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Mary Like’s them BIG!I am what you might usually call a computer geek and married Mary, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend, when I was 26, some fifteen years ago. Our first meeting was set up as a blind date when Mary was asked to make up a sixth at a dinner party and to everyone’s surprise, including my own, we just hit it off and we wed less than a year later.Now, I know I’m not bad looking – just nothing special, whereas Mary is attractive. Not the tall, model type who many of your writers describe, but small (5’4″) and pretty, with a short bob of black hair, blue eyes and a perfectly proportioned figure – nothing too big or too small – just right. The thing that most people notice about Mary is her skin which is perfect; no moles, no blemishes, no scars which makes her look much younger than her 40 years. She is quiet and rather prim and proper, which sometimes gives an impression of aloofness. We have always had a fairly ordinary relationship, with similar likes and dislikes and a good steady sex life. Apart from trying different positions and watching the odd porn movie which I had been given at work – which, incidentally, Mary thought were rude and dirty – we had settled down into the ‘once a week’ routine that many married couples do.My job as an IT manager for a large multinational company in Los Angeles has meant doing evening shifts working 6pm to 2am for ten days a month, which means that many nights Mary has been left on her own until I got home in the early hours. She has never minded this and we needed the money that shift working provided. Normally I would get in and the house would be dark, however, one night I noticed that my computer had been left switched on. I went to close it down and was shocked to see that the browser was logged on to a porn site featuring men with big dicks. Looking at the other sites she had visited that night, I saw that they were all on a similar subject, sometimes showing the men having sex with women as well as being sucked off by them.I turned the computer off and pondered how I was going to raise this with Mary, if at all. I mean, it could just be a one off. That said, I set the computer to retain a record of all the sites she looked at in the future. At the week-end when she went shopping I checked Mary’s activities on the computer and was amazed at the frequency and time she had spent visiting sites like and Every night she had been looking at these pictures and I must say, it aroused me to see some of the men screwing the women in the pictures.Was Mary having an affair? Her e mails didn’t indicate so and I decided to put her current infatuation with these sites down to a curiosity which would pass with time. It came as a hell of a shock two weeks later when Mary said she wanted to talk to me about something.”I want to have sex with another man.” she announced as if it were part of our normal conversation.”You what!?””I want have sex with another man” she repeatedI was stunned “Who?” “Oh. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.” She said, matter of factly.”I don’t understand.””What don’t you understand? What I just said?””No. I don’t understand how you can come out with a comment like that. You want to have sex with another man, but you don’t know who. Why don’t you know? Tell me more” Showing no emotion she replied “Well I lied to you in the past. I know I told you that I’ve only ever been to bed with you, but that’s not true. You see, before we met I dated a guy called Simon from my class at university for a year. I left him because I found him in bed with my best friend and I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t enough for him. The thing was, he had a really big penis and an insatiable sexual appetite and we did it three or four times a night – every night during the year we were together.” “From what you’re saying I assume you don’t you love me any more? I’m not good enough for you” “Of course I do and I always will. Meeting you gave me someone who I knew would never let me down .I’m not going to leave you or anything, but I’ve always been interested in big men, since Simon. I just want to experience one more time what it’s like to do it with someone big.” She said quietly.”And what if I say I don’t want you to?””Ah, well, that’s where we may fall out. I’ve made my decision to do this and I’m going to do it whether you want me to or not.”We didn’t speak for the rest of the day, but that night Mary slipped off her nightdress as she got into bed and we made love as if nothing had ever been said.A week later Mary announced “I’ve made my decision.””About what?” I replied absent mindedly.”About who I’m going to have sex with, of course””Who?” I replied. Suddenly cold.”Oh. Just someone who I’ve been speaking to who I was put in touch with by a friend.””And when is this to happen?””Next week-end.””Oh. Have you met this person? How do you know you’ll be safe?” I askedMary replied “No. I haven’t met them, but with regards to my safety, they have agreed to set up an internet link so that you will be able to see that I’m OK””You mean that not only do you want to go with another man, but you want me to watch you at it? No fucking way!” I said furiously. “And what do you mean, they?”” ‘They’ means that there will be more than one of them, and if you don’t want to watch, then don’t, but you’ll not know whether I’m safe or not, will you?”I sat stunned and then quietly said “I guess I’ve no choice do I?”The following week dragged. On Saturday morning Mary gave me a website address. “If you log onto this at 7pm you’ll be able to keep an eye on me. This is the number güvenilir bahis of a friend of mine which you can ring if you need to find out where I am.” She said, handing me a slip of paper. “Oh, and darling. I do love you, you know, but I have to do this to get it out of my system.”At 6pm Mary left in a taxi and I sat in front of my computer as the next hour dragged by. At 7pm I logged onto the website and was greeted with a screen which was titled ‘The Fucking of Mary’. I sat and waited. Within a minute the picture changed and what I saw shocked me. Mary was sitting on a low stool, facing the camera, totally naked with her legs wide apart and a hand on each knee. Her luxuriant bush of black pubic hair had been trimmed so that a black strip, an inch wide, above her pussy was all that remained. She looked dirty and rude, but at the same time sexy and her black hair accentuated the paleness of her perfect skin.Standing on either side of her were two men who obviously worked out in the gym and who had the biggest dicks I had ever seen. They weren’t even hard and were bigger than me at my hardest.Mary was looking at the camera and began to speak. “Hello darling. I hope you’re getting this picture alright. What do you think of what they’ve done to my cunt? They wanted to shave it all, but I said you wouldn’t like that, so we agreed to leave it like this. These are two of the boys who are going to fuck me tonight and yes, I know what you’re thinking – what does she mean ‘two of the boys’ ” Too damn right I was!”You see. What I didn’t tell you was that I didn’t just want to be fucked by someone else but that I wanted to be gangbanged. Are you shocked? I knew you would be! Let me show you who is going to have the pleasure of my cunt tonight.” With that, she stood up and walked around the room as the camera followed her. As she got to each man, she took hold of him, kissed him on the lips and slowly stroke her hand along his cock. I counted five men as Mary made her way to each of them in turn before returning to the stool, where she sat, once again, with her legs open. “If you were counting darling, you will have seen five men aged between 28 and 33, in their prime for fucking all night. Their cocks are between 9 and 11 inches long and are very, very thick and they are all going to fuck my tight little cunt.” Mary’s hand moved up to her pussy and her slim fingers slid up, down and then between the lips, stroking her clitoris and then inserting one, two and then all four fingers inside.The two men appeared back at each side of her and she looked at the camera again. “We’re about to start now, so you can switch off now if you like, but I don’t think you will, will you?” and then, almost as an afterthought, “Oh, and another thing you may like to know. I’m turned on by bondage so I am going to be tied up and helpless as these big men do what they want to me.”As I wondered what had happened to my prim and proper wife, two of the men joined her and fastened wide leather straps, each of which had a length of rope attached to it, around each of her wrists and ankles. Mary was then carried to a huge bed and her wrists were fastened to the sides of the bed about 2 feet down from the ornate headboard, holding her arms in a crucifix shape. I expected to see them tie her legs to the bottom corners, but instead, they pulled her legs wide open and then back and attached her ankles to her wrists. The sight of her lying on her back with her legs wide and held back level with her head, and her pussy and anus exposed like that made her look like a girl from one of the websites Mary had been visiting. In the background I heard a door open and voices and Mary turned her head toward the sound. Her eyes flew open and as one of the men fastened a satin blindfold around her eyes, she began to shout.”This isn’t what I agreed to. Let me go. Let me go now. I never said I’d do this!” She tried to move but was so securely fastened to the bed that there was no chance.Someone behind the camera began to speak “You told your husband that we would be able to do what we wanted to you and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.””No.” Mary shouted. “We had agreed what would happen. I agreed to five of you, that’s all. Let me go now. The deal’s off.””OK. So we changed the rules a bit, that’s all, but it’s too late to discuss that now. I’ve got some men here who want some of that beautiful little cunt you’re showing us, which we’ll now have the way we wanted it.” and as he said this a man climbed onto the bed, blocking the view of Mary from the camera and the sound was muffled. I thought I heard Mary scream but couldn’t be certain.When he moved off the bed, Mary was still held in the same position, but now her pussy was completely shaven and she had a big dildo inserted in her cunt and another in her anus. Although we knew of anal sex, we had never tried it and I was shocked to see these things penetrating her there.”Do you like what we’ve done to you Mary?” a voice asked “Let me describe it to you. We have exposed your cunt totally and you must always keep it that way from now on. The dildo in your cunt is hard and pink. It is eight inches long and two inches thick. We have been kinder with your ass – it is soft and pink, six inches by one across. Do you like it Mary?” Mary said nothing but bit her lip and nodded her head.”Would you like a hard cock instead Mary?” he asked. She nodded again and a man climbed onto the bed and started to lick her pussy lips around the dildo, letting his tongue stray to her clitoris before returning to her labia. After two minutes of this türkçe bahis I could see her raise her hips off the bed. The man took hold of the two dildos together in one hand and slowly started to move them in and out of my prone wife until finally, she came in orgasm under his touch. He removed the dildos and replaced the front one with his own member and I watched him play with my wife’s tits as he fucked her. Suddenly, he was moving more quickly and he buried himself in her. She cried out as he slammed his cock in and then pumped his balls into her. Pulling out, he moved up the bed and made Mary lick her own juices and his sperm from off his cock, which she did willingly.I then watched Mary sucking man after man to orgasm as different ones took their turn in her cunt. In four hours I counted her being fucked 34 times. I can’t remember how many orgasms she’d had, but she grunted in ecstasy as each of them thrust hard in their own climax. When the last one had finished, the camera focussed in on her cunt. It was stretched wide open and the sperm of 34 different men ran from her onto the bed. The lips were red and swollen and her clitoris stood out erect. Her face, blindfold, hair and upper body were covered in spunk from the ejaculations there had been over her and glistened in the bright lights.”Untie her.” came the voice and two naked men released the ropes holding her in position. She couldn’t bring her legs together at first because of the time she had been tied up for the men’s, and her own pleasure. She put her hands up to her face.”Leave the blindfold on Mary. We haven’t finished with you yet.””I know,” she whispered. It was nearly 11.30pm, but I didn’t feel tired. I was embarrassed to think that I had been turned on watching my wife’s violation, but wanted to see what else was to happen.Mary was led off the bed and for several minutes nothing happened, then the camera swung around. Mary was sitting on the stool again with her legs apart and I couldn’t help notice the difference the absence of pubic hair now made. The lips and her pussy were still wide open from the fucking she had already had and I found myself getting hard as I looked at her. The straps were still on her wrists and ankles and she was still blindfolded as she faced the camera and spoke.”Did you enjoy that? I’m glad they changed our agreement. I can’t see, but they tell me that there are 42 men in here – I lost count how many fucked me. Please don’t worry. I have consented to everything which is to happen and I want you to enjoy seeing me as much as I’ll enjoy the things they will do to me.” Two naked men came into view and took Mary’s hands and she stood up. One of them fastened a nine inch wide leather belt around her waist which had a rope hanging from a ring on each side and they led her out of view. Minutes later the camera turned 180 degrees and I gasped at the sight which confronted me. The ropes attached to the bands of leather round her waist, wrists and ankles were attached to points in the ceiling and Mary was suspended in an X shape , three feet off the ground with her beautiful breasts and hard nipples facing upwards and with her head hanging back. The blindfold was still on and once again, her legs were opened incredibly wide and she again had dildos inserted in her. Only this time, they were even bigger. The one in her cunt was black and very long. About six inches of it were visible and this led me to guess that the whole thing was about twelve inches long. It was thick, forming her cunt lips into an O shape. What shocked me was that the one in her anus was the same size, except I could only see four inches, which meant that there were eight inches penetrating Mary.Her head was hanging back and a well built man with a large cock pushed it between her lips and into her mouth. He took four minutes to come as he forced more and more of it into her mouth and when he did, he pulled out and shot his sperm over her face and neck.I heard Mary say “Come and fuck me now. I want to feel your big cocks moving in me and please remove the blindfold. I want to see you all enter me.” Someone untied the blindfold and Mary raised her head and looked around the room. “Oh god, you’re all so big. How many of you are there now?” she saidA voice replied “We’re up to 47 now.””Then come fuck me. I want every one of you to take me any way you want.” A black man came and stood between her legs and started to pull the dildos out. “No! Leave the back one in.” Mary said to him. He pulled the one from her pussy and let it drop to the floor. The camera angle moved so that it could now focus on Mary’s cunt and I watched as his black cock entered my captive wife, his darkness contrasting with her beautiful white skin. Mary moaned as the black cock intruded into her most intimate place. The camera closed in and I felt myself harden at the sight of the dildo and cock in her together. “Oooooh that feels so good! Fuck me hard! Harder, harder, harder. Fuck me like I’m your whore. I’m a whore for all your cocks to cum in me. I want your cum!” The man in her had hold of the top of her legs to stop her swinging as he buried his cock to the hilt in my wife’s cunt and then he finally emptied himself into her. As he withdrew his sperm ran out of her and round the ring of her anus that the dildo made.Another man replaced him and one took the position at her head and I watched as they thrust in unison until they too spent themselves in her. I kept count as 21 men took Mary in the cunt and then the camera panned back and four men came into view and started adjusting the ropes suspending güvenilir bahis siteleri her from the ceiling. They lowered her until she was a foot off the floor and I wondered what their plan was. It soon became apparent.The dildo was removed from Mary’s anus as she looked around the room. Semen ran from her cunt and her face and breasts were once again covered. The camera did a close up of the place between her legs, which were still spread wide and I could see her holes were coated with cum and both gaped open. As I stared, a large cock slowly slid into her anus and I heard Mary gasp as the camera moved out to take in more of the picture. A man had moved under her suspended body and had penetrated her from underneath. As he worked his 9 inch cock in and out of her anus she turned her head to French kiss him. His hands roamed over her breasts, smearing the sperm of many men across them until they shone as if they had been oiled. She made groaning noises into his mouth with each thrust he made and then turned her head towards the camera. “Simon. Fuck my cunt like you used to. I’ve missed your big cock so much. You know how I like it don’t you?”Still facing the camera she said “Yes darling, Simon is my old boyfriend. I didn’t tell you that he now runs an escort Agency, but he was the only one I could think of to arrange the kind of satisfaction I craved.” looking across the room she continued “Simon, show my husband what you gave me every night for a year.”A tall, athletic guy moved onto the screen and stood beside Mary. His cock was so long that it hung halfway down his thigh and at its tip was a large, shiny, circumcised helmet. He bent down so that Mary could take hold of it in her still manacled hand.”Look darling. Look how I’ve wrapped my hand around it but my fingers are still two inches apart. And look at the head – it’s as big as my fist, can you see? I used to take the whole head in my mouth when we first met. His cock’s thirteen inches long you know” She slid her fingers down the shaft until she could cup his balls – or should I say ball. They were so big that one filled her palm. All his pubic hair had been removed which made his genitals stand out more.”Show my husband what you do with me Simon. Show him what I like.” Simon moved between her legs and rested the enormous head of his cock against her gaping cunt. The man beneath her was still moving in her anus and she had turned to kiss him again. Simon’s cock began to disappear inside my slut wife and the lips of her pussy stretched tight around him. I could see her clitoris being forced from its sheath with each inward push he made and it rubbed along the length of him.Mary whispered “Do it now Simon. You know what I want. Fucking do it.” and he took hold of a nipple with each hand and started to pull her towards him with it. He remained still as he drew her onto him by her breasts. Her nipples were stretching impossibly as he dragged her further onto his cock.”Aaah yeees!” Mary screamed as she came. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I’m a whore and a slut and I want you to fuck me ’til I’m sore. Pull my tits. Fucking pull them harder.”She bucked her hips wildly as both men rammed their cocks into her, penetrating her, violating her and her whole body stiffened in orgasm. The men sank themselves into her and filled her with their sperm. When they withdrew, her holes gaped and ran with cum. Two more men took their places and then two more again. Eighteen pairs of men fucked my wife this way Others who’d already done her in the cunt, wanked into her mouth and over her body, and all the while she shouted at them for more.”Oh yes. Split me open with your fat cocks. I want to be your whore!”After seven hours it was over. Forty seven men had fucked my wife a total of 91 times before they finally loosened the ropes and let her gently to the floor. Her labia were puffy and sore and her red inner lips hung out having been stretched and dragged by so many monster cocks. As she moved her legs together for the first time in seven hours, the spunk in her squirted out onto the floor between her thighs.She looked exhausted, but as she clambered onto her knees, Simon appeared behind her and pushed her forwards onto her elbows. He took hold of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart before sinking the full length of his cock into her from behind. He looked at the camera.”Mary likes it rough you know. I used to fuck her three times a night like this when she was young and she’s even better now than she was then. She likes sharing. I hope you do because you’ll never be enough for her now she’s done this.” and as he slammed into her I heard his huge balls slap against her clitoris. Pushing her down onto the carpet he fucked her so hard that with each thrust she was lifted and moved across the floor. Mary moaned “Oh yes, oh god, I’m coming again. You’re fucking splitting me in two. Oh, it’s so good!” and he came into her for the last time. He moved off her and for five minutes she lay still.Mary finally stood. Her bald cunt area was red and she was covered in sperm. The belt and wrist and ankle straps were still fastened to her. She looked at the camera.”I hope you’re still there.” and paused. “They’ve gone now. There’s only me left. It’s 2.30 in the morning. I’m going to clean myself up now and come home if you’ll still have me. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, but it was something I had to do and I wouldn’t do it behind your back. If you don’t want me back, I understand and leave. I’ll be home in two hours.”Three months later Mary and I are still together. I recorded the whole of her evening on DVD and we have watched it together and as we make love she describes what it was like to have so many big men pleasuring themselves in her. We are still happy with each other, but I can’t get her to promise that it won’t happen again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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