Sandi’s Birthday Trip

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Chapter 1

“Daddy! Hurry up! We’ll be late!” Sandi looked at herself in the hall mirror one last time and she liked what she saw. She knew her father would love it too: a crop top that plainly showed her braless nipples and a skirt so short she actually decided to wear a thong instead of going completely naked underneath. “That would come later,” she smiled to herself.

Tom Sanders had wanted to do something special for his daughter since he divorced her mother 4 years ago. He’d always loved his daughter more than anything else in his life and now he was going to help her celebrate her 18th birthday in Aruba. He’d let her choose what she wanted for her birthday and a week in Aruba with her dad was what she came up with. When Tom asked her why she chose that, she’d said she liked the way he looked at her when she wore a bikini. “This way, I can wear a bikini all day every day and you can look all you want!” she said with a grin.

Tom wondered if she knew about his fantasies. How could she know, he’d been very careful to keep them buried deep inside only allowing himself to think about them in the dark of his own bedroom, late at night, as he would fall off to sleep. Then he would imagine the unimaginable: fucking his own daughter. He’d tried to think about when it all started. Sandi was 15 and she was staying at his house one weekend after the divorce. It was late at night and Sandi had gone to get ready for bed. She’d always been his “little girl” and even though her body had transformed in the previous couple of years he really hadn’t thought of her in any other way. Then she walked in to say good night and everything changed.

Tom looked up and before him stood the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. She wore a pair of white bikini panties and she’d put on one of his shirts. She hadn’t buttoned it though, and it hung slightly open allowing a clear view of the swell of her breasts. He immediately felt self-conscious and quickly looked into his daughter’s eyes. There was an unmistakable sparkle in them and a little impish grin on her lips. She’s seen him looking he thought.

“So do you like the way your shirt fits me?” she asked.

“Yeah, the shirt… it looks fine. Better on you than me,” he added without being able to stop himself.

From that moment on he found he couldn’t stop thinking about his daughter in a sexual way. He’d lie in bed at night and imagine slowly kissing the swell of her breasts as he pulled the shirt back to reveal her nipple. His tongue would caress it causing it to harden. He’d picture his hand slowly moving down her stomach to the top of those little white panties, his fingers snaking under the band of elastic moving down to her moist pussy. Stroking his rock hard cock, he would cum in thick ropes and then he’d cringe inside. “What a pervert I must be, thinking about fucking my own daughter.”

His awareness of Sandi’s sexuality made the weekends difficult for him. He loved having her there with him, but he’d find himself hoping he would see her getting dressed or going to the shower. Whenever he did catch a glimpse of her it would become the starting place for a new fantasy and a new opportunity to masturbate with renewed vigor about his daughter.

Though Tom couldn’t imagine it, Sandi wasn’t exactly innocent in all of this. The night she wore her dad’s shirt was part of a plan. She’d recently had a boyfriend break up with her and start dating another girl who she’d always considered a friend. Word got back to her that the boy dropped her because he thought she wasn’t sexy enough. Sandi was devastated. She’d always enjoyed “playing with boys,” as she called it. She’d sucked his dick, and let him get his finger up he pussy, not that she got much out of it.

Now she had to determine if she was “sexy” or not. That’s when she thought she’d see how her dad would react to her. She’d always thought he was very sexy. He was 6’1″ tall with a medium build. He’d had a beard her entire life so she really didn’t know what he looked like without it and he’d just started wearing his hair very short as a reply to the bald spot that was beginning to take over. In fact, he looked a bit like Sean Connery to her and that was very sexy!

With that in mind she went in to her dad’s room, put on his shirt, pulled her panties up a bit so they would ride up between the lips of her pussy and walked in to say good night. The way her father looked at her convinced her she didn’t have her sexuality to worry about. She thought for a minute she’d have to put his tongue back in his mouth for him. Then he’d mumbled something about how good she’d looked in his shirt. She went to bed that night with a smile on her face knowing that if she could turn on her dad, she must be pretty hot.

In fact that thought began to run through her mind a lot. She’d daydream about what might have happened that night and she’d get wet thinking about her dad making love to her. She loved the feeling she had when she’d imagine him between her legs and pumping his cock deep inside her. pendik escort She started doing little things whenever she was around her dad to get herself excited. She’d wear just a t-shirt in the morning finding reasons to bend over in front of him, hoping he’d look at her tits. She’d sit with her legs slightly open across from him and watch to see if he’d sneak a peek up her skirt. He always did.

Over the next couple of years, they developed an elaborate game of seduction although neither could or would admit it to the other. But they both loved it and secretly wished they could follow through on their deepest desires for each other. Sandi had finally decided that she would have to be the one to break the ice. When her father asked her what she wanted for her 18th birthday, she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to get fucked by her dad, but if she told him that it would surely scare him off. Instead, she decided she would take him away somewhere that she could finish the seduction of him she’d started 3 years before. Finally, after playing with herself night after night, imagining her daddy’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy, her dream would “cum true,” she chuckled to herself.

She told her dad that she would take care of all the arrangements. He said something about separate rooms and she assured him not to worry. Separate rooms? Not a chance! She booked a room with one king sized bed and a perfect view of the ocean. She was told that many couples book the room for their honeymoon. “This may not be a honeymoon but there’s going to be a whole lot of fucking anyway,” she thought.

She told her dad she’d need to buy some clothes for the trip. With the thought of seduction in mind she went out and bought the sexiest wardrobe she could find: the skimpiest bikinis, the shortest skirts, the sheerest tops, the sexiest lingerie. She picked out a little black dress that looked like it was painted on her lithe young body.

The last thing she did was go to the beauty salon. Nosing around in her father’s room one day when he was gone, she’d found a copy of a magazine called “Barely Legal.” In it were nude layouts of girls who had just turned 18. It confirmed what she’d thought about her dad, he was a dirty old man… thank god! He liked young girls, and she was pretty sure he’d get to live his wildest fantasy on this trip, but she wanted it be perfect for him. She noticed that all the models had shaved their pussy. There was something very “little girl” naughty about the way they looked with their smooth little pussies spread open for the camera. That was when she knew what she would do. “I need a bikini wax,” was what she told the receptionist and was taken to a private cubicle and told to undress. When the girl came in to her cubicle, she was more forthright. “I want to surprise someone special. Can you remove all my pubic hair?” She really wanted to say, “I’m going to seduce my daddy with my pussy looking like it belongs on a 12 year old, can you help?” but she thought that might not be the right thing to say! She smiled when the attendant told her, “No problem! Sounds like fun!” If you only knew, thought Sandi.

“My god! You look beautiful! I don’t know why you wanted to bring me on this trip instead of one of your friends!” Tom stood looking at his daughter’s sensuous body. This week was going to be harder than he thought, and in more ways than one, as he shifted his growing erection as subtly as possible. Sandi grinned triumphantly at him.

“I just wanted to spend some time alone with you,” she replied.

“Yeah, but if you’d taken one of your girlfriends you would have easily found many eager guys ready to party with you. Now you’re stuck with me.”

“Believe me, I’d rather be stuck by you, I mean, with you, than any young kid.”

Tom caught the mistake but ignored its implications. “Honey, I’ll be the luckiest man in Aruba!”

You can say that again, she thought as she smiled and gave him a big hug. “Oh daddy, I love you!” Her breasts smashed against his chest and she let her body mold to his, pushing her mons into him. “Oh my, I think he’s beginning to get hard,” she thought. This may be easier than I thought!

“Hey, I thought you said we were going to be late! Let’s go!”

Sandi unwrapped herself from her dad’s body. She wanted him so bad, she thought for a moment she should tell him, “To hell with the trip let’s fuck right now,” but she couldn’t. She’d planned this for so long, she was going to do it right, even if she had to exercise all the willpower she possessed to do so.

“All right then, let’s go!”


Chapter 2

Sandi looked at her watch and squirmed in her seat. It had already been 2 hours since they’d taken off and between her anticipation of the week ahead, sitting next to her father, the subtle vibration of the airplane, and the rubbing of her thong, which had eased it’s way between her pussy lips, her pussy was as wet as she could ever remember. In fact she was sure she could smell her own juices.

“Are you all escort pendik right, honey?” asked her father.

“Yeah, sure dad. I’m just getting anxious to get there.”

“Well, you should just try and relax. You were up so late last night packing, I’m surprised you aren’t asleep by now.”

“I’m not sure I could go to sleep right now. I’m too excited.” If you only knew how excited, she thought.

“Why don’t you try any way? Here, put your head on my shoulder and close your eyes, you’re probably more tired than you think,” he said as he raised the airplane seat arm so she could snuggle up to him.

She couldn’t resist an offer like that! Her body was aching for her father’s touch. She leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“That’s it, sweetie. Here this might even be better,” he said as he raised his arm and put it around her. “Now, how’s that?”

“Oh, daddy, you always know what’s best for me, don’t you!” she whispered in his ear.

Tom shivered as he felt his daughter’s breath against his neck. He’d decided he couldn’t take just sitting next to Sandi any longer. For the last two hours his eyes had constantly wandered to the expanse of thigh that she revealed as she sat next to him in her short little skirt. He swore if she moved he’d be able to see her crotch, which in his growing state of excitement he wouldn’t have minded at all.

In fact, at one point he purposely dropped the magazine he was reading just so he could bend over and shoot a quick glance between her legs. When he did, he could have sworn he could smell the intoxicating odor of wet pussy… but that was more than he could have asked for, he thought. Maybe his little girl was fantasizing about the flight attendant. He couldn’t believe he could possibly turn her on.

He did wonder why she’d dressed so provocatively, though. His first thought when he’d seen her before they left was that she was getting a jump on the island ambience. She certainly didn’t have many more clothes on than what was commonly worn down there. But when she’d given him that hug and practically glued herself to his body, he began to wonder what was going on. Of course he didn’t mind, not at all. He’d practically had a hard on since that moment.

“Daddy?” Sandi’s voice roused him from his thoughts.

“Yes, honey, what is it?”

“Could you put that blanket over us, I’m getting a little chilly.”

Tom’s heart sank a bit. Damn, I was just getting used to looking at those beautiful legs, he thought.

“Sure. There, is that better?” he said as he pulled the blanket over her.

“Thanks, but could you pull it over your lap too? There’s a draft getting under that edge,” she said indicating the blanket edge between them. “See, like this.”

As Sandi pulled the blanket over to cover her father’s lap, she pulled her arm under the blanket and let her hand drop to his crotch. She felt his semi-hard cock pointing up toward his waist inside his pants. Her forearm rubbed against it as she let her hand hang limply between his legs.

“Oh, yes daddy. That’s much better.”

Tom’s eyes rolled back in his head. Oh my god! She’s almost holding on to my cock! He felt it harden as his daughter’s hand rested less than an inch from his balls. He felt an involuntary spasm shoot through his cock, which in turn moved his cock against Sandi’s arm.

“Daddy, I can’t wait to get to our hotel, can you?”

“No, uh… no I uh… I can’t wait,” he stammered like a 14 year old on his first date.

Sandi smiled. Everything was going to be just perfect, she could tell by the growing bulge next to her arm in her father’s pants.

I wonder if daddy’s ever fucked a young girl before? The thought began to excite her as she imagined her father seducing some teenager, maybe even one of her own friends! Oooh, that would be shocking wouldn’t it, she grinned to herself. My daddy the dirty old man! Well soon he’s going to get some little girl pussy and I can’t wait. She let out a muffled groan.

The thought of her father burying his face in her smooth shaved pussy filled her mind. The image made her so horny that she had to try to do something about it. Asking her father to put the blanket over her had two separate but related goals. One, which was a success by the feel of things, was to get her hand down between her dad’s legs so she could feel his cock. The second was to give herself the opportunity to sneak her hand between her legs so she could rub her pussy. Ever since she had the hair on her pussy removed, she found she loved the feel of her smooth little puss. Of course, she loved playing with herself anyway but now there was something special about the feel.

She realized it was because she’d done it for her father. It was something overtly sexual that she’d done just to please him. She was going to fuck her dad. The man who made her was going to fill her pussy with his cum. God was that a delicious thought.

Her hand found it’s way between her legs and she was overwhelmed with how pendik escort bayan wet she’d become. Her thong was drenched and her thighs were actually getting sticky. As she snaked her finger under the thong and slid it between her lips, she shuddered when it touched her clit. Oh fuck! If I’m not careful I’m going to cum so hard I’ll scream right here on this plane. She pulled her hand out.

Oh she ached to find that blinding release in her orgasm but she knew now she was just too turned on. She couldn’t do it surreptitiously if she wanted to. Her fingers felt sticky with the oozing juices from her cunt. This could be fun, she thought.

With that she pulled her hand from under the blanket and pointed across her father and out the window.

“Daddy, did you see that?” she said holding her pointing finger in front of her father’s face.

“What, honey?”

“I don’t know, I just saw something there,” she continued to point with her finger right in front of his nose.

“No, I don’t see anything.” Tom’s nose twitched with a scent that attacked his now rock hard cock right through his nostrils. He shifted uncomfortably hoping to move it from Sandi’s arm, which still lay in his lap. He knew without a doubt he could smell pussy when she held her finger in front of his nose. I think she’s playing with herself… and me too!

Could she know how he felt? He couldn’t let himself believe it. She just must be a little turned on and touched herself. It was an accident that she pointed with that finger. “She probably didn’t even realize it,” he rationalized.

“Daddy, could you hold me a little tighter, I’m still a bit cold. Why don’t you put your arm under the blanket and then you can pull me close to you.”

She’s a little vixen, he thought.

“OK, here you go.” He moved his arm under the blanket and decided to give her something to think about. If she was playing with him, this should put a stop to it.

He dropped his arm around her and let his hand fall to her hip. Under the blanket, her skirt had ridden up and as he let his fingers caress her, all he felt was skin, the smooth skin of her ass cheek. He gently moved his palm in a light circle.

“Hmmmm… That feels nice daddy. Maybe you can give me a massage when we get to the hotel.”

Tom moved his hand until he could feel the strap of her thong disappearing between her smooth young buttocks. Then, sliding his hand down along her left thigh he pulled her toward him. Sandi lifted her leg as she rolled into her father’s embrace and let her outside leg cross over and rest on his. She felt his hand move back down to her ass and from behind felt the pressure of his fingers on her barely covered pussy. She let out a muffled cry as her father touched her.

“Is everything all right?”

Tom looked up to see a flight attendant peering down at him with concern across her brow.

His cock wilted. His face flushed.

“Is your…”

“…daughter. She’s my daughter.”

“Is your daughter OK?”

“Oh, yes, she’s fine. She’s just a little tired and I think the motion of the plane caused her to feel faint. She’ll be fine, thanks.”

“Let us know if you need anything,” she smiled as she moved on.

Sandi let out a giggle.

Tom let out a sigh of relief.

“Maybe you better sit up, I think we’re going to be landing soon.” Tom’s head was spinning. He could hardly believe what had just happened. He nearly had fingered his own daughter’s pussy, on an airplane no less! Not to mention almost getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Meanwhile, Sandi could only think of one thing: her plan was working! She knew it was just a matter of a couple of hours and she would be right where she wanted to be… naked and riding her father’s cock!

Ain’t life grand!


Chapter 3

By the time they landed, found their luggage, and walked outside to find a cab, the reality of everything that Sandi had been planning hit her right in the center of her dripping pussy. The heat of Aruba was no match for what she was feeling. She knew that her father had taken the bait she had carefully been dangling in front of him since they left their house that morning. She couldn’t have asked for a better response. Her dad was every bit the lascivious lecher she hoped he was. All those years of teasing, which had been growing in intensity between daughter and father would end today, this afternoon. Sandi was sure of it.

As a final gesture of this long game of seduction, Sandi had a last surprise for her father. Upon arriving in the airport, Sandi excused herself to the women’s room and removed her thong. Now it was just a simple matter of letting her little short skirt to ride up a bit in the cab so her dad could see her freshly shaved pubes. “He’s gonna think he died and went to heaven when I get done with him!”

“Honey, are you all right? You can hardly stand still,” Tom said as he looked at his daughter.

“I’m just so excited daddy, I can’t stand it!”

Tom’s eyes traced from her nipples standing at attention under her little crop top, to her smooth flat stomach and down to what he decided was the shortest skirt he’d ever seen. “I’m getting pretty excited myself,” he thought.

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