Behind the Green Door By: Anonymous

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Behind the Green Door By: AnonymousBarry prepared to descend to the street and as he passed the door of Miss Sanders, the delectable lady stepped into the corridor. “Good evening, Miss Sanders ! . “And where are you going tonight ?” . “Thank you, Mr. Clark, I plan to take a walk in the park, perhaps a taxi, I do things like that you know.” She was utterly beautiful and Barry promised himself that he would do something about her tomorrow night. Just then Dudley Barrow’s car drove before the entrance and in another minute the two gentlemen were whisked away toward their strange destination. Gloria Sanders walked slowly toward the park in the gathering twilight. Her thoughts ran in the same direction as those of Barry Clark, her urgent need for the satisfaction of her sexual desires. Since her husband had passed away some months before, she had been wholly without the satisfying presence of flesh in her. She told herself that she would give in without much persuasion on his part if Barry ever made advances at her as other men did. A cab glided down the street and Gloria suddenly decided to go riding instead of walking. By now it was quite dark and the cab answered her call and pulled up to the curb. The driver leaned out and peered at her before opening the door. The sidewalks and streets were clear of everyone except Gloria. As she stepped in and sat down, and at the same time tried to scream for two men sitting in the far corner threw themselves on her. Petrified with fear and unable to vent the scream she wished, Gloria felt a rag shoved into her mouth and realized she had been gagged. Dimly she realized not a soul had seen her a*****ed. WHITE SLAVERY, the thought sent tremors through her tense body. Although she had expected the men to attack her, she was surprised when one of them told her that no harm would come to her if she remained quiet and that she would be set free in the morning. This calmed her somewhat but her nerves were still tense, when after a ride of a few blocks, the cab entered an arched street to one of the old residences of the city. The type which was usually inhabited by the wealthy people. In the darkness of the interior of a garage, the motor was shut off and Gloria was hustled out of the car, and through the door into the house. Still in darkness she was guided or rather pushed up a stairway by her captors. She had no idea what part of the city she was in or where this house was located. Opening another door, her captors pulled her through and the glare of the lights dazed her eyes. To her surprise a motherly looking woman about sixty approached her. Dressed in black almost like the robe of a nun, a quick thought made her think she was in a convent, but a moment recollection told her this was not so. The woman told her captors to leave the room, then she motioned Gloria to sit down on a divan, and drew up a chair facing the young woman. Gloria was in hopes that the gag would be removed but was disappointed when the woman began to talk. “My dear, I presume you are very frightened and feel v******e will be done to you, perhaps you feel you are the victim of WHITE SLAVERY, but do not have any fear on that part, no v******e will be done to you. However, v******e of the most pleasurable nature, v******e that will make you remember this night. If you are what I think you are, I envy what will be done to you. Each night in this place which is a theatre for a very selected audience. A show is put on in which you will be the star tonight. Briefly, you will be made love to in many ways. That will be as much as a surprise to you as it will to the men and women in the audience, who will watch your every motion. I will tell you that the audience will be composed of some of the richest men and women of this and other cities who are spending their money to obtain the thrill that comes from this and other women that are being ravished. Each spectator pays a fee of $500.00, so for your good don’t fight too hard. I’m afraid that the desire I read in your face, that the gag be removed cannot be granted, but it will be replaced by a rubber sheath into which your tongue will be inserted. This will prevent your talking or screaming in a way that the best night of loving might not be spoiled.” Dazed by the woman’s words, Gloria let herself be led out of the room. The limousine carrying Barry and Dudley drew up before a portion of the city unfamiliar to Barry. To his surprise Dudley told him to get out, the car was driven away by the chauffeur, Dudley mentioned him to enter a narrow alley and they proceeded down its dark lengths for some time until Barry suddenly realized there were two men beside them. “Don’t be afraid of Scott, Barry, said Dudley, “They are the fellows who will guide us to the performance, the stagers aren’t taking any chances, you see due to the criminal nature of this performance all customers are led blind-folded to the stage so nobody will be able to say later where it is.” One of the men told them, “I must warn you gentlemen that no demonstration of any kind must occur during the show, any such attempt will bring dire consequences, and I’ll require both of you to take an oath that will retain you under the rule of passive spectators at all times.” Having taken the oath, black masks were given both men with the instructions they wear them at all times during the show, as it is the desire of the management that no group of guests be aware of the identity of any other group of guests. With beating pulses Barry and Dudley were guided into a dark room at the end of which there was a small stage, the nature of which escaped Barry. He noted in the semi-darkness that most of the audience were women and their presence made the scene only more exciting, as he would be able to observe their reaction too. “Ladies and gentlemen you are about to witness the ravishment of a woman who has been a*****ed by our agents from the street, a woman who until this moment doesn’t know what she is in for, as has been explained to each of you, each night a woman is a*****ed from the street and ravished and set free in the morning. Unaware of the victim you may first think she is under torture. Quite the reverse is true for these women who have not been ravished, will be ravished beyond all human sense so she will not be hurt. We never know until the last moment whether the victim is a virgin or not. Sometimes they are and their thrill of womanhood is known. Needless to say, our victims are chosen only from districts in which the wealthiest dwell, for such women make the best kind of medium for this kind of show. Perhaps one of these shows you will see one of your lady friends in the role of the victim, but remember you are sworn to absolute silence and any action breaking this rule will result in severe punishment for the offender. As you sit there, there are persons among you in the audience who will not hesitate to stop any kind of demonstration in the audience, do with the knowledge that you can’t do anything about the performance, just relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest, and now for tonight’s victim.” From the rear of the stage Barry was amazed to see several women dressed in black from head to toe come in, in single file. They stood just inside the door and Barry noticed that they were of all ages. Then through the door came the victim, and Barry’s pulse leaped in horror and amazement for the victim was none other than the beautiful neighbor, the widow, Miss Gloria Sanders! Quickly he realized that when she went for a walk she must have called a cab and happened to choose the very cab containing the agents for this performance. Sooner than he realized he was to see her body in all its glory. A wild thought ran through his brain that he should try to rescue her from the fate. And then he glanced up at the burly guards with heavy clubs, then he thought better of it, now he could do nothing but sit and wait. He waited to tell Dudley about it but remembered the rule that words should not be spoken by the audience. His blood-pressure racing, his senses whirling, Barry sat and watched the spectacle unfolding before him. Gloria found herself in the glare of the spotlight which made her eyes contract, but she took full confidence in the black-gowned women near her.She resolved to take this ordeal in the bravest way. She knew resistance would be useless and would only bring her harm. Wild thoughts raced through her mind, what terrible acts of sadism might they have in store for her. To have her own strong need of the earlier evening be satisfied in a strange manner which she could never have dreamed possible, was about to happen. The women in black, six in all, led Gloria to the front of the stage, the spotlight following them. Gloria was still wearing her coat and other clothing, just as she had before all of this happened. Even her expensive hat was still attached to her curly head. Now one of the women took off her hat and removed a few pins so that Gloria’s hair fell ravishingly down to her shoulders, another gripped her right hand while another began to unbutton her coat. Her coat was removed which revealed a blouse of red striped silk and a skirt of a negative shade. Her full rounded breasts bulged under the tightness of the blouse and Barry watched with vivid eyes, realized that her body was even more magnificent than he imagined. The actors in the performance were so close that he could reach out and touch them, they were no more than eight feet from Barry. The glare from the spotlight prevented Gloria from seeing her audience, which strained in their seats to see every single moment. Now the black robed women began to unbutton her blouse and Gloria realized she was to be stripped. He body trembled and indignation rose in her, but six women held her firm. It took but a moment to remove the blouse and her lacy brassiere came into view. A gasp of admiration was heard from the audience. Barry thought that his blood was on fire, why did Gloria not cry out! Then he remembered, Dudley had told him that they had her tongue in a rubber cleat and was thus immobilized. Next one of the women stepped behind her and reached around her with both hands grasping the bottom of the skirt, then slowly she began to lift it up. Gloria started to jump aside, but two women grabbed her firmly by the ankles and two others continued to hold her arms leaving her powerless. Little by little the skirt rose and Barry’s eyes gazed over each square inch of her lovely revealed limbs. His organ of love had long before became rigid and now it had swelled up until he was afraid it would burst. Gloria’s sheer stockings stopped just above the knees where they were rolled and her snow-white flesh appeared gleaming like ivory in the reflection of the spotlight. Gloria closed her eyes and tried not to think of the humiliation she was suffering. As the skirt continued to rise the sheer beauty of her curves began to materialize as a perfect curve began from her dimpled knees and continued to taper upward towards her thighs. Still hidden by the folds of her skirt, the rising fabric reached just below her waist. A pink corner of the last guardian of a woman’s priceless passion, her pink lacy panties appeared. This temporary barrier to the eager eyes of the audience, her skirt was pulled over her head and Gloria stood there as a magnificent specimen of feminine beauty. A slight repress of emotion arose from the audience and Barry noticed that the women of the gathering participated in the slight confirming suspicion that the women had rather seduced an experienced woman rather than a virgin. Barry now expected that the under clothing would be removed but to his surprise the black robed attendants slipped a strap of Gloria’s brassiere down exposing two luscious round red tipped breasts, which was undoubtedly the most beautiful sarıyer escort Barry had ever seen. Then a woman attendant who appeared to be about twenty-five years of age and quite good looking in her own right, bent over and cupped Gloria’s beautiful breast in her hands. A tremor ran through Gloria when she opened her eyes to find out what this woman was doing to her. Her answer was quick forth coming for the woman began to massage the glorious bundle of beautiful rounded flesh with both hands. Pulling and tugging and every so often she took the bright red nipple between her fingers and gave it a vigorous pull. In spite of herself, Gloria felt a thrill shoot through her. Under cunning caresses of this apparently young female, Gloria’s body began to fill with eagerness. A fit of trembling caught her body which increased when the young woman took the nipple in her mouth and began to suck it. Gloria threw her head back and the audience knew that she was enjoying it with the keenest delight. Another woman attendant loosened the other strap of her lacy brassiere to reveal the other breast from its lacy prison and began to suck it in similar fashion. Her body strained and Gloria felt as though she was on fire. The sensation caused by the tongues of these women was one of the utter ecstasy and she found herself wishing it would never stop. Barry glanced at the audience and noticed that some of the females had their own breasts out and had the desire to feel the darting tongues of a woman in the same manner that Gloria was receiving. Just when Gloria felt that the sensation was at its height, the women took her breasts out of their mouths and stepped back. They then began to loosen her pink lacy panties and she knew in a moment she would be entirely nude. Quickly the lacy underthing was removed and she stood in the revealing light, gloriously and beautifully naked. A groan came from the audience as the full beauty of her revealed form became apparent. Gloria appeared carved from a block of alabaster from her slim ankles to her jet-black hair. She was a master creation of beautiful femininity. Her dimpled knees were still encased in her sheer stockings, her full legs rose to maddening thighs, full and molded that one look at them was enough to set a man’s organ of love on a tour of rigidness. Nested under her gently curved abdomen was her love garden which stood forth in ravishing perfection, a brilliant black bush of hair against the ivory whiteness of her body. Barry, as his senses whirled dimly recalled that such an abundant growth of hair was a sign of extremely strong sexual emotions and desires. He could no longer stand it, he opened his trouser front and inserted his handkerchief in his pants to absorb his potent love nectar which had spurted forth into his pants. No one in the audience paid any attention to anyone else, all eyes were riveted on the vision of the ravishing beauty of nudity on the stage. Now the women attendants pushed Gloria down in a sitting position on a luxuriously black mattress that had been spread on the floor, against a background of white satin. Her love organ stood out like a lamp against the gleaming baby spotlight that shown on that part of her body. Two of the women caught her ankles and pulled her legs over her head and exposing the magnificent opening into the most coveted possession that Gloria owned. It was revealed in full between her maddening thighs. The hole itself was rather small, but large enough to show that it had been entered before. One of the young women who had previously caressed her breast, now dropped to her knees and with eager fingers spread the lips of her vaginal opening and with the other hand parted the thickly growing hair, and seizing the erect clitoris which was quivering with emotional passion, began to work it with her fingers. The full beauty of her vaginal opening was revealed to the mad desire of the audience. Some of the women onlookers were filled with the desire for intercourse that they were panting with desire for a man’s love muscle. Gloria flushed gaze was visible to the audience which read every motion in her beautiful countenance. The emotions pictured were ones of extreme ecstasy and a strong desire for which every woman lives. Gloria’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open as the women was fondly fingering the dripping clitoris. Suddenly the young woman bent over and inserted her tongue into Gloria’s quivering vagina. A flush of anguished joy and pleasure came into Gloria’s face and her eager eyes closed and she enjoyed the full pleasure of this strange passionate woman. Her body was tense and quivering as the young woman ran her tongue around the opening to Gloria’s vagina, and while doing this she seized thick bunches of the soft, but firm lips to the vagina in her mouth and gently worked on it with a gentle chewing motion. She then took the erect clitoris between her lips and sucked until the maddening joy and passion almost drove Gloria mad with joy. Unsuspecting reservoirs of love nectar within her were on the verge of spouting forth in a gush of pent up passion. She knew that if the young woman kept it up, the torture would be too great and she would gush forth with the lovely white nectar. But apparently this was what the young woman was waiting for, and her efforts were redoubled. She kissed and sucked every tiny portion of Gloria’s trembling love garden. Then with a jerk of her head and a low moan, Gloria’s quivering pussy shot forth streams of white foam that cascaded into the mouth of her female lover and ran down Gloria’s shapely legs. Barry’s mind was aflame for he had shot forth with his load several times and he knew that the rest of the audience must have felt the same way. This was worth something more than the $500.00 admission price. In all his life his senses had never been so stirred and to think it was his next-door neighbor on the stage to whom all this was happening to. It made Barry’s appetite larger and more demanding. Now the spotlight swung to another door at the rear of the stage. The startled eyes of the audience followed the light which focused on a young man about twenty-three years old, entirely nude. A magnificent and handsomely built specimen with large biceps and broad shoulders. But the sight was the huge penis which was dangling between his legs. This huge organ was at least eight inches long and two inches in diameter. Two huge testicles swung beneath this magnificent organ. A sigh of emotion came from the female audience as they had never seen such a huge organ which was that large when limber. Very few had ever seen one that large even when excited and rigid. With a grin that revealed starry white teeth, the lad stepped forward and as he walked his muscles rippled. Dimly Barry realized that Gloria was to be ravished by this huge penis carrying man. But Barry’s sexual appetite was so great that he could not be horrified by the thought, but only looking forward to see the actual deed himself. Now the spotlight swung back to the group of black robed women, in the light of which Gloria was revealed from the dais, with the young woman still passionately stroking Gloria’s love garden. When Gloria saw the young man her face blushed, and the audience could see her quiver with sexual hunger, they could see why, for the size of his penis when unexcited was enormous. What would it be like when rigid? How could a woman with as small a vaginal opening like Gloria’s take such a huge tool into her quiff without passing out, and being permanently injured for life. Barry was at first indigent and then he remembered that a women’s womb would stretch.When this young giant stood before his victim, the picture was so passionate, that his sexual emotions immediately began to flow. His organ began to throb and attained a huge proportion. He dropped down beside Gloria and passionately kissed her. Gloria who already was sexually excited began breathing hard and her love garden to drip with pent up passion. She held the young boy close and clung to him like she wanted to have his gigantic tool rip its way into her quivering pussy. The young boy began to love Gloria up in a way, that Gloria fairly melted, she pressed her body close to the boy, he pressed her close to him and fondly caressed her sexual organs. By now Gloria was laying back offering no resistance, spread her legs as he got in between them. He fingered her throbbing vagina and slowly he crept into position, which would enable him to fill Gloria with a frothy foam of love juice. He put his hand on Gloria’s quiff and gently massage and caressed it, until Gloria’s vagina was slippery and slimy with dripping love nectar. Gloria was almost fainting, the pleasure was almost inconvincible, she shuddered every time his fingers touched her clitoris. Then finally the young giant assumed a position preparatory to attempting to insert his monstrous penis into the one and only spot God had intended such an organ to be put. Pulling here and pushing there he finally stretched her small opening into receiving the head of his large penis. Amazingly the head of his penis slid into the tight but slimy vaginal opening. Gloria felt like a red-hot iron had been pushed into her pussy. A flame of feeling seized her and her senses reeled as she trembled under the strain of his huge penis. Slowly the gigantic tool was pushed into the stretching pussy, all elasticity was lost, her quiff had stretched to its maximum, yet he pressed slowly on. Gloria threw back her head and in a half smile she closed her eyes as she pushed her hips forward to meet the attack. Two inches, three inches, Gloria grimaced as her opening ripped at the corner to take the huge tool. Finally, five inches had gone in and already the head of his tool had hit bottom. Gloria felt it touch her womb, and was sure she would be hurt. Yet the feeling was so good she kept forcing her hips forward to sink it in deeper. Never before in her life had a male organ been in so far. The desire was so maddening that Gloria couldn’t think of getting hurt. Now the young man slid his hands under Gloria’s well-developed buttocks and in a rotation motion began to push in the remaining three inches. With a start Gloria realized that the head of his penis was actually entering her vagina. His manipulations had opened up the entrance. Finally, the whole ten inches was all the way in, Gloria felt like she was in heaven even though her vaginal opening was bleeding from the ripping effect of the huge tool. The audience hung on the edges of their seats in utter astonishment. Gloria had the delicious sensation of turning inside out. Her pleasure exceeded the limits of human endurance and she tried to scream with the joy of it. Faster and faster he pumped the penis in and out and throughout the audience, would be heard the mushy sound of his huge penis forcing in and out of the lubricated hole, yet Gloria had not reached her climax and neither had he. The lips to her vaginal opening was still tight, but was gradually allowing and easing friction to the force of the huge tool. The sloshing sound continued to drift to the audience ears. Gloria’s womb was clinching and unclenching around the head of his penis each time it entered and was pulled out of her womb. Finally, Gloria had to give vent to the pleasure, she had reached her climax. With a groan she threw her head back and pushed forward to get the oncoming attack with full force. To say she exploded with love juice would be proper as she shot forth a stream of love nectar stored for many months, never before had she been so excited by another. She shot forth with a torrent of white nectar spurt after spurt. At the same time the young boy shot a frothy stream of love juice into her womb. He pushed his huge penis esenyurt escort as far as it would go and spurt after spurt unloaded the pent-up love stored in his huge penis. So great was the thrill of this FUCK, that Gloria fell into a reeling spell and fainted from the sheer joy. Then the curtain was pulled bringing an end to the first part. As the curtain came up one minute later, Gloria was laying on while the black robed attendants sprayed her with sweet smelling powder. One of the young women was between her maddening thighs washing out her vagina, while the others rested her and caressed steaming body. the dais water and was herOn one side of the stage was an odd-looking platform, and on the other side stood seven young men, each with huge penises and beautiful testicles. Approaching the platform two of the young men mounted and sat down on a projecting shelf three feet above the floor. Two more mounted themselves on another shelf about six feet above the floor. While a fifth perched himself on a shelf about five feet high, a murmur arose from the audience. WHAT WAS UP? Every female eye caressed the swelling penises of the handsomely built men, while their feminine desire called for the mating of these wonderful organs. But they were under oath to stay put and not disturb the show. They would have to satisfy themselves elsewhere after the show. None of the pricks possessed by these young men were equal to that of the young giant who preceded them, but each was of large enough size to make any women scream with joy. Now the black robed attendants drew Gloria to her feet, and advanced with her towards the young men. Three of them stood waiting and at the sight of her glorious body their penises stood straight and erect, it seemed as though their eyes could not leave this gift of delight which was to be theirs. Gloria wondered, as did the audience, what was going to happen to her next. One man they could understand, but seven that was a mystery. Then the loudspeaker spoke again, “Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to see the final act of this performance in which this woman will be loved as completely and as much as it is possible for a woman to be loved at one time. She will not be hurt but on the contrary should reach the height of ecstasy.” As he said this, the three naked men seized Gloria gently. One began to caress her breasts, the second her love garden and the third ran his fingers over her firmly molded curved thighs. A few minutes of this and Gloria was again feeling the thrills within her. She was ready for anything. Suddenly the young man facing her took his straining penis in his hand and began to insert the head of it into her juicy trembling love garden. Unnoticed by Gloria, the young man behind her took the large penis he possessed in his hands and began to rub on it some cream substance. As the first young man inserted the throbbing rod of flesh into Gloria, this young man inserted the head of his penis in between the lovely cheeks of her beautiful bulging pink ass and began to push. Gloria felt a new thrill shoot through her. She who had always thought this particular act would be painful, now found it delightful. Now she had two organs ravishing her insides and they both felt so good she didn’t know which to enjoy the most. The young man behind her increased his pleasure and his penis slowly deepened into her ass until the entire length of his tool was inside her. The three bodies were pressed close together now. Gloria in the middle, a penis in her cunt, and another one up her ass. A new wave of feeling creeped through her as both men began to pump her. Now the men on the three-foot-high shelf leaned forward and took hold of a pink bulging firm breast and cupped it in their mouths as far as it would go. Sucking furiously at the rosy nipples and chewing tenderly, they made Gloria’s ecstasy soar to new heights. Her entire body was being loved at one time, it felt so good that she felt sure she would expire from the exquisite pain and pleasure of it. But that was not yet all. The men on the six-foot shelf leaned forward and caught her hands. They pulled the trembling hands up and placed them on their throbbing penises, which they had caused to increase to an enormous size by her touching them. Gloria’s fingers wrapped around a new source of pleasure and her senses felt the rich satin smoothness of their huge heads and her fingers began to explore their huge balls, feeling and pinching them brought another anguished delight. Meanwhile her cunt and ass were being made to feel divine by the in and out motion of the young Goliaths who were pushing in and out like an express train, then suddenly Gloria felt a hot torrent shoot up her rectum and flood her insides with a frothy foam of love juice. Gloria reeled from the novel feeling of it. She threw her head back with a groan and gripped the two penises, which she had in her hands all the tighter. As she opened her eyes again she noticed for the first time the young man situated on the fifth shelf. His penis was larger than the others, and he had his legs apart so that his testicles were fully exposed to her view. It was as though she was hypnotized by the sight of this huge morsel of manpower right before her eyes. He was sitting no more than six inches from her face when he reached forward and put both hands behind her head. Gently he pulled her head forward, as though in a trance she opened her mouth and put the head of his penis in her mouth. The initial feeling of the silken head of the throbbing penis and the face of the young man became wreathed in a half smile of contentment as she closed her eyes. Now her mouth was full of this throbbing penis. She ran her tongue around and around the edge of this delicious throbbing penis exploring and caressing the head. With a gentle chewing motion, she sank her teeth gently into the satiny skin and increased the pleasure of what she felt. Her grip on the penises of the two men on the adjacent shelves tightened and her hands stroking them in a manner which would cause anyone to be passionately struck by her spasmodic jerks. Barry’s heart was pounding so hard that he was sure that it could be heard a mile away. He was so overcome by the sexual urge of this orgy on the stage that his mouth hung open and saliva drooled out of the corner of his mouth, unnoticed by himself. Pandemonium caught the audience, the women reached over in the semi-darkness and seized an organ which they wanted more than anything else in the world at the moment. A young girl sitting next to Barry was sitting with her legs spread wide apart, she took off her panties so she could have free access to her warm love garden, she was caressing it with her fingers while her eyes remained glued to the stage. Barry threw all pretenses aside and openly grabbed his terrifically rigid penis in order to satisfy in some measure the terrible desire that had settled in him. Meanwhile Gloria floated through the sea of love, her body immersed in a spasm of fiery rapture, her blood ran and danced and she felt as though a million needles of delight were FUCKING every square inch of herself. Never would she believe it possible to be loved in seven different ways at one time. Gloria began to wriggle under the urge of the tremendous sensation caused by her intimacy and torrid contacts with seven huge and alluring male penises at one time. Gloria was trying to drive the three penises already in her, deeper and deeper into her body so she could retain forever the unbearable delicious feeling that was hers. The man facing her and the one pressing his penis into her rectum began to cooperate together. Their terrific lunges in and out with their enormous penises were coordinated and Gloria felt a new thrill was on its way. The young men were scarlet red from the tremendous love blood built up in their organs. They suddenly nodded their heads to each other and increased the speed of their in and out motions. The audience next saw Gloria half-collapsed and her breathing became terrifically labored and at the same time the two men in front and back of her threw their arms around her and each shouted aloud in agonized pleasure. At the same time the young man with the largest penis who was in seventh heaven from the work of Gloria’s delicate mouth that was around his penis, threw back his head and laughed hysterically. Gloria’s eyes rolled spasmodically and reason enough, for all three of these overflowing juicy penises had suddenly poured forth with a white foam of love juice at the same moment, one in her cunt, one in her quivering rectum and the third into her scarlet mouth. A roaring torrent of frothy liquid spouted into her month and almost choked her. In self-defense she began to swallow it’s squirting flow. Her quiff was palpitating from a burning jet of male love juice being sprayed into her love garden by the man facing her. And her beautiful ass felt a red-hot torrent of juices shoot up and inside her rectum as the young man pressed against her ass, giving her all he could throw. Gloria had the impression in a daze that she was an actual growing tree with the sap of life flowing through her in waves. The overflow of white love juices being sprayed forth from her already filled up quiff and ass ran down her lovely legs to her knees, while the two men assigned to the three-foot shelf were working at it in a frenzied enchantment. Indeed, so excited did they become that they could no longer hold back, nor could the men whose penises Gloria’s hands were caressing. With groans and cries of sheer delight they grabbed hold of their penises and pushed them against Gloria’s convulsing body. They put the heads of their jerking pricks against her firm breasts while each one of the others inserted the heads of their penises into her navel, and the others wrapped both of her hands around their throbbing and gushing organs. Seven huge pricks now squirted forth on Gloria’s inside and outside of her body, more and more hot torrents of love juices shoot forth from their huge penises. The seventh man, whose huge penis was inserted in Gloria’s red ruby lips, continued to shoot hot torrents of white foamy love juices into her overflowing mouth. The dazed audience saw Gloria’s beautiful breasts suddenly being covered in a cloud of white juices spewing down to her curved abdomen, where in the seas of still another man’s emotions was being squirted. From between the drenched fingers of Gloria’s hands appeared another burst of white love juice. God in heaven had never seen such a thing before, this beautiful young woman literally being filled and covered with the dazzling white love juices that every woman loves so much. Streams and streams of it ran down her body and torrents of it gushed from her cunt, ass and mouth. For several minutes this unprecedented spectacle continued. Gloria threw herself around and around, back and forth her head jerked, her eyes were dilated and every nerve cell and sensory surface of her body was being violated. Every squirt of each of these young men’s agonized penises landed with the terrific impact on the nerves of her love garden, her rectum, her breasts, her mouth, and her whole body. She didn’t see how she could stand another second of this heavenly torture. Her brain felt like it would crack from the emotions within her. As each man reached his climax he stepped away from Gloria and made for the door at the rear of the stage. Gloria fainted again as the last man pulled his still huge penis out of ravishing the worn-out pussy. Her love garden was still a little raw from the effects of the ten-inch penis which had stretched it to its limits. The young man caught her in his arms and the audience knew that she had fainted from the pleasure of this night and that nothing was seriously wrong. avrupa yakası escort The young man carried Gloria over to the waiting black robed women and laid her on a luxurious black satin mattress, where they threw themselves upon her and began to lick the hot foamy male love juices which were still on her quivering body. It was though these women had gone mad with desire from watching this spectacle. They fought with each other for the privilege of sucking and licking the white nectar from Gloria’s matted bushy black love garden, her pink breasts and her abdomen. One of the black robed women inserted her tongue into the mouth of Gloria’s cunt and ran it all the way in to clean out the remaining love juices. Half consciously Gloria thought of this new event. It felt as though the women were eating her and swallowing her piece by piece. Up and down her spread legs traveled these several eager lips and soaring tongues, as the long tongue in her cunt drove deeper and deeper which sent scores of new thrills into Gloria. So great was the thrill of this new wonder that Gloria’s ravishing loveliness suddenly gushed forth with more of her love juice, the women sucked harder and harder and all the milky white juices disappeared down her hungry throat. Then this new orgy had spent itself and the attendants who didn’t indulge in this maddening sexual encounter came forward and massaged Gloria’s weary limbs, and the cooling lotion soon had her back to normal. In the meanwhile, the audience was staging its own private orgy. Nerves snapped under the impact of emotion, caused by the unbelievable scenes on the stage. Several women lay senseless on the floor and the men simply laid on top of them and fucked each other shamelessly in a frenzy of desire. The room was filled with the sounds of huge male organs sloshing in and out of the female love gardens. The women ripped the clothing from their bodies with the aid of eager men. The management tried to stop this demonstration but was futile as it became a terrific orgy. The rule of silence was broken as the women called furiously for some male to put his penis up and into their throbbing pussy, as they had seen on the stage. The men were literally ****d by these sex-crazed women. Barry and Dudley, being handsome men, were swept to the floor and several women threw themselves on them. In an instant, Barry’s trousers were pulled down by these overly emotional women and they fought for the penis which he carried between his legs. A young girl about twenty years of age grabbed his, by this time, huge penis and started to suck it furiously until a more mature beauty shoved her aside and straddling him, forced his huge organ deep into the inside of her throbbing and quivering love garden. Madly she jumped up and down on it and screaming for other women to push her down harder so it would kill her with joy. Barry fought to get up, but there was no stopping the women, who greatly outnumbered the men in the audience. Barry could see other bunches of women around the room and he knew other men were being similarly assaulted. He felt a stream of hot female love juices being squirted on his large penis and testicles, the women dismounted Barry and formed her feminine red hot lips around his male organ, the desire of every women in the audience, sucking and chewing it as though it was the only thing she desired at that moment, he felt other tongues working their way up and down his legs and body. Barry’s mind ablaze with fire couldn’t fight any longer, his oils flowed swiftly into her mouth which overflowed from the corners. A beautiful and entirely nude young woman sat on his chest and begged with tears in her eyes for him to lick her throbbing love pussy. Exasperated, he plunged his tongue into her mushy hole which was dripping with emotion. His penis suddenly shot forth another load and he felt the woman faint from sheer ecstasy and was pulled off of Barry. Others struggled with slim hands to take hold of the head of his penis which was dripping with slimy male love juice. At this moment he felt the tightness of another vagina being wrapped around his penis, with the help from others they succeeded in removing the rapidly swelling organ from the overstretching but still too tight love garden. Now the slim hands which held his rigid penis were beginning to guide it into a hole which was much tighter than the first, too tight. He realized with a start that this young girl was a virgin. Dimly he heard her cry out, “Ethel, push me from behind as hard as you can, I don’t care if it hurts, I’ve got to have it.” Through blazed eyes he could just see over the shoulders of the laughing young girl sitting on his chest, the outline of Ethel pushing the naked bottom of the virgin who was making his love muscle slowly force its way into her. At first it hurt the head of his penis as the stubborn cherry pussy stretched, but all at once there was a tremendous push from Ethel, and a shriek from the girl as his penis wedged its way into her untouched vagina. The fit was so much tighter than the first, his organ felt like it was a trap, but the maddening girl began to revolve her ass in a huge circle and it began to feel good, so he wiggled his ass in unison. The girl sobbed for joy and passion in this, her intimate love garden being entered by a male organ for the first time. Her first. The excited maddening joy of it caused the girl whose love garden Barry was kissing to gush forth with a stream of pent-up potent love nectar that almost choked him as he turned his head sideways to make it easier to swallow. His gaze fell upon the struggling men and women in all sorts of embraces and intercourse positions. Women were screaming with delight as men pumped their male love muscles into every imaginable hole of their bodies. Women were trying to push their breasts in other women’s quiff to simulate a huge penis. Others lay on the floor in opposite positions sucking and licking each other’s nectar faucets, as they all shot forth their loads of pent up love juices. Men all had pussies wrapped around their penises and were being caressed by women in every conceivable way. Barry and Dudley came again and again and swallowed loads and loads of slimy frothy love nectar from the tormented pussies, one even concentrated in sticking her fingers up her ass-hole. Finally, Barry struggled to his feet and stepped over the maddening women, for he knew that if they possessed his body any longer they could drain every ounce of energy from within his penis, that erection would be quite impossible for an extended period. Grabbing his clothing as he dashed for the door, from which he had been led earlier in the evening, before this maddening night started. He was relieved to see Dudley in close pursuit. Both of the men’s clothing were in tatters. In a backward glance, Barry saw Gloria disappearing through a door in the rear of the stage, gently assisted by the black robed attendants. Reaching the entrance door to the audience chamber, Barry and Dudley dashed out and slammed the door on the faces of several women pursuers who wanted a lot more of the desirable organs possessed by man. At last they found their way to the street and hailing a cab both men returned home. Barry fell exhausted into bed and slept for twenty-four hours without opening his eyes once. He awoke with a start and felt his stomach roar from tremendous hunger. He phoned and ordered a full meal from a restaurant nearby. Satisfied with the meal he sat down in a chair and chanced a glance through the window at Gloria’s apartment. His eyes stirred from his head for there in the semi-darkness of the interior of her room, he could make out the naked form of Gloria stretched out on the bed. She was laying with her legs spread wide apart and was pushing something into her pussy. After much observation Barry realized that she was pushing a large banana into her cunt. Gloria was trying to recapture some of the thrill she had experienced in that unbelievable night of love. After she had been released and rested, she ordered a meal from the same restaurant from which Barry had ordered, but strangely her senses called upon her for a renewal of the heavy passion which she had been through. She caressed her weakened love garden and wondered how she could withstand this strong desire, when she didn’t know one man who could satisfy her. So strong was the urge that she became desperate. That was when she hit upon the idea of using a banana, which had been sent up as part of her lunch. Barry did not lose this heaven-sent opportunity, throwing a silken robe around himself, he went out in the corridor and firmly knocked on Gloria’s apartment door. A moment elapsed and the glorious and beautiful Gloria opened the door, only to jump into the arms of Barry. After closing and locking the door, he began to rain kisses on her red-hot parted lips. Without taking his mouth from her, he loosened the robe which he was wearing and it fell to the floor. Her arms tightened around him, and her own gown opened and revealed her ravishing passionate body. Barry carried her over to her bed and spread her smooth legs with one hand while his rigid penis was introduced into her still tight yearning nest of love. She gripped him in agonized desire and for fully an hour they shot showers of hot love juices flowing into one and the other while their lips remained glued together and their tongues were twined around each other’s. At last they were forced to rest and before Gloria could ask questions, Barry launched into the fact of being a spectator at the show and how he had saw her through the window using the banana on herself. Her face was crimson with shame, but under insistent caresses of Barry, she soon forgot and spread her maddening thighs out fully to receive better the load of nectar from his throbbing penis. For the first time in a long while she fucked and fucked and fucked and still felt happy and fully satisfied. Barry also realized what he had been u*********sly looking for, a hot satisfying and juicy cunt. He would no longer be lonely or impatient. His sexual appetite and hunger would more than be taken off by this beautiful and gorgeous woman whom he intended to make his wife. Tenderly now he thought of the little green door which he had gone through last night. He also realized that behind that green door he had finally found everything he had wanted for a long time. Gloria gave him now more time for thought. Her silken lips had closed over Barry’s rigid penis and her dainty cheeks filled and glowed with the hot load of jism Barry had shot forth. As she sucked and sucked she looked up at her handsome lover and sucked the harder each time she looked at him. She rolled her tongue over and around the penis of Barry’s and with sparkling eyes looked up at Barry with loving tenderness as he fell back joyously on the bed. Barry pulled her up onto the bed and caressed her until she shook with passion, then spreading her beautiful legs apart, Barry sucked and chewed her hot throbbing cunt for all he was worth. Gloria had shudders running up and down her spine each time Barry’s tongue would dart in and out. She gushed forth with a large load of her love juice that almost choked Barry, but he swallowed every bit of it. Then they both lay there with Barry’s throbbing penis in her cunt, as her womb clinched and unclenched around the head of his red-hot huge penis. Barry never had enjoyed a fucking as much as he had this one. Thus, ended Barry’s pursuit for sexual satisfaction and from then on, he had her at his will. Soon after they were married and Barry had her all to himself as he sucked and fucked for the rest of his days. Gloria never gave up, for she was a woman with a red-hot cunt. She fucked and sucked until her cunt was drained of all nectar, but as soon as it replenished she was ready to go again. So ends the story, and they lived happily ever after as do all FUCKING crazy people do.A note: All I did to make this story, was to capture frames from the movie and insert them into the story at appropriate places. The writing is from the original story written sometime around World War II.

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