Evil Auntie Marlette

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Evil Auntie MarletteAunt Marlette sighed and smiled, it had been a long exciting day. She had just turned 64-years old and was happy how the birthday dinner with her only nephew, Ryan, turned out. She got up from the couch, then made her way to the bed and laid her 6’2, 340 lbs. body next to her young 19-year old nephew. The bed was so small that he rolled into her chest. His hands instinctively raised in defense of his face, and they grabbed breast flesh and he may have accidentally squeezed one of her nipples. “Did I wake you, Ryan?” She stroked his hair. Marlette hoped that her nephew got the strong impression she was feeling frisky.”Yeah, but it’s okay,” Ryan said. He couldn’t help but continue to massage her breasts. Aunt Marlette was now puffing out her chest. Her nephew could tell she loved it.”Can you get between my legs? It helps me relax.” She opened her huge thighs, and he demurely slid in between them. Ryan was a little bit nervous that she would try to close them and crush him to death, but Aunt Marlette was normally such a gentle woman that he decided to trust her and play along. “I’m going to squeeze you a bit ok? Don’t worry, you’re safe. I just want to play.” She squeezed gently and pulled him in closer to her mammoth breasts, burying his face in her chest. “Kiss them Ryan,” she whispered. “You know my dear, you are trapped now.”Ryan’s submissive nature caught up with him as he submitted to her command and lightly kissed her breast flesh, which was so expansive it was actually covering his face and upper torso as well. Aunt Marlette allowed her thick thighs to grind on either side of her captive nephew’s hips, her smooth, fat skin begging to be rubbed. He didn’t really know what to do. If she wanted to, she could render her nephew completely comatose if she wanted. “I love how tiny you are Ryan. You’re barely 5’6 and not even 130 lbs. soaking wet! I could suffocate you right now with my breasts, and there’s nothing you could do about it.” She pushed him further in. It was indeed getting harder for Ryan to breathe. “I would never hurt you though. Would you trust your nasty aunt if she got on top of you?” She pulled him out for a moment. Ryan stared up at her powerful form in awe. The only thing that went through his mind was, is this really happening? “Not that you have any choice in the matter.” She moved in close to her nephew’s face. Her lips were dangerously close to his. Ryan nodded as he felt her thick, sweaty flesh rub against his own.Marlette shifted slightly and rolled Ryan onto his back and mounted him, her knees on either side of his hips. Ryan struggled, but couldn’t budge her. She was far stronger than he was. He couldn’t even see her face over her gigantic melons. She was like a massive mountain of flesh towering over his thin, frail body. And then she dropped. Aunt Marlette brought her huge breasts down and smashed them on her nephew’s face. Ryan started panicking and began squirming for his life underneath Aunt Marlette’s immense weight as her breasts mashed his face into the mattress. She rubbed her sweaty chest back and forth, and his face went with it. Aunt Marlette’s body was a force of nature and Ryan was her victim.”Oh fuck, I love this!” she hissed. “I love dominating my little nephew against his will!”Ryan tried hugging her, but his arms could barely reach past her side boob. She was sweating profusely, and his face started to stick her massive breasts. Marlette knew if she weren’t careful, she would soon suffocate her helpless nephew.Lucky for Ryan, she sat up a bit. Her huge tits dangled over his face.”Kiss them my sweet slave,” Aunt Marlette commanded. “Worship your nasty aunt’s breasts!”Ryan did as he was asked and kissed them obsessively on the fabric. “You’re the smallest young man I’ve ever been with. You like big boobs don’t you?” She was in complete control. “Do you want some nipple action, Ryan?” she asked her captive nephew, her big boobs rubbing against my chin. Ryan nodded in the affirmative. If he didn’t, he was afraid she might smother him into u*********sness.”Good. Nothing makes me cum faster than having a small man suck on my tits.” She pulled her tank top down and shoved her massive nipple into Ryan’s mouth. Her nephew sucked on it as hard as he could, and she quietly moaned. He listened as her moan grew into a scream and felt her wrath as Aunt Marlette fucked her pussy hard on her nephew’s crotch. Then she stopped. And she collapsed. Right there on top of him. Breast meat flooded his vision. One of her boobs was enough to completely trap his face. Both of them rendered Ryan helpless.Underneath his aunt’s undulating flesh, Ryan could hear muffled moaning from above him. Ryan was freaking out now. He was fighting for air within the dark valley of Aunt Marlette’s cleavage. He pushed and pushed, but she outweighed him by over 200 pounds. Air was running low. Ryan was sure this was how it would end, with his face trapped beneath Aunt Marlette’s gigantic breasts. Her powerful body sitting astride his…Suddenly, she got up, or at least rolled over. The sweat of her chest worked as an adhesive on her nephew’s face, and he went with it. She held Ryan close for a moment. “By the way Ryan, I know you were watching me through the keyhole when I was working my cunt with my vibrator” she said. Ryan did his best to turn and found himself enveloped by her body. She gave him a tight squeeze and cuddled his body closer to herself. Ryan was sore all over, felt like passing out, but he was so turned on.”I’m sorry Aunt Marlette… please…” Ryan begged”Did you feel good while you were watching me through the keyhole, darling?””Yeah… I, uh… I felt good.” “And a little bit afraid that I might catch you?” she asked. “Uh-huh. How did you know that, Auntie?” the boy asked, daring to look into his Aunt’s eyes. “I know many things, darling. I know all about boys and how they feel when they discover something new and exciting.” Marlette was getting very aroused now. She knew where her line of questioning was headed, even if Ryan did not. “New and exciting?” Ryan asked.She steadied her voice. “You found what you saw through the keyhole new and exciting, didn’t you, Ryan?” “Yes, Auntie Marlette.” The boy nodded. He had never felt the way he was feeling now. There was something about his Auntie’s eyes and the way she looked at him that made him feel warm inside. The warmth seemed to be concentrated right between his legs. It was the same kind of warmth that he had felt while watching her and his older brother naked together in his Auntie’s bedroom, but now the warmth was even more intense. His heart started to beat a little faster. He was suddenly aware of the softness of his Auntie’s hand on his leg. She had touched him a lot, but somehow her touch had never felt quite like this before. “There’s nothing at all like the sensations of fucking, Ryan- your penis all fat and tingling–and then the way your cock feels when it shoots your cum into a woman’s mouth or her pussy is like no other feeling.” Marlette smiled, continued to touch Ryan’s leg, stroking with her long fingers.”In her pussy Aunt Marlette?” Ryan was flush with excitement.”You haven’t had that experience yet, my dear. But I have a feeling that you will… soon.” Marlette smiled. “Would you like that to happen to you soon, Ryan?” He nodded, looked down at his aunt’s graceful hand touching him. “You were feeling some of those sensations even as you watched me through the keyhole, darling. For instance, I’ll bet you felt a warm tingling in your balls and your little cock, didn’t you?” Marlette smiled, her hand moving up, closer and closer to his crotch. Ryan swallowed hard. güvenilir bahis She seemed to know everything. Marlette’s pussy was getting very damp. She resisted the desire to simply spread her legs for Ryan and ask him to fuck her. No, this once it would take a little more time… “And did your darling little cock get all stiff in your pants, Ryan?” she asked, her hand moving smoothly. “Auntie, do… do you really want to talk about… about that?” the boy gasped. “You don’t have to tell me, Ryan. It’s up to you.” she cooed. “Why don’t we just sit quietly here for a minute. Close your eyes and see how you feel inside. Once you’re quiet, you can decide if you are going to trust Auntie with your secrets – does that sound good?” Ryan nodded. Marlette smiled as Ryan closed his eyes. “Just rest quietly, my sweet nephew.” Marlette cooed again. Eyes closed, Ryan nodded. He was breathing deeply and slowly as Marlette made her move. She took her hand from his thigh and gently cupped her palm over her nephew’s cock bulge. Ryan’s eyes jumped open in fright, but Marlette calmed him with soft words of reassurance. “There, there sweetie. Let Aunt Marlette take care of you and all of your needs.”His cock was jerking hard under her hand as she coaxed him into closing his eyes again. Even though he was shaking and afraid, Ryan’s body somehow relaxed. Except for his cock. She knew then that her seduction was succeeding. Ryan was trusting her. His aunt felt his trust, and knew she would reward it. She also felt his young prick twitching under her loving touch, and promised herself she would reward his trust there as well. Marlette increased the warm pressure of her hand against Ryan’s hardening, growing prick. She pressed, released, pressed and released in the slow rhythm that she had used to harden a hundred penises over the years. It always worked. “Ryan, are you ready to open your eyes now?” Marlette’s hand had not left his body. Ryan opened his eyes. First he looked down at his aunt’s hand holding his crotch, then he slowly raised his eyes to hers. With great care, Marlette lifted her hand from her nephew’s crotch and returned it to her own lap. Ryan looked both relieved and disappointed. “Well, Ryan, did you decide whether you feel comfortable sharing some of your secrets with Auntie?” Marlette shifted closer and knew he could smell her sweet breath and could feel her warm body against his. Marlette knew it would cause his balls to churn out even more cum.”I– I guess I could share a little with you, Auntie Marlette” Ryan’s voice lowered to a whisper. “But can we keep it a… you know… a secret?” She smiled at him. “Of course, darling. Auntie will keep your secret for you, if you keep Auntie’s secrets too. Are you ready to share?” Ryan nodded. Marlette smiled. “All right, Ryan, your Auntie asked you a question before.” She tried to keep her voice neutral,but she was getting so hot for cock that it took great effort.. “Your penis– it did get all stiff while you were watching me masturbate, didn’t it?” “Uh… yeah… yeah, Auntie.” Ryan said in a squeaky voice. “And Ryan” Marlette lowered her voice, “Did you reach down and rub it a little?”Her fingers were touching his leg again. Ryan was hoping that she might feel his cock some more, so he tried to answer his aunt honestly. “Yes… yes Auntie Marlette, I did rub it– just a little.” He looked hopefully at Marlette. She would not betray his hopes, but they would both have to wait just a few more minutes to get what they both desired. “Ryan, you are a very good boy for being so honest with me.” Marlette said with a warm, loving smile. “Auntie would like to reward you for being so brave. Would you do your Auntie a favor now, so she can help you?” He looked at her. “Just stand up for me here in front of the bed. Can you do that for Auntie?” Awkwardly, Ryan stood. As Marlette had expected, his hard-on stuck out from his crotch at an obscene angle. Touching his hips lightly, Marlette turned him to face her as she sat. Now she resumed touching Ryan, this time on the sensitive inside of his thighs. “And what happened then, Ryan?” Marlette’s hands were moving upwards again. “What did you do after you had rubbed your hard cock through your pants for a while?” Ryan’s change to standing, combined with her turning him, made his cock and balls move under the material. As she waited for his answer, Marlette stroked upwards and gently adjusted him so his penis had more room to thicken and lengthen. “I… I took it out,” he whispered. Ryan was shaking. “You did what, darling?” Marlette asked, pretending not to have heard him.But she had heard him. Marlette just wanted to hear Ryan say it again. Hearing Ryan’s admission had sent a warm tingle right to her clit. She wanted his words to give her that twitch again. Her palms were starting to sweat.”Tell…. tell Auntie again about what you did.” “I… I took it out, Auntie,” the boy repeated. “my… my…” “Your cock?” “Yeah–my cock.”Marlette was palpating Ryan’s shaft through his pants, squeezing and releasing, adjusting it so that it had maximum room to grow. “You unzipped your pants and pulled your hard cock out? My goodness!” she said in a playful voice. Playing for just another few minutes of time, Marlette looked up at her nephew questioningly. “Ryan, have you masturbated yet today?” “N-no, Auntie Marlette.” “How many times a day do you usually play with your penis, my sweet nephew?” she ask demurely as she kept stroking her nephew’s rigid prick through his pants with the tips of her fingers. “Two or three times, I guess…” Ryan winced at the thought. “Do you always play with your cock…”Marlette looked up at him “…until it shoots?” “Yea… yeah.” Ryan was watching his Aunt’s well manicured fingers moving back and forth, teasing his hard lump, adjusting his penis through his pants. He couldn’t quite believe what was happening to him, but it was making him feel awfully good. “Does the… the cum always shoot out hard, my dear young nephew?” Marlette’s voice was firm. She felt Ryan’s cock throb through his pants at her commanding tone as she used her finger nails to scratch the glans of Ryan’s cock.”Yes, Auntie.” “Is it nice and hot? Thick and white, my dear?” “Yes, Auntie.” Ryan was whispering. “So, dear nephew, it’s been a while… do you think there’s a big load of cum in your balls right now?”Marlette was turning herself on with her own words and by feeling Ryan’s prick. She was imagining him jerking off, the cock releasing sperm…”Do you think cum might need to shoot out of your cock this morning, Ryan?” “I- I don’t know- maybe…” “Well, isn’t your cock starting to ache just a bit?” She was firmly squeezing, releasing Ryan’s prick through his pants. A little stain was forming where his glans was jutting against the pant leg of his PJ’s. “Yes, Auntie!” the boy gasped, his balls tightening between his young legs. “Please! Please Aunt Marlette, make me cum!””Then let’s do something about these pants, Ryan. Your cock and balls need to be more comfortable.” All this time, Marlette was tugging on Ryan’s cock through the material with one hand. Now, with the other, she eased down the waistband of her nephew’s soft pajama bottoms. Marlette smiled warmly, her cunt tingling in anticipation of things to come. She reached inside and wrapped her silky, well manicured fingers around the shaft of his jerking young prick. “Oh, shit, Aunt Marlette! Fuck! You’re… you’re touching my cock!” “I know, darling.” Aunt Marlette said as she smiled like a vixen. She felt her pussy tingle again as she eased his cock out of his pants. “It feels so good in my hand, so warm! Soon I’ll be doing more than just touching türkçe bahis it.” Ryan looked down and watched her hands pull him free. He couldn’t believe it. His amazon aunt was holding his cock in her large, soft hands.Finally free, the cock was thickening and straightening. “Does it feel good with your nasty aunt’s fingers wrapped around your cock Ryan? Do you think your aunt is going to milk all of that nasty white, boy goo from your balls?” From the way her nephew sucked in his breath and closed his eyes, she could tell that she was indeed making him happy. She stroked it from underneath, base to tip, with her sharp nails. The cock danced as she finished the stroke, sticking out at Marlette’s eye level. Ryan looked embarrassed. Whispering reassurances, Marlette eased Ryan’s pants off. Then she coaxed him into allowing her to remove his socks. Ryan had never felt so exposed in his life. He wasn’t afraid exactly, but all of this was new and a bit confusing to him. He was actually standing in his aunt’s bedroom, letting his Aunt stare at his naked cock and balls. He wanted Aunt Marlette to touch his penis some more, but for the moment, her hands were in her lap. “That should be much more comfortable for you, Ryan. Now your cock and balls aren’t all squeezed together in those pajama pants.” Marlette smiled as she watched Ryan’s testicles adjust to the air in the room. “So, you took out your prick. Just what else did you do while you watched Auntie fuck her pussy with her dildo, darling?””Uhmmm,” Ryan shuffled about and looked at his Aunt Marlette’s mammoth frame. He was getting nervous. He thought to himself ‘What if she climbs back on top of me? I won’t be able to escape her! She might fuck me to death!'”Earth to Ryan… Ryan? Ryan! Snap out of it!” Aunt Marlette demanded. Ryan snapped back to attention and looked into his Aunt Marlette’s eyes. “What? I’m sorry…””Did you start jerking off?” She smiled confidentially. “You can tell me. it will be our secret. Auntie will understand.” “Yes, Auntie! I… I had to! I had to jack off!” Ryan rasped. “I couldn’t help it! Watching you masturbate turned me on!”At this confession, Marlette’s cunt surged with lubrication. Her genitals were sopping. She was almost losing control of the situation, but she took a deep breath and looked up at Ryan. He was looking down at her, differently than he ever had before. Marlette liked that look. She was knowingly making her nephew into a piece of meat for her. He would be Aunt Marlette’s submissive little slut. She knew that by the time this night had ended, his cock would be completely under the power of her cunt. The idea that he would soon be her sex slave was making her clit have little rippling cums already. To further inflame him, she slowly uncrossed and re-crossed her long, thick, nylon covered legs. Her pussy made a wet bubbling sound as it smacked open and closed under her short skirt. They both smelled her hot scent wafting up. Marlette’s nipples tightened and swelled as her heavy breasts shined with sweat. Looking down, Ryan noticed her nipples growing erect and hard, just as she had hoped he would. Aunt Marlette heard him suck in his breath, watched as his penis jerked in front of her face. She felt her pussy creaming, and she knew that she would have to go all the way with him now. Her cunt was burning with lust, itching to fuck the cum from her nephew’s hard young prick. “So you jacked off outside my bedroom door? Was that fun? Did you notice how wet and shiny my dildo was as I slid it in and out of your Auntie’s cunt? Is that what made you want to play with yourself?” Marlette was enjoying torturing her young nephew.Ryan felt the head of his cock gently give a tickling pulse at his aunt’s words.”Oh, look, Ryan! See the pre-cum oozing from the tip of your prick? You must be terribly excited, my dear!” She smiled as a droplet pre-cum appeared and dangled from his cock. “I am, Auntie Marlette! You have me on edge!” Ryan said, his balls writhing in their scrotal sac. “You must be very horny young man. Tell me, darling, when you jacked off outside my bedroom door, did you do it… until the cum shot out of your cock?” Ryan winced. “Don’t make me tell, Auntie!” Marlette raised her hand towards Ryan’s quivering penis. “But I want you to tell me, nephew.” To his immense relief, her warm hand closed around the shaft. “It’s okay, Ryan, you can share your secrets with Auntie.” Marlette gave his cock a little squeeze and gently gave it one long, luxurious stroke. “Go ahead, trust me.” “Yes, Auntie!” Ryan was wincing with the exquisite pain of confession. “I did it three times every night I watched you. I had to wipe the stuff up off the floor most of the time because I was afraid you might see it!” “But I would have loved to have seen it, Ryan! Did your cock shoot off real good?” She began to stroke his hard-on. “Auntie isn’t angry, she’s glad that you got all excited watching her masturbate.” Marlette was stroking Ryan now, very slowly so that he wouldn’t cum too soon. “Auntie’s happy that you watched her use the dildo to fuck her cunt. She’s hoping you shot your cum extra hard because you were looking at her huge tits jiggling as she twiddled her clit.”She was jerking Ryan more quickly now. “Auntie likes that you watch her. If you want, you can watch again through the keyhole tonight. But this time, leave the sperm on the floor for Auntie Marlette to step in it later…” “Oh Aunt Marlette…” Ryan was panting in heat.Then, as if she’d just had an idea, Marlette slowed her hand.”I’ll even tell you a secret my dear nephew. Aunt Marlette likes to… to facilitate young men to shoot as hard and as long as possible. It helps them to feel their best. I love to tie a young man down to my milking table and ring their cock dry with my hands. Sometimes I place them on the floor and use my feet to stroke out a few loads. Sometimes I wear a pair of five inch heels when I force their cock to make a mess all over them.”Ryan moaned thinking about being dominated in this way by his Aunt Marlette. Imagining her towering over him and using her nylon clad feet to force his cock to spurt out its seed.”Oh, you like that don’t you my naughty nephew?” Marlette said with an evil gleam in her eyes. “Maybe you’re the kind of young man that wants to see me in tight leather and high heel boots? I’m also sure you would love it if your Aunt Marlette took this hard cock between her mountainous breasts and forced you to cum in her cleavage!””Oh fuck…” Ryan panted harder, trying to catch his breath. “Would you like me to do some of those things to you, Ryan?” “Auntie!” he said, his eyes widening. “Oh fuck…””I’m sure you’ll cum harder if Auntie helps you, rather than just you watching, darling. Would you like to try something with me now?” “What’s that, Auntie?” the boy rasped, his young balls aching with pleasure.”Your cock is very hard, Ryan. There’s pre-cum oozing from it.” Aunt Marlette cooed. “In a few minutes, I will force the cum from you. It will want to squirt out the little hole in the end. It clearly needs to shoot just as hard as we can get it to, but first, we need to secure you to the bed.” Marlette let go of his cock and pushed her nephew back onto her bed. She had already placed restraints and it was a simply matter of buckling his wrists and ankles to each of the four posts.”Why are you tying me down, Auntie?”She smiled and held out her palm. Bending over, her heavy breasts swinging, she lowered a big loogie of spit into it. “The reason Auntie tied you down is because you won’t be able to escape, or try and stop me from milking every drop of cum from you. You are tied down so that you will güvenilir bahis siteleri submit to my desires Ryan. You filthy-minded Aunt Marlette is going to force your cock to cum until it shoots dust.” “You… are going to force me to cum? Oh… oh shit! Aunt Marlette!” The boy gasped when he felt Marlette’s warm slimy fingers applying hot spit around his super-sensitive prick head. The boy had never felt anything like the sensations that suddenly rushed through him. He felt his Aunt’s palm pressing against the sensitive flesh of his rock-hard cock. He felt his cock growing even more as Marlette slowly gave him an expert handjob, his prick head swelling with hot pounding blood. Marlette knew that she was driving her young nephew wild. She was already doing things to his cock that she knew he had never even imagined, and she had barely started. She ran her other hand up between the boy’s legs and fondled his young balls, wrapping her fingers around them and squeezing gently. Her stroking hand slimed his cock. She felt the stiff flesh twitching against her experienced palm. “Auntie! Oh, Auntie! It feels so good! Oh, shit! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” the boy pleaded. His legs began to tremble as the intensity of his passion increased. It wasn’t long until he was writhing in pleasure. She felt the hard head of his swollen cock swelling and dripping as she applied more pressure. She knew that he was too young and excited to hold back his orgasm much longer. Suddenly she stopped. She let go of his cock. “Are you about to cum, Ryan?” she asked, “Are you going to blow your load for your Aunt Marlette? Oh! Yes, Auntie!” “Are you getting closer my sweet nephew?” Marlette asked coyly as she quickly twisted the palm of her hand over the head of his cock. Her fingers pulled the thin string of pre-cum out of his tip and gave her hand lubrication.”Y–yeah!” Ryan said as he watched his aunt expertly stroke his throbbing meat.Marlette’s cunt was sopping now, and it made a wet noise as she shifted position on her knees between his spread legs. Ryan was helpless before her towering form. There was nothing he could do to stop the assault of her Amazon-sized hands. The rank smell of her swollen hole drifted up to Ryan’s nose. His cock jerked. Making sure that Ryan was watching, Aunt Marlette reached down between her legs and gathered a hot handful of her own steaming cunt-juice and sweat in her hand and brought it up to her nephew’s twitching penis. Smiling, she applied it, with great care, to his virgin cock. “I think you’ll like this…” She stroked, and Ryan’s organ jerked. “Smooth enough for you, little Ryan?” Marlette was whispering to him as she wiped the smooth sliminess of a woman’s cunt secretions all over his cock for the first time ever. “Oh please… Aunt Marlette!” Ryan said with ragged breath.”Is Auntie touching you just right?” An evil smile crossed her face as her free hand tickled his most sensitive spot, just under the glans, with the tip of her fingernail. Then she circled her thumb and forefinger loosely in a ring on the underside of the cock helmet and began a twisting motion. “Oh fuck Aunt Marlette! Oh I… I’m going to cum soon if you keep stroking me like that!””You don’t want to do that, do you?” Marlette asked her nephew. “You don’t want to cum do you?””Yes! Yes, please!” Ryan begged breathlessly. “Anything you like Aunt Marlette! Please! Let me cum!””Actually, Ryan, Auntie would like that very much! Wouldn’t you love to release your load, darling? Won’t your cock and balls will feel just wonderful while your cum is shooting out through your hard prick? Imagine how your cock will feel at that moment, my darling nephew! You want to shoot your load all over Aunt Marlette’s hands, don’t you, Ryan?” “Fuck yes Auntie! My balls are aching! I want do it! I… I need to cum!” “Okay sweetie, Auntie understands. You need to cum. Let Auntie Marlette help you blow out a really hard load of that hot, young cum!” Marlette slowed and firmed her strokes. She reached under and gently stimulated his sensitive balls. “I’ll squeeze your balls real lightly… like this, and give your beautiful prick a few last strokes. There! That should make your jism flow. Now you can shoot your cock real hard for Auntie.” she whispered, moving her hand up and down on his rock-hard prick. “Give it to me! Cum… Cum for your nasty fucking aunt!” “Oh fuck. Oh fuck! Aunt Marlette!” Three times Ryan grunted, and three times he shoved his prick into Marlette’s hand as hard as he could. By the third time, she was still stroking his shaft, but was also palpating the thick tube between his balls and asshole. Marlette’s fingers caressed it just right. “Give me your cum Ryan!” Aunt Marlette commanded. “Give your Auntie all of your hot, sticky seed!”Suddenly, a bulge rippled through that tube. It was the first thick wad of her nephew’s sperm forcing its way out of his balls and into the air. Deftly, Marlette repositioned to make sure her huge, sweat-covered breasts rested on either side of his cock. That visual alone made his cock throb heavily in her hand.The pleasure-twisted orgasmic look on her nephew Ryan’s face was priceless!, The boy watched wide-eyed, spurt after spurt of cum shot from the head of his cock and splattered all over his Aunt Marlette’s huge heaving breasts. “Oh, Ryan! Yes! Cum on my breasts and hands! Oh, fuck yes! Squirt it baby! Shoot it out! Cover my fat tits! Do it! Cum for your Aunt Marlette!” Her nephew’s cock was still pulsing uncontrollably, as her hands worked him hard. Her breasts moved like thick pudding in rhythm with her hand as she milked him. Ryan couldn’t believe the mess of cum that was being jerked all over his Aunt’s breasts and lower neck. Marlette felt two final surges in the base of Ryan’s cock as he dribbled the last of his seed out onto her hand. With that hand she held his wet prick. With her other hand, Marlette rubbed his thick white cum all over her face while Ryan stared helplessly spread eagle before her large form. She applied it to her cheeks and down her neck. Then she opened her eyes and smiled at him as she licked her fingers, bringing the palm of her hand to her mouth to lick all the cum off. “It tastes so good, my sweet slave! And there’s so much of it! I want to suck every last drop of cum from those swollen balls of yours!” she said, leaning down and engulfing his oozing prick with her warm wet lips. “No! Please! No more! Please stop Aunt Marlette!” Ryan pleaded. “I’m too sensitive!”Aunt Marlette knew that her nephew Ryan’s cock would be very sensitive after he shot off and this is one of the many reasons why she tied him down. He wouldn’t be able to stop her! He felt every move of her tongue and lips against his swollen prick head. He felt her teeth gently nibbling at his cock, felt her sucking him, draining his cock of jism. A lot of cum had cascaded from his prick onto his balls. She was soon busy licking his ball-sac, too, running her tongue down his cock to his balls, moving them around and washing them. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, then the other. He felt the warm moistness of her eager mouth on his balls as she sucked them ever so gently. “That was only the first orgasm Ryan,” Marlette said huskily. “I have so many more ways of forcing you to cum! Maybe by the end of today, you’ll be able to tell which is your favorite. Let’s get started, shall we?”Marlette rested her silky hands on Ryan’s smooth legs and felt his body relax after his wild orgasm. She knew that he still had many more such hot loads of cum left in him. Marlette knew that his prick would stay hard as long as she teased him with her luscious, fat body. She needed his untiring cock and his youthful passion to satisfy the burning need that smoldered between her legs. She had given her nephew a taste of sexual pleasure. Now she would lay out the entire feast before him. She would milk him dry

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