Gracie and her best friends son…

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Gracie and her best friends son…Gracie was attending a birthday party at her friend Rachel’s house, who’s son was turning 18… Gracie:”I’ve known Rachel for more ten years now and she is one of the few type of friends who actually stick around. It felt as if not too long ago I was turning 18, but I was now in my early thirties and Rachel probably felt old too now that she was was nearing forty!… But anyways let’s continue with the story…There was plenty of alcohol available, for those in the appropriate age range of course, and Rachel loved her drinks whenever the occasion called for it. I was the only other female figure there since it was mainly only other boys around in their late teens and I believe a couple of them were 20. Rachel’s ex husband didn’t bother to show up so it was up to Rachel and I to supervise, mainly to make sure none of the boys got a hold of the liquor. Rachel poured herself another glass and she continued to talk about her life, the way her divorce went through, etc. Being the only other “supervisor” available, I had to be the responsible one and not drink so, unlike the last party I attended, this time I actually managed to stay sober the whole time. I was trying not to be rude to her but I was nearly dozing off because the conversation was getting to be all about her. I turned my head to see if I could find something else to talk about, when I suddenly found myself getting distracted by the young studs who were sitting not so far away. As Rachel went on about how the divorce came to be, I couldn’t help but stare at the muscles on some of these boys and I felt a rustling in my panties that made me adjust my skirt a bit from time to time. I also adjusted my top, making my modest “C” cup breasts sort of jiggle around a little and I could’ve sworn I saw a few of the boys looking my way when I did so. Rachel didn’t even pay any attention to my random movements as she kept on yapping away about her life and I also took that opportunity to fix my hair a bit using a mirror I had in my purse. I quickly passed my fingers through my hair with one long stroke and I combed the right side of my straight, long, light brown hair purposely behind one of my ears. The side I tucked behind my ear was facing the boys who were talking amongst themselves about their lives and I decided to listen in on their conversation for a while. As I focused less on rachel I heard the boys talking about cars, the typical guy chat, and then one of them switched over to talking about which girls they liked. I glanced over at them from time to time acting as if I was supervising them properly when really all I was doing was admiring their youthful bodies, so strong and beautiful. I felt a much more noticeable rustling in my panties this time and I tried adjusting my position again but by now it seemed that the boys had gotten the best of me. I quickly got up excusing myself, hunching slightly and then saying that I had to use the restroom. I did my best to make sure that no one, including Rachel, noticed the real reason why I had to go away for a moment as I gently pried the sliding door open. But as soon as I gave a little push the darned thing made a loud squealing sound and it promptly triggered the attention of some of the boys who looked my way. I blushed turning my head back slightly to give a slight grin as I carefully closed the glass door behind me and then I focused on heading over to the restroom to take care of my current situation. I finally went inside the bathroom and I locked myself in as I began to fold up my skirt, bringing it up to my belly. As soon as I raised my skirt far enough I looked down only to find that the front part of my pink panties were pitched straight out in front of me and there was a small wet spot in the middle. I leaned over as I carefully pulled down my panties revealing my fully erect 6 inch long circumcised cock which pointed straight out in front of me. There was a fresh drop of precum oozing out from the tip of my pee slit which explained the wet spot on my panties. Those boys seemed to have gotten me all excited and I let it get the best of me but somehow I had to control myself since after all, I was a lady. It took me several minutes to fully control the situation since I found my mind straying back to the boys from time to time. I tried to get my mind off of the boys outside spending several more minutes in the bathroom with my skirt lifted and my panties down. My efforts were of no use and soon I heard a loud heavy knock on the door causing my erection to finally subside a bit. I replied to the knocks on the door saying in my most hatay escort gentle “lady” like voice, “I’ll be out in a minute…” I lifted my panties back up to my waist as tucked my cock back in between my legs, still leaving an obvious, yet much smaller bulge than before in the middle and I let my skirt down again fixing it properly before unlocking the door. Finally I opened the door only to find Rachel’s son standing in front of me, his muscles bulging through the sleeves of his shirt which seemed too small for him. There it was again, I felt as if my growing cock was just gonna flop out in front of me, raising the front of my skirt and causing a very embarrassing situation for myself. Trying to keep my mind off of those things, I then excused myself for taking so long in the restroom saying, “Oh Josh… I’m sorry you had to wait for a while… I suppose I’m done now though so you can come on in… I mean, without me in here of course…” Just then he did something completely unexpected as he leaned in to kiss me. I backed away out of pure reflex, stopping him in his tracks and I said, “Josh… What are you doing? I’m you’re mom’s best friend… It’s me, Gracie… remember?” He then said, “I know Gracie, but it’s just… You’re very pretty and I dunno… I guess I figured since, that it’s my birthday and all…” …Here I was facing a handsome guy who was about to kiss me. The problem was, I knew him since he was just half my height, but now he was fully grown up and just barely legal. I met Josh one day when his mom took him shopping for clothes one time and she asked me to tag along to help them out since I was a boy once too. He always knew me as a “girl” because by the time we were properly introduced he was maybe 5 and I had already made the transformation. I never really made it a point to spend enough time with Josh as he grew and yet whenever I’d see him from time to time he would seem happy to see me, and I him. I thought it was because he thought of me as an aunt or a godmother of some sort even though nobody made it official. But any possible role in Josh’s life growing up wasn’t even a topic of interest for Rachel nor myself, since sadly his dad didn’t approve. Plus I only went out with his mom on her extra spare time, which was hardly ever anymore… Now back to the story again…Josh’s words meant more to me than he knew and I blushed as I saw him leaning in again. Now, even though I knew it was wrong not to let him know my secret just yet, I also knew that I just couldn’t let this moment go to waste…This time when I saw his head leaning further in I did nothing to stop him and I let him kiss me, feeling the magic as our lips touched for the very first time. Josh put his arms around me and I melted in his embrace as he held me tightly. I felt the touch of his lips on mine while we both retreated into the restroom and he shut the door locking us in. I began lifting my top up in a hurry as I lost all control and he stepped back a little admiring my upper body while I revealed more. His eyes were glued to my slim waist as he stared up at my near perfect slightly curved outwards smooth stomach and my tiny belly button hole. I lifted my frilly colorful top, pulling it off completely, revealing my natural looking female breasts which were just barely contained in my rather tight bra. I undid my bra from behind letting my bra loose as I removed it and Josh stared at my bright pink nipples. He took turns staring at either of my exposed breasts and be reached over to grab them in his hands, so I let him. We kept quiet just in case his mom walked in and heard us two in the restroom together. I felt my cock was now fully erect again and this time I couldn’t contain myself anymore as I let it do what it needed to do paying it no attention. Josh kept fondling my female breasts in his hands as he leaned in to lick one of my nipples and he began suckling on it like a nursing c***d sucking on his mother’s milk. When I saw him start to lift his shirt, I then became bolder as I reached over to raise his shirt up and I felt his stiff abdomen muscles, feeling his nicely rounded male breasts while I lifted his shirt up all the way. As I helped him raising the front of his shirt revealing his clean, smooth chest and I couldn’t help but notice that he had pretty decent muscles there too. Josh helped me as he lifted his arms allowing me to remove his shirt and then he continued by undoing the button on his shorts. I interrupted him with another kiss as I felt his bare chest some more, knowing that he would probably freak out if I took off my skirt and especially now that escort hatay my cock was just begging to be freed from it’s unfair containment. As our lips locked again, Josh began to feel up my thighs with his hands moving up the back part of my legs and then he reached up further, feeling my bum cheeks all over. His hands explored my big well rounded ass and I just knew I had to do something soon or else he would find out the truth about me sooner than I wanted. While Josh continued to feel my ass I got an idea and just when I felt the moment was right I broke the kiss. I then got down on my knees in front of Josh as I reached for the front of his baggy shorts pulling down the zipper and I reached in pulling his semi hard uncircumcised cock out from the slit of his boxers. I stroked his cock for a moment watching his bright pink cock head just barely poking out from his long foreskin and I applied some of my saliva to it getting it all wet. I looked up as Josh moaned deeply and I watched the priceless expression on his cute little face while I kept pumping his growing cock into my hand. “Ohhh… Uhhh!… That feels really good Gracie… Ohhh…” I kept stroking Josh’s beautiful cock as I replied softly, “Mmm… Yea, it does huh?… I can see that you’re a big boy now Josh…” I then felt a sudden impulse to just lean in and take his cock into my mouth so that’s exactly what I did. I faced his big hard cock as I leaned in opening my mouth and I took in his cock inch by inch as it entered my warm moist mouth. He grunted as I began sucking on his tasty young flesh. I moved slowly in and out wetting the entire length of his cock as I wrapped my lips around his cock taking in as much as I could. Josh moaned again saying, “Uhhhh!… Uuhh… Whoa, Gracie I… Ohhh!… Yea…” I moved my head in taking his whole cock into my mouth as the thick head of his cock squeezed into the small hole of my throat and I pulled it back out slowly. I got carried away and while both of my hands were busy feeling his bum I didn’t yet realize something wasn’t quite right. I pulled his cock from my mouth as I looked up at Josh for a moment and he seemed to have a surprised look on his face while he stared down at me, but he wasn’t staring at my face. It was then that it hit me, that my cock was at full mast poking out at my skirt and I looked down myself to confirm my belief was true… True it was!…I watched helplessly as Josh stared at my skirt which was still pitched outward, enough to say it was more than obvious that I was hiding something unusual down there. There was no hiding it now, I knew that it was now time for the truth and so I got back up as my erection faded slightly. I began by saying, “Josh, what you saw… my skirt was sticking out front like that because, well because I… I think you have to know that… I’m not who you think I am Josh, I… I’m a transexual… I was actually born a boy like you… And I have a penis…” He looked at me with a puzzled face, but I couldn’t help but notice that his erection stayed and he replied saying, “Umm… Yea, well I kind of already know that… my mom sort of told me about it to protect me I guess… She said that I shouldn’t be alone with you anywhere because she said you were still a man and that you might want to to something with me or whatever… But that was a while back… As I grew older I remembered what she said about you really being a man and I… I kind of got curious about it later… So here I am…” This time I was the one with a puzzled face as I stood there speechless and I tried to do my best to quickly adjust to all the new feelings that were settling in. I then looked Josh in the eyes and I kissed him for a while allowing my emotions to kick in. Soon I decided enough time had gone by as I reached down to undo my skirt, right there in front of him. I quickly pulled down my skirt letting it fall down to my feet where I kicked it off to the side and I slowly pulled down my panties revealing my semi hard maybe 4 inch long circumcised cock. Josh and I both looked down as I pressed my naked body against his, feeling his bare cock rubbing against mine. We kissed for another brief moment while I used my hand to rub our cocks together and mine grew some more with every stroke I gave to both of them. Josh broke the kiss as we separated from one another and he placed his hand on my cock giving it a few pumps before reaching down to feel my smooth hairless balls. I also reached down to continue to stroke his fully hard cock and I felt his hairy post-pubescent balls with my other hand. Josh reached to touch my womanly breasts hatay escort bayan with his other hand while we each took turns stroking each other’s cocks. Suddenly Josh paused and I said, “What’s wrong Josh?… Is it me?…” He instantly shook his head as he said nervously, “No no no… you’re hot… It’s just, I… I’ve never done this before… With anyone.” I smiled as I blushed saying, “Well thanks. You’re pretty hot too… And being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of… However I will take care of that for you my dear… Well, only if you wanna of course…” He nodded as I took him by the hand leading him over to the sink where I leaned over assuming my position. I knew this was our only chance since his mom wouldn’t approve of us being together anywhere and she might be coming in the house to check on us soon, so I decided to make it a quick one, right there in the bathroom. I backed up my ass upon his cock before grabbing hold of his cock carefully aiming the exposed head of his cock between my bum cheeks. Being that this was his very first time having any type of sex, I wanted to watch him whenever I got the chance and so I looked back gazing into his eyes as I carefully began to push back slightly with his big hard cock between my bum cheeks. Soon I felt the thickness of his engorged cock head pressing into my bum hole as I pushed back a little more on it, allowing his cock head to just barely squeeze inside of my puckered hole. I heard him moan a little too loudly and I gasped feeling his cock sinking further into my love hole. “Ohhh!… Uhhh!!!… Whoa!…” I sat back completely on his lap feeling his cock diving deeper still inside me and I moaned just as my bum pressed against his hips. I moaned saying, “Uhhh… Oohhhh… Yea… You like that Josh?…” I carefully raised my bum up a few inches as I began to move up and down on his cock creating even more loud moans from Josh. “Uhhh!… Ohhh!… Oh wow, it feels so good… Uhhh!…” I reached down to stroke my own fully erect cock and I felt more of my precum oozing out from the tip. I watched as a thick string of my clear precum swung back and forth before finally dripping down onto the floor as I felt Josh starting to fuck my bum hole, thrusting his hips forward to meet me half way. Josh was moaning uncontrollably as I began to hear light smacking noises, slapping his hips upon my ass while he kept on pumping his cock deep inside of me, pushing in harder and faster with every thrust. “Uhhh!… Uuhhh!… Ohhh!… Oohhh Gracie!… I think I’m gonna cum!… Uuhhh!!! Uuhhhh!!! Uhhhhh! Oohhhh!…” I kept on going as I felt several ropes of Josh’s semen already spilling deep inside of my bum hole while I kept stroking my own cock faster. He moaned while I backed myself up some more making sure that I squeezed out every drop of his semen as it spilled deep inside of my ass and I was extremely turned on now knowing that I just finished taking his virginity. I moaned saying, “Ohh yea… Cum inside me Josh!… Yea!… That’s it… I’m cumming… Uuhh!.. Uhhhh!… Uuhhh!… Uuhhh!… Ohhhh Josh!… Uhhh!…” I then felt my inside muscles clamping down on his shrinking cock causing it to slip out of me and I started shooting several long squirts of my own sperm. I let go of of my cock as my semen landed all over the side of the sink and then some more shot out in a few more weak spurts landing directly onto the floor. Josh took a moment to catch his breath while I stayed in position feeling a bead of his semen trickle down my inner thigh and the last bit of my cum dripped out of my spent cock landing on the floor. We had quite the mess to clean up but I told Josh to quickly get dressed and head back out before his mom caught us together in there. I took some toilet paper to clean off my semen off the side of the sink while Josh got dressed and as he slipped on his shirt once again he said, “That was great…” While I finished up cleaning the sink good I replied facing him for a moment saying, “Sure sweetie, anytime…” He was now fully dressed so I gave him another kiss on the lips before he headed back outside and I began to clean my bum off from his spilled semen, even though most of it was still inside of me.After I was finished cleaning up all the mess, I made sure to spray a lot of scented disinfectant all around to try and mask the smell of sex that was in Rachel’s bathroom due to my brief, yet hot encounter with her barely legal son. I then stepped outside again and I excused myself for taking so long telling her that my stomach really didn’t agree with the food I had earlier. She pardoned me taking another sip of her drink and she continued talking as if I had never even left. I glanced over at her son Josh from time to time as he smiled and he winked back at me letting me know that our secret was safe between us now…”Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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