Sam Ireson Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

So, this time I try to even the pace out. Please leave comments and be sure to vote! It means the world to me when I get to log in and see votes and comments. Constructive criticism is welcome!


I woke up a bit early for a summer day, mostly focusing on yesterday’s events. I’m trying to hatch out my plans for dates with Heather. She seems like such a sweet girl who has been cornered by my sister and me. We’re forcing her out of her shell, as a team. It strikes me as a pretty odd thing for my sister to do. I mean, she’s introduced me to friends of hers, but never helped me along. I’m also a bit curious about the whole “you owe me one” thing. I’d give my sister a lot, but hooking her up for a lay with one of my friends doesn’t quite seem like her. Perhaps she just wants to date one of my friends? Bah, I’m sure she’ll let me know soon enough.

Back to thinking about Heather! Yesterday was so amazing. I’ve never, ever known of a girl that got so wet she soaked through a pair of PJs followed by a pair of shorts. It was so hot to be a part of. Her riding my leg was hotter than any sex, blowjob, handjob, or anything else I’d ever had. And I’ve had my fair share.

Not only that, but her self control is something I desire to overcome. On some instinctive, animalistic level, I really want to watch her out of control. I want to see her let loose and just give in to whatever sexual craving she has at the moment. I’d love to watch her pussy open up to my tongue, finger, cock, or whatever else she’d want. I’d give it to her, just so I could watch. She was so amazingly hot just topless straddling my leg. God I hope she spends another night! Its only Thursday and my mom doesn’t even get back until Sunday. There is a lot of dirty things I can cover with my new friend in that amount of time.

Peeking down under my covers, I see my friend is responding to my thoughts of Heather. Looking over at the clock, it is 9:30. Mmmm, perfect time to enjoy some of my new saved spank material.

I reach down and pull off my boxers, keeping myself underneath the covers. I toss them at my closet and start to reach down. I focus on the sight of Heather sliding on my leg, losing control as she begins to cum.

Faster and faster I tug, wishing it was my cock she was sliding on. What a delicious thought!

* Knock knock *

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Totally not cool, totally to early, and totally not OK if that’s Heather knocking on my door.

“What is it?” I shout to my door.

“I need to chat,” my sister says opening my door. Staring at the door in disbelief, as opening the door without permission is just something we DON’T DO, I’m caught quite off-guard by the sight. My sister is topless, looks a little flushed, and has on a pair of skin toned panties. They’re thin and I can see the crease in the center from her pussy.

Holy shit. My sister is fucking hot.

“Woa sis, hey there. Chillax, I need to get decent.” I say, my voice a little unassured. I probably sound like a 15 year old kid caught watching porn by his parents. Uncomfortable, turned on, and weirded out.

“Nope, I can’t delay brother of mine. We’re going to chat and I’ve made up my mind on that.” She walks in after pushing the door closed behind her and plops into my computer chair. She swivels around facing me, and very unladylike has her legs open.

Now, I’m a guy. I was bringing myself to satisfaction a few moments ago, and now my near nude sister is in my room. Legs spread, facing me, skin toned panties, flushed. Did I mention I had a hard-on BEFORE she came into the room?

I’m staring at this gorgeous toned redhead. Her skin is slightly pink, and her green eyes are staring at me. She looks focused, like she’s about to break bad news, and I could care less. The whole taboo sister thing seems to have been put on hold. My little head says GO and my mind isn’t getting enough blood to say no.

“What can’t be delayed? Is everything OK?” I respond, delayed. My jaw seems a little out of whack as my mind is focused elsewhere.

“Well, judging by the look on Heather’s face last night, you got more than you deserved yesterday. That means you owe me.”

Wow, already here to collect? “Well, I didn’t get off, just Heather. Does the ruling still stand?” I respond, smiling as I see if I can wiggle out of this. Or at least get some help with another date from Heather.

“You too, eh?” My sister says with a dry throat. Wait. What? She? Wait, did that mean? Did I just get that right? Did my sister get off Heather and not get off in return? What. The. Fuck.

“Huh? I’m going to need clarification on that one before I register that right.” My mouth waters as I hope to get some details on this fucking amazing event. Talk about your sex scene of the century.

“Oh please, like I’d paint a picture for you. Goofball!” My sister says, giggling. She’s awfully loose for being a topless sister in her brother’s bedroom.

“Sis, don’t you think you should pendik escort put on a top? I mean, I’m a brother and all, but I’m only human. And you’re a cheerleader. And a cheerleader for a reason. Fucking hot!” Ooops, looks like my little head is back to thinking for my big one.

“Well, about that, actually. I’m here because I own you. You owe me, and I’m here to collect.” Her stare becomes focused again. She’s come into my room with a goal.

“OK, OK. I had a blast with Heather last night. I totally owe you. What can I do for you?” My heart skips a beat in anticipation of the request. What friend am I going to pick up the phone and call to give my sister away to? Does she want some of the money mom gave me? What’s coming?

“I want, eh. Well. Pause for a moment. You have to swear to keep this between you and me, even after we become even.”

“Sure, deal. Whatever, you know I’m trustworthy.”

“OK. I want an orgasm.” My sister finally squeaks it out.

“Yikes! OK, I hear they have toys to help with that,” grinning as I say it, I must admit my cock stirs at the thought.

“Hah! No. I own you. I can have orgasms all I want by myself.” Her pupils open up and her body flushes. “I want you to give me an orgasm with your tongue.”

Stoplight. Freeze. What? “Sis, uh, that seems quite different than the request I expected. Even following the orgasm comment. I mean, we’re siblings. That is, ah, a little difficult, isn’t it?”

My heart is pounding. I’m excited by the prospect, but my mind really does have issues with this. Am I going to be able to look myself in the mirror if she really forces me to do this? The adrenaline in my body surges, and I feel myself start to perspire. The thought of doing something so taboo. So offlimits. So…unnaturally hot, drives my cock into a frenzy. He’s tenting the covers in my sister’s direction and pulsing up and down in her direction.

My sister sighs a bit, dejectedly. At that moment, I have never felt so unhappy with a response from my lips ever. I might as well have cut my sister to the core. She’s hurt.

“Woa sis. Hold on, that took a lot of balls coming to me with a request like that. It must really mean something to you. Something extremely valuable. I just need a moment.”

The look on her faces changes to a slightly concerned look, I assume concern regarding breaching a boundary that could end our relationship. I do not want to hurt my sister. Ever.

“Can I join you under the covers?” She asks, a little pained.

I could respond now with yes, or respond with wait for me to get my boxers back on. The concern on her face says the boxers can wait.

“Of course you can. I love you, and that will never change. I just don’t want you to get hurt or have one of us fuck up such a wonderful lifelong relationship. I really do care for you Krista, and what you’ve said today does not change that in the least.”

With a smile she comes over and slides under the covers. Turning her back to me, she starts to drive closer and closer. My throbbing friend is praying for the next few inches.

“Put your arm around me,” Krista requests. I put my arm around her, but low on her stomach so as to avoid getting a handful of tit. Hey, I’m turned on and all, but I respect my sister.

Krista sighs. “Listen, I want to be touched. I have been missing out on a lot of touch lately because I’m a fucking cheerleader and don’t want to be thought of as a whore. But this is getting old. I want someone to want me, and I want that someone to be a person of character who cares about me.” Pointedly, she grabs a hold of my arm and pulls it up, forcing my hand to cup her breast. Her extremely perky breast.

Finally, she slides closer for the final few inches, and the tip of my head nuzzles in her perfect rear end. My heart races and I know she can feel it now that my chest is on her naked back.

Krista coos. “Mmmmm, can I move him so I can scoot closer?” I nod with my head next to hers as my hand begins to fondle her breast. I feel her nipple stiffen against the brush of my finger tips.

Krista’s left hand reaches down behind herself and grabs my cock. At the same time she pulls it up and toward my stomach, she pulls up and tugs on it. Her pointer finger just grazes my glans as she slides her butt all the way to me, my cock filing her crease.

Pulling her hand up, her index finger glistens slightly in my dimly lit room. Slowly, exotically, she puts her finger to her lips and extends her tongue. Tasting my precum breaks a whole new level for the both of us.

My mind regains control. I’m about to fuck my sister. I can’t have things be weird between us. “Krista, I think that is fucking amazingly hot, but I am so worried about how you’ll look at me if we go through with this. I really don’t want things to change between us. Do me a favor. Please. Let’s wait, put this on hold for a little bit and spend the day together. If you still want me to give you an orgasm, I owe you, and you’ll get it, and I’ll even be happy to do it, escort pendik but I want some time. I want to know we’re not going to have some weirdness between us.”

“I’ll deal with that on one condition.”

“Uh, OK sure.”

“I’ve never seen a man come before in real life. I want to shower with you, and we’ll masturbate together. I want to watch you cum.”

“Woa, I…”

“You said sure. That’s my condition.” Krista interrupts, forcefully.

“I did say sure. Wow. Just promise me nothing changes after today.” My heart is racing at the thought of watching my sister cum. What will she do when I cum? Will she watch? Will she help?

“Of course. You’re my brother, but for right now, you’re more my personal toy than brother!” Krista squeals as she pops up from the bed and throws a pillow at me. She’s happy, amazingly happy and excited. She’s getting what she wants. For some reason, I’m happy for her, and very turned on.

I whip the pillow back at her and jump up out of bed chasing her to the bathroom, both of us squealing like we were kids. For a moment, we’re young at heart like two lovers about to engage in a romantic rendezvous.

As she gets to the bathroom I take stock of her from behind. I haven’t seen her this naked in a long time. Her ass is perfectly firm, but with some curve to it. For being so tall, she’s filled out very nicely. Seductively, she looks over her shoulder as her hands reach in to her panties. Excruciatingly slowly, she bends over at the hips and pulls them down, her head hovering right over her knees as her panties finally reach the floor. She’s bent over, with her perfect ass staring at me, and her pussy just barely visible below.

I gasp at the sight, my cock twitching in the cool air. “Sis, you should know I’m having an amazingly hard time keeping my hands to myself. That’s a breathtaking sight for any man on this planet.”

“Mmmmm, you can touch if you want. By the end of the day, your tongue will have met this.” With that word, she brings her hands up, still bent over, and spreads the lower region of her ass, fully exposing her gaping pussy and her secondary entrance. Her pussy is near dripping wet, as if it has been excited all morning.

“Wow. I mean wow! Uh, yea, let’s take it a bit slower. Holy fuck, that’s just too much!” My cock bounces, ready to be touched.

I turn to face the shower and hit the water button. Our bathroom shower is very, very cool. The door goes from floor to ceiling and completely closes the shower off so that the steam is kept in the confined space. The shower has a digital dial for the heat of the water and a button for a steamer that shoots steam out from an ankle level faucet. There are two shower heads, one on the right wall and one on the left. Both heads are removable with long bendable pipes. The floor if soft and cushy, so it isn’t hard on your feet or ankles. It is very comfortable, with just enough give to feel like a soft rubber but not so much that you feel unstable.

The best detail is saved for last. While the shower is long enough for two people to stand and shower back to back, there is also a full length bench that juts out from the wall opposite the door. I’ve sat on that bench quite a few times enjoying myself for way too long in the shower.

“Awww, you’re not even going to touch, huh? Sad.” She says, fake pouting as she gets in behind me. I hit the steam button and sit down on the bench, taking in a full view of my sister from the front. Her skin is cooling off, coming back down to a fairly pale white. The red shoulder-length hair on her head matches the read curls on her pussy and makes for a wonderful contrast with her pale skin.

“Let’s wait on that, I really want to be able to wake up tomorrow and know you’re going to be able to look at me the same way you always do.”

“Aww, little brother. Your big sister has wanted this for some time now, and you never even knew it. Trust me, I want this and things will not change.” She says, reaching for my hands as she stares down at my cock. Licking her lips, I can see she’s serious about wanting to play.

“Some time now, eh? So how are you going to handle watching your brother fire his cum out for his hot little number of a sister?”

“Handle it? Oh, hopefully on my knees with my tongue stretched out waiting for you to explode.”

It was a good thing I was sitting down. I felt my legs go numb. “Uh, wow. Jesus. I mean, holy fuck. Not the response I expected, but you’re running the show.”

“Hah! A little too soon for that?” She asks, a bit worried she’s crossed an invisible boundary.

“Listen, I’m not thinking clearly right now, if at all. You do what you want, how you want. I’m too fucking turned on to say no to anything.” Staring into her perfect tummy and down at her red curls enveloping her pussy, I reach down with my right hand to start to masturbate as promised.

“Oh really? Not going to say no to anything your hot, naked, wet little sister wants? That sounds dangerous.” I’m too focused on her amazing pendik escort bayan pussy to register anything she’s saying. I watch in slow motion as her hand reaches down to her curls and begins to lightly run her fingers through them. She shivers.

The steam is filling the closed shower, but we’re close enough that we are fully enjoying the sight of each other’s nudity.

With a vigor, her hand begins to attack her pussy. I can see her middle finger rubbing furiously on her clit. Standing up, I put my hands on her stomach and pull her to the bench so she can sit down.

I moan as I watch her spread her legs and put her back to the wall. Her eyes are rolling back as she rubs harder and harder on her pussy.

I drop down on my knees to get a better view. Sitting back, her pussy is now at my eye level, open and a dark pink, filled with passion. I can see the tempo of her hands speed up as she lets me watch her.

Looking up into her eyes, I see her stare down at me. Her left hand reaches behind my head and slowly pulls forward. Giving in, I lean in as she slides her hand up to her tummy.

Her green eyes close as my tongue gently slides into her open pussy, tasting my sister for the first time. My heart races, and I know hers is hitting full speed because I can feel it pulsing in her tight pussy. Slowly, I remove my tongue from he pussy, savoring the taste. If Heather’s taste was good, this taste was amazing. I taste a delightfully sweet mixture of honey and cinnamon. Amazing a woman makes that taste for me.

Not wanting to fail her need, I resume my efforts by planting my lips around her clit. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I start to hum lightly as my tongue strokes up and down.

“Ohhhh, oh Sam. Oh god, I’ve needed this for so long. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Both her hands reach down and pull my head harder onto her pussy. I redouble my efforts with her moans as my guide.

“Ohhhhh. I’m going to lose it! Don’t stop Sam, god don’t stop!”

Slamming my tongue as fast and hard as I could around her clit, she pulls me even harder with her hands and wraps her legs around my neck, pulling me tight into her. Shivering and shaking, she begins to work her way into orgasm.

“Oh god, this is it! I’m cuuuuuuuuuming!” I feel her gush and my chin gets coated in her flavorful juice. What was probably seconds felt like hours as I savored every delicious lick of her wonderful pussy.

“Oh Sam, oh. I need a minute to catch my breath.” Pleased with my performance, I stand up and stare down at her beautiful body. She’s still quivering slightly, even though the room is steamy and hot, from the orgasm. Looking up at me, I see a hint of passion in her eyes. She’s not done yet.

“Since today is my day with you as my toy, I get to use my toy however I want.” She’s smiling with every word, a plan is clearly coming into play here. “Your turn to sit down and teach your sister how to give you the best head ever. I want every delicious detail on how to make you cum and how you want your little sister to handle your load.”

“Krista, wow. Are you sure? I mean, I guess we’ve already gone pretty far, but are you sure you want your first BJ to be directed by your brother?”

“Yup.” She bounces happily off the bench and gives me a big hug, firmly snuggling her breasts into my chest. I reach down and grab her ass with both hands, pulling her pussy close enough to my leg to feel her curly pubic hair tickling my leg. “Now sit and start directing!”

I sit down and decide I’m just going to give in. Taboo walls be damned, she’s gotten her orgasm and I’m going to get mine.

“OK sis, your show. I guess get on your knees and we’ll go over hand placement and everything up front. Then I’ll just let you work.” I say, smiling with anticipation. If I know my sister, she’ll be a great student at this and will follow every detail. She wants to give me a good blowjob, I’m going to show her how.

“OK, first, the boys like to be played with, but not squeezed. It honestly hurts when they’re squeezed, but feels amazing when they’re just held and lightly massaged.”

“Like this?” my studious sister replies, her left hand reaching up and cupping my balls. Slowly she begins to work on them, just lightly rubbing and holding them.

“Oh wow, yes, perfect. Now, the shaft itself needs slight pressure squeezing all around, like a circle. It can be your mouth or your other hand, but preferably both. So, like you can make a ring with your other hand and stroke on it, but follow the stroking with your mouth. Think of your lips as the start of the ring and your hand makes an extension of it.”

With a big smile, she reaches out with her right hand and grabs hold of my cock. Slowly, she begins to glide her hand toward the base and then back toward the head.

“Oh wow Krista, that’s so amazing.” Extremely happy with the approval, she smiles and leans forward. Her hand stops, holding my cock as she stares up at me. Mouth open, she dives on top of my swollen head.

“Holy shit. Perfect! Now, suck, slightly, but just enough to keep pressure on my head. Now bob your head up and down while your hand slides with your mouth.” Slowly, she begins to glide back and forth, her mouth adding lubrication.

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