A Co-worker’s Dream

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A Co-worker’s DreamThanks to a frank discussion with a co-worker recently, I’ve discovered that the sex dreams I’d been having for most of my life were more than just your average sex dreams. Initially, I thought I was just overly interested in sex and sexuality and that obsession came out in my dreams. It turns out that my dreams, and daydreams, and fantasies, weren’t just mine. Apparently my partner in the dream shared the dream with me and I had no idea this whole time. My co-worker was a handsome guy and he approached me during our lunch break and said, “Do you ever wonder how many times you’ve come across someone’s mind when they are asleep?” The question caught me by surprise, because I really hadn’t and it seemed like a thing I would obsess over. “No. What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, I was thinking about my dreams the other day, there are often random people in them doing random things and it made me wonder how often I was in the dreams of other people. I mean some of the people in my dreams I see every day, some I haven’t seen in over a decade and others I’m guessing I must have just seen in passing. So I wonder how often I show up in the dreams of others. Have I ever been in your dreams?” he asked me. I got a little flustered because, yeah, he had, and yeah it was a sex dream and I didn’t want to discuss that at work. I blushed and he smiled. “Come out to Brian’s after work with me today. I think you and I should talk about this a little more,” he said as he got up and walked away. Brian’s was a bar across the street from the office and I took him up on it. We got a table by the big front window, we ordered a couple of drinks, and then he just spat it out, “How much do you believe in spirituality?” he asked. I thought about it, I honestly didn’t know, “Like religion?” I asked. He shook his head, “No, just spirituality, the idea of a spirit and different planes of existence where our spirits can exist without our bodies for short periods of time and things like that.” “I think just about anything is a possibility, why?” I asked. “Because I’m a lucid dreamer, fully in control of my dreams and fully aware that they are dreams at all times during the dream. Last night you wandered into my dream like you were lost.”“So you had a dream with me in it?” I asked. He shook his head, “No, I mean you wandered into my dream, the dream I was controlling outside of your existence in it, and you looked dazed and unaware of where you were. You knew who I was but you almost seemed drunk.” “I don’t understand?” I asked more than said. He smiled slightly, “I think you may have an ability you don’t know about, or know how to control. I think you’re a dream-walker.” “That sounds very new-agey,” I said with a chuckle. “Did you dream about me last night?” he asked. I nodded, “You were in my dream last night, yeah, but so were a lot of other people,” I crossed my arms over my chest and felt a little defensive.He smiled, “At the same time?” “No,” I said. “See if this seems familiar to you: You came into my dream as I was sitting in a dark room and meditating, this is how most of my dreams go, fully restful and restorative for optimum sleep. When you came in it was like a light came on. You were scared, biting your lower lip and fidgeting with your hands. When I saw you I smiled and tried to shoo you away, but you wouldn’t go. You were wearing a long white gown and it tied behind your neck, the back was open and it was fairly sheer, I’m guessing that’s what you wear to bed?” The waitress brought us our drinks and I basically downed mine in two gulps out of nervousness. His description was exactly what I had dreamed last night and there was no way he could possibly know that. “What makes you think that?” I asked. His smile grew a little, “Because you didn’t feel like dream people, they have a certain softness to them, like they take up space but not rigidly, they can shift and change as the dream progresses so they need to be a little fluid. You took up space. Your eyes were half closed and when I came over to you, you took my hand and led me in a dance and I wasn’t quite sure what to do or what was going on at first. Like I said, you felt solid, not malleable, you weren’t an organic part of my dream, you just wandered in.” I was biting my lower lip as he spoke without realizing it. The blush on my cheeks was not fading as I knew what happened after we danced around the empty room. “How do you remember your dreams so vividly? They are largely blurs for me,” I lied. “One of the perks of lucid dreaming is I remember everything that happens in my dreams for as long as I remain in control of my dreams. I have to admit that my memory of the dream starts getting fuzzy after we danced. I do know you kissed me and I think that’s when I lost control of the dream,” he said as he watched me resume chewing on my lower lip as I stared down and to the left, into my glass on the table. “So, are you saying that dream really happened?” I asked. He chuckled, “Not exactly. Dreams are meant to be a restful state to keep your mind occupied while your body heals itself of whatever damage happened that day. They are kind of like when you take your goldfish out of the bowl and put it in another container while you clean the bowl, it goes back into the pretty clean bowl and everything is back to normal but while it is out of the bowl it doesn’t really know what’s going on.”“This seems really absurd to me. It was just a dream, why bring it up at all?” I asked. “Because the thing that stuck out to me was how sad you looked. Like I said, you looked lost, maybe even scared, and I think I can help you control it better, if you’ll let me,” he said. “How do you even know about any of this stuff?” He laughed, “I come from a line of gifted con-artists. According to most anyway, my mom and grandma and sisters all practice witchcraft and believe in old gods and pagan ways. I believe in science and proof and truth, but I know dreams are important and real, so I learned all I could about them and the beliefs behind them from every source I could find. My youngest sister taught me about dream-walkers so I could protect myself if I ever encountered one. What I know is they are powerful and often unaware of their talents, they are always women, and they are extremely rare. They are supposed to come from a long line of witches, but I’ve never seen any sign of that kind of belief from you.” “I don’t follow any religions. What do you mean so you could protect yourself?” “From exhaustion. Some dream-walkers can leach energy from the people they interact with. There’s an old myth that they don’t age as quickly as others because they steal little bits of life with each dream they intrude upon and that can leave the dreamer weak and vulnerable to other things on the dreamscape.” “This still sounds and feels ridiculous,” I said, but I looked up at him and shrugged, “What else do you remember from your dream last night?”He smiled and leaned over to me, pushed my hair out of the way and whispered in my ear, “That you have a crescent shaped birthmark on your lower right back and your neck is ticklish but you still really enjoy being kissed right…there,” he said as he ran his fingertips along the muscle that goes from the ear to the clavicle along the left side of my neck. I shivered slightly and couldn’t help but smile. My cheeks felt like they were on fire as the warmth of his breath lingered by my neck and ear. “Can I kiss you?” he asked softly. I nodded and he placed his fingertips under my chin and lifted my face towards him. His lips were soft on mine and my eyes instinctively closed as his lips pressed against my lower lip very gently. It was a perfectly modest and tame kiss, just his lips pressed to mine with only the slightest parting of our lips. I was biting my lip again almost as soon as he pulled away from the kiss. A single curl was twirled tightly around my finger as I just waited there for some idea of what to do next. He looked around the bar and back to me, “Can we go to your apartment? I would offer mine but it will be easier to teach you somewhere you’re comfortable.” I nodded and we paid for our drinks and left the bar. I lived fairly minimally and had no real friends, so it may have been a shock to him when we got to my apartment and he found it fairly devoid of furniture and belongings. I could feel him judging me for the lack of a couch or chairs to sit in but I just shrugged. “I’ve never had anyone over before.”“How old are you?” he asked with a chuckle.“26,” I replied. “You’ve never had a boyfriend over or even just a friend?” he asked. I shook my head, “All of my friends and family are like 1500 miles away and I haven’t had a boyfriend since I moved here. I don’t really socialize well.” “When do you normally go to bed?” he asked. “Around 9 or 10, why?” He looked at his watch, we got out of work at 5 and it was now almost six. He looked around, “What do you normally do when you come home?” “I read, set up a puzzle on the floor, do crosswords, cook, pay bills, draw or paint? I don’t know, I just do normal stuff,” I was getting a little defensive, but he looked around the room at the canvases s**ttered around the room. “Did you paint those?” he asked. I nodded, “There’s a shop around the corner that works with habitat for humanity. I either donate for use in their builds, or I sell them online, but I usually just donate them because it’s easier.”“Can I look through them?”“Yeah, do you have any like food restrictions or allergies or anything?” I asked. “No,” he said absentmindedly as he moved the canvases around and looked at the imagery on them. “What is all of this?” he asked. “Things I remember when I wake up usually. Sometimes they are just things that come to mind when I pick up the brush, just my imagination at work.” He admired my paintings which ranged from psychedelic fields and adorable creatures to what can only be described as hellfire and brimstone levels of tortured souls. I went into the kitchen ataşehir escort and checked my fridge, which was well stocked, like a normal adult and started prepping what I had for a meal, which turned out to be spaghetti and meatballs. He filtered into the kitchen after a while, I’m assuming the scent of simmering sauce and meat drew him in, but here I had an actual table with an actual chair…yeah just one. He sat down at the chair and watched me cook, “You didn’t have to do that you know, we could have just ordered out or something.” I shrugged, “I am a normal adult capable of adulting and this is how I prove it. Please ignore my lack of furniture, I just don’t find it necessary usually and it’s easier to pack and move without feeling tied down to stuff.” He smirked and I blushed, “So you don’t like being tied down then?” I glared at him and he smiled, “Sorry, that wasn’t very appropriate.” “What is appropriate in this situation?” I asked. “I apparently accosted you in your dream last night, which is definitely not appropriate for a co-worker to do…”“Am I the only one you’ve had a dream about at work?” he asked. My blush deepened and I just looked up at him sadly, “No. So, apparently I’ve accosted numerous co-workers in their dreams…this doesn’t make me feel better.” “You had no way of knowing it wasn’t just a normal dream though,” he said, attempting to be supportive. I pouted a little, “I thought I was just lonely and having normal ‘want to connect with people physically’ dreams. I still don’t know if I believe you or not, but I can’t figure out how else you’d know so much about a dream I never said anything about, or wrote down, or even hinted at and it’s kinda freaking me out to be honest.” I got distracted as I looked at him. It wasn’t really fair, he was an attractive guy, tall and fit with dirty blonde hair and dimples in his cheeks. His eyes were a soft amber brown color and his smile was embracing and genuine. He stood a good foot and a half, give or take a few inches, taller than me too, so I think it amused him when he watched me climb up on my kitchen counter to get the plates out of the upper cabinet. “I would have gotten those for you,” he said with a laugh. “I usually use the chair as a step-stool…” I said. I barely stood 5’ and had gotten used to being innovative when using cabinets that actually stretched the ceiling. I pulled a hair band off my wrist and pulled my hair up as it started getting hot in the kitchen, between the simmering sauce, baking garlic bread and boiling water for the pasta with no ventilation, it was hot and steamy in the cramped space. I washed my hands instinctively, my first job was in a restaurant, you learn quickly to wash your hands after everything to avoid contaminating the food, it’s a good habit to have in my opinion. I set up a couple of mismatched bowls with a small salad and plated the spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread. I retrieved a bottle of wine that had been sitting in my fridge for some time and poured us each a glass, I didn’t really know what to do with wine, but I knew it was red and red went with beefy things, right?He started to stand up to let me sit in the chair but I just pulled the table over a little and sat on the top of the little bookshelf that held all of my cookbooks. A perk of a bar-height table meant just about anything could be a chair in a pinch. We ate and talked more about the whole dream-walker thing and we decided to go ahead with his plan to see what happened. After dinner he made me sit down at the table while he cleaned everything up and washed the dishes. It was a sweet gesture and made me smile. When he was done he came back over to me and put his hands on either side of my face and kissed me again, this kiss was more involved than the one in the bar, it wasn’t a ‘testing the waters’ kind of kiss, it was very much an ‘I’m attracted to you and I don’t want you to question it’ kiss. I put my hands on his, uncertain if my goal was to keep him from pulling away or to pull him away myself.His lips eventually left mine and he ran his fingers down my neck, along that sensitive line he’d pointed out in the bar, “Do you like me, Emma?” he asked as he pushed the loose strands of hair that had fallen from the messy bun I’d tied my hair up in, back behind my ears and caressed my cheek with his thumb. I bit my lip and nodded. It was such a little girl-ish thing to do, but it made him smile.“Do you have a crush on me, then?” he asked. I was mesmerized by his eyes and nodded again as his fingers trailed up and down the side of my neck. He smiled and kissed the sensitive part of my neck, causing my breath to catch in my throat. His lips were warm and soft on my skin and he kissed his way up to my ear, “This didn’t actually happen, Emma. We had dinner and we talked for a few hours about your paintings, then you got ready for bed and then I did.” His lips brushed against my ear as his hand rubbed the opposite side of my neck. “Remember?” he asked. I opened my eyes and looked at him, we weren’t in the kitchen, but the bedroom. I was fast asleep in my bed, in a t-shirt and panties and he was sleeping next to me, his fingers interlocked with mine as he slept on top of the blankets. I nodded and swallowed hard and he moved behind me. My hair wasn’t up anymore, I wasn’t wearing the dress I’d worn to work, I was wearing my sleep-clothes, as was he. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently rubbed them. “See? I said I’d help you and I meant it,” he said. “Why do the dreams go the way they do? Why are they always about sex?” I asked. “I don’t know, actually. It could just be that you’re lonely when you’re awake and less afraid when you’re asleep. Sex in a dream can’t hurt you or break your heart, it’s just a representation of intimacy between people but there’s no real physical contact. Maybe you’re reaching out and trying to connect with people on an emotional level that you feel you can’t have in real life,” he said. “That was very philosophical,” I said dryly. He laughed, “Do you want to actually have sex with all of the people you come across in your dreams?” I shook my head. “Most of them?”I shook my head again. “And you’re not attracted to all of them, right?” he asked. “No, not even most of them,” I said. He paused for a second, “I’m the exception though, right?” he teased. “Currently,” still dry, but the slightest tick of a smile lingered at the corners of my lips. I turned and looked at him, “Are you attracted to me?” He smiled, “We should wake up so you can try again, you need to be able to recognize you’re asleep as soon as you enter the dream in order to be able to control it properly.” I turned my head back to looking at us lying in the bed together and I nodded, closing my eyes and repeatedly telling myself to wake up, like he’d told me just before we went to bed.His voice was soft in my ear, “Emma?” he whispered as he shook me gently. I nodded, my voice felt sleepy and dry, “I’m awake,” I said as I turned my head towards him. “You ready to try again?” he asked.I shook my head. “I just need a minute.” I pulled the blanket off of me and unlinked my fingers from his before getting up, “I’ll be right back,” I said. I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I felt nauseous and dizzy. I dried my face and sipped a couple of handfuls of water from my cupped hand, got my bearings and went back into the bedroom.His eyes were closed and he was sitting up against the headboard, waiting for me to come back. I was very quiet and I watched him for a minute, he was biting his lower lip and his hand was in his boxers, clearly stroking himself just a little. I smiled. “Would you like a hand?” I asked. His eyes stayed closed for a few seconds but he smiled at my question. He looked towards me and took in my frame as I stood in the doorway, slightly illuminated by the streetlight shining through my living room window. “We’re both awake right now, you know?” he said. I nodded and fidgeted, hooking my fingers together and twisting them a little just to keep them busy, “I know,” I said as moved back to the bed and climbed up beside him. I looked him in the eye, “Can I see?”He tilted his head slightly, “Have you never seen things in person before?” he asked. I shook my head, “I’ve only ever seen things in dreams. I’ve only ever done things in dreams.” He shifted on the bed slightly, “So, you’ve never…” “Even kissed someone before today,” I said. “Are you sure? Like I said, we’re not asleep right now, we’re awake, this is real,” he said. I nodded and climbed over his lap, pulling my t-shirt off as I did so, “Maybe it will help me focus in my dreams?”His brow furrowed and he was trying so hard to keep his eyes on mine and he nodded. I grasped the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down a little. He was hard and he twitched as I ran my fingertips over his taut skin. I lifted up and pulled his boxers further down his legs then sat on his thighs again, just beneath his cock. I touched him slowly and kept glancing up to his face, to see if I was doing okay as I wrapped my hands around his cock and stroked him gently up and down the shaft. His eyes were closed and his hands gently slid over my outer thighs. He held his breath every now and then, but he squeezed my thighs hard as he felt my lips kiss the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, his eyes were open and he was looking intently at me and I licked across the tip of his cock, gathering a slick coating of precum from his penis. He groaned and I lowered my lips down over the tip of his cock, in slow and gentle movements I licked the bottom side of his shaft and kept myself in a position where I could look up at his face for approval and encouragement. He watched me gag myself by trying to go farther than I could and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to him, kissing me just as passionately as he had in the kitchen dream. He moaned and I felt his cock throbbing beneath me. “That is incredibly not fair,” üsküdar escort he whispered between kisses. He teased the sensitive bit of my neck and I rubbed myself against him, the silkiness of my panties making it easy to slide along his shaft. I bit my lip and looked at him, “Would you fuck me?” I asked. He whined and shook his head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea…I think…” his voice trailed off as I pulled my panties off and started rubbing myself over him, my own slickness coating him as he grasped my hip to stop me from moving. “I…I don’t think…I think…” he looked conflicted as he looked over my body, his grip on my hip was so tight the skin was white beneath his fingertip. I was wincing. He let go and looked away from my body, “Sorry, I’m sorry,” he stammered.I climbed off of him and lay on the bed beside him, nestled against his arm and facing away from him, “It’s okay,” I whispered. He turned over and pulled me close to his body, wrapping his arms around me protectively. “Are you ready to try again?” I asked. I could feel his heart pounding but he nodded and locked the fingers of his right hand with my left and his left hand with my right, holding my arms in a cross at my waist. He was shivering but we closed our eyes and fell back to sleep. When I opened my eyes again, I looked around. I was lying in my bed, alone, but I faced the way he had been lying. After a few minutes he was there with me, a sorrowful look in his eyes as he looked at me. He reached out and stroked my hair and I smiled very slightly. “I’m sorry,” he said. I nodded, “Me too. I shouldn’t have pushed.” “You know you’re asleep?” he asked. I nodded again, “I can still feel your heart against my back and your fingers locked with mine. I know I’m asleep.” “You look sad again,” he said. I smiled a little bigger, “I’m okay.” He reached out and caressed my cheek but I pulled away and got out of the bed, “How do I stop going into other people’s dreams? Or bringing them into mine? Or however it works.” He got up and stood beside me, “I’m not sure, to be honest. I think it’s just a matter of being aware and just not doing it.” “Then I should be able to go somewhere alone?” I asked. He furrowed his brow but nodded, “Yeah. I’ll stay here, you can leave, or you should be able to stay and kick me out into my own dream too, I don’t really know how to do that, but it’s…” he stopped talking when he realized he was alone in the room, I could still hear him, I could hear a lot of people actually, but I was somewhere that was else. I was trying to not be bitter, but I felt rejected and it took a lot for me to be that bold and forward and honest with someone and taking that risk and getting rejected just hurt. I sat in the middle of things, a blank area, I guess and just sulked for a little while. I did peek into other dreams that were around me, but I didn’t go into them, just…watched. I had some very disturbed co-workers and friends. Before I went back, I lay on the ground and just closed my eyes and thought about my clothes. I was naked now, since that was how I went to back to sleep, and I didn’t want to be naked. I already felt exposed and vulnerable, so I thought about clothes and when I opened my eyes again I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans and most comfortable loose, 4 sizes too big for me so it hangs off my shoulders, soft sweater. My hair was pulled up in a messy bun and I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Most people would say I looked frumpy. Okay, my mom would say I looked frumpy, but I was comfortable and it was like being wrapped in a warm firm hug with your best friend. I made my way back to where I’d left Mike and just watched him for a few minutes. He looked sad, or maybe worried? And he kept looking around, maybe watching for me to come back? He was also naked, but he had folded up the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around his waist, tucking it into itself to hold it up.I went back into the room, or dream, Mike was in and he hugged me tightly when he saw me. I didn’t return the hug and squirmed out of his grip after a minute. “Can you wake up and go to your own normal dream?” He nodded, “I can.” “Will you?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said.He sat on the bed and closed his eyes, and he was gone. I stepped back out of the room, back into the place between dreams and people and listened, and waited. I followed my instinct and found him in a dark room, just like the first time I’d found him. He was sitting up on a bed, his legs crossed in front of him and his eyes were closed. Meditating he’d said he was doing. I watched and he stopped, the light in his room came on and he sat back on the bed, leaning against the headboard, his knees bent and his arms resting on top of them as he shook his head. He looked frustrated. He kept looking around the room and after a little while he sighed then he was gone. I could feel him pulling his hands away from mine and I tried to focus on the feeling, to tighten my hands in his grip, but I couldn’t. He’d woken up and he was trying to not wake me up. I closed my eyes and kept telling myself to wake up, I wanted to wake up. I hadn’t quite got the hang of it, but I woke up anyway as he pulled his hand from mine. I turned over on the bed and looked at him as he pulled his boxers back up and moved over to the dresser, upon which his clothes were folded. I sat up and pulled the sheet up to cover myself. He glanced at me but hung his head and continued getting dressed. “Can you tell me why?” I asked. “Why what?” he asked as he stood up and fastened his jeans. “Why you rejected me?” He stopped getting dressed and came back to the bed, sitting on the edge of it, “Is that what you thought I was doing?” he asked. I nodded. “It wasn’t my intention to reject you, or make you feel rejected. It’s just…you’ve been my co-worker for three weeks and neither of us really knows anything about the other outside of this dream stuff. If I didn’t know you’d never done anything before I wouldn’t have cared and would have figured out the consequences of not caring later on. But I cared, and I already kind of hate that I let things go as far as they did.” He climbed back on the bed and had me scoot forward so he could sit behind me, his fingertips slid up and down my neck. I leaned back against him and he wrapped his other arm around me, “So, there’s this little complication that’s come up tonight,” he said. “I am currently fantasizing about calling you into my office and bending you over my desk and I’m feeling guilty about it because I kinda think you’d be an amazing friend. The whole liking you as a person complicated things and made me want to get to know you more and build up an actual relationship with you, if you’re open to it,” he said. “So you don’t wanna fuck me right now…because you like me?” I asked. “No, I don’t want to fuck you right now because if I do it feels like I’m taking advantage of your being lonely and wanting affection. I don’t want you to have any regrets about it and I don’t think you should jump straight into sex like this,” he sighed. “These words feel disgusting in my mouth, but I genuinely like you and don’t want you to think I’m just a sex hungry pig, so please let me treat you respectfully and take you out on a proper date so we can actually establish a relationship. I’m going to be honest though, I am an incredibly horny man and you are a stunning woman. My resolve will only hold out for so long before I crumble like a week old cookie.” “I suppose I should buy some furniture if you coming over here is going to become a regular thing.” He laughed slightly, “Just a big comfy chair…you can sit on my lap.” He ended up going back to sleep with me that night and showing me some more ways to use this new gift. For the first couple of weeks he came over every weekend to help me learn how to better control things. We did the normal date thing a few times but it quickly became apparent that I was really uncomfortable around large crowds of people, so he agreed to limit the normal dates to an hour or so after work with our co-workers then we could either go to his house or mine. I became much more comfortable in my dreams and began to wake up feeling more rested and relaxed, instead of waking up feeling sore and exhausted from basically fucking everyone I came across. People found out we were dating pretty quickly and while a few people tried to make it a problem, it ultimately wasn’t because it didn’t interfere with our work. His resolve was stronger than he thought as he held out until we were at the Christmas work party. We’d both had a few drinks that were stronger than we thought and we ended up heading outside for some fresh air, which ultimately meant we stumbled around to the side of the building and he pushed my back against the brick, pulled off my panties, pulled up my skirt, and buried his tongue in my cunt. It was easily a half an hour of intense pleasure and an orgasm that nearly drew attention from a couple of our co-workers taking a smoking break from the part just around the corner from where Mike and I were. He slid his hands up my body and kissed me, his fingers massaged my clit and he circled and rubbed the opening of my pussy as he kissed along my neck, making my knees go weak. He smiled and held me up, taking great pleasure in every little whimper and moan he got out of me.I had one arm hooked behind his neck and the other grasped tightly to his wrist as he kissed me. I shifted slightly and the movement caught him by surprise, his middle finger slid into me instead of just along the outside and I rocked my hips towards his palm, sliding his finger deeper into me. “Fuck,” he said as he looked me in the eye and watched the enjoyment as he rubbed me internally for the first time.He watched me enjoy it as his middle finger was joined by his index finger and he curled them towards the front wall of my pussy. I kissed him hard and moaned, causing him to finger me a little harder and faster.“Take me home please?” çekmeköy escort I begged as I pushed myself down against his hand. He lowered me back to the ground and he fixed my dress. I clung tightly to his arm and he kept me close, but instead of walking me home, he brought me back into the party and we mingled for a little while, making me uncomfortable and a little pouty.He got me into the elevator and we went upstairs, to the fifth floor, and into his office. He closed the blinds on the windows. I bit my lip and twirled my hair around my finger. He looked at me like he was sizing me up, waiting for just the right moment to pounce. My heart raced as I watched him circle me. “My cock is much bigger than my fingers you know?” he said as he closed the distance between us. I nodded and began unlacing the bodice of my emerald lace dress, “I want it,” I said. My dress fell to the ground, my panties were still laying in the alley and I wasn’t wearing a bra. He moved closer and his hands grasped my hips, pulling me against his body, “There’s no going back after this, you know?”I nodded and began fumbling with his zipper, “I need you,” I breathed as his hand grasped a handful of my hair and pulled it slightly. “What do you need from me, Em?” he asked as he guided me to my knees and helped me lower his pants enough for his cock to graze my cheek. “Your cock,” I said as I took him between my lips. I had gotten better since that first messy attempt at a blowjob. It was one of the things he was okay with it and now I could get more than halfway down his shaft without gagging.He groaned and tugged at my hair as I slicked his cock with my mouth, after a couple of minutes he pulled me up by my hair and guided me up onto the edge of his desk. He lifted my thighs and we both watched his slippery cock push at my cunt. There was a lot of resistance and I cringed and clenched my teeth. But, after a moment and quick, hard push, the head of his cock was in me and I was gasping, a mix of pain and the anticipation of finally getting what I’d wanted for months. I was watching his cock, but he was watching my face. My eyebrows were skewed and I was gasping and cringing every time he moved a little. He stopped pushing forward and rubbed his thumb over my clit, “We don’t have to go any deeper, we can just stay like this…” he started.I raised my eyes to his and cringed as I pulled him hard against me. I cried out a little and I was panting, trying to control the level of pain I was feeling. He was breathing hard, his hands grasped my thighs tightly and his cock throbbed in me. “Are you okay?” he whispered through my hair. I nodded, ignoring that my body was trembling and I locked my eyes on his, “Was I worth the wait?” I asked through a few rogue tears and a slightly cracking voice. He moved his hands from my thighs to my hips and around to my lower back, rubbing me gently and trying to soothe me as he stayed still but his cock still twitched. “I want to move, but I don’t want to hurt you,” he said as his hands slid up my back until the hooked over my shoulders.“I’m okay,” I said.He pulled himself from me just a bit, there was a trail of blood on the shaft of his cock and he watched tears sliding down my cheeks as he slowly pushed in and out of me. The pain subsided after a couple of minutes and his pace increased as he noticed my tears had stopped and I was moaning softly. He kissed me and moved his hand to grasp the back of my neck, his other hand tightly held my hip as his thrusts became a little harder. He pressed his forehead to mine and whispered, “Fuck, you feel good,” as his thrust became more insistent. I kissed him, my hands were still on his hips, but I was barely holding on to him at this point, reduced to a series of whimpers and moans as his thrusts began to lift me off of his desk. He was breathing hard, and the hand I’d moved up to his chest told me his heart was beating just as hard, a thin layer of sweat glistened on his brow and I looked up at him, determination on my face as I squeezed his cock in my pussy, “Harder,” I whined. He smiled and nodded, but pulled free of me right away. I looked confused for a moment, but then he turned me onto my stomach, bent me over his desk and leaned down next to my ear, “Grab the top of the desk, this might hurt.”I was standing on my tip-toes as it was, but I curled my fingers under the opposite side of his desk and felt his cock pushing against my cunt again. This time he went in much easier and we both moaned in pleasure as he bent over me and wrapped his hands over top of mine on the opposite side of the desk. His hips thrust hard and his hands squeezed mine tightly. His thrusts were harder this way, but he was also hitting a section of my inner walls that sent a tingling sensation through my abdomen and thighs.His breath was hot on the back of my neck as he pushed his body against mine. He moved his hand from mine just long enough to gather my hair and push it out of the way so he could see my face and neck. Then his hand clamped down on mine again and his thrusts lifted my feet off the ground slightly. He leaned down close to me as he fucked me and kissed my cheek and neck, he was arched a bit awkwardly but he didn’t seem to mind. His voice was a little louder than I think he meant for it to be, “Was I worth the wait?” He asked as he thrust deep and hard. I nodded and could feel him smile as his lips were against my neck, just below my ear. He sat up and grabbed my hips, lifting me off the floor slightly as he maneuvered his hand under me and down to my inner thighs as he fucked me. He held my legs spread wide and letting his cock hit just a little deeper in me. His fingertips easily reached my clit and he took the opportunity to massage me, causing me to squirm in his grip. He groaned and quickened his thrusts as my stomach tensed up and waves of pleasure cascaded through my cunt. I squeezed him, the rhythmic pulsing of a woman’s orgasm around the cock that filled her, and he lasted two more strokes before he pushed deep and came in me. I was smiling and panting, maybe even drooling on his desk a little as he leaned over me and kissed my neck again, repeatedly, like he needed to thank me for existing. He pulled his cock from me and let my feet touch the ground again. I could feel his cum starting to dribble out of me just a little. The majority of it was very deep within me and I was this nervous mix of scared and excited about the possibilities of that. I let go of his desk and stood up, but found my legs rather weak and my lower abdomen much more sore than I had anticipated. The slightest tinges of redness cut across my stomach, right where his desk had been pushing against me. That was going to bruise, I thought as I turned to look at him. He was sitting on the floor, panting and smiling as he looked up at me, “Are you okay?” he asked as he started cleaning himself up with a nearby box of tissues. I nodded and climbed down with him, sitting on his lap and facing him with my arms over his shoulders and my cunt just above his softening cock, a mix of our fluids was dripping onto his tissue covered cock, but he didn’t seem to care, “Are you?” I asked.He shrugged as he panted, “Not sure, don’t care. I could die a very happy man right now.” I pouted, “Well I don’t want you to do that.” He bit my lower lip slightly then smiled, “I feel like a little k** that just experienced his first roller coaster and I wanna go again.” I kissed him and looked up and over his shoulder as our boss stepped off the elevator. We scrambled to get dressed and quickly turned on his computer, I sat at the desk and he leaned over, acting like he was pointing something out to me as our boss knocked on the office door. “Come in,” Mike said. Our boss’s eyebrow ticked up when he saw us, “What are you two working on?” he asked as he started to walk around the desk. I quickly pulled up an old spreadsheet and scanned through it, “Franks said there was an error on the account for Pulley Express and I said there wasn’t because I went over it already. Of course he didn’t believe me and told Mike about it, so I dragged Mike up here to prove Franks wrong,” I said. He looked at the report and nodded, “It’s Christmas, go drink and have fun and leave work be until Monday.” We both nodded and started closing down the computer as our boss turned to head out. Mike stopped him, “What did you come up here for, Mr. Carter?” The old man smiled and shrugged as he turned his head back towards us but kept walking, “Security cameras was showing an anomaly up here, I’ll let them know it was a glitch and to erase the footage from tonight if that’s okay with you two?” he said nonchalantly. My jaw dropped and Mike’s hand went up to his mouth, “So…you…” he started but didn’t finish. Mr. Carter stopped and turned around, “I’m not going to fire my two best employees for doing the same damn thing I did when I met my wife 55 years ago. Different desk, same office, just bear in mind the cameras in the future, those weren’t here when I got started, but I’ll show you where they are and how to disconnect them as needed,” he said with a smile. I was biting my lip and Mr. Carter winked at me, “My wife wasn’t a virgin at the time either,” he pointed to the floor in front of the desk and Mike and I both leaned over to look, drops of red dotted the light pine floorboards and I blushed brightly as Mike rushed around to wipe it up in hopes it wouldn’t stain.Mike came back around behind me and put his hand on the shoulder as he looked around the room, “Did you know there were cameras?” he asked. I shook my head, “Do you want to go home now?” He nodded, “Yes, yes I do.” “Mr. Carter is a nice guy,” I said as we were leaving, “He deserves a nice dream, right?” Mike crinkled his nose, “Normally people can’t be held accountable for their dreams, but in our case, wouldn’t that be cheating?” I shrugged, “Maybe you can come with me and we can just put on a show for him since he’s most likely already thinking about it.” “That sounds dastardly,” he said with a smile that slowly faded, “Wait, can this be a thing? Can you get to the dreams of people I know and you don’t?”“I’m not fucking with your ex’s head, no matter how much she cheated on you,” I said as he pouted a little.

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