Indecent Proposal Ch. 07

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I fetched the two bottles of wines and we circulated those between us to refresh ourselves for the next course of the evening. But before the next course could be served I needed to unwrap Annabel who was still fully dressed. I stepped over to the bed and offered her my hand so she could stand up.

We kissed for a few minutes until I gently turned her around to face Emere and Asoese who were both lying on the bed spooned into one another facing us with expectant looks on their faces. I didn’t want to disappoint them or Annabel as I stood behind Annabel, wrapped my arms around her hot body and leaned down to snuggle & kiss her soft neck. She smelt so good… All warm & sweet, but with a smell of a woman ready for sex & love that man has sensed since his caveman days. I loved the touch of her hair on my face & neck as I kissed her warm, tender neck.

My hands finally left her stomach and came north to the top buttons of her blouse and I very slowly unfastened each one in a very slow smooth action as I continued to kiss her neck. Kissing her neck in this way meant that I could see right down the front of her chest so I could literally admire my handiwork as I continued to unbutton her blouse and see her breasts as more of her skin came into view as each button was undone.

Once every button was undone I slowly ran my hands back up over her blouse to cradle her breasts in my hands through the blouse I had no need to worry on that score, I had their rapt attention. I slowly eased the sides of Annabel’s blouse apart so the ladies could see the white lacy bra underneath that cradled & supported her breasts. I fondled her breasts through the bra for a couple of minutes while I teased her earlobe with my tiny kisses & lips.

Annabel ground her ass back into my groin in appreciation of the feelings & desires I was generating in her body. Her nipples were hard under the lacy cups and in need for release so I eased my fingers into her cleavage to undo the clasp at the front of her bra. My thick builder’s fingers made hard work of undoing the clasp by which time all three ladies were laughing out loud at my efforts. Finally it came undone and I eased the cups off her heaving breasts.

Her nipples endured & were tormented by my finger tips for a few minutes making Annabel groan loudly as she ground harder against my now hardening cock. Emere and Asoese started fondling each other as maybe a subtle hint for me to speed up the show a little. I slid my hands down to fondle her through her leather skirt for a few minutes before undoing the skirt and carefully peeling it off her hips. As the finale for the show I reached up to her shoulders and very slowly divested her of her blouse and bra.

Annabel stood there in just her crotchless tights and her high heels, looking fucking beautiful. I just wanted to eat her amazing pussy again.

I wandered over to the sofa and threw its cushions onto the floor to soften the floor for what I had in my mind for the next course of the degustation menu.

I lay down on the cushions looking forward to what & who was going to cum next.

“Annabel, please kneel down over my face looking towards my feet. Slowly the light levels dropped as Annabel’s thighs filled my vision as she settled down over me and the aroma of her hot wet pussy filled my nostrils as it lowered down onto my lips. I was back in heaven and we hadn’t started yet. I let her pussy settle on my lips and I placed small kisses on her skin, tasting her juices on her lips from her earlier orgasm.

My arms curved upwards and backwards above my head so I could take her lovely ass in both hands to stimulate, tease, & torment her over the next fifteen minutes or so. I had every intention of slow cooking her next orgasm out of her over the next fifteen to thirty minutes. I was never going to have such an evening as this again in my life so I wasn’t in any rush as I wanted to savour every minute with and every millimetre of all three ladies throughout the night.

Annabel reached down and gave my old man a few gentle strokes to harden him up. There were sounds of movement from the bed and moments later my legs were eased apart and then I felt a warm moist tongue lick the underside of my balls and then up the sensitive underside of my cock. Annabel’s fingers pealed my foreskin back and a pair of warm, moist lips kissed the tip of my cock.

‘Game on,’ I thought, not knowing whether it was Emere or Asoese kissing the tip of my cock. A warm tongue stated to lick the swollen head of my cock whilst a hand gently cupped my balls.

I gently sucked on Annabel’ pussy lips, pulling each one in turn between my lips while continuing to feel her güvenilir bahis ass.

The lips on my cock eased apart and took my manhood in her mouth. Within a couple of minutes she was deep throating my entire length. And just as I was really enjoying it the lips left my cock and returned down to lick, suck, and then I felt a pair of thighs either side of my hips as the unknown lady sank down on my cock.

I couldn’t see who it was without moving Annabel and I had no intentions of doing that; so instead I released Annabel’s ass and reached forward to search out my mystery lover. Running my hands over her legs & hips I thought it was Emere by touch and Emere by reason of having already shagged Asoese. But to be sure I reached up to fondle her tits. Yes it was Emere.

The next moment both ladies eased in towards each other and Annabel removed my hands from Emere’s tits and replaced them with her own as they started to kiss. I ran my hand slowly down Emere’s body & thighs for a couple of minutes as my mouth released Annabel’s now swollen pussy lips. My tongue eased between her lips to savour the wet insides of her pussy and the sweet nectar it contained. Fuck, I loved eating this woman. It was going to be hard to let her go back to her family and not be able to hold her warm body in my arms. So I was determined to make the most of her right here, right now.

Emere seemed to have forgotten my old man was buried deep inside until he twitched and swelled slightly in response to my enjoyment of Annabel’s pussy. Emere reminded me she hadn’t forgotten about me by giving my old man a gentle hug with her pussy muscles.

Asoese left my balls to Emere’s pussy and probably started fondling Emere judging for the sighs but hey! I had a gorgeous pussy spread on my lips and a tight pussy enveloping my cock… You can’t have everything!

Emere started to move very slowly on my cock, almost imperceptibly at first as her and Annabel caressed, fondled, & kissed one another. For my part I started to focus on Annabel’s delicious pussy, leaving the topside activities to take care of themselves, I slid my tongue about half an inch into her pussy and then started to lap it along the length of her juicy slit, feeling her swollen lips brush along the sides of my tongue. Annabel squirmed in appreciation while still administering to Emere. There was a steady flow of juicy nectar running along my tongue. As I ploughed backwards & forward along her furrow I moved my hands back to her nyloned ass & thighs.

The erotic feel of nylon made my old man more horny and he swelled some more inside of Emere and she wriggled atop of my hips in appreciation as well. Every now and each time Annabel jerked upright as electric pulses from her clit arced through to her brain. My hands were thoroughly enjoying the firmness of her thighs and the silky feeling of the nylon; I was almost salivating from that pleasure. It would have been hard to distinguish if I was salivating or not with the amount of Annabel’s juices flowing over my tongue & down my throat.

Emere was starting to rise up the feel of her smooth love tunnel gliding over my old man was increasing my heart rate and my breathing.

Suddenly there was movement topside as Annabel sat upright and drove my tongue deeper into her gash. A warm foot touched the side of my ribs and then another on the other side. Asoese had stepped over me in between Annabel and judging by the feel of her toes pointing towards my armpit that meant her cum filled pussy was now directly in front of Annabel’s face.

Emere’s hands touched my stomach as she reached to grip Asoese’s ankles to massage & fondle Asoese’s spread legs. I let my hands drift forward off Annabel’s thighs to reach forward to touch Asoese’s warm legs and start massaging her shapely calves as that was as high as I could reach. Sometimes my hands met Emere’s hands who seemed to be cruising on Asoese’s thighs and ass.

Annabel adjusted her position slightly and I was able to reposition my arms around her thighs to reach upwards more than I could before. My hands ran up the front of Asoese’s thighs very slowly until I almost reached the Vee of her thighs only to find Annabel’s face meshed tight into Asoese’s pussy. Her tongue hungrily licking her out; lapping out the spunk I had so recently injected into her pussy. Emere’s hands brushed over mine. It appeared as if all hands led to Asoese’s pussy, only to be thwarted by Annabel’s tongue already lapping deep inside her.

I reversed my hands and eased them backwards onto Annabel’s breasts. Her nipples were rock hard bullets in her heightened state of arousal being part of such a sensual my tongue türkçe bahis pleasuring her pussy and clit, added to my fingers tormenting her hardened nipples; all added to her tongue eating out Asoese’s pussy and probably Emere giving her an occasional horny caress.

This was a night of sex that none of us would probably ever experience again. I just couldn’t believe being in this position – flat on my back with a young lady I’ve lusted after for many years sat on my face with her drenched pussy dripping onto my tongue. Add to this I had a young Fijian beauty gently riding my cock, her velvety love tunnel cruising slowly up & down my hardened meat. And finally there was another Fijian beauty within reach if I so desired running my hands over her smooth, warm, firm thighs. Yes, life couldn’t get any better than this!

I could hear the sound of a wet pussy being eaten out as well moans from the ladies as they took care of each other as Annabel quickly bought Asoese towards an orgasm with her tongue, aided by Emere fondling Asoese’s breasts from behind.

The pace started to pick up as the ladies stimulated each other towards orgasm. Emere started to focus on riding my cock rather than playing with Asoese, although I could imagine Emere with two fingers thrusting into Asoese’s sodden pussy as she rode my old man. I hardened even more as I imagined that scene above me of Emere riding my cock with one hand on Asoese’s hip for stability and her other hand, drenched in Asoese’s juices, thrust between Asoese’s thighs as her fingers thrust deep into Asoese’s pussy; with Annabel’s tongue still lapping Asoese’s pussy from the front. Asoese would be struggling to remain standing with her pussy being pleasured so enthusiastically along with Annabel fondling her tits as well.

There was a whole lot of movement going on topside. I could feel Asoese’s feet rubbing against the side of my ribs as she squirmed at all of the loving attention she was receiving from Emere and to round everything out I had Annabel grinding her pussy hard down on my face.

I was struggling to breathe through my nose as it was buried in a wet sea of hot flesh as Annabel rubbed herself hard down on it. I had to breathe through my mouth, timing it carefully as I swallowed all of her juices following out of her tasty pussy. My hands gripped her nyloned clad ass so I could get her into a rhythm of riding my face that was in keeping with my alternating cycle of breathing and swallowing.

If Annabel eased backwards more than normal then my protruding tongue would rasp across her erect clit, making her ride & thrust even harder on my tongue, nose and lips. I was almost drowning, with an edge of panic starting to creep into the back of my mind that I could drown or suffocate down her during her impending orgasm.

With my thighs pressed tight together my balls were packed upwards and Emere was slamming down on the hard, pounding them into submission with her pussy as she rode me for all she was worth. Fuck, she felt so good. She would be an incredible lady to fuck on her own, let alone as part of this soon to be orgasming foursome.

Asoese was the first off the rank; the stimulation of Emere’s two fingers plundering the depths of her pussy while Annabel lapped her clit raw and mauled her erect nipples was just too much. A low wail escaped for Asoese’s lips as the fire started to consume her from her pussy outwards; soon to change into a scream as Annabel squeezed hard on her nipples and her breasts. I could feel the power of the orgasm consuming her as her ankles & legs shook & tightened against my ribs. The vibrations and movement in her legs threaten to rub my sides raw as Annabel and Emere tore into her pussy. I even felt a few drips of juice land on my chest as she creamed her way through an incredible orgasm.

I was starting to struggle for breathe as my hands fought with Annabel’s hips to keep in a regular cycle of movement so I could continue to breathe and swallow. I was starting to edge towards desperation, thus making my heart pound in my chest and my tongue lap at her pussy & clit like a madman. All of the feverish activity with my mouth & tongue was too much for Annabel.

Annabel was still lapping at Asoese’s pussy during the flood of Asoese’s orgasm, running her tongue on Asoese’s clit; whilst her hips focused on driving her pussy hard over my mouth she had never experienced or enjoyed so much sex before in her life. She had certainly never experienced girly sex until this week in Fiji, and she certainly enjoyed this new, more, tender form of lovemaking and sex. She couldn’t get enough of these feelings and the touch of another women’s hot body against güvenilir bahis siteleri hers. Added to this she was receiving $50,000 for shagging a workmate for a week in an island paradise; she just couldn’t believe her luck. She just didn’t want it all to end; but she couldn’t hold back on the orgasm that she could feel building deep inside.

The orgasm started as a dull ache in the pit of her stomach and then started to build into something more physical. Her nipples felt like they were throbbing but at the same time her pussy was alight and ready to burn her down with its own feeling of intense need for relief. Her brain struggled to work out what needed attending to the most; before finally deciding both needed attention at once. Annabel’s brain needed to manage the lust & need that was now screaming throughout her whole body and the only sensible response was to move one of her hands down to her clit to relieve the ache & the need there.

Annabel just didn’t know where to turn or what to do next; so she instinctively tugged at her nipple eliciting a painful response, while at the same time thrusting her forefinger hard against the raw nib of her clit. No matter how hard she rubbed & abused her clit the need for relief just seemed to grow unabated. She could feel my tongue running across her pussy, and she could feel my nose buried inside her at times. She could also feel the slight pain of my finger nails embedded in her ass and hips as I fought to maintain my airway as she ground down hard on my face.

From her nipples to her clit seemed to be a roaring furnace that consumed her very soul as her brain & body finally surrendered and tore into one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced. The tips of her nipples were extremely sensitive but she couldn’t instruct her hands to stop squeezing & tormenting the rock hard buds. Electric shocks seemed to arc from her pussy to my tongue and her forefinger but she couldn’t stop that either. Then her body’s natural fire system came into play as her pussy released a wash of juices to quell the inferno that was her clit. She bucked & fought to get off my tongue but I stayed latched onto her hips and drank my fill from the torrent of nectar washing down over my face. I swallowed as fast as I could, while at the same time allowing Annabel to lift up a little so I could start breathing through my nose at the same time.

While all of this was happening my own body had gone into fight or flight mode as my brain thought I was starting to drown in Annabel’s juices. My hips bounced up & down trying to throw the ladies off so I could escape & survive the drowning. This fight for survival by my brain wasn’t viewed in the same way by Emere sat astride my hard cock. To her my urgent, hard, deep thrusts felt like I was fucking the arse off her, this wild ride was one of the most intense fucks she had ever experienced, especially while finger fucking her best friend at the same time. She felt my cock & pelvis slam hard into her time & time again so she just hung on for the ride. Her pussy muscles instinctively clamped down on my cock and held on. My balls slapped hard against her making it an incredible sensation for both of us.

Once my brain registered it was going to survive drowning by pussy, it switched to the second basic instinct after survival which is… Fucking. My core of hard meat was pounding into Emere and my cum-filled balls were slapping hard on Emere’s pussy; and it just became just too much for both of us at the same time. I heard a long scream from up top and Emere started to violently shake on top of me as the first long rope of spunk fired hard from my balls through the rifle barrel of my cock deep into the depths of her pussy.

“FUCK,” I screamed deep into Annabel’s pussy as I shaked, thrust, bucked, and shook my way through an orgasm that drained the last drop from my balls.

Emere’s pussy milked me for all it was worth as her muscles clamped & released my prick continuously. Emere had run out of energy and was sat still astride me as she let her orgasm subside with my cock still rooted deep inside her. At this point Annabel fell to one side and curled up on the floor, taking Asoese into her arms, cuddling her tight to her. I reached up for Emere and saw the look of a lovely lady looking serene after an intensely satisfying fuck for both of us.

I pulled Emere down and we kissed very passionately while trying to take breaths as the hot embers of orgasm slowly started to cool inside both of us. My arms enveloped her shoulders and back as we kissed and eked out the last moments of our orgasm as my cock softened inside of her. Eventually she rolled off to the other side from Annabel and I turned to pull her into me and lay her head on my chest. I reached down with one arm over her shoulder to gently cup her breast and she reciprocated by reaching down to gently cup my tender spent balls in her warm hand.

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