In Bed With Mum

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In Bed With MumMum is 32 years old. Her hair is nearly black and long, it drops almost to the middle of her back, and she has 38D tits.I am f******n year old and also have dark hair like Mum hair. I am in high school and there is nothing special about me. Just a typical teenager, and my cock when it’s hard is 6′ and is a little thicker than my mates in school. Yes, we all look just to compare our dicks in the showers When I was young, my mum would come into my bedroom and tuck me in. She always gave me a kiss and told me how much she loved me. I do not remember much about that time of my life, but as I grew older, my memories started to form. At the age of six, my dad left us. I remember when Mum would come and tuck me in; she would lie down next to me and cry. I could not understand why. He was a mean man, and he would hit her. Then when I was nearly thirteen and I began to wish mum would stop, simply because i started to get erections and I felt ashamed. I did not want her to know as it was somewhat embarrassing. Mum would tuck me in, lie down next to me in bed and cry her sorrows away. After a while, I discovered that it made me feel like I was the man of the house. I would hold her in an attempt to comfort her. I had just turned f******n a few weeks before, and one night Mum came in to tuck me in. She asked if I would mind if she were to lie down and just hold me for a little while. I moved over to make room for her. I hugged her, and kissed her cheek. She just smiled at me.It was hard to get to sleep. Tonight I could not wank off with Mum lying next to me. I felt Mum moving in bed, she removed the sheet from her body and sat up. The next thing she was headed toward the bathroom. As the door opened and she turned on the light, I saw her silhouette through her nighty when she stood in front of the light. She izmir escort looked looked fantastic. My young cock grew instantly. My breath escaped and it seemed like forever to recover.I closed my eyes and waited for her to come back. As the door opened, she glided back into the room, my eyes opened and saw her coming toward me and she looked just as fantastic coming as it was going. My cock tented the sheet. I quickly closed my eyes and once again pretended to sleep.Once Mum had covered herself and rolled onto her side facing away from me, I did a roll myself and threw my arm over her and cuddled in to her. I thought she would remove my arm and pull away a little, but instead, she pushed back toward me to snuggle up even closer. When she pushed backward, my hard young cock was between the cheeks of her arse. She paused when she felt the hardness of my young cock against her. I knew she was going to pull away. To my great surprise, she shifted and pushed back harder.I was spooned against her and thought, any moment she would move away. She stayed; I even felt a little grind come from her. We stayed like that for what seemed like ages.After she fell asleep, I started to move and hump her and felt as if heaven had made a place just for my raging young cock. It was between her arse cheeks. I was spooned against my own Mother and I thought she would wake up, and realize what I was doing and scream at me. I kept humping. When i felt the burning in my balls, I knew it was too late to stop. I unloaded my cum on her arse cheeks!She suddenly turned to face me and said, “Mark are you going to clean your mess up or are you going to make me do it?” I was so worried that I thought she was going to kill me for this, I could not answer! She repeated her question. “I could not reply!”To my amazement, she reached behind her izmir escort bayan back, and scooped my cum up into her hand. She moved her hand toward her mouth and stuck her tongue out and into the puddle gathered in her palm! All I could do was stare in wonder at what she had just done.My mother had just licked my cum out of her hand, after I dry humped her! Any tennage boy would have been shocked, let alone it being his own mother! I found it invigorating and so did my flaccid cock because it started an immediate growth to full hardness. Mum looked at me and said, “Is there any I have missed?” Stunned, I replied, “Only this bit!” as I grabbed my hard young cock as the head still had a bit on it.. Without hesitation, she leaned over and took it into her mouth without using her hands! Half of my hard young cock was down her throat and her lips squeezed and pulled back draining the last bit of juice from my ejaculation. It was unbelievable. She laid back and with a smile on her face, she said, “Do you have any more left in there?” All I could say was, “I think so Mum!”She responded, “Well, we have all weekend to get all of it out.”I was in a dreamlike c*** and could not believe this was real, but I thought may I’m going to enjoy this.Mum spread her legs open and those fantastic tits were right there in front of my eyes. I gently went to feel her breasts and cupped both one tits in my had and started to suck on her nipples. Mum was moaning, saying it was lovely having her baby boy sucking her nipples.I moved one of my hands down her sise and touched her bush of dark pubic hair. Mum had a very thick bush.My hand was now touching her pussy. I used my fingers to trace around the lips of her cunt and after I had gotten to know what her pussy felt like, Ii slowly pushed a finger into her. She exhaled and growled escort izmir as her body pushed down almost uncontrollably, burying my finger deep inside, she was very wet. When I pulled out I added a second finger, and Mum’s pussy started dripping in to my hand. I was amazed, I thought she was wetting herself”Her pussy felt like I had my fingers in a warm cup of coofee, it was so wet”!To my surprise, Mum said, “Please lick my pussy and twist my nipples Mark.”Her pussy was as wet and the aroma whiffed to my nose making my head spin. “I had nevery experienced eating pussy”, but I remembered what my sex education teacher had told us in school. “Use your tongue and spell out the alphabet when you are doing oral sex on a woman, making sure to cover each area of the pussy you are eating. Make sure you listen to your partner, and when you hear a moan, and then repeat until she has told you she is ready.Never take your hands off her body. Gently squeeze her breasts and little twists of the nipples will add more pleasure.” That is what I did to my Mum and yes, it worked. It was only a few minutes and suddenly my face was covered in wetness! I thought Mum had peed on my face, but she was having a huge orgasam!. Mum started begging me to fuck her and I have never heard her use dirty words like what was coming out of her mouth. The screams of “Fuck me Mark, fuck your mother please, fuck me darling”.Then Mum grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her soaking wet pussy; pulling me up her body and finally our lips met and she forced her tongue into my mouth, and immediately reached down grabbing my hard young cock and guided it into her wet cunt hole. This all seemed it was in slow motion. My hard young cock was buried all the way to my balls in my Mothers cunt. Mum was bucking like mad and I thought I was going to end up on the floor! Her orgasm was so powerful that I thought she had passed out! My balls tightened and I was cumming…”The next thing I remember was I heard Mum telling at me that it was time to wake up and to get ready for school”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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