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My xmas 2014My xmas 2014Disclaimer: This really happened on December 25 and 26 in 2014 to me, Myra Foil.I was ordered by my Master to show up at 1400 hours at his farm house. I got this message from him on my phone:”filthy slut: be at my house at 1400 hours on first xmas day. I’ll send cab. bring nothing, only wearing coat, no shoes no nothing else. walk through front door. instructions are on the table next to the front door.” I had nothing planned for both xmas days (in the Netherlands we have two xmas days) so i replied that i would be there. I spend the morning naked. showered and cleaned my body very good. made sure i smelled nice. At 1330 hours the cab came. I sat in the back. The driver didn’t say a word to me. He brought me to the house and dropped me off. I came in the house and found the note. There was some stuff laid out for me. I took off my coat and since that was the only thing i was wearing i was naked. I picked up the note and read:”Stupid cunt:put the collar round your neck so tight that you only can barely breath. stuff the piss soaked cloth in your filthy mouth and tape your mouth close round your whole head 5 times with the ducktape. put the ankle cuffs on and click them together. Put the wrist cuffs on and click them together in front of your whore body. Then go to the kitchen and make the xmas dinner courses according to the instructions there.”I did all that and went to the kitchen, which took a long time because my ankles were bound together and i only cold take small steps. When i finally arrived in the kitchen there was another note. On it was the recipes of the courses for 5 persons. The house was empty. Nobody seem to be here. It said to have the first course ready at 1600 hours so that left me a bit of time because the first course wasn’t much work. So I started to prepare as much as i could for all the four courses.First course was carpatio and the second course a cream tomato soup. Main course was beefsteak with pepper sause, baked small potatoes and stir-fried veggies and the desert was crème brulè. Not all that difficult. i started the soup and roasted the nuts for the carpatio. Made the plates for the first course and put them in the fridge while the soup was slowly boiling. I could not start the main course until after the soup was served. I had some spare time. Being in bondage had me all wet. I dripped over the floor. So i went on my knees to lick the pussy juices off the floor when i heard a door opening.Master walked in, saw me on the floor licking my own cunt juice and nodded to me in appreciation on finding me that way. He looked around izmir escort and saw my dinner preparations and smiled. “Good slut” he said and gave me a piece of paper with the instructions for setting the table and five nametags. None of them contained my name as I suspected. He left me alone again and i got to work setting the table with a cloth, candles, knives, forks, spoons, and all the things needed for a nice xmas dinner.I was ready on time and waited until the guests arrived. They came in at 1530 hours and ignored me completely except for shouting orders for drinks. They were fully dressed for xmas in suits and ties. I served them drinks and they talked about general things. All looked like a very normal xmas except for me being naked and bound. The wine went quickly and i had to pour in again and again. The men started to be a little tipsy when i served the first course. I was instructed to wait at the feet end of the table until i was needed again. The men eating and still totally ignoring the fact that I was naked. More wine and even more wine. The bottles got empty very quick and i had to open new ones time after time. The my Master ordered the second course to be served and to bring him a big bowl. I got the bowl and gave it to him and started to pour the plates with the soup. Since the table was around the corner of the kitchen I could not see what they did with the bowl until i walked in with the soup. All the men peed in the bowl and by the time i placed all the plates before them on the table my Master placed the bowl with piss on the floor. He ripped off the gag and my mouth was free at last. “Drink this like a dog you stupid bitch!” I got on all fours and started to lick up the piss cocktail with my tongue. It took forever to empty it that way and I still had half of it in the bowl left when my Master got angry. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face in the bowl. “Drink it slut! you’re far too slow!” I drank as fast as i could and finally i was allowed to stop. The bowl wasn’t empty yet. I took the soup plates to the kitchen and started to prepare the steak, bake the potatoes and the veggies. I was ordered to bring it in when ready. When i brought in the main course i saw a big dog bowl full of shit and the rest of the piss. I served the maincourse and got on all fours again to eat my ‘xmas dinner’. I chewed on the shit and tasted the filthy bitter taste. I almost puked but managed not to while I swallowed time and time again. I was glad with the ‘piss sauce’ which made it easier to let the shit slide down my throat.The bowl of shit was quickly finished and escort izmir i had the shit of five men in my tummy. The men also had finished the main course and I took the plates to the kitchen. I fetched the Crème Brulè and poured the sugar over them. Heated the sugar until it crystalized and brought it in. No desert for me and I waited again at the foot end of the table until the men were finished. After they were ready the men went to the living room and I was ordered to bring them coffee and cognac and to clear the table and to the dishes by hand. They still completely ignored me when i brought in the coffee with cognac and I quickly went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. I heard them talking about whores and how men should treat them and laughing out loud. I was just finished doing the dishes and putting everything in the cupboards when my Master grabbed me by my hair and pulled so hard that I fell to the floor. He dragged me over the floor by my hair to the living room and threw me hard on the floor in front of the men. “Here’s the fucking whore. let’s start gentlemen”. The men grabbed me and dragged me outside. It was freezing cold outside as they moved me to the barn. The barn door opened and to my total surprise the barn was packed with naked men and also a few girls who were also naked. I was dropped on the floor in the middle of the barn and everyone gathered around me in a big circle. the men were wanking their cocks and more girls were thrown in the middle next to me. My Master took off my collar and my cuffs. Suddenly a voice from a loudspeaker silenced everyone.”Gentlemen. Here in the middle you see the filthiest, dirtiest, nastiest fucking scumbag whore sluts you’ll ever see. They don’t deserve your respect or mercy. They’re only alive to serve us men. They’re worthless pieces of fuck meat. Lower then pigs. Let’s show these filthy objects for what reason they’re alive! **** them, abuse them, humiliate them, degrade them!”A loud applause raised from the men and immediately they moved in and grabbed us. Many hands dragged me to a pile of matrasses, touching me everywhere. Pinching, scratching, squeezing my meaty parts and testing it for sturdiness. Hands grabbed my hair, pulled my head backwards and before I knew it a cock was slammed into my mouth and in one move deep in my throat. The cock started pumping in and out my throat and I gagged and shocked. Hands slapping my face hard, hand lifting my ass and yet another cock was rammed in my already wet cunt. I was slapped everywhere and men shouting and moaning. Cocks in my throat, in my cunt, in my ass or izmir escort bayan in all holes at the time. I was then on all fours, then on my back, then on my belly. It was a constant banging of cocks and slapping hands. Semen splattering all over. It went on for hours of nonstop fucking in all my holes.Then a bell sounded and all men moved away. There was a huge bowl in the middle of the barn and I was thrown into it. It was filled with piss and shit. The other girls were thrown into it as well and the top was closed with a rack. We were trapped. The amount of piss and shit most be from all these men but even then it was so much they must have been saving it in containers for days of something. The men started pissing in on us. Some shitting and puking. Already the bowl was so full that I could not stay flat on the bottom without drowning. Four naked women locked up in a bowl just big enough for us to fit in but hardly giving us space to move. And the piss, shit and puke kept coming. The bowl was higher than the rack and we had to push our heads against it in order to breathe. The party above us kept going on. The men drinking huge amounts of beer and emptying their bladders on us until most of them couldn’t go on anymore and left. My Master gave us straws to breathe and filled the remainder of the bowl with ice-cold water so we were completely submerged. That’s how he left us for the night. To soak up the human waste in our skins.Floating in the filth pushed against my fellow slaves, our fuck holes hurting and burning from the brutal **** and abuse. Only able to breathe through a straw and unable to sleep. If we fell asleep we would drown. the filth was so thick I could not see through it. The night lasted ages. But suddenly the rack holding us down was lifted and hands in rubber gloves grabbed my wrists. I felt rope tight around it and I was lifted in the air by my wrists. It was freezing cold and I started trembling. The trembling got worse when ice-cold water hosed me down. I saw my fellow slaves also hanging and undergoing the same treatment. The bowl was moved away and we were lowered on the floor. The men were still here and again we were grabbed and gangbanged. Cocks violating my already very soar fuck holes making the burning pain worse. Swallowing cocks, sperm and piss I almost choked. The air was filled with the sound of moaning men, slapping bodies against bodies and the smell of cunt juices, sperm and piss. When the men finally had enough they left and left us totally exhausted on the barn floor. Master guides us to our cells and we were locked up behind bars. No bed, just a hard floor to sleep on but I fell asleep very quickly. Then in the afternoon of the second day we were released. We were not allowed to shower and we only got our coats back. The taxies were waiting to bring us home.

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