Caught in the rain

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Caught in the rainIt was summer brake in the early 70s, and I was sent to my grandmothers for a couple of weeks. She’s a nice woman and enjoys living in the country where it’s still quite and neighbors still look out for each other. I had been there for a few days and was bored. I had done everything I could do without getting into to much trouble. I asked her if I could ride my bike towards town to see what was going on. She said ok,but be careful, and watch for tractors. I said I will and hopped on my old bike. I peddled down the road looking at the fields and some of the cattle the ranchers have. I went up a dirt road,just to see where it lead to. I had been gone for a few hours and it started getting dark. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I knew it wasn’t that late. After a few minutes the wind started blowing cold and the clouds were low. I turned around and headed back to grandma’s house. I was half way down the road before it started raining and the road started to turn to mud. Slipping and unable to control my bike,I got off and pushed it the rest of the way. I made it to the main road and started peddling again. I was cold, drenched, and the rain started stinging. Mad at myself for going so far out, I looked for some place to get out of the rain. A truck came up the road,slowed and stopped beside me. The driver motioned for me to put my bike in the bed and get in. I climbed in the truck after throwing the bike in the back. The driver, an older man around his 60s, slim,and from what I could see was tall. He said him name was Ted Roberts, I told him mine. He asked what I was doing out in this mess,I said I was exploring. I told him I was visiting my grandmother and got bored. He laughed and said I guess there’s not much for city boys to do out here. He said the first thing we need to do is get you dried off. I asked if he could take me to my grandmothers house,he said he wasn’t going that far. He turned up a road and as navigated around the ruts and puddles I was wondering where he was taking me. As we went güvenilir bahis around the bend I seen a small house. He pulled up front and said my bike will be ok in the back, and said to get in the house. He ran up the steps, opened the door and told me to come inside. I went in,cold wet and shivering. He showed me to the bathroom and told me to get out of my wet clothes and in the tub.I peeled off my clothes and stood in the tub. He came in,handed me a towel and said he’d bring some hot water. I wrapped the towel around me to stay warm. After ten minutes he came in with a wash tub full of water and poured it into the tub. I said I had to get home before my grandmother started to worry about me,he said I wasn’t going anywhere right now, not in your wet clothes right now. He told me to sit down and lay back.I sat down, and the water felt good. It was hot but not burning. He took a glass and dipped it in the tub,then poured it on my head. I felt the cold rain wash off of me. He picked up a bar of soap and started washing my hair and face. As I warmed up I started feeling better. He said to sit up,then washed my back and chest. After rinsing me off he said I can do the rest and walked out. I stood up and washed the rest of my body and sat down. The water started to cool by the time I was done.He came back in and to hop out and handed me a dry towel. After he drained the tub he turned and finished drying me off.I said to go up front and stand by the fire. Puzzled I went out the bathroom and headed to the front of the house, a fire was going in the fireplace. I stood there holding the towel around me. Mr. Roberts came up and said to hold the towel open, he took my hands away and held the towel open in front of the fire as to catch the heat. It did feel better. He asked what my grandmothers phone number was,I told him and he called her. He handed me the phone and I told her I was alright, and I was caught in the rain. She asked where I was, Mr. Roberts house I said. She said he was a nice old man and I should stay there türkçe bahis till the weather started getting better. I said ok and handed him the phone. He and grandma talked a minute then he said goodbye.I said I was ready to go home now, he said not till my clothes dried and it stopped raining. He offered me a drink and sandwich. I sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and ate. He said I was welcome to sit on the couch if I wanted to. I smiled and said thanks, got up and sat next to him. After a few minutes he asked how old I was, and what grade I was in.I told him,he ask if I had a girlfriend yet,I laughed and said no. We talked for a few minutes, then he felt the towel. He said it’s done all the drying it was going to do,and said to give it to him. I gave it to him and he walked to the bathroom. When he came back he said there wasn’t a dry one left. He felt my clothes and said it’s going to be a while before their dry. I was standing in front of the fireplace when he came back and didn’t notice him. He came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, I jumped not expecting him.He said he was sorry for scaring me, I said it was ok,I didn’t know he was there. He rubbed my back and said to come sit down with him. I sat next to him and he put his arm around me. I leans over and hugged him.I said I was still cold,he picked me up and set me down on his lap and wrapped his arms around me. He said I didn’t look like I got out in the sun much.I said there isn’t much to do in the city,and everything was in doors. He asked where my parents were,I said my father left when I was little and mom needed some time to her self. He said he was sorry about not having a father to show me things,I said it was alright, mom does a pretty good job. He rubbed my chest and gave me a hug. He felt warm and I pressed against him. I felt safe sitting on his lap and didn’t think about being naked in front of him. I said I was getting tired, he said I can lay down in his bed. He took my hand and showed me to the bedroom. He pulled the sheets güvenilir bahis siteleri back and I climbed in. He pulled them back up,covering me. He ran his hand over the sheets, his hand felt comforting. I closed my eyes while he ran his hands over me.I must of dozed off, when I opened my eyes he was gone. I got up and went back to the front of the house. He was sitting in front of the fireplace reading. I asked if I could sit with him,he reached down and picked me up. I laid down stretched out across him.He ran his hand up and down my chest and stomach. He tickled my belly which felt good. After a minute he rested his hand. It happened to be on my crotch. The feeling of it made my little dick ster and soon started to grow.He said what do we have here and ran his fingers over it.I blushed and said I was sorry, he said don’t worry about it. He kept running his fingers over it and it started to feel good. He asked me if I play with it, I said no,my mom said it wasn’t nice to do.He said moms always say that. He kept running his fingers over it, then he ran a finger around the tip. I giggled and said it tickled, he asked if I wanted him to stop, I giggled again and said no. He gave me a hug with his other arm and started pulling on it softly. I wiggled a little and laughed, he rubbed a finger across the tip which made it twitch. Well,he said. Let’s see what happens when I do this. He slid his finger down the bottom side of my dick, down to my balls and pressed. I giggled again and said it tickled. He rubbed around them,then back up the bottom side to the top. My dick twitched again. He cupped my dick with his fingers and slid them up and down. My breathing quickened and my heart beat faster. The more he rubbed the more sensitive it got. I started to shake and I said I had to pee. He said just relax and enjoy the feeling. My dick started jumping and I shook all over. My dick twitched again then nothing.He asked how did that feel. I caught my breath and said it felt good. He said let’s check your clothes. He went over to them and said their dry. I dressed and we’ll went to his truck and he took me to my grandmothers. He asked if I wanted to come back, I said yes. He asked if I remember how to get to his house, I said yes. He said he’d see me later.

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