, snorting, his neck pulling into an arch. He couldn’t help himself, swathes of pleasure washing over him, dragging him deeper and deeper into the stallion under him. He couldn’t get enough of him and that aroused Dal more than anything else that night so far, even though, by all means, the night was still young enough for more to come.

“Unff… Fuuuck.”

He swore under his breath, sweat darkening his coat further, frothing around his hips and crotch where his body came into contact more often with Benji’s. The power bottom stallion revelled in every sensation, eyes half-lidded, finally having incited someone to fuck him as he wanted, though there most likely would be other times that night that he would ride stallions slowly and teasingly, making them beg for him to go faster so that they could cum. But that was another kind of play where he was on the bottom but still taking an element of control. The kind of fun that he liked came in all forms and, frankly, Benji was not the kind of stallion to hold himself back from taking anything that he craved.

He istanbul travesti tightened around Dal, legs quivering, though he still strove to meet every one of Dal’s rampant, driving strokes with his own. Dal had truly risen to the occasion, however, so much so that he could not help admitting that he was impressed, his backside clenching deliciously around the thick length of stallion meat. Every thrust ground over his prostate, making his cock bounce and spurt pre-cum over the sofa that he was facing, leaning over the back and using every ounce of leverage he had to grind back on that pounding shaft.

“Unff… Yes… Harder… Oh… I’m close!”

He proudly trumpeted his oncoming orgasm, Benji clenching down even as Dal cursed behind him. He’d never heard the stallion let loose words like that before, trembling with pride to be able to lustfully push Dal to such a point, though it was their pleasure, together, that mattered the most. With a stallion’s scream of pleasure, which no one else had been able to force from his lips so far that night, Benji climaxed, his anal ring squeezing passionately around Dal’s cock, forcing him over the edge right with him.


Dal’s nostrils flared as he swallowed his lust into a long, deep moan, trembling forth from his chest as if he was losing himself there. But the pleasure swamping him was even more intense than his first orgasm, leaving him both satisfied and wanting more as he unloaded into Benji’s backside, Benji thrusting down onto his cock to the sheath, proud enough to take exactly what he wanted, one way or another.

It was a moment to show another side to sexual life, for, really, it was all about fun and experimentation, especially for stallions like them, the friend group that they had found themselves settled into. Dal would have taken care of Benji, pulling out of him slowly and making sure that he was both cleaned up and had everything he needed, from water to soothing, but Benji was too quick for him.

“See you, Dal,” Benji quipped with a flirty grin, blowing Dal a kiss even as the stallion tried to check him over, laughing lightly all the while. “There’s a draft horse down by the bathroom with a dick like… Dude, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m going to see if I can get him to mount me while your load is still dripping!”

And, just like that, he was gone, as if he had never been there in the first place, though Dal didn’t quite feel so, his cock still warm with the lingering heat of Benji’s body. He took a moment to collect himself, smiling and running his fingers through his mane to straighten out the flustered black hair a little more, his shaft softening. It remained drooping keenly out of his sheath, however, as if it knew that there was more still to come — quite literally, in fact.

There were others there, of course, that wanted to spend time with him and he marvelled at how easily some of the mares and stallions moved between partners, some even taking multiple cocks at once. For someone who had only had a handful of sexual encounters before and a boyfriend (that hadn’t lasted long, even though he had been lovely — just not the right time), it was a plethora of sights and scents to indulge in, his cock throbbing back eagerly to half hardness as he explored, making his way up the stairs to the first floor. It was the kind of student house that seemed to have multiple floors, though he hadn’t taken note from the street. Probably just one with an attic conversion to make a big open floor at the top.

Dal shivered, kissing a mare that slid down his body to take his cock into her mouth, Frenching his shaft as if it was his lips, her tongue dipping teasingly into the slit at the tip. He couldn’t help himself, rocking his hips as he took in her breasts, the fullness of them swaying under the influence of gravity, nipples pink and perky through her grey coat. She got him achingly hard again, though he didn’t want to cum again just yet, needing something more of a break between rounds.

Others didn’t mind so much, stealing kisses and gropes, though there was a request for permission to do so in every look, if not asked for verbally, for which Dal appreciated. Everyone there made it easy to go along with things, though he did take a moment to grind his cock up against a stallion’s shaft, the grey stud about the same height as him and evenly matched for both size and muscle mass.

“Ohhhh,” the other stallion, whose name he didn’t know, groaned. “Fuuuuck…”

The other stallion tilted his head to the side, his dappled grey coat marked with sweat, though his smooth, grey shaft ached for attention as Dal took a moment to tease him. It gave him the rest that he needed even though he was ready for more in other ways, happy to take a little control, to play a little more, despite the light gape in his tail hole.

How much am I going to end up gaping and dripping after tonight?

The thought popped into his head, entirely unbidden, though it had his cock quivering as he ground keenly up against travesti istanbul the other stallion, lips on his neck, nipping and running his tongue down over his collarbone. The stallion moaned aloud, shivering in Dal’s hold, though Dalarius was more than happy to let someone else move in to take care of him on the landing of the first floor.

For he’d spotted another there — though not quite a stallion, even though he was very similar. A little more heavily set, but not by much, the American Mammoth donkey sat on the bed in a room on the first floor, smirking lightly as his mostly hard cock relaxed, twitching as arousal built within the equine once again.


Dal waved to him, though he wavered a little, shakier on his hooves than he would have liked to be. It was all a bit much, all the heat and the pounding music, the scent of so many virile mares and stallions in the air only helping to further flood his senses. Modest though was a donkey back with mostly a bay coat, a shorter, more upright mane, though splashes of creamy brown graced his bare body, all the way down to his shaft. The first half of his length was pink, drawing Dal’s eye, whereas it splotched into a smooth grey for the bottom half. Modest grinned, shrugging as he caught Dalarius’ gaze.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here,” he grunted softly, rising, hugging Dal to him in a one-armed hug that they would have done normally. “Are you alright? You look a little shaken up.”

Dal laughed and brushed it off.

“Oh, yeah, thinking I might stop off somewhere for a glass of water or something… Didn’t see much alcohol around here.”

“Oh, yeah,” Modest said, his ropey tail swinging as he explained. “They don’t like those here to be too inebriated when they’re doing stuff, you know, so that it’s all consensual. Nobody wants to be forced into things, after all.”

He peered a bit more closely at Dal, though held his tongue, at least for the moment. There was something not quite right with his friend, wobblier than he should have been, though Modest didn’t quite feel that Dal was telling the true story.


He slipped into the leading role as easily as he would slide a T-shirt on over his head, though Modest was quite comfortable in nothing but his natural coat right then, his cock forgotten for the moment. Dal blinked up at him and the jack smiled as reassuringly as he could, ears softening and splaying out slightly to either side.

“Have you been getting what you want here?” He said lightly, running his hand down Dal’s side to gently squeeze the narrower point just above his hip. “Or have you been denied? Come on… Tell me what you want.”

He grinned widely, showing his teeth, though only for a moment. Dal leaned in, draping himself up against the jack as if he was an item of clothing, though a scarf would not usually hang all the way down the front of a jack’s body as he was embodying. Modest quivered, ears standing up straight and tall, momentarily caught on the back hoof.


“Well…” Dal said, dragging out the word. “I’ve been getting plenty, Modest, but you seem like you need a little something too…”

His legs quivered too, Dal trembling, offering Modest a shaky smile. Truth be told, things were starting to get just a little bit overwhelming there and, really, Modest seemed ready to guide him and see just what he could do to please.

Modest saw that in Dalarius, though he hadn’t wanted to put the equine off by being too upfront about it, even though he fumbled around it a little. With his ears as large as they were, he felt as if his attention was constantly being dragged back and forth, always pulled about the room, though he had had enough orgasm that night so far to be able to focus, or so he hoped, on Dalarius and him alone.

The room was empty, though only briefly, which allowed them to claim the bed as Modest took charge, nuzzling into Dal’s neck and lipping at the sensitive flesh there. A nip from his teeth brought a rise of blood to the surface, making the area even more sensitive than it was before.


Dal squirmed, though he had never been given such intimate, personal attention before. Even though Modest was clearly taking the leading role, the top role for the moment, there was a sense of care there, as if it was Dal and his pleasure that, even then, mattered more than even his own.

It was deliciously intoxicating in a way that he had never gotten to experience before.

“Come on, stud,” Modest chuckled throatily, running his hand down the stallion as he grasped his cock, coaxing it back to full hardness. “I never thought that you’d have a pole like this on you. Where’ve you been hiding him, hm?”

It wasn’t particularly smooth as far as dirty talk went, but it did get a flush rising to Dal’s cheek, heat wafting faintly from them as Modest smirked. The donkey slid onto the bed behind the stallion, rolling him onto his side so that Dal’s back pressed to Modest’s chest. There, that was better, a position in which he could istanbul travestileri push the stallion’s upper leg up and forward, exploring the delicious treat of his tail hole. Modest spared a moment, fingering the pucker, rubbing around it, a burbling bray threatening to break free of his lips as his throat vibrated.

“Hehe, you’ve gotten around a bit, haven’t you?” He teased, his voice a little gruffer, dropping an octave. “Mmm… Nice to see you having fun, getting all filled and…gaping…”

Modest wasn’t particularly good at things when they came verbally, more the type to press on physically, but he wanted to keep the stallion grounded where he was, the head of his cock pulsing lightly on top of Dal’s inner thigh, waiting to be used. But not yet, not quite yet, not as he grunted and nibbled teasingly along the edge of Dal’s ear, making the stallion nicker and quiver like a colt getting fucked for the very first time. Yet the state of his body, quite clearly, showed that it was not his first time.

“What do you want?” Modest breathed, forcing him to say it, his breath tickling the back of Dal’s neck. “Tell me…and be a good boy.”

Dal squirmed. Fuck, why was that so hot? Even to have Modest wanting him, wanting to know exactly what it was that he wanted. There was something in there about a muttered apology about not being all that “good” at the dirty talking stuff, but Dal would have told the jack, if he’d had the words right then, that that seriously didn’t matter. Frankly, he hadn’t even noticed himself.

“You…” He groaned, clenching his tail hole, though he wanted to relax as much as possible for him. “Deep… Inside…”

He didn’t know what was happening to him, feeling like there was a part of him that had been lost, even as Modest grunted and did as he asked, giving him all that he felt he needed. Dal groaned as the jack’s hot length pushed inside him, inch after sweltering inch, though he couldn’t really grind or thrust back at that time. Like that, even though Modest was taking exceptionally good care of his needs, he was just there to be fucked, to let the top have his way with him.

That was much more exhilarating for Dal than being a power bottom, though he had to admit that Benji had had something going for him there too. Maybe he would give it a try another day, grunting as Modest powered into him, easy, long strokes using his position to his advantage. Dal’s leg ached as he was forced to keep it raised and forward, though the slick mess of cum already in his tail hole made it easier still for the donkey to fuck him.

He hadn’t known that he needed it like that, the solid weight and warmth of another body against him, dragging out each prolonged thrust so much that it felt like time itself was affected. He floated and drifted, lost in pure sensation, coat slicker in some places where he had sweated more, a drop of sweat trickling down between his rear cheeks.

The overpowering strokes kept him rooted in place, pressed up against Modest, panting and heaving, his cock pulsing. He didn’t know how long he had been there as the party swelled beyond the bedroom door, lost in their own moment as Modest grunted, breath pouring over his neck.

“Unff… So fucking tight…”

Modest groaned, the line one that had surely been overdone, though Dal was clenching down more as if he needed something that he couldn’t find the words to say. Modest smirked faintly, ears pinned and focused on Dal, though it was still tricky for the jack to focus entirely on him. It would have been easy too to lose himself in raw sensation, thrusting and fucking wildly as if nothing else mattered, but he couldn’t do that, much less as Dal nickered and twisted more urgently against him.

“Please…” He gasped, shuddering as Modest nipped at his neck with his big, blunt teeth. “My cock…”

“I did wonder when you were going to ask for that,” the jack chuckled. “Can’t have a dirty little thing like you going without… Come on, cum for me, you can do it.”

It was the encouragement that Dal needed as he lost track of time, caught up in the hypnotic pull of the jack’s hand around his cock, dragging his hand up and down. Stroke after stroke came in divine time with the cock powering into his backside, though he didn’t feel as tight as he had been before. Perhaps he would end up with a gape for days, feeling loose, though imagining more and more cum trickling out of him even long after the night had come to pass was more of a turn on than Dalarius, quite honestly, cared to admit.

He didn’t know who climaxed first, only that ecstasy overcame him under his top of the moment’s direction, sending hot, long spurts of seed into the bed, Modest’s hand working him over, even dipping down to tease the very top of his sheath. He panted heavily, nostrils flaring, yet the fuck itself had been what he had needed, comfortable in a heady sort of way, almost as if he was intoxicated, genuinely, though still finding himself eager for more as Modest unloaded inside him. Every rope of hot, virile cum was greatly appreciated, oozing out around the thick length of Modest’s cock, though more and more drooled forth when the jack pulled back, showing off the gape of Dal’s tail hole with a nicker and a swirling tease of his fingers.

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