College Student and a Femboy CD

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College Student and a Femboy CDAuthor’s note: Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at this story. If you have not seen my other stories that I previously wrote, then feel free to take a look at them. Let me know what you think because I need more comments and possible ratings in order to know what you all like and don’t like about the stories. There is always room for improvements. Here’s something I would like to share with you all. Like the other stories I wrote, this is based on true events, but there are some parts that are not fully into detail due to it being too long. This story is already long enough in my opinion, but I think without the obvious background to it, then it would not build up into a proper storyline. I hope you enjoy this, and I thank you all for your time. Friday, January 26th, 2018: it was a time when I finally moved into an apartment complex in the same college town I was attending for college. It was my first week for our Spring Semester. I was finally relieved because I barely moved into the apartment back on Sunday the 21st. I had quite a lot of stuff to carry into the apartment from my previous place, which was originally a townhouse. Although it may sound like as if I downgraded on my style of living, the apartment was way better than the previous townhouse that I stayed at. The townhouse was a dump compared to the new place, and plus everybody at that complex were extremely nice, chill, and much more straight forward. Roommates were not half bad either while I was there. I get to have my own bathroom with shower, and my own room for $500 a month with water included. Only electric bills were due every month, but it was split in three ways with my two other roommates. It was a Friday night and I’m not usually into the dating scene lately. I loved using Craigslist in order to find any one-night stands with women, passable cds, and trans-women. I found one ad within my college town I was in. It was a crossdresser who was around my age. The crossdresser was maybe a year older than me, and after a few minutes of replying to the ad, the cd contacted me through email. ‘She’ sounded very chill, very easy going, and I guess she felt safe talking to me. I’ll get back to the “safe” part in a minute. I told her that I needed to see more pics. She sent me a couple of photos, and oh my, I was super excited. Her pics had her with shoulder length black hair, fishnet like t-shirt on, and pink panties on; she was looking away from the camera though, but the pic was very convincing. You can see the shape of her cute butt, her pale white skin, which was attractive for my taste because I like White crossdressers, women, and etc. Her other pic that she was in had her wearing black latex boots with her thick uncut cock lying down on the couch. I was ready for a meet up. I sent her my cock pic to see what she would say. She agreed to meet me at her place that night; however, She told me that there were weird dudes who were wasting her time, and were acting strange to her. This sissy cd told me that she would rather choose me over any other guys out there for that night. My heart was beating, and I was in sarıyer escort heat for a few seconds because I never thought I would beat out a competition for sex. It’s rare for me to have sex, or date people. She told me she went to the same college as me, so that was mutually a huge plus. I asked where and when to meet up. The sissy told me she has a place of her own, but that she was busy at the campus still for a couple of more hours. I said “okay, I can wait, just don’t flake out, and keep contact with me here for updates tonight.” She said she would update me for the meet up. She kept tabs on me about the meet up. After an hour of waiting, she replied back saying she is going back to her apartment to shower, get all dolled up for me that night, and ready for sex. There was an interesting piece to the address location for that meet up. Ironically it was near campus and it was at an apartment complex that I tried signing up for with a different person at that time, but I did not manage to get that spot back in the first week of January 2018. Another funny thing is that the apartment number was just across the way from the tenant whom I wanted to originally be roommates with. It is really a small world after all, but getting back to the story, I go take a hot shower to freshen myself up; I grab my bag of condoms and lubricants. These were good condoms and the lubes I brought were KY Jelly, and Astroglide. The lubes were above average. It gets the job done, but it’s not my choice with any other partners nowadays compared to two years ago. Nobody was at my apartment other than me; roommates were rarely home anyways, which was fine for me because I like my privacy. I left my apartment complex to get to my car, I get inside the vehicle, but holy shit it is so cold in the NorCal region at night. It was probably the late thirties degree Fahrenheit, and I was wearing loose sweatpants, and a lightweight sweater as if I was going out for a workout or a jog. I always try to wear semi-loose clothing before sex. It is just my preference. My car was literally frozen due to the cold weather at night, but in my mind, I need to get to the location asap. Crazy thing is that since it was a Friday night around 8pm, there were a lot of college students drinking at bars nearby, and around the whole neighborhood as well. While I was entering the whole complex, I see a police officer parking his car inside the apartment “garage,” and I see him with a bright Lumens Maglite flashlight. I know I did nothing wrong, but it caught me by surprise. The officer didn’t seem to pay attention to me when I was walking to my destination, but he was looking for something or someone in the vicinity. I was told on the message to knock three times in order for the cd to know it was me at the door. When she opens the door, she is perhaps over six feet, had long purple hair with a cute smile. The cd looked somewhat like a cosplay type of person. She was more of a femboy in my opinion, but dress up was something she did due to the wig and female clothing from the pics she esenyurt escort sent to me. The sissy did not have too much makeup on her face other than mascara. I was not worried about that. Her voice was not so passable either, but again, I am not worried about it too much. I knew this person was still in the process of exploring their sexuality. I will get more into this sissy’s sexuality in a bit. She was naked when the front door was opened with leg fishnets on. She was wearing those fake tits that crossdressers use to simulate real tits. I’ll also get more into that part later. Luckily nobody saw the two of us when she opened the door because nobody was outside due to it being cold. I always try to be discrete. We sat on a nice big couch enough for the two of us to get frisky. The sissy tells me that nobody is home because the roommate went to San Francisco to see family for the weekend and stuff. The sissy turns the TV on, and has her laptop hooked up to the huge TV at the corner, and puts on some xhamster videos of crossdressers having sex. While watching, we are touching each other, and I am touching those fake tits at first, but I realize she cannot feel me touching her. I want both of us to receive pleasure, but she won’t be able to feel much with those covered boobs. So I said, “take off those fake tits. It’s no fun for the both of us.” The sissy whore obeyed my commands and took it off like a good girl in front of me. She pulls it off, and I’m pinching this sissy’s flat nipples, trying to get it exposed, get it hard, and get that blood flowing through those tits. After feeling those nips, I am later sucking it so hard that this sissy is moaning and groaning so hard. I am also using my tongue to lick those tits. We are on the ground, me being on top, and she was lying on the ground. We then started to kiss each other for a while, just stimulating each other. She grabs my cock really hard, squeezing it, pinching it, and I am feeling her strong hands gripping it with my pants on. The sissy told me that it was the first time she ever kissed a man. She talked for a minute that all he/she only had girlfriends until recently she had a feeling to dress up, but that he was a full time male during the relationships. She told me that I’d be her first cock to suck. The femboy cd was a bit nervous, but I told her to not worry. We then kissed and moaned together making the “mmmmm” sound in pure ecstasy. Afterwards, we then got up and I sat on the couch, while the little whore was on her knees stroking my cock. She had strong hands, so she was literally jelqing me at first. It felt good but it was not the best while I am having a long-term erection because I am sensitive. We used the Astroglide lube, but it seemed to dry up rather quickly from her stroking me a bit too hard. I told the sissy girl to “go slowly, baby. Like this. Oh yes, now that is how to do my cock.” She strokes me, and then she said, “Here let me put this lube on you. I got this from Germany.” It felt great, but I don’t remember the name of the lube though. It was much more slippery, but after a few avrupa yakası escort minutes, we were ready for blowjob. Sissy tells me to put on a condom just because we are both college students, we’re both reasonable, and that we should be responsible to one another with condom. I agree to it, and I’ll get more into detail about the condom parts. So I put on the Durex condom because this condom is by far the best for me. She’s ready to suck me off, and she does it so well like as if we are not wearing the condom for blowjob. I think to myself “is this sissy really having a first time with a male because this is too good!” I can feel the mouth, and I see her looking at me in the eye while sucking and moaning, bobbing her head back and forth on my cock. I’m moaning because I feel every bit of it, and my cock is extremely hard while condom is on. The condom retains its shape and it does not move out of place while I am getting sucked. Her mouth is gripping me and I am just in pure euphoria here. She looks at me in the eye again, and fuck this is getting so fucking hot at the way she looks at me. “Those fucking eyes, baby. Those fucking eyes are gorgeous while you suck me off.” She giggles and makes a deep sucking sound like as if I am a lollipop. She had been sucking me for almost an hour by now. My cock is still going on with pleasure from her mouth. I cannot seem to cum after so long. Don’t know if it is due to high stamina. All I know is that this sissy just kept sucking me as I was simply enjoying myself. We didn’t do anal because she was not ready for it yet. She was still technically a virgin. I then told her that I needed to cum sooner or later, so I took off the condom. It is so wet like as if the condom was filled with water in a sink. The saliva is literally dripping down and my cock is just full of saliva. Even with the condom, the cock is still drenched with saliva. My cock is full of saliva lube from that little sissy whore. I stroke my cock in order to cum, but here’s the catch; I am still hard after stroking it for a few more minutes. She grabs my cock and balls and strokes me harder and harder asking me why I am not cumming for her. My cock is still rock solid and it wanted to do more. I simply could not understand. I didn’t take Viagra or any enhancements, and besides that I never do so anyways. I’m still stroking but I decide to kiss this sissy in the lips. She’s moaning and both of our lips are gripping each other, while we are both closing our eyes. She whimpers as I give the manliest groan ever. Reason why I groan because I just literally came while we were kissing. I squirted so much on her clit cock that she was drenched. Her legs were wet. After I came, she went on to stroke her cock, and I went to touch it. I stroked her cock for a few more minutes, and then she came so much while moaning so loudly that maybe the next-door neighbors could have heard us. We both went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up. We shared a nice kiss, and he/she walked me to the front door, and she gave me a huge smile back and said, “Bye, I had fun.” I then told her, “Keep the condom because that was your first time sucking someone off.” She smiled and said she will. I smiled back at him/her, walked back to my car, and went back home to take another shower to clean myself up. I just knew in my mind that this was going to be a great college semester, and YES it was perhaps one of the most successful times in my life. I will never forget how great college was for me.

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